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NASA Busy Digging Its Own Grave – Giving the Big Lie its Last Gasp in Hollow “Victory”

December 23, 2012

Remember – you didn’t hear it here first.  The Zetas of ZetaTalk, through their emissary’s mouthpiece Nancy Lieder, have explained that this was happening, and will continue to happen right up until the bitter end, when NASA will do an about-face and admit that they have been lying through their crooked teeth for years, decades in fact, and particularly in the last few days of the Coverup as they beat their cancerous chests and crow about the end of the Mayan calendar and yet "nothing has happened".  Yes, I’m talking about the admission of the much-dreaded “Planet X”, Nibiru, the pending poleshift, the reason extraterrestrials have been coming to Earth for more than half a century, the very reason “Never A Straight Answer” was established in the first place.

Nibiru is near, and even though the majority of you reading this will not believe it from Nancy Lieder, or the aliens she is alleged to speak for, or this writer [dondep], you ARE most likely to accept it when it’s told to you from behind a government podium.  Yes, yes, I know; the president is a puppet, and nothing usually is announced by him unless it’s been pre-approved by the real human authorities, but it’s also true that the public will not believe Nibiru is nearby until their president – the most PUBLICLY powerful man in the world – tells them it is.

He will.

He will do it not because he wants to stun the most ignorant humans, though it will do that.  He will do it not because it will finally expose the lying and murderous criminal thieves who have been running the show here on Earth for decades, though it will do that.  He will do it not because he wants to see the possible collapse of the global economic system, though it will end in that at some point when the truth of his words becomes evident to all.  He will do it not because he’s a totalitarian socialist dictator, though he will soon (and likely benevolently) use the dictatorial powers he can wield as president in times of national emergency to ensure that the common man – as much as possible – has an equal opportunity to prepare for the Big Event as the selfish power elite have had all these years.  He will do it not to herald a huge psy-op colloquially referred to by the rubric of “Operation Bluebeam”, though there was such an operation planned – by the REAL evil elites under this president’s predecessors.  Count on the naïve fifth-columnists of the ufoological community (who now sit smugly in their homes reassuring themselves that NASA’s propaganda ridiculing the Mayan calendrical prophecies is to be relied upon, as if somehow the day of 12/21/2012 was the day of the Big Event itself) to clamor that the coming announcement of Nibiru’s presence IS a cover story for such a huge psy-op.  Many even now are still playing the game of “prudence”, lacking the courage of conviction though they’ve never been convinced simply because of their predilection for stale Conventional Wisdom.

Please pity them, and while averting violence on any human person whatsoever, know that there will be a day of accounting finally.  Even though the announcement is going to be limited in scope to the presence of the “celestial body”, it will admit to much, much, much, much more, including the many stories that have heretofore been categorized under “conspiracy theory”.  Hopefully, as a unified species, and after sufficient crow has been eaten by the pooh-bahs and their echoing minions, we’ll be able to officially move to “conspiracy awareness”.   Those chirping news anchors and pundits, that have filled our mental space with inanities for many years now, will now busy themselves excitedly talking about all of this and “what it means” while the spokespeople for the Coverup will try to melt into the night BUT…..while they won’t suffer physical damage to their living persons, it is my earnest hope that the media will play and replay their endless lies from over the years over and over and over again, constantly, while they are made to hear them and feel the sting of exposure and the stigma of righteous wrath by the people they were purportedly protecting from “panic”. 

Meanwhile, many of us that have been waiting for the truth to be finally told will finally be able to get to work in earnest.

Are there any recent clues?  Are the banking "cyber-attacks" an indication that certain financial PTB expect problems with such an Announcement?  Then look no further than Google, which will tell you that the whisperings about such cyber-attacks began in earnest on Sept. 21, 2012.  Why is that day important?  Because that was the eve of the first attempt at the Announcement, which had [allegedly, I must say] been taped first on Sept. 14, the week before.  And what happened at that time?  The world's leaders (informed face-to-face by an increasingly world-weary Hillary Clinton and even Obama when possible) were concerned that a Friday night announcement after the markets closed would put the burden of explanation on them, particularly Australia and Japan, when they wanted the POTUS to 'go first'.  So it was decided then - a Saturday or Sunday morning.  But even though the banks had been told quietly to have plenty of cash on hand in the event of 'bank runs', they took steps that week-end, in conjunction with their media-owning brethren, to head off a potential crisis by announcing the cyber-attacks before-hand.  And of course the same Mossad-assisted black-ops false-flag units that funded the anti-prophet Mohammed movie that precipitated the wave of embassy attacks that same week-end ALSO took responsibility for the cyber-attacks.  And where would we hear about such a group?  Why, the notorious right-wing propaganda outlet Fox News, of course; from their website:

A group that took credit for a cascade of successful September cyber attacks on U.S. banks issued a new warning this week of further attacks on financial-services companies.
In a statement posted on Wednesday, the group, “Izz Ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades,” once again blamed a YouTube video released last month that mocked Islam and created a stir around the world.


And who was quick to jump on that "mad muslims did it" bandwagon?  That bitter mealy-mouthed a** of a Cover-up artist known as Sen. Lieberman, "Independent" of Connecticut who routinely comes out in public in support of obvious false-flag operations.  He blamed it on Iran.  But the New York Times was a tad more skeptical, when it said on Sept. 30th:

Six major American banks were hit in a wave of computer attacks last week, by a group claiming Middle Eastern ties, that caused Internet blackouts and delays in online banking.Frustrated customers of Bank of AmericaJPMorgan ChaseCitigroup, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo and PNC, who could not get access to their accounts or pay bills online, were upset because the banks had not explained clearly what was going on. 
“It was probably the least impressive corporate presentation of bad news I’ve ever seen,” said ...a small-business owner.... 
But experts said it seemed implausible that this method would create an attack of this scale. “The number of users you need to break those targets is very high,” said Jaime Blasco, a security researcher at AlienVault who has been investigating the attacks. “They must have had help from other sources.”  Those sources, Mr. Blasco said, would have to be a group with money, like a nation....
Then, the rumors of "cyber attacks" on the banks, while continuing through the early part of October, seem to have gone quiet during the election.  Coincidence?  "I think not!".  When did they rear their ugly heads again?  December 14th, the Friday preceding the expected weekend of Dec. 22nd, the first weekend after the electoral college meeting that ratified the presidential election, and with it the ability to steal the election one last time under cover of "insanity" that they were planning on leveling against the President were he to make his announcement before then.  Why do you think there was a Presidential Memorandum about 'Insider Threats' aboard Air Force One when he returned from the far East recently?

Because that's how important this Announcement is, and yet it's being prepared with nearly 6 billion souls aboard Earth almost blissfully unaware of what is being planned to finally MAKE them aware of what has been their right to know for all this time.

And remember – you DIDN’T hear it here first.

© 2012 dondep

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  1. Don Dep, your consequential sensible way of putting all your articles together is superb. I was beginning to doubt Pres BO and even ZT because I could not see how they could continue "supporting" him when all we read is how he is destroying the USA. But yes, I also deduced that his hands must be tied by TPTB. But Obama is clever and will outwit them. Just hope he and his family stay safe and you too. As always: God Bless America - so glad Obama is the real deal! I owe him and ZT my apologies!
    SA Country Kid


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