Friday, March 14, 2014

The Setting For The Announcement

There are many implications of the coming Announcement by the presidents of the three global super-powers; most of them will be overwhelmingly evident to the majority of the public.  For this reason, and in light of the fact we are in our last day, I thought I should share this instead.

The Setting For The Announcement

It’s the day before the Announcement, or rather it’s the wee hours of the morning and the evening will likely bring the introduction to the most important announcement of our lives – an introduction, live from space, of Nibiru, by none other than Pres. Obama, followed by his partners Pres. Xi Jingping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia.  (We hear you, Vlad! Enough of the lab rats!) This could/would/will be the most astounding development in modern history, indeed in all of our recorded history, if and when this occurs tonight.  Were I behind the presidential podium I’d say nothing different than I’m saying it now, and I suspect Barack Obama could/would/will have Soledad Obrien, lately of CNN and now simulcasting on the entire Fox television network in 170 countries tonight together with the flagship broadcaster, their subsidiary the National Geographic channel, assist him in the broadcast. 

Of course, that’s make all the sense in the world.  I might be wrong, but for everything to weigh in, in working order, that would be the most likely setting for the admission by the most powerful men in the world (publicly, that is) that there is indeed a tenth (some would say twelfth) planet, “and there you can see it, my fellow citizens of the world”.  This would be the easiest and most likely setting for mankind to finally hear the message that’s been kept so secretly from them all these years.

Yes, whatever we do there will be love in it – as Paul Kantner and Grace Slick (among others must have) said.

Before we even get to the Announcement, we should be plain as to what we are talking about here.  This could/would/will be the admission that there is a planet between us and the Sun, a bit less than five times our physical size, and an admission that there were extraterrestrials involved with the cover-up of this fact.  Beyond that I can only speculate as to the details, and how those details could/would/will be presented in order to minimize any potential panic. 

I’m not going to tell you that I know this because of secret conversations with ‘big and powerful men’.  While it's true I’ve had conversations with the likes of them years ago about this event, this moment is only due to the continued efforts of Nancy Lieder and the zetas she communicates with that I can speculate.  They gave a very definitive time-frame with the last prediction that Nancy made going into Christmas of 2013, explaining that the date had been set in stone the previous June.  It would take place during winter but “after the harvest and after the holidays”, which I understand would include not only Christmas  and the Superbowl (USA), the Chinese New Year (China), but the Sochi Olympics (Russia).

That time came and went 2 weeks ago, but apparently one CIA para-puppet was given the Feb. 28th date by some poor fool and then we had to wait two weeks while that person was found and defanged [allegedly].  So now we have Courtney Brown with a countdown clock as if the conversation is only now just beginning, while many of us may have already been discussing this for years.  In fact, some have concluded that the preferred date is March 14th, not 15th……and that the admission could/would/will be made during tonight’s “Live In Space” 2-hour “television spectacular” that will be broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS) and simulcast on not only the National Geographic channel but many Fox network affiliates world-wide.  The lead-in will be Neil deGrasse Tyson, who’s inaugural episode of “Cosmos” aired just last week-end and who was spotted with Bill Nye and Barack Obama in the Blue Room of the White House as luck (and Bill Nye’s smartphone camera) would have it.  Then we have the President doing a taped endorsement for Neil.  Wow.

Earlier today when I looked, I saw that the public schedule of the White House was completely empty for the entire day, the entire weekend, and even the coming week.  Wow.  That’s revealing, but if you ask them they’ll insist it was only during a pending ‘update’ that nothing showed up.  The real Wizard of Oz leaves no detail undone. Just the same, no-one.  No-one.  [Obama is huddling with his team of Soledad, mission control, three astronauts, Neil, and an audience of 7 billion.  No sweat, Barack.]

I’m sensing this is a likely scenario, not that anyone has revealed it to me, other than my deduction (you can say delusion, it’s okay) that this was/is the most ideal moment for the zetas to prove themselves.  Naturally they don't like to be second-guessed..

Could this really....really……. be…… IT?

Will President Obama come on the screen first, every screen, and begin with an introduction to the celestial neighbor we’ll be witnessing from the television cameras installed on the ISS?

Or will we begin with a long, slow build-up with Soledad to get the legendary twelfth planet in sight of those television broadcast cameras, so that the proof of the speech will be unequivocal?

Will we have representatives from the alien races on-hand to introduce something about their spiritual faction?  Or would that be too much?  I think, after carefully considering this for at least 12 years, that no, even though most humans could handle it without going berserk, a substantial number couldn’t.  So no, I don’t think we’ll see that.

But we will see Barack Obama either at the infamous Oval Office desk or at the presidential podium, representing the power of authority that it does over the masses.  Sad to some, but true.  And it’s the belief in a thing that gives it its power, and as long as that is not misled by it, it will go a long way towards victory.  A podium by its lonesome isn’t but a thing; properly used, it can create much good.

I can only speculate to this setting, and the dual purpose of informing that will/should/could occur, but if it doesn’t happen tonight or over the coming weekend, I would be very surprised.   And sad, because apparently we have the ability to see “IT” from the space station and there’s no reason I can speculate that would warrant further delay.

If I am wrong, that would mean the zetas are wrong yet again, and for that I’ll have to eat my hat – that is, by mid-April 2014 if winter has receded and no announcement.  If Courtney Brown is right instead and it won’t happen until Saturday, that’s okay with me.  And the rest of us too, I’m sure.

Whatever you tell us, Mr. President, please do not deceive us with lies of commission or omission.  Good luck and good luck to all of us in taking the announcement in good spirits and with a positive outlook. 

Only Love can fill, as Uncle John (among many others) would say.

EDIT MAY 4, 2014:  Obviously no announcement has been made by Pres. Obama, and even Courtney Brown had to rely on an in-house production to assuage the crest-fallen masses salivating to show him adulation.  Supposedly this latest bamboozling by the aliens has resulted in a paltry netting of the DIA director and deputy director (due to resign by 'early fall', meaning the logic of a severe winter announcement in which all are forced to stay close to home would not happen until next year), along with at most a handful of their scattered minions of the Cover-up.  At this rate, alas, only a very very very few humans will be psychologically prepared to accept an announcement when it finally does come.  Next year or, heaven forbid, two years from now.


  1. Have you even read Courtney Brown's Implications? He clearly and repeatedly says this has nothing to do with any presidential announcement, ET Landings, Earth event. It is likely an announcement (by a NON governmental association) that DNA testing on a homo capensis skull demonstrates a different history of man that we have been lead to believe. As a side note - there are no zetas, nibiru/planet x. You spreading this type of misinformation discredits the real truths that are out there.

  2. No need to get your knickers in a bind, Anonymous. Sadly, the only real truth out there is that there is no real truth out there. Everything, seemingly, is grist for the mill...

    Warm regards,

  3. Ah, Anonymous Grasshopper, I see you were being sarcastic - that, or you are lacking in the critical thinking skills department. [Only tonight have I even read your note here.] Of COURSE Courtney Brown would say such things, and the very fact he is compelled to have to make such overt disclaimers is an indicator something is amiss. One has to contemplate what manner of shenanigans are going on behind closed doors when weighing these matters. Did not Courtney Brown himself speak of long, frantic and frequent phone calls to and from all kinds of locations around the globe, regarding an alleged 'announcement'? Is his "Farside Institute" (oh I'm sorry, "Farsight Institute") not a training facility for those humans exhibiting clairvoyant capabilities, the kind the CIA uses in its remote-viewing programs? Would his contacts within the CIA not occasionally engage in two-way informational exchanges with Mr. Brown, considering the probability that his students find "placement" within their ranks, and if they can give him a 'boost' in his credibility before-hand, to increase his own reliance on them and therefore their own power in the unfolding regime? It's simple: YES, of COURSE they would. Those characters are well-practiced in the art of deception, and if they can see an opportunity to parlay a dependent puppet into a more well-known puppet that would increase the pool of potential recruits, they would certainly take it. Poor Courtney himself may only have thought it was an "alien disclosure" that was to unfold, not the whole nine yards - which DOES include the existence of the so-called "12th planet", Nibiru and the pole-shift it is a harbinger of. Now you yourself may be unable to read between lines, or gullibly accept the fecal-like 'conspiracy frauds' foisted on us by the likes of Majestic through their fifth-column known as the YouFool-logical community, but this is because you don't seem to have formulated complete concepts yet. Of COURSE there are skulls that do not dovetail with the official cosmology the Rothschild-Rockefeller Establisment would have us believe, and they are important in helping truth-seekers of today understand that homo sapiens was a genetically-engineered race that has gone through several significant 'upgrades' over time. Nibiru, 'alien' skulls such as Lloyd Pye has written about, the coming homo reticulis hybrid race, and many many more concepts and truths are all seamlessly connected and logical once you free your mind to look beyond your own short-sighted perspective. Good luck with it.


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