Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dondep on "Beyond The Veil" - Saturday night, July 30th, 2016

08:30pm Sat. July 30

Original topics of discussion - The Saga of the Mysterious Dr. Dan Burisch and Majestic 12 with Dondep

"Was Dan Burisch really a friend of the Zeta Reticulan 'guest' of the US government in the bowels of S4 at the infamous Area 51? What secrets did he uncover, and what was he told about our future? Was the Ganesh Particle really the elusive 'God particle' so sought after, and did Burisch ever complete his Project Lotus for Majestic 12? What are we to make of the 'Looking Glass' – was it real or not, and was the DCTP really the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradoxes? Or was it all a profound hoax? Dondep recounts his role as Henry Morton Stanley to Dan Burisch's Dr. Robert Livingstone before Majestic 12 officially 'released' him to the public, and discusses how much of the Burisch saga was a pre-planned attempt to make Dan Burisch the poster child – along with Chi'el'ah, the secret name of the J-Rod from Zeta Reticuli that was housed in the 'clean sphere' at S4 – of an alien Disclosure that never quite happened. 

Dondep explains why."


As it turned out, the discussion focused on the poleshift, stargates & Looking Glass, reality dislocation/sociological changes & matrix distortions, TIA [Total Information Awareness] and the surveillance state

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Thanks to Chris & Sheree Geo of Beyond The Veil and the Truth Frequency Radio network.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Progressive Pivot - Why The Worm Turns To Trump

Understanding Why Both Our Political Leadership and Mainstream Media Have Utterly Failed Us In 2016

Election Fraud on Behalf of the Corrupt – The First Line of Disgust

Like most Americans observing and in many cases taking part in the presidential election of 2016, I've been convinced the system is indeed rigged, fixed, even orchestrated from behind the scenes. Of course I've felt that way for a long time, but always somehow seem to succumb to the blandishments of a seemingly-innocent MainStream Media in past elections. It doesn't take a Donald Trump to tell us what most of us know, but at least he's one of the main characters in this theatrical production that is declaring the obvious – the Big Six Media Emperors Wear No Clothes. In this cycle, however, more than any other election cycle in modern memory (or for that matter in the elite-controlled Official Memory History Books) the fraud is so utterly in-your-face, so self-evident, that it's downright insulting to anyone with half a brain. Establishment Liars are trotted out to tell us that Hillary – on the verge of pending indictments that should put her behind bars for the rest of her natural-born life – actually won most of the states the MSM [Main-Stream Media] claims she did, even as many of the votes in those states were still being counted. 

Unbelievable, right? Calling an election while thousands - yes, THOUSANDS - were still voting should anger anyone who knows the definition of the word "civics".  Yet these mouthpieces blandly assure the dimbulbs in the viewing audience that indeed she DID win all 6 of 6 coin tosses in Iowa. As the primary season rolled on, in state after state exit polls showed Bernie Sanders winning the vote (except in predominantly poor, Southern states where African-American Democratic voters outnumbered their white counterparts due to the success of the late disgraced former president Richard Nixon's vaunted 'Southern Strategy' that lured white Southern voters to the GOP back in the late 1960s and 1970s). Now exit polls are used to not only project the winner of an election before the votes can be fully counted, but also as yardsticks to determine election fraud. When used in the second manner, to monitor elections in foreign nations at the behest of the US State Dept (how utterly IRONIC! Please excuse me while I barf up a pet goat at the very thought), a deviation of more than 2% - between the exit polls and final voting outcome - is considered to be evidence of FRAUD. 

In the 2016 Democratic primaries, one applied mathematician and seasoned statistician has been able to show that in a majority of the state primaries there were deviations far exceeding the 4% MoE (Margin of Error, or difference between the exit poll and final recorded vote) that is usually allowed for in US elections. The adjectives “raw, unadjusted” soon crept in to describe exit polls, which were then “adjusted” to match the recorded vote. TRANSLATION: ADJUSTED EXIT POLLS ARE EXAMPLES OF ELECTION FRAUD, COMMITTED BY OR FOR THE MAINSTREAM CORPORATE MEDIA to ensure the election of their pre-selected candidates. Like the sly weavers that wove invisible clothes for the emperor, the fine folks at Edison Research will 'adjust' their initial findings for their single client, the National Exit Pool (which is comprised of ABC, AP [Assoc.Press], CBS, CNN, FOX, and NBC – MSNBC derives their findings from NBC) which receives its marching orders from the CFR [Council of Foreign Relations, the elitist control center for all information and propaganda deemed suitable for consumption by the clueless earthlings that put up with this control system].  Google Richard Charnin to review the excellent evidence that he's provided us with of the election fraud.

In other words, the numbers were cooked, so blithely and openly as to practically invite contempt, loathing and even retaliation by disenfranchised voters. Even voters who took the time and trouble to follow a tweeted link, or watch a YouTube channel in which video evidence is carefully laid out, could only watch in rage, indignation, or apathy as their reality was re-arranged by the criminals blithering on-camera for the propaganda organs. After all, what can they do, when this kind of theft of a nation's destiny takes place right under our very noses? If but one of these criminals could be taken into custody and threatened with malpractice for intentionally ignoring all efforts to have the issue investigated, if not outright admitted to, what does the reader think would happen? You guessed it; typical hand-wringin', shoulder-shruggin', buck-passin', an empty look in their evil eyes as if to say “I didn't see anything, I didn't say anything, I didn't hear anything”.

That's why, in a truly just world, these mal-practitioners of so-called journalism [and yes we will name names, as they know who they are....they're the talking heads of CNN, of FOX News, of CBS, of ABC, of NBC and MSNBC who profess to tell us the important news of the day AND the people they take their orders from, the people who talk into the earbuds that all the puppets wear when they're being televised] would be arrested, charged, and either imprisoned or hung for treason in countless cases of Grand Theft – Election in which they conspired to keep the truth from being told about the REAL winners. They conspired with their sub-contractors NEP and Edison Research, with the candidates who paid for expensive electronic hacking and ballot-box stuffing, with the clerks who carried out the purging of the voting rolls such as Chief Clerk Diane Haslett-Rudiano in Brooklyn NY who purged hundreds of thousands of voters....this same clerk had sold a condo - purchased in 1976 for $5,000 and listed for sale in 2013 for $1.5 million - to the daughter of a local congresswoman, Dana Lowey Luttway for $6.6 million.  Weeks after the sale, the congresswoman (also a SUPER-DELEGATE) endorses Hillary for prez. Clerk Diane lost her job while the matter is investigated, but the damage was done.  Who will undo it?  Bernie - and his supporters - were the real losers; is there a civil action we can initiate for redress?  

Once again, the facts prove why "it takes a pole-shift" to thoroughly clean house of these evil parasites, who circumvent all legality in search of personal profit. Is it any wonder why there was a Brexit?  A Trump?  And worse is yet to come.

Each example that deprived a single voter of having the right to cast his or her vote AND HAVE THAT VOTE RIGHTFULLY COUNTED should be an actionable charge against that reporter, that so-called journalist, that anchor, that editor, that executive, that producer, that government clerk, that party hack, that IT engineer, and yes, even the candidate that benefitted (no “who, me? But I didn't know this was being done on my behalf, not my fault!”). Oh yes, we WILL find the right linkage, and make it the responsibility of the candidate that benefited – that will greatly assist in ensuring this kind of malevolent evil hastily draws to a close.  I'm know I'm not alone in being sick and tired of being oppressed by the stupidity and selfishness of the Lowest Comic Denominator.  People often do bad things not because they're lazy ("oh I was just too LAZY to deal with two separate Blackberries, one for work and one to keep up with my yoga gal-pals") but because they INTENTIONALLY are HIDING THEIR CRIMINAL INTENTIONS ("no, don't get me a state department dot gov email; I don't want the risk of the personal being accessible" - true quote from Hillary email to aide Huma).  
Are you getting this yet? 

The question now before us is, how can we punish these criminal characters, without inciting the outmoded (and illegal) physical violence that they may well deserve but which will not effect the true karma necessary for a fulsome punishment? How can we change the behavior of these criminal master-minds at the helms of Disney/ABC, or Comcast/NBC, or CNN/Time-Warner, or Rupert Murdoch's FOX News? What about Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who bought the declining nearly-bankrupt Washington Post in order to establish an equal voice in the Establishment, commensurate with his parity to Sam Walton and WalMart? The Washington Post has been and will remain a part of this evil corporate conspiracy to sell us all a slanted version of reality and hide important truths and should be named as such in the class-action lawsuit that I think is necessary to overthrow their suppression of truth.  

The list of associated rhetorical questions about the Big Six media companies and their proteges could go on and on, but let's leave them there while we consider the evil promulgated by the would-be “leaders” who dance to their tune, or what passes for “American political leadership in 2016” which I contend will be destroyed shortly, and deserves to be.

I trust the reader knows that I speak of this destruction as a patriotic American, who feels his country has been under siege by an illegitimate force, a malevolent Establishment that has operated with a sense of arrogance and belief in its own superiority that has the right to steal votes from one candidate in order that their preferred candidate be coronated as if it was the “will of the People”. God, I can hardly stomach the thought....I hold these seemingly-powerful and corrupt humans in utter contempt, that they think they can usurp the Truth so easily simply because they have the power to broadcast a different version of reality than the public has voted for.  It's for this reason I say:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Have Practically Destroyed the Moral Authority of the US Presidency

This is, we're told, the first time in history that a major-party candidate for the presidency is under a criminal investigation at this point in an election year.  And that's TWO criminal investigations, for the record.  Yep, it's true. We can only hope and pray the cavalry arrives in time and the offensive ones are taken away in handcuffs.  I'm almost ashamed (but no, not quite; the alternative would've been infinitely worse to the average American) that I had once supported and worked hard for POTUS Obama and for Madame Secretary's husband, the former president, for I now realize how utterly corrupt and corporate they are, how much more they care for corporate cash than for the actual lives of their constituents, and how much actual damage they've been allowed to act-out on the international stage.  In Hillary's case, she was so afraid of the American people seeing her emails that she refused to even get an official email for "occasional" use.  

Next, we have the almost-comical situation develop in which emails from her private server were being blocked by official State Dept. networks, which treated them as spam.  How ironic, yet how appropriate!  The boss can't even communicate with her minions, her employees who are paid by the taxpayer, because the security system of the State Dept. network considered her emails - from - to be SPAM, and therefore blocked them!  Yes, it's absolutely true; her emails were considered SPAM and were blocked.  She couldn't communicate at all with any of her employees, via email (which was the main reason to develop email) because the technology involved considered her communications to be a THREAT.  And, as a result, nervous State Dept. IT engineers DISABLED SECURITY on the official network, so the boss's emails could find their way to their destination at a state dept dot gov address.  Take a moment and absorb what that means.  It means that the SECURITY SYSTEM of the State Dept. of the US was intentionally made vulnerable to hackers and foreign gov'ts, all to make it easier for the boss to use an illegal private server to communicate with her underlings. Why would she do that? Because she was afraid of having a trail of communications that would allow the public to see how she made deals, corrupt deals for cash - essentially selling her approval and access to the highest bidders.

It gets worse, but the long and short of it is this:  by arrogantly trying to avoid the public seeing ANY of her communications in the future, she jeopardized ALL of the nation's security - including especially the names of operatives and moles in dangerous areas of the globe.  Our friends AND enemies could see all the details and personalities involved in making diplomatic policy at the highest level, and even information from the SAP's (Special Access Programs, where pole-shift and alien-related information is kept) was exposed to hackers of all stripes.  If for no other reason, by committing such flagrant violations of protocols that had less-important employees not only fired but CHARGED UNDER THE ESPIONAGE ACT (YES, it's TRUE) it shows contempt for the laws the rest of us have to live by, and when that kind of arrogance shows up in our leaders, we respond by holding them in contempt.  The kind of contempt that strips these power-elitists of any moral authority they thought they had. Which is a bad thing, and we should fix it.

I may not agree with Trump on everything, but on the issue of Hillary Clinton being one of the most corrupt, if not THE most corrupt candidate ever to seek the presidency, he's right. Of course aging feminists are quick to point out how much of a bigot, a sexist and a racist Donald Trump is, but they won't take the time to admit their own candidate has actually already harmed American security - beginning with her vote to go to war in Iraq in 2003 and continuing through her mishandling of the Benghazi affair.  Would a Pres. Trump be any worse than this contemptible cretin?  Most women under the age of 45 reject Hillary and feel she is doing women a disservice by continuing to run when she is under such an ethical cloud.  Such a candidate, and her enabler that first hired her, hold no moral authority despite occupying positions which require it.

Worse, she continues to lie about it.  Personally, I have to marvel breathlessly at how novel her lies have become, how much she contorts the truth and then re-contorts it to fit new questions about it, and how smoothly she does so - as her infamous "remembering" of her trip to Bosnia kept changing every time new videotape surfaced to put the lie to her "memory".  Maybe she feels that by simply saying none of it's true it will make it so, but that's the purpose of this extended essay:  the truth has to be continually broadcast, or otherwise the short attention spans of average Americans will hear only the denials, as if these things have never happened.  Watch H.A. Goodman and the Sane Progressive (and many others) on YouTube if you don't believe me.

Don't get me wrong; as a proud progressive, I've found no pleasure in having to add one more angry voice about this fraud to the public, but the truth is more important than ideological purity.

Timidity – The Reaction By The Overly-Idealistic

Now, as for the candidate that has actually won the Democratic primary, the one who had his pockets picked clean by minions of the corrupt and Wicked Witch, we can only do a slow burn as we watch Bernie Sanders disrespect our votes for him by continuing to tie himself up in contortions in attempting to avoid calling out the thief who robbed him. As I've said before, Bernie Sanders appears too good for this world, certainly too good to go up against a corrupt thief on the scale of a Hillary Clinton. It's not that hard to continue to sound virtuous so long as you don't have to do the heavy lifting of calling out theft and election fraud, because of the concern you might come off as whining and complaining. Well, SO WHAT! It can be done, and done with class; use the time that's provided at the end of each primary night to voice your concerns, to let the voters know that you will STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THE INVIOLABILITY OF THEIR VOTES! Why is it that even when a candidate knows he is being ripped off and the elections stolen from him that he does nothing to inform the public? It's one thing to lose, and certainly Bernie did not win every single state he contested, but he DID win at least 11 states more than he's been given credit for. What is holding him up? Certainly he must be aware of the theft, but he always seems to fall back on the old line about how “no-one knew who we were when we started this campaign, and look at us now!” Yeah, Bernie, look at you now: pockets freshly picked clean by your evil opponent, because billions of dollars in obscene profits are at stake and that Establishment that backs her is desperate for her to send you packing.... and not for Philly, of course. Among all the erstwhile American leaders and would-be leaders, you are the natural choice of the majority of Americans – if only the Establishment would allow it! But you know they won't. Not for one hot second; it's all they could do to avoid even covering your campaign, until they saw the value in drawing out a horse-race they pre-determined you wouldn't be allowed to win. Tsk, tsk! Yet we like your pluck, and your dogged determination, your “never say die!” attitude; we just wish some of it would (and possibly still might) translate into the willingness to acknowledge it publicly, the willingness to call out the fraud so that the psychically-fragile at least knew there was a fighter in the house that wouldn't allow themselves to be made a fool of when it comes to the election fraud. If you call it out at the convention and promise to take on the legal battle (even if you actually WIN the nomination when Hillary is indicted and will become unable to hold the office even if she were appointed), you will still come out the hero of the 2016 election, and in actuality the hero that took the reins without being as naive as you appeared in the first half of 2016. Can you do that, Bernie? Can we plead with you long enough, perhaps? Is that what it takes?  If not, then what will it take?

Corruption – The Virus That Ate Hillary Clinton

This issue is the main reason why so many of all political persuasions are so defeatist as to beggar belief; few are they that truly know the ins and outs of how a president achieves the office. What makes the difference between Hillary and Bill? While acting presidential, Bill hid this character flaw of using his office to solicit funds under a teflon coat. Unfortunately, Hillary's activities bear more scrutiny, for she seems to have been the principal fundraiser of the couple, offering her signature approving many arms deals and corporate purchases that were dubious at best and treasonous as worst. Google “Uranium One and Hillary Clinton” and you'll learn more than your conspiracy-resistant noggin can handle about this kind of thing that went on with regularity. Are we supposed to be loyal to such an erstwhile “leader”? I won't even mention the 47 murders (er, suicides, for the most part, or so it's claimed by 'official sources'), once again a ratio of odds that beggars the imagination. The entire presidential campaign of this corrupt woman has exhibited less to do with any particular movement or set of ideals, exemplified by a parallel record (her big achievements in the US Senate were sponsoring 3 bills, one naming a post office, one a highway, and one a museum), the goal is simply to put Hillary Clinton in power and validate the many sacrifices she believes she's made. This is not a hallmark of what most Americans feel they deserve in the office of President, but a large chunk of the electorate will swallow her lies whole, believing the whole time that she's actually being forthright.

I used to believe in the “vast right-wing conspiracy” at one time, I must admit, but I see not a dime's worth of difference between this person and a Republican today, not if they can sell their values out for campaign cash.

The Geo-Political Impact And Fall-Out Of The Now-Spineless POTUS

This same erstwhile leader, the one who tens of millions mistakenly believe will be the next leader of the free world, has been the most prolific arms dealer in the modern history of the office of Secretary of State if the alternative media is to be believed. Isn't it true that she approved a sale of U.S. Federally-owned land to a Russian company that operated under guise of a Canadian company owned by the Russian firm Rosatom that mined uranium, a mineral critical to national security? Google "Uranium One" together with "Clinton Foundation" for the evidence. And what about the lesbian relationship she allegedly has with her chief aide, Huma Abedin, a lovely Saudi Arabian that hails from a nation that still approves stoning to death for adultery and homosexuality? A nation that's....”donated” tens and possibly hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, the organization that transforms cold cash into beautiful images of wealthy Clintons relaxing in one of their many mansions or jetting off to Caribbean romantic getaways?  Being lesbian isn't a crime, but willfully accepting corrupt pay-offs from nations that stone women to death for it, and then not saying a single thing to them about it, is the type of hypocrisy that undermines moral authority.  This is but one reason why the presidency is held in such contempt.  It's not the crime, it's the cover-up.  

But that's old news, as is the fact that this is the same woman who prostrates herself before the "Khazarian mafia" as they brutally eliminate the Palestinian people from their land. Can you keep taking it, America? What loyalty do progressive Democrats have to such a venal person, who knowingly kisses Khazarian keister in order to maintain the profitable flow of US-made weapons that pollute the Holy Lands thanks to the oil-greed of the other half of this corrupt crime family, the Bushes?  What, have you never heard of the "Khazarian mafia"? Google it!  It's now a euphemism for the group of largely-Jewish (though not all of them are) banksters that practice some of the most heinous child-sacrifice and pedophilia imaginable as they conspire to funnel the world's populations into cheap-as-it-gets labor pools. Why do they do it? BECAUSE THEY CAN!  AND GET AWAY WITH IT! They use such grotesqueries to blackmail their would-be political puppets, and so far it seems to do the job.

It seems to be common knowledge on the internet that Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush laugh and joke about how they trade off the presidency between the two parties, because the People get tired of one party long enough to think the Other Party will be their salvation, yet despite the fact there are huge differences in the political ideologies, on these critical matters such as the illegitimate control of the US Treasury by the money-changers (hmm, make that MONEY-PRINTERS) there is NO DIFFERENCE.  Does it make a difference to you? Maybe you aren't convinced yet.  Study the books and videos of Kay Griggs and Cathy O'Brien.  The videos are available for free on YouTube and the books a nominal price on Amazon.  Study the evidence not for the salaciousness, but to understand how deep it gets and how warping a young person's sexuality and utilizing mind-control techniques can lead to political puppets that are positively dangerous to the citizenry.  Listen to what Cathy O'Brien has to say about her sexual encounters with Hillary Clinton, who she was "loaned" to by the late Sen. Robert Byrd (Byrd was Cathy's "owner", and Hillary was more interested in Cathy sexually than was her husband Bill).  Listen to Kay Griggs explain the institutionalized homosexuality that courses through the institutions that mold the military, and how her husband was a trained assassin that terminated the lives of political opponents to the regime, especially the Bush regime.

We can now call it the Republicrat party, as others before us have already figured out. If it's Blue's turn, then maybe just maybe the People will have better luck, and if it's Red's turn, the military-industrial complex wins more contracts in the guns-or-butter argument, but the secret gov't that rules us all wins every time no matter. What else do you call it when so-called "conservatives" like George Will and the Bush family rush to Hillary's side to defend her against Donald Trump, as they did this past week?  Oligarchs are now filling Hillary's campaign coffers, even as she tries to pal around with progressive stalwart Elizabeth Warren.  They pump out platitudes in such an insulting fashion it's hard to believe we live in a nation filled with so many people that never bother taking the time to scratch below the surface of what they're told by CNN and FOX News, who's owners continuously push the "inevitablility" of a Pres. Clinton. 

Boy are they in for a rude surprise soon!

Now, In matters of globalization and the degradation of the middle class by those money-printers of the privately-owned Federal Reserve, there is NO DIFFERENCE. Who will kick out the money-changers and parasitic banksters that collapsed the economy? Between the Tweedledeedee-hee-hee Democratic Party and the Tweedlebeedumb Republican Party, which was most responsible for impoverishing the People of their pensions and retirements and even shipped their jobs “off-shore”? Who will right that wrong for us? Oh, that's right, someone HAS offered to do that. Well, some of it anyway.  The deal-making artiste.

Thank you, Mr. Trump. We'll get to you too in a moment. I know you're more wily than your detractors on either side of the aisle will confess to. You play a dangerous game though, and each chicken you set free will eventually come home to roost, even if you end up being "installed" as the last POTUS (PuppetOfTheUnitedStates).  Still, if that happens, I'll feel much safer with you and some of your red-necked supporters than I would with a corrupt liar who will say anything and do anything for money and power.  We need a sense of being American now much more than the stale "identity politics" of the past 8 years, and I'm glad to see a strong segment of support for you among non-white ethnic communities as well as the LBGT community.

Enter The White Dragon Society – Ben Fulford's, Neil Keenan's and Everybody's Good Guys

Good news though.  The WDS, or White Dragon Society as Ben Fulford's fans know it, has promised to come through and has offered real gold-backed currency to the Western, i.e. Khazarian-controlled, bankers so they can stop destroying the global economy with their fiat currency they've long-since plundered the GDP with.  A "currency reset", or "RV" [re-valuation] has also been promised, and now resurgent tales of Leo Wanta and NESARA are twinkling in the eyes of the conspiracy-aware, twinkling in hopes for a "blue-sky shift" (sorry; not gonna happen).  If anyone reading wants to know more about this aspect, and how it is affecting the roll-out of the Big Announcement, then google at least two of the following terms together and go to work on your research: "Ben Fulford", "Neil Keenan", "Karen Hudes", "Currency Reset", "RV", "White Dragon Society", and/or "Federal Reserve".  Throw in "BRICS" too, for good measure. I'm eagerly waiting for the currency to begin to show "US Treasury Note" on it instead of "Federal Reserve Note", but I won't hold my breath.  I simply don't know enough about the so-called "currency reset" to know what's really going on with it.

The Khazarian Mafia – Its Purpose In Hiding Inside and Behind Israel

Now; who would stop the insane “Israel, right or wrong, and we know you do so much wrong but you pay handsomely” mind-set? Mr. Trump, while holding his enemies closer than his friends, strikes fear into the Khazarian controllers of Israel because he's threatened to “be fair”. Oh my gosh! How COULD he, he must hate Israel, to want to actually be fair to the Palestinians! We can't trust a man that seriously wants to be fair! (Or CAN we? Shouldn't we?)  What would the ultra-zionistas, the Jewish bankers and cronies known collectively now as the Khazarian mafia, actually do?  They are at the end of their rope, the rope that we will soon be hanging them with in real-time for all the damage they've done to life, liberty, the work ethic, brotherhood, justice, fairness, etc.  Most of us have proven to ourselves that the concept of "karma" is very real; what goes around DOES come around, and it's a'comin' around the bend soon.  Very soon.

Enter General Dunford – Acting President of the American Republic?

And so it goes, the vicious spiral downward; the geo-political implications of a potential female president who knows the population has to be disarmed as much as possible in order to carry out a dictatorial program of surveillance, of impoverishing globalization, of plentiful arms for Middle Eastern states to wage eternal war, of corruption of the highest order, and …...get ready for this: The President That Finally Discloses the Truth About Aliens and UFOS! Well, a partial truth that's based on a Disclosure desired by the spiritually-negative aliens but not one that willingly admits these human leaders for the past 60+ years have known all about the pending poleshift, and the fact that indeed, deficits will NOT matter.  Go ahead and admit it, Dick Cheney!  Admit that's why you said that, that claim that "deficits don't matter" when you wanted the US Senate to approve $10billion a month to wage an illegal, illegitimate mercenary war that would allow you to parcel out tracts of oil deposits to your pals in the fossil-fuel industries.

No, we wouldn't be talking about the truthful Disclosure that Barack Obama was supposed to carry out last September, of 2015, but lost his courage to, forcing his resignation as the actual POTUS, to be replaced in power by the CJCS (that's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a/k/a General Joseph Dunford) as the Acting President of the Republic of the United States. The United States of America Inc. corporation, that operated the business of the United States, went bankrupt and was dissolved by Gen. Dunford in a silent coup that has set the stage for the synthetic martial law we are now living under – unbeknownst to practically the entire American population. Could this possibly be true?  Well, we know at least one thing that gives some credence to the claim that he actually DID march the Marines into the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and seized the books - of which there were two sets; how could it be otherwise, for a corrupt system, anyway?  We know that in the early part of last October 2015 the official website of the Federal Reserve went from being a .org to a .gov.  Yes, that little feature isn't so little; only an official part of the US gov't can use that domain name, and while most of the Clueless Americans had no idea the Federal Reserve had been a private organization since its inception in 1913 at Jekyl Island off the Georgia coast, and passed under cover of a Christmas Eve vote that year when most senators and congressmen were rushing home for the holidays, many of us very much DO, and to those of us who DO, that was a HUGE signal that something very BIG was - and is -  about to blow.

Uh-huh”, I can hear you muttering to yourself as you think to turn away, but if you've read this far then you might be curious enough, or aware enough to know there must be some truth to this as you muse over the claims of “Planet IX” being "discovered in our solar system" back in January, starting January 9th - (remember that "9" is the zetas' most sacred number!) and then again in March.   Pluto had been demoted a few years ago, in order to deflect from the awkwardness of using the dreaded 'Planet X', or 'PX', but this is indeed the same planet as all the tin-foil heads like myself have been talking about for years now. Yes, Mr. Obama (now 'spokesperson', not POTUS though the charade will continue until the first Big Event commences) was supposed to make the big Announcement in September of 2015 (if the zeta reticulans are correct this time, as they appear to be having been confirmed by much of the alternative news and conspiracy-aware community). It was at that time that the military's "Operation Jade Helm" was put into place, units mobilized, equipment relocated, stationed and secured, and preparations for the expected influx of the poor south-of-the-border migrants made. Mr. Obama was to step forward before either the cameras of the East Room, the microphones in the Oval Office, or the podium at the United Nations and announce the facts regarding the pending passage of Nibiru and the poleshift expected to result from it. In addition to the Disclosure of this coming event-of-the-ages, which unfortunately may lead to the horrific destruction of 90% of humanity, Mr. Obama was to Disclose the truth of the alien interaction, and how extraterrestrial beings have been in contact with human authorities to assist in the soul harvest that will accompany the poleshift by way of definition.

The Affidavit - Request To Admit that "Told The World" (To their collective meh)

I know this not only because I have secured the first public admission by the Majestic 12 group that such is the case, but because my five-plus senses, that includes my intuition, my continued review of the evidence as well as my conscience, have confirmed it. If it turns out that my intuition is correct, the facts will show that Mr. Obama has colluded with Gen. Dunford to present a changed power dynamic to the public in order to deflect the intense hatred most Republicans feel towards him (and many Democrats, too, who believe he has become a weak-willed corporate shill who is only advancing a globalist agenda.... we think he underwent a secret operation in which his spine was removed which often happens when Democrats get into power), even then I could embrace him with praise for his cunning humility.....if only it were true. Perhaps it will turn out to be, but at the moment we're faced with a misleading dance in public, and no I'm not referring to the tango he danced with the president of Argentina on the maiden voyage of his alleged powerlessness.  I'm talking about the appearance he has given of still being the President, but his last appearance at the last White House Correspondent's Dinner was telling.  Upon stepping up to the microphone, he said "the end of the Republic has never looked better!".  That was a signal to those who are aware of the truth behind the Big Lie Machine (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc) that a plan is on-track to unveil the Big Secret to the Clueless Ones.

Behind The Scenes At The White House Before The Endorsement

I'm speaking of the false and superficial endorsement of Hillary he offered to the world, using the right words but oh, that was no “fired up for Hillary!” , that was more like “can't wait to nap!” Mr. Obama called for a private meeting with Bernie hours earlier, one in which a number of very private items were discussed, among them a cover story that has Mr. Obama pressing Bernie to 'concede', offering him the Veep slot for Hillary, while Bernie is to act like his demand that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the anti-Democratic Khazarian shill that chairs the corrupt Democratic National Committee, first be fired. Presenting the unified front that neither could agree to the other's demands, Bernie left Barack to cue up a short video of endorsement so that it can never be said this was a back-stabbing plot by MEN to 'rob her' of her 'rightful place'. By the time the indictments are handed down, either by the Attorney-General who has confirmed that an FBI recommendation to indict will be as good as done, or by the Pentagon-impaneled grand jury that will unveil the truth about the new Dunford-controlled power-dynamic, there will be no-one left to blame among all her smiling supporters and it is for this reason that Bernie Sanders has had to play this very delicately. His job will be to convince Hillary's supporters that he can carry the banner for them, too. He's not as scary as Donald Trump is, for them anyway. In fact, many will argue that Bernie Sanders is the closest descendant of FDR the Party could ever hope to have, IF ONLY THE CROOKED ESTABLISHMENT WILL ALLOW IT. Truly the People's choice, but we live in a world controlled up until recently by the likes of George Bush, Bill Clinton, and an Establishment of pedophilia-compromised politicians and their bankster-gangsters co-conspirators.

Does this state of affairs agree with you? Or does it fill you with a sense of revulsion, of contempt, so much so that you would vote to have the necessary rule of law applied, arrests made, the charges laid out, and the punishment as called for by the Constitution of the original United States applied? Or do you think it still can't be done?

YOU TOO, Bernie Sanders!

One last thing you should know, Bernie:  Please stop falling into the corrupt DNC's delusion in which you can castigate the Opponent as being a bigot and a racist and a misogynistic sexist; Mr. Trump made it clear he is opposed to ILLEGAL immigration, not LEGAL immigration. (Yes, sometimes they are conflated by bad actors, but I think Mr Trump has a better heart than he's given credit for.)  And heart is extremely important, particularly whether it's a good one or not.  It positively GALLS many of us who call ourselves progressives when idiots seem not to hear the important distinctions that are made.  Anti-illegal immigration is NOT a cover for anti-immigrant xenophobia. Maybe that was more true in the past, but certainly not today.  The same goes for the issue of a TEMPORARY ban on Muslim immigrants of ALL kinds; perhaps it IS the smarter and wiser approach to profile would-be immigrants and then proceed with caution, without assumption, but with a clear-eyed realistic appraisal that many muslims from war-torn countries ARE resentful of America and Americans.  Wouldn't you be?  You yourself know for a fact that we went into those countries illegally; you know for a fact that we molly-coddle Khazarian regimes (the ultra-zionistas that hide behind innocent and good-hearted Jews so they can accuse anyone who doesn't accept their dictates as somehow being 'anti-Semitic'), and that those chickens WILL come home to roost, ARE coming home to roost, and it is better to put a temporary ban in place UNTIL WE FIGURE THIS OUT.  

Translation, Bernie:  UNTL WE CAN ADMIT PUBLICLY WHO REALLY CARRIED OUT 9/11, UNTIL WE CAN ADMIT WE HAVE NOT BEEN FAIR BROKERS IN THE PEACE PROCESS IN THE SEARCH FOR A PEACEFUL TWO-STATE SOLUTION IN PALESTINE, UNTIL WE CAN START TO PUBLICLY DIFFERENTIATE THE LITERAL READING OF THE QURAN AND THE MODERATE TRANSLATION PEACEFUL MUSLIMS LIVE BY (and to do so without being afraid of encroaching on some politically-correct terminology), then we SHOULD hold those potential terrorists from operating on American soil until we can be assured they will become Americans first and remain Muslims second.  This is a KEY CONCEPT and should be applied to all questions of ethnic strife across the land.

Am I making sense yet?  Some things I can't spell out, but you should understand anyway.

The Events of September 11th, 2001 – Are they connected?

Perhaps you still think the events of 9/11/2001 were carried out by 19 Saudi hijackers, or have you at least moved to admit that the 28 missing pages that will implicate the Saudi Arabians more deeply will be the end of it? Are you aware yet that kerosene won't melt steel, and those twin towers did NOT come down as the result of being hit in their sides by aluminum jetliners with plastic nose-cones? Have you studied the implications of the “pulling” of Building 7, the third building in the World Trade Center that came down that day? Perhaps you know of the financial bonds that were to come due the next day, bonds purchased 10 years prior by George H.W. Bush and his cronies in the Carlyle Group? Maybe you are already aware of how the records of the “missing” $2.3 TRILLION dollars at the Pentagon were moved that very day to the targeted area of the building, the weapon being not an American airliner but a missile made to look like one? 

Oh, that picture of a blank whitish missile without markings was an image designed to blur that very truth, so that truth-seekers who want an honest accounting will toss out the claim at the first sign of push-back by the Cover-Up artists whose job it is to bamboozle the dim-witted nationwide, even world-wide. Did you think it would be that easy, that the power of billions of dollars wouldn't be used to cover-up evidence of the evil? These corrupt “leaders” are even more evil, more deadly in how they plan to abuse the power they yearn to exercise....power begets power, and there is much truth to the claim that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Yet they lie to our face, constantly, when in public. They are indeed practiced in the arts of deception, and many Americans sadly still buy it.

Maybe they'll also buy the new tell-all book by Gary Byrne, the former Secret Service agent who spills the beans about the Clintons' life in the White House, with Bill's constant philandering and the endless fights between them when she shrieked, yelled, threw things like vases and even a hefty upper-cut that gave him a black eye. Ooooh she hated it when he "dented the Clinton brand" by getting caught with a young female.  Often they would smile for the cameras and glower hatefully after the lights were turned off.  Okay, that's understandable at times, but the many times she would outright lie were, as he illustrates in vivid language, "breath-taking".  To think that so much of what she said was a lie or part of a lie is debilitating.  I simply can't give any respect to such a "leader"; instead, they provoke only contempt.  We have our own foibles, but if we're wise we try to work on them, not exult in how blatantly we can get away with it.  

The question remains, would a just God, a just Creator, a justly divine force that rules via karma, allow for such a state of affairs?

Perhaps it's because we are on the verge of a pole-shift that this election-from-hell will end up being postponed, likely due to the indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but it could also be postponed by the rupture of the New Madrid Seismic Fault Zone in the heart of the US, literally ripping the country roughly in half both physically as well as metaphorically. 


Obama-as-Lincoln held much promise, but barely delivered on anything and when he did, it was a win for corporatism, the Khazarian mob, and he barely got a few slices of the loaf he never really showed he fought for...... for the most part he rode the coat-tails of the hopes and aspirations of the minority-empowered he drove to the polls in 2008. He may yet prove his wiliness will shock us beyond belief, but no matter what happens, the feeling is almost palpable that the personality of his would-be successor Donald J. Trump is, in its own Napoleonic way, the necessary antidote to the “lead-from-behind” blandness of his predecessor. We could do worse, much worse.  For instance,we could still be saddled with:

The Bush-Clinton crime-family cabal.

Please do your part in preventing that from happening. Despite the corporate media trying to sell you the idea that Bernie Sanders is a spent force, see to it that he's nominated and that Hillary faces a just legal punishment under the rule of law, that Donald Trump is allowed to take his place as the nominee of the Other Party, and brace yourself for earth changes the likes of what you've never seen before as well as seeing a friendly military in the streets. Let your voice be heard, that they remain friendly and on the side of the public, not the corporations that fear our freedom. While I don't think they'll be there to shackle you to the insides of rail cars shipping slave labor to the FEMA camps, I know they'll be there to ensure the roads and bridges are passable, that the food that can be grown and distributed is allowed to do so without vandalism, and that electric power is restored when need be as civilization slowly submerges into constant stress on every front.

Just remember; this ain't no Doom n' Gloom, it's a challenge and an opportunity to see the corruption and selfishness, the fraudulence, the LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY, finally meet its karma.  And the rest of us can get on with witnessing justice, though a hard justice, finally take place.

God bless these United States of America, the Republic NOT the fictitious Corporation that has acted in its name for so long, and that genuinely heroic leaders arise to help us in our hours of need. May we all soon find ourselves on the same page, and the real work begins.

 And thank you for listening.

© Dondep 2016 Summer Solstice

Saturday, April 30, 2016

America Does Not Deserve A Bernie Sanders

And While America May Not Deserve A Bernie Sanders, It May Deserve A Donald Trump

It's true. Even though Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist candidate for the Democratic party's presidential nomination, is the truest incarnation of what it means to be a modern-day FDR and could most likely provide the fix our ailing society is in need of, America's shown that it simply doesn't deserve such a good-hearted president. Bernie has more integrity in his little finger than all the fingers of all the other contenders put together. Even when you're only counting the middle ones, as I read your subconscious minds.

Nor, would it seem, does Bernie Sanders deserve to be the one forced to clean up the onerous mess that Hillary's making behind the scenes. To do that, you have to REALLY get down in the mud and call it like it is, and the professorial Bernie seems so incongruous being there. Yet, that's where I've been trying to picture him ever since the first Super Tuesday of 2016, when I knew in my gut (later in my mind) that he had been the true winner of Massachusetts and would have to – sooner-or-later – get down in the mud and call out the electoral fraud going on (even if he didn't name names or outright accusations against Hillary herself; we all know how SuperPACS work, and to have a single well-paid hacker sitting out in the parking lot behind an urban precinct with a laptop is barely a step beyond that).

I know now, and the rest of you should know too, that Bernie is – even at this late stage – still most likely to be the genuine front-runner, and if there had been no shenanigans in most of the contests to-date, this would be reflected in the actual votes the corporate media allows you to see in the pre-arranged kabuki horse-race. How am I assured of this, other than my own (extensive, I say immodestly but truthfully) political observations and participation in the process? One link will tell you:

At this website, we have Richard Charnin's hard research and dedication (Mr. Charnin holds not one but two masters degrees in applied mathematics, no small academic feat), that shows the statistics and provides the analysis behind them to thank for knowing Bernie Sanders has won more primaries (and had them stolen from him) than the Establishment is admitting or disclosing. It's very simple. Bernie is the most serious threat of all, if he is allowed to put his ideas into action (a la FDR, from whose example he really wouldn't deviate that far from). This is why one of the most devious and cold-hearted GOP financiers – Charles Koch – even went so far as to dam him with faint praise early on so as to give Bernie the 'kiss of death' before the Establishment could be assured the preferred horse (er, donkey? jackass?) Hillary Clinton could be relied upon.

In Charnin's research, we see that it is primarily in urban, mostly African-American precincts that utilize Optiscan or Diebold machines (there's at least a third brand, just like there are tons of other necessary factoids needed to understand the situation) that Clinton vote totals seem to come up 'long', as opposed to the short stature they come up in the raw exit polls in those same precincts. Charnin has gone into succinct detail on his website as to why the public doesn't hear those 'raw' totals, but note that they are only 'raw' when they don't comport with the actual vote (as recorded by the electronic machines) and have to then be 'adjusted' to reflect those machine totals.

In other words, when the exit polls reflect the final machine totals, there's no need for 'raw' numbers; the exit polls do what they're supposed to do – help project the winner before-hand, and assure the public there hasn't been any “hanky-panky”. Unfortunately, the second function has been changed to let the media know they need to 'adjust' them, to better match the reality of machine totals that seem to flagrantly make liars out of the exit polls (who pays for them, anyway, right? right? Ugh!)

This is a tip-off to the corporate media that they will have to help cover up a stolen election.

Florida 2000 was the worst example of this, along with Ohio 2004; this year's poster child, as Charnin duly notes, is Arizona. There was such chaos, chaos planned for far in advance by the Establishment when they purposefully kept approx. 85% of the usual precincts closed, that they didn't even bother with the charade of doing ANY exit polling (with the sole exception being the county of Yavapai, who's Daily Courier newspaper conducted the one exit poll we are forced to rely on....hey if you expect us to swallow such irrationality about closing all those other precincts, you'll have to accept the small sample you left us with). In that one exit poll, we have Bernie beating Hillary by 63% to 37%, but the final machine total was 54% Hillary to 43% Bernie.

That, my friends, is NOT within the “margin of error”. And it are facts like that, statistical anomalies, that belie any notion that we are having a fair election. In fact, you can study the statistics and research Charnin has painstakingly detailed and come away with the realization that the results all show probabilities in excess of all rationality. Any digit with 16 zeroes either in front of or behind it is an unreasonable probability of mere “voting irregularities”. The only state in Charnin's list that I would conservatively leave out of Bernie's genuine 'win' column would be Ohio, which had only a probability of being won by Bernie of 11%, but I also have to stress that mere winning the popular vote isn't as important (other than morally) as the translation the vote has for delegates is. In fact, even in some states where Bernie has won either a primary or a caucus, somehow Madame Secretary STILL seemed to come out with more delegates.

Where does much of this stench of corruption come from? Can we justifiably point the finger at the one person who would have the most power over the process? If we can, then we can state that the probability of this being done with the connivance of the chairwoman of the Democratic Party, one Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was at one time spokeswoman for the Hillary For President in 2008 campaign. Did your eyes widen? If not, it's because you probably already knew that, but didn't spend much time considering that it would have to be with her assistance that operatives were placed in position to access the voting machines, the voter rolls, the planned elimination of voting machines and precincts in Arizona, etc. “But she's too attractive, she looks like an angel, she's so no-nonsense, she sounds so innocent”, you say. Oh really? Never underestimate the power – or the determination, even at the expense of justice, fairness, and all legality – of a woman. (Or a man for that matter.)

My purpose here isn't to repeat the details in Richard Charnin's well-worded, and thoroughly well-researched statistical analysis of the Democratic primary process to-date, but to say that there is so much corruption involved and so few people even discussing it that I have to conclude that either a) America is experiencing mass-hypnosis and mind-control on such a scale that it boggles our already-bamboozled minds, b) Americans have been pushed around so much that only the boisterousness and braggadocio of a Donald Trump can marshal the anger requisite to take down the suppressive Establishment, c) we have become largely a society of eye-rolling and buck-passing shoulder-shruggers that have little interest in the opinions of others, or even their own civil liberties. If we can string more than a few neurons together on the subject, we either choose “right-wing talk radio” or the smug musings of what passes for the intelligentsia these days, despite the proliferation of social media. There's BOUND to be some academically-trained neo-journalist given space in a niche on the Huffington Post who's opinion you can adopt, surely. My point is that there seems to be little in-depth contemplation of civic matters, which is why it's far easier to slink back to the use of ridicule to put back in their place those who were challenging the Establishment.

Which brings us to Donald Trump, the center-right populist who may be the only hope of wrestling away the control of the masses by the frauds who have kept us in the dark for at least a century (I'm thinking specifically of the fraudulent and privately-held Federal Reserve and the ancillary organizations that were foisted upon us at the behest of the same group of shadowy men, organizations like the FBI and the ADL, the IRS and the CFR). No, I don't view Trump as a desirable alternative to Bernie, but if Bernie isn't able to stand up for his own voters by calling out what is screaming to be exposed, then it will take a Donald Trump who can. Ostensibly he was encouraged to get into the race finally by the same Puppet-master (the quadrillionaire in Switzerland who owns much of Earth, but who's overt control is hard to exert with enough finesse lately) as a way to help expose the Bush and Clinton 'crime cabals' that have been complicit in the crime of hiding the looting of the gold in Ft. Knox. That may well be the only way we will have of achieving some form of justice, at least some form of accountability, even if the only punishment meted out to those bastards is one of shaming them in public and in court.

It needs to be done. Finally.

Bernie, we love you and will continue to vote for you when the choice is only between you and Hillary, but the “fix has been in” and enough votes stolen from you to prevent you from ever reaching the Ofal Office. Unless, that is, you run as an independent candidate. If so, at least a third of us will continue to support you as long as you choose to run, on whatever ticket – despite Jane's poor choice of words concerning “voter irregularities”. However, I hear that Jesse Ventura, who will have no compunction about calling out the pro-Hillary vote-stealing operation, has said he will run as a third-party independent candidate if Hillary is allowed to steal your nomination from you.

In that event, I expect you will let Jesse take up the cause, which would probably also assure Trump's election. Has it occurred to anyone outside of the.....uhm.....”truth-seeking community” of “conspiracy realists” that FBI Director Comey may be taking “as much time as necessary” for a reason? [Translation: the whole time between now and the nominating conventions, when the criminal indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton is guaranteed to have maximum destructive value, culminating in the death knell of the modern Democratic Party and guaranteed to usher in a President Trump.]

And even in that eventuality, I doubt the 2016 presidential election will be held in November as scheduled. It may not even be held at all, regardless of what happens (or doesn't) to Hillary. Now if that surprises you in the least, you'll have to wait for my next post to explain exactly why. Hint: It has more to do with a general than a former Secretary of State.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hillary's Email to Me - With Reply

If you're not with me, Don

Hillary Clinton
to me
6 hours ago Details

outraised by $5 million

Don -- 

We just learned that the Sanders campaign raised $5 million more than ours did in January, and they raised another $3 million in a single day after the Iowa caucus.

I’m proud of the campaign we're running -- I'm committed to standing with you to make life better for American families, and I'm ready to fight by your side to earn every vote, take on the Republicans, win the White House, and make history.

But Don, if we don't win this nomination, we'll never get the chance to do those things. So on this important night, show me you’re with me. All I need is $1 to know you're here on this team, fighting in my corner, ready to do what it takes to win:

Don, donate $1

Thank you,



My reply:

To: Hillary Clinton

RE: If you're not with me, Don

Wow, Hillary, that's one of the most heartening emails I've had in awhile! It tells me that my paltry $10 a month contributions to Bernie have actually proven mightier than the millions of dollars pouring into your super-PACs from the big banks and financial backers who are expecting you to win and make sure all that talk about 'cleaning up Wall Street and making them pay their fair share' remains just that: talk

Well, after hearing that Bernie and We the People have actually made it possible to counter the effects of all that shady money you attract to the Clinton Foundation, we should move to ensuring the audit of the Iowa vote recommended by the Des Moines Register goes forward, and ensures no more voter fraud in the remaining contests will take place. Will you take part in that pledge, Hillary? That would be sooo cool if you will! I think it goes well with your strategy of "me, too!" that you have deployed, most notably in countering charges you're a moderate. 

Of course we all know it's not even a question of being progressive or moderate or liberal, it's a question of whether a candidate - such as yourself - changes their skin depending on the audience of the moment. What's the name of that reptile that does that? Right, a chameleon! You're a steadfast chameleon, and can be relied upon to remain a chameleon! I'm hoping to see what color you turn the next time you speak at the CFR podium and gush over how Henry the K Kissinger lauded your abilities as Secretary of State! 

You do realize Hank (that would be Kissinger) and Big Dick (that would be Cheney) enjoy cigars and brandy in the bowels of the Consistory together, don't you? 'Course you know that building up on 16th Street not only looks more impressive than the White House, it actually emanates more power than both that august building AND the Capitol building combined, and you are so eager to take possession of one that you care little what's in the other! 

So rest assured, you won't have to face unfair media smears of being either a moderate OR a progressive; instead, champion the benefits of the chameleon! I thiink it would be actually as entertaining as a Trump speech!

And thanks again, for letting me know my ten bucks is just as powerful as the Sacks of the Gold Men. Gotta love that perfectly-named financial institution, that gives sustenance to you and your progeny!

Finally, I want you to know you'll be in my prayers for how you'll handle that upcoming indictment, considering the good of the Democratic Party, which could suffer immensely depending on how you handle the coming ignominy. Just remember your plea bargain should have you free from any prison bars for year's end, as I'm sure you'll be anxious to get to your hidey-hole when the big quakes commence.

Sincerely Yours, 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Accountability and the Pending Poleshift Announcement

First things first.  That damned Announcement, that Putin, Xi Jingping and Obama are supposed to issue about the coming poleshift that the approach of Nibiru will cause (and the admission that its arrival is the chief issue behind the Cover-Up about aliens) is now over-due.  As I type this, the heads of state of most of the developed world are meeting in Paris to decide how to handle the public reaction to it - under the guise of "climate change".  Global warming my ass!  That damn lie has been bandied about for so long an entire generation has been cultivated using it as an excuse for a reduced lifestyle, and yes, there will be hell to pay once the lies have been admitted to in this one singular Announcement.  The reality of the evil in control of most of the power-structures on the globe's surface will become evident, if only by implication.....and sadly, few of the West's intelligentsia will be able to handle the fact they've bought into their bamboozlement hook, line and sinker - and have used the 'Ridicule Factor' as a self-governing mechanism to do so.  Behold the coming wrath!  Made worse, too, by the increasing amount of time that passes awaiting the truth to be told.

It could have been different, and a lot remains to be determined as well by the way the complicit mass media will reluctantly allow it to be made.  Even now, today, the mass media propaganda organ known as the CNN cable television network is pushing the idea that the Democratic presidential contest is all but over in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Senator Bernie Sanders, who clearly won the single televised debate as determined by CNN's co-sponsor Facebook, is being determinedly marginalized by the [Zionist-aligned, let's say it bluntly] management of this broadcast network, so that the masses will accept the "coronation" of Hillary.  Success begets success, but with every thuggish action like this, more evil karma is due.

Originally this rant was to focus on accountability, a virtue that has become practically absent in almost every area of life since the rise of the corporate entity in our daily lives, and particularly since the criminal Bush cabal plotted and carried out the events of 9/11/2001. The official fiction supposedly explaining those evil acts has been perpetuated by countless others, including their successors in the White House, who continue to solemnly invoke the fiction as truth.  What damn liars!  Now, the fiction has indeed become a reality, as how could it otherwise since so much of daily American life has been overshadowed by the events of that day? Those events set the stage for the activation of the CoG (Continuity of Government) plans drawn up shortly after the American power-elite learned of the coming pole-shift in the 1940s, as well as the justification for two never-ending wars (Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria, a/k/a Isis/Isil/Daesh), and the passage of the so-called 'Patriot Act' which decimated civil liberties in the name of 'security'.

How do they sleep at night?  Seriously!  How do they live with themselves, knowing as they must that they won't be judged on how much gold and power they've amassed, but on how they've treated their fellow man and furthered the virtues of mankind?  I'm not being rhetorical, either; Mr. Obama can make supposedly righteous claims about how we all need to "let bygones be bygones", that "the perfect is the enemy of the good", but surely  he must know - as intelligent as he is, being the reincarnation of Lincoln and all - that without accountability by the treasonous criminals that preceded him in the White House, the masses will see that the most powerful can indeed "get away with it", and those who are in the Undecided category will learn from this - and absolve themselves of their OWN accountability issues.

Even if we were to take the thugs of yester-year at their own words, the truth is that they did NOT "make us safe", they did NOT "keep us safe", as brother Jeb Bush tries to claim on his ever-shrinking campaign trail.  Even going by their own 'admissions', they arrogantly did nothing in the face of multiple warnings by hundreds if not thousands of operatives in various national "intelligence" communities.  We now know - those of us who have spent at least a few hours over the past decade-plus reviewing the claims with a critical eye - that the entire Saudi Arabian plot was artificially created as a false flag front by Saudi allies the Mossad and the Bush cabal as a cover story for their own heinous activities, which had been plotted starting many years before in order to profit to the tune of billions if not trillions of dollars, along with control of the oil and gas reserves of the globe. 

These days, hundreds of hours of YouTube videos show the details of the 9/11 plot, the money trail leading up to it, even the movements of the evil perps like Richard Bremer that moved from conspirator in those events (as an example, he was 'caught in traffic' and 'couldn't make it to the office that day', though by some miracle he was able, within hours, to rush to the television studios to point the finger at Tim Osman/Osama Bin Laden) to one of the worse of the evil perps that created IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh by his decision - as vicar of Occupied Iraq - to disband Saddam's army without providing them alternate PAID activities so that they could continue to support their families.  No, instead he turned them loose and thus most ended up in the cauldron of Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, where they were cultivated into ISIS operatives.  (Note:  US administration officials prefer "Isil", for "Islamic State In the Levant", because they dislike associated the name of their secret-society goddess "Isis" with the evil of wanton terrorism they can't control, even as they largely created it.)  

And today, the evil continues, processed smoothly with nary a blink by US/UK mass-media, with Turkish president Evil Erdogan claiming Russia had slandered him with accusations that he was "personally profiting from oil provided to him by ISIS".  He even challenged Pres. Putin and said he would step down as president (a position he was NOT elected to; that election too was stolen by he and his crony thugs) if Putin could prove that Turkey was a conspirator with ISIS in selling oil.  How would he have not known that Putin not only could, but DID provide ample proof in a briefing made by his top generals, complete with video and satellite photos, that made Evil Erdogan a liar through and through?  Perhaps he knew that not only would NATO and the EU provide him with protective cover, but that western media would ALSO 'turn a blind eye' from the proof as it was meticulously spelled out.  At least the BBC made a tepid attempt to address the claim, but said that he only saw "grainy and blurred" images.  What crap!  What evil!  How can that man, that BBC reporter in Moscow who saw what I saw, sleep at night?!  Perhaps his salary blinds him to the truth, or makes the lie easy enough to swallow that he minds not having sold his soul for the lies.  Yes, the video and images were black and white, but what better medium to show the stark contrast to the lies put out by criminal enterprises, full of color and superficial distraction?  Black and white they were, but lies they were not.  

These are only the most recent examples; every day, even at the most mundane, local level accountability is denied and averted.  "Wasn't me"; "I was only following orders"; "someone else would've had to do it anyway"......these are the same claims that were made by most Germans who labored under the Third Reich.  Who will liberate us from the thuggish cabal that keeps Mr. Obama in a puppet's stranglehold?  The one thing he can do, and will do I trust - is to make the long-awaited Announcement that Behold, Nibiru Cometh.  The longer the lie goes on, the longer accountability is averted, the worse the pain the evil power-elite will suffer.  

Come clean now, Mr. Obama.  Tell the public the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Yes, the "masses are asses", but they've been protected from the truth for too long and need to know the extent of their naivete and ignorance.  The longer we suffer under the tyranny of stupidity, the worse the cyber-flogging that awaits the evil ones whose greed has been slaked by appeasing ignorance.  

In the immortal words of the [former] Dan Burisch [now Crain], "For the sake of humanity, tell the world!"  

It's time, Mr. President.  No more excuses!  Issue the Announcement NOW!

[And afterwards, take out the trash Mr President, if you can manage to wield that presidential podium/bully pulpit a tad longer; put out a call to have all the illegitimate heads of state admit to their criminal acts in stealing their own elections, call out the fact your own predecessor was illegitimately installed in a stolen presidency, and then allow the rule of law to proceed accordingly in these matters of treason so that accountability and the rule of law can be maintained and greatly assuage the potential for mass panic as the reality of the Announcement sinks in.  It's not only the "right thing to do", Mr. President, it's the most prudent thing to do.]