Saturday, January 7, 2012

What the NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act - Really Means For You

By now millions of truth-seekers (and at least an equal number of dimbulbs) world-wide will have heard of this onerous piece of legislation, with progressives and tea-packers alike joining in a universal condemnation.  Unlike so much other legislation, this one had a vote of 93 to 7.  The astute observer can readily see that something is amiss, is awry; the pertinent sections of this Act that seem to aggrieve us all have to do with the anti-constitutional powers given the authorities to arrest and detain indefinitely American citizens, supposedly under the guise of anti-terrorism, if the public pronouncements by these panicked leaders are to be believed.

Say it ain't so, Joe!  G.I. Joe, where ya been?!?

Know this now and know it well, fellow Americans; your best protection is food, not guns.  Is your neighbor worried more about his Second Amendment rights? Maybe he (or she) was one of the millions that made gun purchases the single highest-grossed product category on Black Friday, the kick-off for the Christmas buying spree?  Or is your neighbor worried about seed and having enough flour in case the power grid goes down for months?  Which kind of neighbor would you be?

Have all of you gone to  and really thought about what "they" are trying to tell you?   Now does the NDAA start to make sense?  Yes, of course "They" know full well, and those of you reading this should know that while raising your voice in anger at their assumptions we're all somehow stupid enough to accept the slow constriction of our freedoms, you also need to step back and think carefully about why even the majority of supposedly progressive Dems also voted for this blight-of-a-bill.

But I have a different take for you, from the usual screed the conspiracy theorists offer:

Take pity on those panicked senators and bamboozled congressmen (and women); would you do things that much differently were you in their shoes?  Consider what they're thinking:

You know the New Madrid seismic fault is so likely to explode as to be guaranteed to rip the US asunder this calendar year.

You know that when that happens, the Mississippi river is likely to widen roughly 50 miles, and there would be an effective ripping of the US into halves, and with that rip the entire network of roads (especially the interstates, the lifeblood of America), electric lines, telephone lines, natural gas lines and telecommunications lines of all types would be thrown into complete chaos.  The power grid would go down, despite being so interconnected that the utilities should be able to hornswoggle the public that "they have nothing to worry about".

And millions of Americans, with beefy SUVs and pick-up trucks, will be panicking, trying to get out of Dodge, thinking the next town over will be okay, yet you know better.

Consider what all you can do, and now maybe you know the mindset of this Congress.  People don't go into Congress and somehow turn evil; they simply learn more of the truth than the rest of us.  Take pity on them even as your blood starts boiling.

And when it happens, when things get so crazy you don't know if the sky is up or down, what are you prepared to do?  Do you need to rant at those senators for having passed such a turkey that now everyone knows why they did it?  Will you wait until then, or will you do something now, and if you do it now, what will you do?  Buy another gun, and enough ammo to blow the socialist one-world government of China's puppy-dog Obama into kingdom come as you dream of being raptured?  Consider, man!  and woman!  Are you going to let them  get away with insulting your intelligence, or are you going to do something about it?

Obviously getting tire irons and pitchforks won't solve the problem - these people (congress, what draws your ire) are drawn from your ranks, even though they might just be more prone to being bought off or blackmailed.  Take pity on them; some have purposefully gone through the initiation rites and intended to Fight The Power, but it happens to the best of us.  We're human.  Frail.  Lacking real courage, often.  But most of us haven't been offered the opportunity to make a difference yet, have we?  What would we do if the earth starts shaking beneath us violently?  And after about 5 minutes of it, emerging from safety to see so much destruction; are we prepared for it?

I say take pity on these poor panicked senators and their craven corporate controllers.  Recognize that if you knew what they knew, you would know that the public can't be left to bellow around the halves of the USA like bulls in china shops, demanding to have highways repaired yesterday and unable to feed their families meanwhile.  Road crews, composed of as many soldiers as construction 'engineers', will be forced to spend as much time turning around anxious and angry civilians as they will trying to repair major overpasses built generations ago and vastly in need of repair.

Now do you see why those craven cowards feel the need to give those soldiers the extra powers they might feel they will need, as insecure as they are, considering they'll have home-made militias of all stripes riding up to the point of broken bridge, sinkhole, or major rips, demanding to be allowed to take any detour, even if only a pontoon bridge of light capability.

THINK, man!  And woman!

Have pity on these people, and prepare yourselves so that no matter what, you shouldn't feel compelled to spend your scant resources on firepower.  That stuff doesn't produce seed, food, shelter, or any useful tooling other than to defend yourself against the unprepared neighbor or take something from him.  Or her.  That doesn't mean it's not okay to have a gun, on the contrary:  have something to defend yourself, but check it:  do you really need all that, if you've spent a couple hundred dollars on that and relatively little on non-perishable foodstuffs.  Think about it.

I say it again; THINK ABOUT THAT.  Please.

Soon enough the house-cleaning will come to your neighborhood.  Just be ready in the important things, like how well can you handle your world turning upside down?  Literally?  If a mega-earthquake hit your neighborhood, are you okay with where you're at in every sense of the word?  Are you ready for a mega-tsunami, with waves over a hundred foot high?  Are you ready to feed and otherwise take care of yourself for a few months?  You know that anything more than that and these poor senators will threaten to charge you with hoarding; are you ready for that?  Do you think this disgusting National Defense Authorization Act is the worst thing that could happen, you're only starting to feel the water boiling under your bottom, or do you know what's on the horizon and you've made your peace with it?

Take pity on these poor senators; write them and tell them how sorry for them you feel, and you won't be playing their game any more, they have to come clean about all of this so we can get on with it.

Here's their main website, where you can look them up by state:

God (and whatever galactic council He/She uses) Bless These United States of America, and their respective inhabitants, squabblers, uptight and upright citizens alike.

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