Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting on the Bandwagon – Expect more of it

{in acknowledgement that the Announcement that Nibiru is nearby is forthcoming, this blog will now be open to comments}

Recently (after Thanksgiving, though it’s been in the works for some time – years, in fact) Dan Crain, formerly known as Dan Burisch, was allegedly named MJ-1.  The Scion has finally replaced Dadmiral at the helm of the world’s most ‘aware’ intelligence organization, Majestic 12.  Or so it would seem.  Even so, his rise to the top was molded, modulated, and masterminded by his paternalistic benefactor, not to mention the many powerful elitists that swarmed him like “ants on honey”, as one member of the Committee of the Majority put it to me.  That is, ever since his alleged abduction by a particular group of zetas in 1973 hovering over Menlo Park, California, when it was thought that his ‘essence’ was mixed with that of Dadmiral’s biological son (who then died of cancer), he’s been groomed as the Scion, so that when the time came, he would be the one in the ‘hot seat’ and NOT the perps of the Majestic that harassed truthseekers such as Dan purported himself to be to the public after he was outed to them.  Yes, I had a hand in that effort, but how much of that, too, was guided by unseen hands, the better to give Dan Burisch ‘street cred’ to the masses?  Obviously I was given only select information, but despite claims from naïve dimbulbs to the contrary, I always weighed in the balance those things I was told against the Bigger Picture I knew to be the case. 

Beginning in 2002 and then with the help of others in 2003 and 2004, I dutifully reported on his work on the Ganesh Particle, resulting in his “Lotus Protocol” which (again, allegedly) purports to be a blueprint for harnessing the miraculous powers of the Ganesh Particle for use in the future.  There was the DCTP (Doctrine of Convergent Timelines Paradox – all about time-travel and how the aliens came to us from the future…P47Ks and P53Ks…..47,000 and 53,000 years, respectively, ahead of us).  I reported on the alleged “stargates” and the supposed transmission of secrets from the future, from Orion, from Roger Bacon, and the nomination of Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2004. 

Then of course there was the infamous Affidavit – and its predecessor, the Form 255 Request To Admit – that admitted Dan worked for Majestic 12, that Majestic 12 harassed citizens such as myself that sought the truth, that Dan was a treaty negotiator for the Tau-9 Treaty Conference for the Preservation of Humanity between human authorities and entities representing themselves as extraterrestrial.  That was in April of 2005.

A year later, in May of 2006, Dan Burisch was inducted into the Priory of Sion.  This was during the time I stayed with him in his lower-middle-class apartment complex, rather as guests of his now-wife, then-operations director Marcia McDowell.  This is the same Marcia that had co-authored their signature book, “Eagles Disobey:  The Case for Inca City, Mars” back in 1998, a couple of years after he had worked at Area 51 with the J-rod (that would be the zeta housed in the ‘ambassadorial suite’ and the ‘Clean Sphere’ there). Then, after that, after Dan Burisch was allowed to ‘go public’, I became persona non grata.  My purpose for them had been fulfilled and I became more of a liability than an asset, just as had happened to many other former friends of Dan.  Electronic bugs placed by them in our apt. showed we weren’t appropriately sycophantic enough to promote the public version of “tell the world” Majestic had planned.

Then, as we knew would happen, the scion became the head of Scion, as all the membership of the Committee of the Majority and the former Majestic disappeared into the secret societies they had protected and taken their marching orders from, including not only Sion but the Order of St. John and all the Masonic variations.  In short, the elitists were re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and preparing their exits to their hidey-holes for the poleshift.  Meanwhile Dan’s new SNEDs team (Super New Eagles Disobey) added a Jesuit priest as spokesman and a psychologist whose main interest appeared to be attacking those of us on the Golden Thread that dared question any of Dan’s exploits.

Which brings us to the point.  Dan went on display at various ‘ufer’ conferences, peopled by the types of profiteers (propheteers) that were there primarily to build their audiences by selling books and musing endlessly about anything BUT the reality facing this world.  Then, just as quickly, he defriended the next cast of characters he was gently guided to, ufers that were much more famous on the circuit than I ever was or will be.  After that, and the official wedding of Dan with Marcia McDowell, he set up “Angel Eagles”, or “Angels Disobey Eagles”, or “Disobedient Angel Eagles”….so that he and the former Majestic personnel assigned to protect him could pass out soup and sandwiches to the homeless of Las Vegas, promoting the idea of Dan as a great angelic philanthropist.

After that, the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ offered more chances for Dan to be shown siding with the poor, writhing Muslim masses that had been oppressed by the likes of his benefactors.  Stories of him flying with his minions into enemy fire, braving the bullets, continued while his bullies back home continued their character assassinations of this writer and others.  How many of the cast of SNEDs characters were real and how many were sock-puppets created and ‘operated’ by Dan and Marcia is a question we’re likely never to have answered, though with a pending announcement by President Obama to the effect that Nibiru is real and near, it’s likely also that Dan – now that he’s officially “MJ-1” – will now execute a clambering-on the Nibiru bandwagon as if to say he’s known all along but was only bamboozling the crowds of truthseekers in order to prevent panic.

That’s what they’ll all say.  They lied “to prevent panic”.

All the while, they derided Nancy Lieder, and shunned me when I put the question to them honestly.  They lied and threatened and ignored and scoffed.  The record is clear on that score, yet after Dadmiral (that would be the original MJ-1 during the early years of the 21st century) was given the public position that represented what MJ-1 REALLY is supposed to do (Director, National Intelligence, or DNI) in early 2007 by then-Resident George W Bush, Dan Burisch was alleged to have followed up on my mailing to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that had confirmed the nomination of Dadmiral as DNI with personal audiences with certain senators and select congressmen.  Of course this should have taken place in public, with public hearings, but naturally with the Coverup artists at the helm of the executive branch, the bamboozling took place in private senatorial chambers.

It should also be noted that Dan made enigmatic references to what he had seen in the Looking Glass as to who would win the 2008 election; apparently it was thought that Hillary would become president.  Then again, he had also seen (or heard tell from someone who had) Benazir Bhutto become prime minister of Pakistan.  Even with Barack Obama in office, the new MJ-1 had intimated – as had his echoing and sychophantic minions – that he had a cozy relationship with the new president he had expected to be defeated at the polls.

So what can we glean from the latest shenanigans at SNEDs?  Is it even important anymore?  What about the White House; was there any connection to the Presidential Memorandum authored aboard Air Force One on its way back from the Pacific face-to-face meetings with Asian heads of state following the presidential election?  The Memorandum is directed at “Insider threats”, that is, those in the government or who have access to government computer networks.  This is more than the standard warning at ‘leakers’; this was a press release intended for the media to pick up on, to warn Majestic and any other Bush-era moles in the government that he will not tolerate them using the government apparatus to impede his attempt to warn the public about what is coming.  While the announcement is likely to be terse, it will be reality-changing, because it will admit the one thing that Majestic and its minions have vainly tried to cover up:  namely, that Nibiru is near and in the inner solar system, and will pass us. 

There’s also Presidential Directive #20, too classified to even discuss on the internet.

It’s likely we’ll see the new MJ-1 admitting that yes, the Israelis were behind the recent Libya attacks, at least initially; he has indeed alluded to that in the past.  There is still a good side to now-MJ-1 Dan Crain……good but gilded.  What few stories I even paid attention to regarding his “exploits” and goings-on have involved the Carlyle Group, a known nest of global thieves that include the rebellious puppet Poppy Bush and his cronies.  But leave it to Dan Burisch to show how all along he was “fighting for the common man” all the while staving off the demands of the globalists to come up with a fountain of youth that could undo the effects of natural aging as all homo sapiens must endure.  Because even if they have the power, the gold, control, and whatever money can buy and force-of-arms can seize, they are all inevitably subject to death by aging.  No fountain of youth for these wrinkled old souls of selfishness, and no escape to the Moon or Mars or those elaborate deep bunkers they had built…..otherwise known as “Alternatives 1, 2, and 3”. 

More to come, and as Dan would often say, “the beat goes on”.

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