Saturday, March 21, 2009

Introduction - March 2009

Welcome to this blog website. My name is Don Deppeller, otherwise known as the original 'dondep' of The Golden Thread - the original, authentic, and independent group of truthseekers that came together in the autumn of 2003 at GLP ( to discuss and investigate the constantly-evolving 'saga' of Dan Burisch and his 'Disclosure' to the world. Recently, the thugs, sock-puppets and assorted minions of the official Majestic 12 that authorized Dan Burisch to "tell the world, for the sake of humanity" have attempted to hijack my 'dondep' moniker, as well as that of The Golden Thread (the authentic one can still be found at and Uncle John, chief archivist of The Golden Thread and self-described 'architect of heaven'. This website will contain the history and opinions of myself and may include on occasion those of my comrades on The Golden Thread. We continue to fight on, rather than accept the pronouncements of the officially-sanctioned "Disclosure" at face value, which more often than not insults the intelligence of the reader.

More of my history can be found here:


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My radio interviews are now available here:

June 2008 - Kerrang! Radio, London's leading FM rock station

October 2008 - Kerrang! Radio, following up after astronaut Edgar Mitchell's appearance and announcement there -

April 2008 - UFO Undercover

September 2007 - Perrynoid

October 2005 - Rob Simone

August 2005 - Lou Gentile Show

April 2005 - Jeff Rense

[available on Jeff Rense radio archives for April 14th, 2005 - a paid subscription service.]

Stay tuned as the battle for a truthful Disclosure continues unabated; readers looking for the independent version of events in the 'saga' of Dan Burisch are encouraged to read the site which I am attempting to maintain to this day ("Starryeyes" having walked away in disgust after the 'Big Psy-Op' betrayal following Dan Burisch's induction into the Priore de Sion in May 2006) -

Below is the real origin of the infamous "For the sake of humanity, tell the world!" quote from Dan Burisch to a conference with the original Golden Thread in late 2003: