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PizzaGate / Pedogate – How We Know Alefantis & Podesta Are Liars


By now, everyone reading this is familiar with the term “PizzaGate”; it's the scandal that erupted just before the 2016 election and continued all through the following months, and despite all the strenuous efforts of the Establishment to snuff it – like many of their members snuff the lives of babies and children in satanic rituals (yes, we have ample evidence satanic ritual abuse, or SRA, is much more widespread than any of us could have imagined) – PizzaGate lives on and will grow and slither its ugly way across the social landscape until its secrets come shrieking out.

It's hard for me to write objectively about this issue due to all the outright lies that small-skulled media mavens like to throw up when the subject is broached; these lies make me just livid with rage. I'll try to speak objectively about the particular issue of lying in this piece, but my druthers are to refer to James Alefantis and John Podesta in the manner of many citizen-journalists (see, a website I put up in the early days of the scandal), which is to call either of them a POS (“Piece Of Sh*t") because I am quite certain they are up to their hypothalamus in pedophilic pursuits, though not in the way they put up 'straw men' in their public pronouncements about it.

That in fact is where we start: both John Podesta, in his first public outing following the scandal's appearance, and James Alefantis, in his pronouncements following the faked “shooting” by one Edgar Welch (an actor who fulfilled the prediction made the evening before by at least one conspiracy-analyst calling into InfoWars live), have lied about the basic premise of the scandal. It is THIS key conceptual lie that betrays the scandal's reality, because even those who are not well-versed in rhetoric and debate can sense the falsity of these individuals. It matters not that they say these things within the comfortable confines of corporate newsrooms, interviewed by sympathetic corporate talking-heads, and broadcast throughout the land; no, the fact they do has helped hasten the end of the once-hegemonic control the Official Corporate Brainwashers has know their names: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and their print counterparts, the New York Times and the Washington Post (which, let me remind everyone for the umpteenth time, was saved from bankruptcy by its sale to internet entrepreneur Jeff Bezos for $250 million, followed shortly by a $600 million contract from the CIA to put 'Operation Mockingbird' on steroids).

The lie both Alefantis and Podesta have put forth is a simple one, and they did it because they needed a straw-man argument they could easily dismiss, and they were able to do it because the MSM- mainstream corporate media – was covering for their misdeeds (being part of the entire pedophilic culture permeating the Establishment) by NOT reporting on it, or barely, which was awkward as the entire alt-media culture on YouTube and Twitter offered up continuous analysis. The straw-man argument is that “online conspiracy theorists were claiming we are running a child-pedophile ring out of the basement of Comet Ping-Pong”. Still, it matters not that they said this under the bright lights of the newsroom while being broadcast throughout the land. Evil can be sensed even by the dullards of the boonies, watching intently. Lies can be sensed, no matter how much lipstick is put on the pig. No amount of lipstick can cover for the blood that's been spilled due to the actions of these two evil people.
What IS true, what is NOT a lie, is that NO OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION was being done. Thus, despite the fact absolutely no-one in the online conspiracy-analysis community was suggesting it, the ruse of a "self-investigation" was developed by the Establishment in order to create a false-flag event that would warrant a clamp-down on the discussion taking place across all the social-media platforms. It is this stark fact that is the reason the scandal is still brewing, still brooding, still stirring emotions and creating disgust and mistrust of governmental institutions. Had an alert minion fairly high up on the power ladder been allowed to be creative enough, a farce of an investigation could have been mounted, a la "Warren Commission", or "911 Commission", to officially 'investigate', conclude nothing was going on, and this might have taken some of the steam out of this ongoing scandal. It probably wasn't done because much of the evil is bubbling right under the surface and it would likely have opened up so many holes as to catapult the scandal to the top of even the most reluctant Brainwashing Organ (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc).

What PizzaGate IS has more to do with the questionable emails shared between the members of Hillary Clinton's inner circle, particularly the Podesta emails, and the frequent references to "pizza" and related terms that have been determined by the FBI to act as code for pedophilic activity. In fact, the same good-hearted patriots within the intelligence community and the New York police dept that saw to it that this information made it to Wikileaks ALSO included the same FBI documentation about the symbology and code-words used by pedophiles. Along with the Podesta emails, patriots pointed to the Instagram account of Alefantis and the artwork throughout his pizzeria. These patriots did NOT set up the alt-media community with a "pizzagate trap", as some overly-cynical citizen-journalists contend; they released the information to them in frustration as their own superiors suppressed the evidence on Anthony Weiner's laptop. These facts, which became known in the days following the election, has shown the public that the government bodies they once trusted to "get the bad guys and keep the good people safe" are in fact there to protect the powerful from prosecution for the heinous crimes they regularly engage in to secure the loyalty of their members and indulge their sadistic fantasies.

While many citizen-newscasters (see the roster at have consistently called for a genuine investigation, the only conclusions we have thus far is that Alefantis once had obscene artwork plastered throughout his pizza restaurant while calling it "family-friendly". A genuine investigation would call on Alefantis to explain how imagery of violence (beheadings, passing around the heads, blood gushing from orifices, lewd body-positioning, etc) is "family-friendly" and simply "art". Additionally, his Instagram account (which he quickly made private once the emails were published, but not before someone had captured all the images along with the often-incriminating comments attached) was filled with imagery that were of such questionable nature that they should be accounted for - when they are in the collection of a man who is steeped in pizza culture and associated pedophilic symbolism. Obscenity is regulated by "community standards", and because of the vagueness of such a guideline, the community should be allowed to weigh in on the liberal use of such imagery without labeling it "Mature" and intended for "Adult audiences". Perhaps the culture has gone that far that such labeling is useless and children should be allowed to be stimulated to orgasm without limit of age, which is an issue in the now-related 'Hampstead 2' case. In any event, that in itself should be a matter for discussion in the mainstream media, particularly because Alefantis is listed in the Top 50 Most Powerful People in Washington DC. is that so? Rather, UGH. What in fact makes him rate so highly in the power structure? What - exactly - does he do to maintain such a position?

Not only that, in one of the most astounding developments in the entire PizzaGate / PedoGate scandal, one citizen-researcher had located one of Alefantis' other businesses, a mysterious building that was briefly called "Pegasus Museum" after or during its renovation, pictures of which this researcher discovered while scouring images from Alefantis's Instagram account. While the researcher was very naive, and some of the research involved in establishing the location with certainty was compiled by others (whom he always gives credit to), he did what anyone in the public should ask: "hey Mr. Alefantis, we found the location where some of your pictures come from, particularly one mentioning a "kill room"; can you explain this to us? We'd like to ask you some questions, could you please make yourself available? We're flexible and will be courteous." What did Mr. James Alefantis then do? In a fit of pique and likely panic, he took the outstretched hand and replied, to the extent of using the contact to threaten the researcher and his family. He demanded the researcher take down his YouTube video showing the location and many of the particulars involved that proved Alefantis owned the location and was involved in "renovating" it. There was even a ping-pong table visible in the construction image. Shaken, the researcher complied, but then - because he had done nothing wrong - he filed a police report and contacted the FBI, who then took his statement and promised something would be done with it. Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps the front-line agents had no more power to do anything more than the agents that made sure Wikileaks got the Podesta emails and the "declassifed" FBI report on pedophile symbols and code-words.....because their own superiors would not notify their colleagues in major corporate media. Sadly even Alex Jones refused to mention this development, the fact the researcher's life and that of his family had been threatened, in his ill-advised "apology" to effect, throwing him under the bus in his embarassing mea culpa.

That is a thumbnail summary of why Mr. Alefantis should be fully, officially investigated, and an explanation provided to the public as to why he felt his 'artwork' was family-friendly and why he created a lie about a 'basement' in his pizzeria; it's a well-known fact he's referenced his 'basement', which is technically underneath his other restaurant, Buck's Fishing and Camping, two doors down from his Comet Ping-Pong pizza restaurant. By seizing on such a minor straw-man, and insisting that the online conspiracy-analysis community had claimed he ran his child pedophile ring out of Comet and/or its basement, he brought himself under more scrutiny, accentuated by the fact the DC police dept itself is covering for him by its complicity in the Edgar Welch "shooter" farce and insistence the entire affair is an "online conspiracy theory that's been debunked" and no investigation is warranted. Whoa! What a lie! There is, in fact, a $25,000.00 bounty that's been offered for anyone that can conclusively "debunk" the contentions of PizzaGate.

Additionally, John Podesta and his brother Tony - who are still good friends with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House - bear such a resemblance to the police sketches and "e-fits" of the last-seen suspects in the May 2007 disappearance of Madeleine MacCann, a young child with coloboma, that any earnest investigation would probably conclude that the Podesta brothers were intimately involved in the disappearance of young Maddie. It has been established that they were not only in Portugal during the period of the disappearance/abduction, they were staying as guests in the home of Sir Clement Freud, a mere third of a mile from where Maddie was staying. In the days after Maddie's disappearance, a sympathetic Sir Clement, having returned to his villa, invited Maddie's distraught parents to lunch and made strange remarks.....though the mother, Kate, spoke highly of him during that period, she also had a vivid nightmare in which she saw the body of Maddie buried in the hill next to Freud's villa.

John and Tony Podesta stayed in that house, were Freud's guests that first week of May, though this has only come out recently. All inquiries to the Met's Operation Grange investigation (the officials entrusted with investigating the McCann disappearance) have gone unanswered, though oddly enough on the same day of the Edgar Welch shooting farce at Comet Ping-Pong, "a new lead has appeared in the McCann case, now nine years old, in which it seems she was abducted by a child-trafficking ring operating out of northern Europe that had photographed her earlier that day". How clumsy of the Establishment; knowing that the e-fits/sketches of the Podesta brothers had gone viral and practically anyone viewing them alongside their current photographs see the chilling resemblance, they concoct a distraction. Sadly, that won't do, and now that enough time has passed without the Podesta brothers "coming forward" to the microphones to present unimpeachable evidence of their whereabouts that week other than Praia Da Luz, Portugal, we can conclude it is not only plausible but probable that they are implicated enough to warrant an official and impartial investigation.

This has been a short summary of how James Alefantis & John Podesta, of PizzaGate / PedoGate fame, are liars in how they have falsely portrayed what they claim they are being accused of and how they are still avoiding the biggest questions since the scandal erupted. They've been prevaricating about their possible/plausible/probable involvement in pedophilic activities, regardless of where they take place and how intimately involved they are personally. Furthermore, no-one has yet officially discussed the incriminating email threads betwween John Podesta, Herb and Susan Sandler, and their realtor Kate, concerning particularly the "pizza-related map" on the square, black-and-white handkerchief John left at a rental property, and a mysterious email concerned with John "changing strategies long in place" involving a changeover from pasta to cheese. Instead of coming forward and decrying the implications that were made, they essentially went into hiding and only after months of silence are they slinking back to claim they were maligned by crazy online 'conspiracy theorists' without even addressing any of the contentions, with the Washington Post even providing Podesta with a column of his own to ooze yet more lies into the ether via a public platform helped paid for by that CIA contract.  Ugh. Disgusting.  Especially when you hear the audio clips alleged to be John shouting at a scared, crying little boy, and which voice-prints align with those from other, more public utterances.

Someone needs to take them into custody, have them formally acknowledged as suspects and have their statements recorded.

We are not fooled.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Who Would Horsewhip George Soros

How PizzaGate Led To PedoGate Which Leads To Unmasking The So-called 'Deep State'

~Panic Sets In As Take-Down of Globalism Proceeds~

First, let me set something straight for the readers. I'm writing this to address my peers, my contemporaries, thinking people who are interested in why the world is the way it is. These are the people I grew up with, worked with, played with, lived with. They are also people that – for the most part – seem to have lost many of the critical thinking skills they were blessed to be educated with. I view that with such alarm that I'm often paralyzed when I try to articulate the problem and how I can account for it. Despite any strenuous remonstrations on my part, it's as if mass brainwashing has reached its zenith and nothing can be done short of forcing the truth out in congressional investigations a la Watergate.

Or commence mass citizen arrests and public floggings of the hypocritical and corrupt satanists groomed into power at present, which I obviously can't and won't advocate. In fact, I'm warning that the so-called “authorities” should prepare for this if they continue to engage in character assassination, dissemination of false narratives, unlawful surveillance, unfettered corruption and conspiracies of varying degrees to murder or otherwise destroy opponents of the so-called 'Deep State'. People out in the heartland, or what those in the coastal urbs call "Trumpland" derisively, could end up falling prey to the effort to create dissension and chaos and cooperate fully in the endeavor.  I've heard some of the darkest talk I've ever heard in political discourse, making innuendoes of "pitchforks" and "tarring and feathering" seem almost quaint by comparison.

It's becoming more self-evident that a huge social chasm has opened up between a new set of sides, or opponents – the miniscule number of the enormously rich and powerful one-percent of the globalist elite, together with shrinking swaths of their minions, pitted in a desperate attempt to keep the masses from 'waking up' and taking matters into their own hands. The One Percent, rather the Top One Percent of the One Percent, are reliant on this shrinking body of servants and vassals, who are for the most part suburbanites and urbanites that are engaged in the dissemination of information and financial instruments along with the professional classes of engineers, architects, pilots, technicians, etc. Most of this group are seemingly average people, in many cases over-worked, who (naively) trust the mainstream media to provide them with generally accurate reporting on the events of the day. Most of them also rarely question the narrative that appears to flow seamlessly across the many platforms that constitute this “mainstream media”, ownership of which has now shrunk from over 50 companies in the early 1980s to only 6 today, and these 6 have also paired up with (conspired with, let's be frank) many of the online behemoths that constitute “social media” (Facebook and Google, primarily).

It's very telling that the original motto of the founders of Google - “Do No Evil” - is no longer in evidence in their marketing. Translation: they are now knowingly engaged in evil and don't care.

Knowing this, it's easy to understand why these “average Americans” (or naive sheeple, depending on one's POV) echo the platitudinous “solidarity” and “tolerance” and other examples of the once-dynamic verbiage of the traditional 'Left' even as they continue to alienate once-faithful and patriotic Americans. The handful among them exhorting the rest on rely almost exclusively on the use of ridicule and fear....fear of a reality that they themselves have nearly brought to conclusion only to see it potentially taken down in Trump's America.

Now, many (if not a majority) of today's “Left” are actually globalists clothed in sheep's clothing. They've mastered the language and now use all possible avenues they control, being that they own the airwaves, own the distribution of internet access, own the companies that produce 'content', select who will be the super-stars of tomorrow, who will be the Wizard-Of-Oz-like faces to their voice, and who will be the CEO of United States Inc. Simply put, the forces of globalism have hijacked the Democratic party of the United States, just as they have operated in the past through the Republican party when it suited their purposes. Their adversary isn't the Republican party or conservatives generally; Trump – a patriotic nationalist who transcends party – in fact is often unaware of even WHY they have pitted enormous sums and spun gigantic lies and evil narratives against him, because they feel he 'stole' the power of the presidency from them, DESPITE the incredible level of corruption and theft, outright lying and electoral fraud they had convinced themselves would guarantee them control.

Little did they know the ONE MAN, the single personality, at the very top of the capstone of power had decided several years ago to groom this man Trump to prevent the power elite immediately below him from manifesting the dystopia outlined in the supposedly 'debunked' manifesto titled “The Protocols of the Elders of Sion” - a treatise which was well on its way to becoming reality.

Even as the Establishment media continues to 'throw shade' on President Trump, avoiding any factual narrative that competes with their fake news, actions are being taken to put the glare of the spotlight of truth on specific names. Names like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Current senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Dianne Feinstein. According to one citizen-newscaster and researcher, Victurus Libertas, PizzaGate is the most dreaded and verboten subject to discuss on-air at CNN even as Sen. Shumer – who uses both an iPhone and an Android phone – calls Wolf Blitzer and other personalities of CNN daily to discuss the subject. (At least that was the case in February and early March of this year.) That is, the subject of how to (hopefully) bully Trump into submission, stir up accusations of his collusion with “evil Russians” (notwithstanding their own cozy relationship with Russian power-players like Putin himself) and keep him on the offensive long enough to make it look like any arrest by the Trump administration look like petty pay-back and abuse of the executive power.

In fact, it appears they aren't willing to stop pushing 'fake news' narratives until they can justify an arrest of Trump by more pliable minions like VP Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryans, both of whom hold agendas very different from the populist Trump who really DOES care about the People. Right down to placing a bust of Andrew Jackson in a prominent place in the Oval Office, along with a portrait of him.

Of course, any such suggestion would be ludicrous, but the strategy has merit, though I believe it will tend to eventually backfire. Some of the people are not that stupid (yet anyway), and when it's acknowledged that these heretofore heroes of the Establishment are actually blackmailed and thus harnessed pedophiles, well.......hell hath no such fury as an American Middle Class Scorned and made utter fools of, once they understand the joke has been on them all along. It's becoming increasingly apparent, beginning most noticeably in the aftermath of the 2016 election when all their confident machinations proved utterly ineffectual in getting their chosen Puppet ensconced into the Ofal Office. At least I had hoped as much, though of late my level of despair is rising as I look on, speechless and stunned, as the supporters of the most-evil Hillary Rodham Clinton and the globalist media cravenly propping her up continue to sound and act like the election isn't over and the Existential Anomaly will soon be erased from their reality.

The world is now a much, much different place than it would have been had the foot-in-the-door known as #PizzaGate not been given to the public via Julian Assange and Wikileaks. These patriots from the various intelligence agencies, acting through the rebel leaking leader (who was holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London himself, unable to move in the physical world beyond embassy grounds), was the just and necessary ticket that Trump finally rode to power on. Not only was this “peak inside” – known commonly as the Podesta Emails – the key to disturb the electorate enough to jostle them into having second thoughts, there was also a small band of determined and patriotic insiders who knew the extent of the evil reality behind the public bullcrap illusion sold by Clinton and the globalists....and this band was assisted by 'external forces' (no, NOT Russian! NOT Chinese! NOT European!) in the vote-counting rooms of the electronic balloting machines. Some ascribe this to “God”, or “divine providence”. Yes, it's a similar situation to George Washington miraculously surviving a hail of bullets while crossing the Delaware river, but for the moment we can leave it at “divine providence”. Further discussion can await a later post.

What few people in the public understand is just how independent of the globalist power structure Donald J Trump is, despite the fact he's a billionaire and an ostentatious one at that. That's not to suggest he isn't humble, because when it comes to the important things, he shows humility. A stranger wouldn't know that by the type of coverage shown, but that's part of the problem. He's portrayed constantly as a....let me see if I can get the rythmn right....”homophobic, xenophobic, racist and sexist”. All of which of course is a lie, as his many supporters across party lines know. In fact, he's especially tolerant of the fact many people see themselves as homosexual in this day and age and he pointedly recognized that in his convention acceptance speech.

But again, few of the Naive Ones would know; they accept the mainstream narrative created for them during massive brainwashing sessions known as the “nightly news”. Some can be forgiven for this, but anyone with an IQ of at least 125 should have started digging into the facts surrounding the many controversies involving the Clintons and their foundation. Once they do that, perhaps they can hold a rational discussion about it instead of leaping into denial at every turn. Perhaps, if they haven't begun the process yet, they can start with googling the term “Arkancide” and why the term (which combines Arkansas and suicide) came into widespread use in certain circles beginning at election time in that state in the Eighties.

Nonetheless, the purpose of this article is to make the connections between PizzaGate, PedoGate, and how they will eventually help to expose the Deep State. Why is this important? Because until the so-called 'Deep State' is unmasked, the corporate government that lost control of the resources of the United States public government to Donald Trump will continue to pursue and attack him relentlessly, using the mainstream media first, by foisting censorship on the public by attacking patriots using their right of free speech in slanderous accusations of “fake news”, by Google and Facebook using their controls of social media to censor Google-owned YouTube videos, demonetizing them, adding additional “protections” to help snowflakes avoid raw news that might disturb their delusions, not to mention Twitter who, along with the afore-mentioned behemoths are using their controls of their corner of the internet to prevent certain subjects from even being discussed.

They are also making discussion of the belief system known as “Islam” practically illegal, as to do so would involve the recent revelations that show it was a long-term scheme by globalist elitists to infiltrate and mongrelize the West, demean national and cultural pride, all to incite chaos that would make their plan to divide and conquer much easier. They – this self-appointed elite, headed mostly by the thankfully-deceased David Rockefeller – know the day is coming soon when a form of martial law will be of necessity declared. That day was to come near the end of the scheduled Jade Helm exercises in Sept. of 2015, but Obama could not bring himself to pull the trigger and so the power of the presidency was secured quietly by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff until a more confident and able commander-in-chief could take the reins.

Think not? Vindication for that will come, as it recently came in the form of the disclosure of the Operation Dragnet database, which involves the surveillance and collection of the most personal data on several million Americans. I know for a fact, and have proven in a court of law, that I and my family were under a form of surveillance known as “haunting”, in which local law enforcement was cowed into recognizing and deferring to. Certain small-skulled dimbulbs among family, friends and the general public will continue to deny it, but as one former employer would often say, they can “go pound sand”. Living in the middle of an X-File is a nightmarish reality, and that brings me to the next point.

PizzaGate is now legendary as a term that refers to probable connections to pedophilia by major players in the Hillary Clinton campaign, particularly John Podesta, who were using a strange code that had been identified by the FBI as one used by pedophiles to disguise their activities when communicating with each other. The release of the Podesta Emails showed a curious coincidence: several businesses, including at least 4 restaurants, a book store, and a child-trafficking rescue charity, were owned and/or operated by Clinton campaign operatives and were all centered on one particular street-corner in Washington DC near the Maryland border – now known by many as “Pedo Lane”, considering the blatant pedophilia 'hinted' at in artwork displayed at the most prominent business of the bunch, one “Comet Ping-Pong Pizza” where many fundraisers for Obama, Hillary, and other Democratic politicians were held. This pizza restaurant was also used as a phone bank during the re-election campaign of Obama, and visitor logs for the White House later revealed that the owner of this shop, one James Alefantis, was an over-night visitor there on several occasions.

However, had Mr. Alefantis stepped forward and apologized for advertising his pizza restaurant as being “family-friendly” while displaying wall-size displays of decapitated people and other more sexually-oriented artwork throughout the restaurant as well as on a public social media account, and as having been “innocently unaware” of the pedophile code used in many of the email correspondence and in the artwork, he may have been able to put the genie back in the bottle, assuming his colleague Podesta had done the same thing regarding his more telling emails and the obvious similarity he and his brother had to police sketches of the suspects involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in March 2007. As it turned out, and as was then reported on a British news website, the two Podesta brothers were in fact “on vacation” that very week in Portugal, a scant one-third of a mile from McCann's last known location. More telling was the fact they were there using the vacation home of Sir Clement Freud (grandson of the famous psychoanalyst) who himself passed away shortly thereafter and was revealed to have been a major pedophile. Curiously, when the McCann's were distraught with worry over the disappearance of their daughter, they were invited to lunch by Sir Freud (who returned to his villa days after the Podestas returned to the US) who consoled the mother and extended his sympathies to help “comfort” the couple. Mrs. McCann later said he had made their time in Portugal following the disappearance “bearable”, though her reaction following his death and revelations he had been a veteran pedophile have gone unrecorded.

In short, had both Alefantis and Podesta (John; Tony may play an even more sinister role) stood up in the days immediately following the Wikileaks revelations of the emails and emphatically emphasizing their innocence, it's likely PizzaGate may have ended there and then. However, it was not the intention of the leakers to have it end prematurely, because their plan was and has been to take it upon themselves to engage the public in the struggle for the truth to come out. It was even said by people in the New York Police Dept (including a police chief and at least one detective) and lower-level FBI investigators that they had tried to take it to superiors, but that if the truth – as was revealed particularly in the Anthony Weiner laptop file labeled “Insurance” – was plastered all over the news, it would bring down “at least a third of the government”.

Of course, that's assuming the mainstream press would even touch the story. The fact is, they apparently recoiled in horror because many in the press are ALSO implicated, and are major pedophiles themselves. In fact, they owe their position to the fact they are involved in this most heinous activity and are groomed, as are the politicians, to advance in their careers depending on their cooperation in being blackmailed. What many in the public are unaware of, despite people like Alex Jones & InfoWars, along with hundreds even thousands of independent “citizen-newscasters” (see as well as first-hand victims have reported, pedophilia has been purposefully used as an instrument of political power to achieve an end to the privileges of American society. Yeah, all that and more.

Let that sink in, because it's about to get worse.

So PizzaGate ushered in a period of insanity in the mainstream media, that hauled out that ever-reliant 'Big Gun' of the Big Liars – ridicule. Ridicule, sneering and jeering, over-powering any reasonable question such as, “well, has anyone investigated it at all?” Someone DID ask that question of the Washington DC police dept., was very polite and even filled out a FOIA request, because the day the so-called “gunman” showed up and fired a bullet into the computer system, the DC police issued a statement claiming the situation was the result of a “conspiracy theory”. First, who has stated WHAT the theory is? Some have made some SUGGESTIONS, but never was a full-scale 'theory' offered; only reasonable questions as to why an investigation was never done, considering the implications. So the police claimed an investigation HAD been done and nothing had come of it. The FOIA request ended by the DC police being forced to admit they had.....”misrepresented the facts. No investigation has ever taken place.” Yet again, nothing was done.

Who would horsewhip the DC police authority for lying?

Who would horsewhip the Washington Post editors, the New York Times editors, the CNN anchors and reporters who have insisted PizzaGate has been “debunked” when an offer of $25,000 (certified) is still on the table and offered to anyone who can debunk the so-called “PizzaGate conspiracy”?

In mid-January, Ben Swann of the Atlanta CBS affiliate aired one of his “Reality Check” segments devoted to the PizzaGate controversy by detailing that no investigation has ever taken place, and that the amount of “coincidences” demand some type of explanation or investigation, but was being swept under the rug. Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, immediately recognized Ben Swann as a hero in the same league as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange (his previous work as an investigative reporter show that this was not a once-and-done piece). Unfortunately, the head honchos of Brain-Washing Central at Central Broadcasting System, aka CBS, also recognized this.....with alarm. He was summoned to New York and his activities severely curtailed, with orders that his social media presence (Twitter, YouTube, etc) was to “go dark” inside of two weeks, and upon his return has only been a shadow of his former self. In fact, it's unknown is he is still with CBS though knowing how cunning the brainwashers are, he's probably still on the payroll in order to prevent him from becoming a full-throated working-class hero.

Who would horsewhip the CBS executives responsible for silencing the voices asking for fair investigation and explanation? Who will take names, executive titles, suite numbers, street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses?

The Podesta brothers, central to the PizzaGate “conspiracy theory”, seem to engage in excessive pizza-related activities, including John having left a “pizza-related handkerchief” at a rental house he was at. Aside from that, these brothers are important lobbyists for many governments, particularly the Saudi Arabian govt – which pays them $140,000 a MONTH for them to help keep that govt out of the news when it condones harsh fundamentalist Sharia-law muslim punishments (like when a young boy was discovered in his house listening to Western pop music – we don't know who the particular recording artist was – and was hauled outside to face a mob who beheaded him). That's the same govt that insists females should keep their heads covered, that women can not only not drive, they cannot run for political office, and do not enjoy many of the basic liberties we in the West do. That's the govt that has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton, for both her presidential campaign and for her ahem “foundation”.

Nice work; sounds like the feminist rhetoric Hillary has plagued US airwaves with should have been directed their way, as most Americans enjoy one of the highest measures of 'equality' in the world, as a general rule. Aside from the issue of pay equality, but when they checked, they found that men in her presidential campaign were paid more than their female counterparts! Sounds like equality should begin at home, er at one's own campaign!

Nonetheless, that's not the worst of it. The so-called “pizzagate conspiracy theory” that's been so vehemently denied and attacked by a mainstream media that's afraid to even use the word, while working ferociously to harm anyone involved in exposing it, involves Alefantis and Podesta blackmailing politicians of many nationalities as well as media executives. The pedophile activities themselves may seem harmless by comparison to what comes following the sexual activities, which is the ruthless butchering of babies and drinking their blood and eating their flesh in the most base, primitive, and evil satanic ritual abuse you can envision. If anyone reading this questions the legitimacy of these claims, I highly recommend googling Fiona Barnett (Australia, connected to Nicole Kidman and her warlock father's coven), Jay Parker (brought up in a multi-generational satanist family in Arden, Delaware), another Australian girl named Teresa, and now the “Hampstead 2”, which is 9-year-old Alyssa and her 8-year-old brother Gabriel, who were forced to assist their father in the murdering and ritualistic butchering of babies following their own abuse sexually at the hands of dozens of the teachers and other parents at “Christ Church School” in Hampstead England. Watch their testimonies and then try to convince yourself they are lying, or are making it up while under mind-control. Unh, unh.

I only recently learned of the “Hampstead 2”, and I thought I had become innured to these stories after watching a few of the first names mentioned, but it is so hard to sleep knowing that those 2 – who were 9 and 8 respectively as I mentioned above, in Sept 2014 when they were last interviewed – were soon thereafter taken by shadowy figures from their real mother by individuals representing themselves as being from “Child Protective Services” when it was apparent that the danger was the satanist father. The mother and step-father then began a campaign to help make the public aware of what had happened, and the next time there were seen was in a Superbowl commercial in early 2015....narrated by none other than George Clooney.

Who would horsewhip George Clooney? Does he even know? Are those two children one and the same? Maybe our eyes can indeed deceive us, and maybe Mr. Clooney had no cloo as to whoo his young charges were. The mother is still trying to track them down, and the police as well as so-called “Child Protective Services” are actually now dangerous to parents who are trying to find their abducted children. In fact, I wouldn't trust any official authorities in any matter involving children after watching these two highly intelligent and wise, as well as highly abused children detail the activities that went on in the kitchen and on the altar of the so-called “Christ Church School”, an Anglican facility, in Hampstead England.

Back to the Podesta brothers.......did I mention the activities that go into blackmailing power-players during the grooming process? Yes, after being lured with the promise of young sexual playmates into locations such as Mr. Alefantis' “Pegasus Museum” might be (the alley-facing strange building that has a glass-walled watch-tower in the center, with a 360-degree view) which was a project carried out under the corporate name of “Castellum Achilles” consider that; what is an “Achilles Heel”, anyway? And what is a “castellum”? A “llittle castle” where activities involving an “achilles' heel” take place? Hmmmm......well, after laying pipe under the floor of said building (where a ping-pong table was propped up against the wall during the construction process), the fact that the building has a loading dock despite being relatively small, and the fact that brother Tony Podesta has a controversial and novel “video theater” placed in a large cavernous 'room' he built under his home, referred to as the “torture chamber”, for “awkward and cumbersome, large video exhibitions”, what does that tell the critically-thinking independent truth-seeker? It clearly suggests that these new holographic video displays, filmed with a series of 12 cameras that are alleged to be used to film targets of blackmail, need an equally-outfitted display area to re-create, in a manner that definitively proves the identity of the personages involved, blackmail videos.

That, to my mind, is the reason why Sen. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are going crazy, because they know that Pres. Trump may soon be watching holographic videos of their activities that have been made to ensure they continue to vote for the 'deep state' agenda, the AIPAC party line, and that any votes involving the agenda of the Podestas (which essentially means Soros and other globalists that pushed to shoehorn Hillary into the Ofal Office) mean these harnessed pedos will dutifully vote for said agenda, without concern for any potential negative impact on the American taxpayers and their safety.

In short, PizzaGate is the key to PedoGate, which is the key to unmasking the Deep State, and it is for this reason there is a ferocious attack using ridicule and evil nastiness, derision, anything but logic, because the facts clearly show the Deep State emperors aren't wearing any clothes but “plastic willeys” and they're counting on Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Shep Smith, Don Lemon, Megyn Kelly, Veteran Liar Brian Williams and lesser blatherers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Alec Baldwin and lesser clowns to cover for them.

Who would horsewhip them?

And what about law enforcement; why did the FBI not act on the contents of the Anthony Weiner “Insurance” file? Why did Director Comey not enforce the law when it came to Hillary Clinton, or any of her minions that committed crimes on her behalf? What about the arms dealers, who are central to the crimes of flooding the mid-east with enough weapons to supplant entire populations to Europe, where they are disturbing enough citizens to alter the political landscape there? Who would horsewhip them?

Finally, who would horsewhip George Soros? As one of the prime architects of the globalist 'deep state', whose own experience betraying his fellow Jews to the Nazis during WWII must have warped his own soul despite his claim those were the “happiest days of his life”, he is probably the one most deserving of receiving a horsewhipping for the evil he has engendered in this world. His “Open Borders” foundation is an attempt to destroy national identities, to mongrelize entire populations, to strip Americans of not only their constitutional rights and liberties as part of the effort to establish dominion over them but to strip them of the standard of living that defines what a “middle class” is. Of all the evil-doers in the world today, he is the most deserving of a public flogging until he offers up a truthful admission of his motivations.

Of course that won't happen, as the man is already dead (allegedly; we haven't seem him in public, though a picture of his propped-up cadaver may have made the rounds not too long ago) not to mention the fact we don't advocate physical violence against the flesh-suits of these evil-doers. However, the very act of mentally picturing them receiving justice is a powerful palliative, especially if it involves fair and reasonable legal proceedings in which the hypocrites and blackmailed agents of evil are confronted with the acts they long fear will be exposed.

This issue is just beginning to get traction, and I'll return to it shortly as I'm able to, because I fluctuate between despair anyone will listen, will do something, and white-hot anger in which I feel compelled to go to Hampstead and haul out those so-called “policemen” to face cameras and questions.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How I Became A Nationalist

Once Upon A Time, Before The Recent Election, I was a 'Progressive'

There's a move underway deep in the recesses of our collective subconscious that has turned the ideologies of the past on their heads and inside out. Whether you're an American or belong to some other nation, there is no longer the usual “left/right” or “conservative/liberal” dynamic at play, though corporate 'mainstream' media is still trying to hide this fact from the remaining pockets of the naive still trusting them to tell the truth. If ONLY they could go back to the Tweedledee versus Tweedledum days, it would make it easier, but that cat has long since left that bag. For most of the Interested Few, that is, though there are still quite a few members of the intelligentsia that have been too insulated and in too deep to their paymasters to even allow themselves to question how separated their views have become from the rhetoric they politically have espoused for years.

It's not so much that my values have changed, it's that the Establishment, through its control of the institutions that run our lives, has changed the language and approach. It is still a question of the powerful maintaining control over the opinions of the masses of the powerless. Since it's come to light in recent times that such powerful people as the Rockefellers have used their 'philanthropy' not necessarily to improve the quality of life for the masses, but to ensure the progressive dumbing-down of them, it's led even traditional, die-hard Republicans to reconsider whether the ultra-rich are worthy of emulation or castigation. Think I'm crazy? Then check out the contents of John D. Rockefeller's “Occasional Letter #1”, often accredited to his employee Rev. Francis Gates (who ran his General Education Board) in 1913 who had this to say about educating Americans:

In our dream we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.  We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science.  We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters.  We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians.  Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply."

Yes, some will argue, that may have been said but it was intended for RURAL, as opposed to urban or suburban schools. The context was the “Country School of Tomorrow”, in which the squalid conditions of primarily southern rural schools was decried in favor of improved conditions for which Rockefeller would even pay a million-dollar bonus if the conditions were met (in the South). In fact he went on to give $180 million to his “General Education Board” that Rev. Gates administered, after the US Congress chartered it in January of 1903, but like other philanthropic endeavors by the ultra-rich, there were more nefarious agendas at work behind this largesse. After all, to take the attitude that normally is reserved only for God, or a divine force, is outstandingly arrogant of such powerful men. To think that they should have the right to mold the public in such a manner! Does excessive wealth really and truly confer such rights on the elites? Perhaps this is the reason why we may no longer feel so 'blessed' as a nation.

Nonetheless, it's clear from what is said that Rockefeller and his cohort felt they had not only the right but a moral duty to dumb-down the masses, even as they raised them up in material circumstances so that while they had a minimum to survive, they wouldn't be 'raised up' to be anything more than farmers and ranchers. This attitude became even more pronounced when that same Rockefeller uttered his famous quote “competition is a sin”. Oh really now! I wonder how many contemporary Republicans know that's how John D. Rockefeller really and truly felt? Why, that's a downright socialist idea, isn't it?! The nerve; saying that the very thing that has given “American exceptionalism” its pudding-proof is a “sin”!

Then there's the tale of “Philip Dru, Administrator”, which was written by Colonel House, Pres. Woodrow Wilson's 'handler' who passed orders to him by those elitists that were referred to in his famous quote, the one in which Wilson says “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Col. House's book about Philip Dru was supposed to be a utopia, a book about which Google has this to say: “First published (anonymously) in 1912, this novel describes for the overthrow of the U.S. government in favor of a socialist regime.”. Bewildering, isn't it? Wasn't this the power-behind-the-throne that had spent years setting the stage for the Federal Reserve, the subtle seizure of the money-making power of the United States by a handful of foreign banking interests, as detailed in “The Creature From Jekyl Island”, the following year – coincidentally the same year as the Rockefeller quote above? And all these things were said and done a year before WWI began? Ultra-rich bankers aren't usually thought of as being socialist who are against competition, are they? What's wrong with this picture?

It gets even worse, but first let's revisit the traditional ideological split, when 'progressives' were the American version of European 'socialists', and represented the 'left'. Typically these were the intellectuals, the intelligentsia of academia and publishing, student activists and environmentalists, doctors and others involved in the medical field, lawyers representing the indigent and down-trodden, and govt employees. The 'right' was exemplified by entrepreneurs, businessmen, financiers, the military, fundamentalist clergy, and lawyers employed by business interests. Socialism was the ultimate expression of the 'left', and fascism the ultimate expression of the 'right'. Hippies had long hair and stock-brokers wore button-down collars.

During the 2016 presidential election, these concepts were turned on their heads. The electorate was turned on its head, it's world turned upside down. The dividing line placed both fascists and socialists in the same Establishment camp, which continued to brainwash the 99% of the public they needed to vote for them, and those in the 99% who had 'awoken', who recognized what had happened, backed the brash billionaire who openly challenged the Establishment the way a true punk-rocker would challenge the music 'industry'. In fact, punk-rockers have grandchildren now, who no longer live in a world with a real counter-culture any longer. The traditional political terms stopped working. The supposed 'leftist' candidate, after openly and arrogantly stealing the nomination from the real winner who was a socialist in the classic sense, was considered the most corrupt politician in modern political history, with pay-to-play schemes and a blatant trail of murder indicating this was NOT the most compassionate, tolerant and transparent candidate ever. Quite the opposite, in fact. More so, this supposed 'leftist' candidate seemed to have sold access to the highest bidder, sold national resources to potentially hostile powers, enacted policies abroad that made it unsafe anywhere on Earth for an American to go to without being fearful, whose campaign arrogantly lied about anything and everything it was asked about.

This same candidate had spent years and billions of dollars greasing the skids for the campaign, shoring up support from most of the corruptible party apparatchiks, and blackmailed even more individuals who were in important positions where they could inflict potential damage. The media even became an extension of that candidate's campaign outreach, with reporters cravenly supplicating themselves for approval by submitting articles first, in order to curry favor. Tammany Hall seems almost pure in comparison.

The fact is, ever since the murder of JFK was carried out by forces dead-set against his agenda for liberating the economy from the bankers, the parasites of the privately-owned Federal Reserve, this nation has been on a slippery slope of increasing mediocrity, of dullness, loss of prosperity, a slow strangulation of the lion that once rescued the world from totalitarianism. That's no over-statement. The so-called “G.I. Generation” that had fought and won that war had bequeathed to its children a nation that cherished freedom and democracy and a strong military to defend it as well as a safety net that provided for its widows and orphans, its elderly and disabled, and a basic education for all that would avail themselves of it, and a strong economy that provided jobs for everyone who wanted one.

However, in no time at all it seemed the former foes that had been vanquished in war stood up and shrugged off the rubble and destruction and were soon the industrial envy of all, even Americans. Cheap goods were soon competing with Made in USA, and even making better reputations for themselves than the home-grown counterparts. Within a generation or two, the former colonies of both victors and vanquished supplanted them and what was once the Third World became home to industry, where selfish capital had chased cheap labor to, and the prosperity the G.I. Generation had handed down was fast evaporating in promissory notes called Federal Reserve Notes – Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private. Fiat currency, backed only by a military-industrial complex that operated as a mercenary force for corporate interests. Jobs became scarce and wealth was hoarded in real-estate, in the piggy-bank of the family home, creating the last great bubble before the new American nationalism burst out in frustration at the lies unceasingly crowding the airwaves.

The public knew that the many years of Tweedledee and Tweedledum had yet to result in a reversal of the slide into oblivion many felt themselves experiencing. With practically no industrial base left, where was the American worker to go? Did the Establishment really expect us to believe that if the multi-national corporations could pack up American factories and reassemble them in Indonesia, or China, or Mexico, and re-sell those products much more cheaply back to Americans, that by some miracle new jobs would materialize in the US to offset the loss of those factory jobs? If the hourly labor rate is based on the lowest common denominator, then exactly where did they expect replacement jobs to come from?

Exactly. Lies and more lies, and the expectation that the vast majority of Americans would be too stupid, too worried about the daily bread n' circuses, to seriously consider the REAL answers to the situation.

The effective answer is that there is NO SUCH THING AS 'FREE TRADE'. If Americans need a standard of living equivalent to $15 an hour for a minimum living wage, then a system of tariffs – just like was used in prior generations – has to be enacted once again. This is the major tenet of the new American nationalism. It runs counter to the pseudo-socialistic fascism of the mega-multinational corporations owned by the bankster-gangsters of the Federal Reserve's handful of bloodline families. It's just that simple. Those parasites would like to see a sea of humanity that's been rendered into docile, compliant, gender-neutral, non-nuclear-family-raised labor and consumption units. Whether we use the “New World Odor” terminology or its various splinter offspring – such as Agenda 21 – the goal is the same: discourage the kind of critical thinking that results in inventive and novel enterprise, and replace it with the assembly-line mentality required for corporate projects.

The flip side of the labor and production coin is the consumption aspect; the globalism that nationalists decry sees the masses as labor and consumption units, which can be moved around the planet practically at will once dangerous “nationalism” is eradicated and a sense of national identity is replaced with one based on the idea of a world without borders. This world would have one single police force, and to get there, dangerous civil unrest that results from critical thinking about issues also has to be eradicated. They weren't quite there yet when the rebirth of nationalism stirred.

Still, that globalist New World Odor will use corporate-funded astro-turf groups such as BLM and American Burka-Wearing Feminists for Sharia Law to incite petty racism and Identiy Politics in general to divide and conquer the public, all while using stale slogans that were useful 2 generations ago but now have moved to more subtle battlegrounds (except when employed in this manner, where they can be printed on large signs while wearing penises and vaginas as headdresses, showing how naive large brainwashed segments of the population can still be). Labor is to be reduced to dependency on a welfare state that can deploy it to where the multi-national corporations need it most, but is anathema to entreprenurial enterprise. Social fulfillment under globalism comes not from physical interaction and raising a family in a vibrant and public sphere but a private culture riddled and ridden with empty pornographic carrots-on-a-stick that is forced to hide indoors, away from terrorist acts, away from the awkward physical interaction that used to be a hallmark of civilization....whether in the form of dances, church socials, black-tie social events, etc. Yes, there are still ball-games, and concerts, and even movies are still a place to take a first date to, but even those are becoming more rare and astronomically expensive for the average person – who can view it all on a hand-held device in almost-real time.

This wasn't the world bequeathed to us by the G.I. Generation. This is a world slowly constricting real idealism, constricting our best efforts to make society a better place for all, not just a place where the minimum daily requirements for existence are doled out by a fascistic super-state. It is this super-state, run by what's now called the 'deep state', that continues to encourage factories to outsource jobs and prosperity to the poorest countries (to help dissipate the dangerous pride of American 'exceptionalism', the very engine that saved the world 70+ years ago), continues to encourage young people to yearn to become hedge-fund managers and stock-brokers instead of inventors and builders.

The globalism behind this is NOT a natural outgrowth of the will of the People, but a natural outgrowth of the plans of the obscenely-wealthy many years ago that put agendas in place to mold humanity to their liking and the beliefs of that prior age. While it's considered anathema tp even mention them, due primarily to countless years of drenching the subject in heaps and shrieks of 'racism' and worse, the Protocols of the Elders from over a century ago spell out exactly what has been happening under the inexorable 'progress' of globalism in recent years. One doesn't have to attribute it to any race or religion, but the results are evident. Our social development has occurred just as it was spelled out in those pages, whether one rejects them or not.

For example; beginning in the mid-1970s, the white male has been portrayed in popular culture increasingly as doltish, moronic, even powerless....the butt of the joke. The acclaimed reasoning is that it's been done to “undo centuries of white male privilege”. The stark fact is that it does not require building such a stereotype in order to lift up and demonstrate that all races and genders can be equally virtuous and equally sinful, equally laughable and contemptible, or lovable and worthy of emulation. I also have a particular problem as well with attempts to incite “white liberal guilt”, because in my particular religious belief, the slaves of former ages have become the powerful of privileged races of today, and the slave-owners of those former ages have become the under-privileged and impoverished people of color of today. That's how a belief in reincarnation sees a former plantation-owner as a thug in the ghetto, or vice-versa, and you can't treat people today based on racial stereotypes of former generations. To do so is but one more form of selfish “identity politics”, which has polarized the country and put us at each others' throats while doing nothing to encourage a spirit of unity, that we're all Americans and in this thing together – at least to the degree we need to in order to survive. (We're all at different periods in our soul development as well, which is an awareness that should be cultivated by the family as well as the state in order to preclude resentments based on a misplaced sense of entitlement.)

The new American nationalism has gained favor among increasing numbers of the millenial generation, who watched in disbelief as Hillary stole the glass slipper from Bernie and the media acted as if nothing happened. When Bernie didn't even fight back, and the leaked emails pointed to some form of “leverage” she had over him, it further damaged his reputation among voters who had put so much faith into his campaign. I personally was disgusted at how he pointedly avoided answering the pertinent questions about why he didn't even fight back, and when the leaked emails referred to this “leverage”, I wondered then and to this day what form of blackmail she used against him. No matter; however he was compromised, if he's unable to answer why, then he doesn't deserve the allegiance of a single voter as a potential standard-bearer. I mention this because it's a major factor in why I completed the circuit from progressive to nationalist. At least I know that when the standard-bearer of nationalism says something, he not only means it, he won't be doing the usual shoulder-shruggin', hand-wringin' two-step to avoid accountability. I even imagine Truman's old paperweight getting dusted off and returned to the desk in the Oval Office for the next 4 years: “The Buck Stops Here”.

It comes down to this: I'm proud to be an American; I'm not just proud because I think I'm better than another, because if anything, the more we have and the more we know, the more we obligate ourselves to do better for others. However, it's not upon the State to guilt-trip the individual or even the public to open themselves up to be victimized. The US does not grant an entitlement to refugees who want to come to this country to better themselves, particularly if they do so illegally. I see common cause with those who feel the same way, who may be of a different color or race or gender. If they see themselves as Americans first, who understand that wealth by itself does not confer righteousness, or extra-judicial rights, then they are my American brothers and sisters. If they understand that color, or race, or religion, or gender, also does not confer righteousness or extra-judicial rights, no matter the history, then they too are my fellow American brothers and sisters. If they understand that membership in a secret society is anathema, and that it too does not confer righteousness or extra-judicial rights, then they too are my fellow Americans. If they believe that wealth and prosperity earned in this country (I'm speaking here mostly about capital and capital formation) should remain in this country, then they too are American nationalists. If they believe in lawful immigration, not illegal immigration, then they too are American nationalists. And if you believe that excessive wealth, especially that produced in this country and outsourced from it, or membership in secret societies, or polarizing religious, ethnic, and gender identities have had an adverse affect on American society, then the probability is high that you, too, are an American nationalist.

The conflict isn't between 'progressives' and 'conservatives', it's between nationalists and globalists. Globalism began in earnest when the robber-barons that conquered their competition before the turn of the last century turned their backs on the system that had given them their wealth, and instead poured their (often ill-gotten) gains into foundations, trusts, and endowments whose purpose was to remake the world into a place that preserved their hegemony over their fellow man. Not only was this wealth used to reinforce their position economically and socially, it was then used to remake and mold the world around them into one that reflected their beliefs. Those beliefs seem rooted in the applied sciences that has little room for spiritual matters, aside from using religious institutions as control mechanisms for the larger population. While the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights for a nation in which everyone has potential, and mankind is innately good but becomes corrupted by the greed of his fellow man and the oppression of financial institutions, the Usurpers acted to deny those that came after them the same benefits, and have slowly worked to co-opt the entrepreneurial spirit. Or, at minimum, they've acted to prevent the masses from enjoying too much liberation.

It's the subject of a book, as it always is, but the long and the short of it is that the Progressive movement, the original progressives of the early 20th century, were against monopollies and corruption. That was the original impetus behind the movement. What we witnessed in the recent election cycle was a mockery of a supposedly 'progressive' candidate facing off against a nationalist who believes in 'putting America first'. It's not as if nationalism is a bad thing, it's the fact that in using the terminology, the true agenda of globalism is revealed by the reaction of the anti-nationalist Establishment. In fact, the 'nationalist' is more of a 'progressive' than the 'globalist' these days, and what's left of the so-called 'left' has merged with the 'right'.

#PizzaGate/#PedoGate & The Rise Of Citizen Newscasting

#PizzaGate/#PedoGate – The Rise of Citizen Newscasting

A Brief History - Part 1

This was the year tens of millions of Americans turned off their cable or satellite boxes that had pumped waves of television brainwashing into their homes for decades, beginning with Howdy Doody! as the baby-boomers boomed out of the womb and coursed through the years of Cronkite and Rather, Brokaw and Jennings, Huntley and Brinkley. Instead, the most important development in the dissemination of information, of culture itself in 2016 has been the rise of “citizen news” and citizen-newscasters.

These are the small-scale and entrepreneurial truth-seekers, with followers whose hunger for real news is insatiable (as opposed to the 'fake news' previously known as propaganda put out by large corporations whose purpose is to bamboozle, to mold, shape and cultivate opinions...for those who have a hard time forming their own).  

In many cases, and speaking from personal experience, the very sound of the Establishment candidate's voice was enough to make one turn the channel or turn off what's now often called 'corporate' or 'legacy' media. To fill the void many turned to the internet and YouTube and were pleasantly surprised to find thousands of average people, like themselves, with something to say about almost everything, but particularly about the political campaign. Instead of CNN, Fox, NBC, etc, the real action was on InfoWars and newer ventures such as The Next News Network, the Anonymous group, Mark Dice, Stefan Molyneux, The Sane Progressive, H.A. Goodman, MLordandGod, AbelDanger (the next edition of this history will include profiles of these and other important citizen-newscasters with large followings – this first summary is limited to a small handful of those who have focused almost exclusively on #PizzaGate) and literally hundreds of others that each had something interesting and newsworthy to offer. Not only were they offering their own voices, the video platform of YouTube allows and encourages viewers to comment on those presentations, a feature that has led to vigorous debate and civic involvement with this new form of media.

As the technology began to allow for it, manufacturers built TV sets with internet connectivity, offering a large selection of web channels from which to choose. High cable bills made it easy to “cut the cord”. Some commentators bandied about statistics of an 80%-94% drop in viewership of the mainstream media, just in the course of the previous year, but no matter how the statistics are sliced and diced, the stark fact is that the majority of the public now gets its news from non-broadcast network media.

Not only was this occurring in broadcast media but print media as well.  Jeff Bezos of Amazon bought the Washington Post for a quarter-billion dollars and was then rewarded with a $600 million contract from the CIA, and Carlos Slim, the Mexican cell-phone billionaire, plumped $101 million into the New York Times.  Both these media outlets are needed not so much for their newsworthiness, but their legacy of credibility (now a farce to many, sadly).

If nothing else, that should tell most people with at least a modicum of intelligence that the CIA is deeply invested in the mission of molding the opinions of Americans, as it's been since the early days of Operation Mockingbird. (Unfamiliar? Google it and prepare to be shocked.)

Trying as they could to hold on to their viewership, the mainstream media barons were being exposed and held up to ridicule as WikiLeaks' genuine email leaks of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign officials showed that the corporate media had become mere PR firms for candidate Hillary.  Even many rank-and-file Democrats were disgusted. Wikileaks became one of the very few sources of trustworthy information and its leader Julian Assange became a hero to millions of people. The Clinton campaign and the Obama administration plotted his silencing, while behind the scenes battles between factions of insiders raged. Even at the time of this writing, it's unclear whether Assange is being held by friendly intelligence operatives, unfriendlies, or merely confined to his room at the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

The minions of the CFR – Council of Foreign Relations and the various organs of global control began a serious implementation of the terms “alt right”, “alt media”, and – following their stunning defeat – “fake news”.  While the term “alt right” had been coined in 2010 to differentiate the new nationalism from neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups, in 2016 it was used to besmirch the growing populism with the tarring brush of racism.  This was more a sign of MSM - mainstream media desperation than anything else as most of the new coaltion of disaffected progressives, fed-up blue collar workers whose jobs were outsourced, and libertarians included many minorities weary of “identity politics”. The “alt media” label was diminished when the strategy became one of isolating all citizen content as belonging to the “alt right”, despite the fact many citizens consider themselves beyond the left/right paradigm the Establishment insists on using.

What prompted this flurry of attention to language and stirrings of censorship?  Most significantly the loss of the election by Hillary Clinton, whose campaign had held such sway over the Established press (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, and a host of lessers such as The Atlantic monthly and even the BBC World Service, collectively known as TPTB – The Powers That Be) that her defeat was all the more stunning.  Power is now deflating from the former supporters of the losing candidate, mostly the forces of globalism and – as we intend to demonstrate – satanism, and the new crowd that's expected to wield power is comprised of  American nationalists who are avowedly anti-globalist, anti-jihadist, socially liberal yet united in their determination to 'drain the swamp' of corruption and – we hope – widespread pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and child-trafficking.

Many Americans voted for Trump in such droves that it likely overcame the careful algorithms of the official “gatekeepers” (i.e. the Big Six media companies, plus the NEP – National Election Pool, the two main parties – Tweedledee Dems and Tweedledum GOP, the Associated Press, Hart InterCivic, Dominion Voting, and ES&S – Election Systems & Software).

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Small groups of 'good guy' humans that were well-placed within the infrastructure were able to reprogram voting machines that had been programmed to flip votes for Hillary in battleground states, thus ensuring that the true will of the People would be observed and Hillary's minions would not be able to thwart it.  This was how a small, determined group of patriots were able to effect a counter-coup against the globalist forces that thought they had sufficiently stacked the deck to ensure the victory of their prime puppet.

This brings us to the first of the citizen-journalists to be noted in this particular story, though many more played larger roles earlier on. Steve Pieczenik, one of the more seasoned and connected “old-timers” within the intelligence community, used YouTube to let the public know that there was a fierce counter-coup against the Clinton coup in place, and even now – mid-January – is fighting to prevent  the minions of Hillary and her main globalist funder George Soros from keeping Trump out of the Offal Office. Here he is, presenting the situation regarding the counter-coup:

Then, he went one step further:  Worse for the power-elite isn't so much the loss of the election, but as Steve notes in the above video, the ballooning consciousness about the widespread pedophilia and related satanic ritual abuse that has started to creep across the social landscape in the wake of the Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. THIS, many hypothesize, is the major reason for the concerted effort across all corporate media platforms to squash any discussion of so-called #PizzaGate, because of the danger it presents to their control over our consciousness. People are “waking up”, a phrase that's gained traction to explain how it is that the global power-elite IS interconnected, DOES have an agenda that doesn't have the interests of the common man at heart, and has been bamboozling the world with a false right-left paradigm and other fake narratives ever since the robber barons of the late 19th century banded together to control the burgeoning mass media.

By now, most readers who've gotten this far are fully aware of how the story of so-called #PizzaGate began not just with the release of the Podesta emails but also the concurrent release of a declassified FBI document illustrating pedophile symbols .

They've probably also read the revelations that were made on a 4Chan forum [see ] by username “FBI anon” and how those symbols are subtly placed and  are used to signify pedophile-friendly businesses.....specifically businesses such as Comet Ping-Pong Pizza on Connecticut Ave NW in Wash. DC, along with another pizza shop two doors down, called Besta Pizza [which means 'beast' in Portugal, more on that later].  Comet was used as the site for many fundraisers for both Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as a call center on at least two occasions for Pres. Obama. Financial records also show that George Soros has paid Comet Ping Pong over $11,000 on one occasion alone.

Shortly after the Podesta emails and declassified pedo symbol-chart were published to the world online by WikiLeaks, many citizen-newscasters and investigators put together detailed documentaries of what's become known as #PizzaGate.

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