Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Implications of Reincarnation

So.....What are the implications of re-incarnation for what's coming?

Few people, even those that believe in reincarnation, pause to consider how it might have more of an influence than 'Nature' or 'Nurture'. Ever notice how some young children seem like such wise old people? And some older people can appear as petulant childish brats? Might that not be expected if one person serves to house a re-incarnating soul (a 'soul' has 'spirit', and also has 'a spirit'), and the other might not? Or another might house a soul that might have only been around the block a few times, and another many hundreds of times? If all are born without that memory, but only the reflexes and emotional thought-forms that would have carried over from previous lives, might that not explain much more about otherwise-inexplicable developments between certain people?

According to some sources, we - humanity - are somewhere north of seven billion total physical entities. Of that 7 billion, approximately 1 billion are alleged to be earth-originating, housing re-incarnated earthling souls of various numbers of physical lifetimes under their belt. Erm, in a manner of speaking that is. Another billion are alleged to be souls that are non-earth-originating, or 'star children' so to speak, incarnating in human form to assist in the spiritual lessons of the homo sapiens crop. In all cases, they have a destiny of their own that they are working out as well by how they assist native earthlings.

Because it is never known to the humans in their their third-density guises just who's who, i.e. who has an incarnated soul or who's waiting for the opportunity to spark one, each individual human has to have all the respect and dignity accorded to the wisest incarnated soul, right up to the average of 900+ lifetimes it takes on average to graduate to fourth density.* On the other hand, the odds are that cannon fodder would use up a larger percentage of otherwise-"soul-less" humans. These "soul-less" humans are essentially the 'crop', waiting to bear fruit, which is a sparked soul that is borne out of spiritual decisions that will grow to such sentience it can make its own decisions as to whether to embrace its creator or not, whether to obey it or to flout it.

When those particular humans are forced to go without sufficient nutrients, they can ultimately face an environment in which many of of them will become -- in all practical features -- zombies. Yes, the very same theme used in training films for law enforcement, first responders, homeland security and even the entertainment movie screen. Think it's funny? You won't, when you realilze that the situation they portray on-screen will become a reality in the not-too-distant future. That's not a clanging of doom n' gloom, it's a warning to continue preparing, get started preparing, or if not preparing, prepare to be caught unawares and "don't come a'knockin'!"

When (okay, IF....) the New Madrid seismic zone reaches the breaking point and breaks the country in half at the pivot point there along the Mississippi, with a magnitude 10+ earthquake followed by many aftershocks over magnitude 7, what will happen to the network of roads, rivers, canals, bridges, overpasses, etc? If you didn't know, the destruction will be so great for hundreds of miles in radius as to leave most highways broken too severely at too many places to allow trucks to deliver food and gasoline to over half the country. In such a situation, are you prepared to be self-sufficient for a good while? According to multiple sources, the period between the rupture of the New Madrid seismic zone and the final catastrophes that culminate in a pole shift may be a long one, but perhaps long enough to finally take advantage of the forced frugality to act on the urgent need to prepare. Otherwise, many "zombies", who might otherwise sit in mute dumbfoundedness when the first of the catastrophes suddenly arrives, will begin to go on the prowl, looking for nutrients, whereas an incarnated soul might have made arrangements to work in a cooperative or join a gang to terrorize and steal from the cooperatives, focusing on weapons instead of farming implements. Strategically placed star-children and wizened old earthling souls gather up the masses, each to their own winning marketing skills, and prepare for the worst. Meanwhile, those unable to be mustered to a group will find themselves glomming to each other in larger and larger groupings as the expectation of being fed grows with the company of misery. These, then, are "The Zombies". It's the time of the season.

This is how very important the implications of reincarnation are to what is soon to appear on the event horizon, and why it would be harmful to the divine plan if everyone had their memories of previous lives, and those without previous lives might have a hard time making healthy spiritual decisions if it was known they had no developed soul incarnated within. If you thought "keeping up with the Jones'es" was bad before, imagine what kind of a complex it could give the Smiths when it comes to the matter of previous lifetimes! Not a laughing matter at all, however. Young souls are already proving to be such shrinking violets in some cases, melting snowflakes in others, that the spiritual harvest for the divine (ok, GOD) would look even more anemic than it currently is.

Next, a look at how the self-appointed human elites are attempting, and have attempted, to "Immanentize The Eschaton". That is to say, how they learn of the future they should expect via prophecies & predictions, and claims by the angels & other soul-gardeners and ranchers, and then decided that it is their responsibility to manifest these predictions and prognostications.

That is the extremely dangerous and evil modus operandi of the criminal human cartels that like to try to run the planet, but who are soon to experience otherwise.  At least, we hope, if we can finally work together long enough for every single human to make a truly informed decision.

*Figure used in; other sources claim "over a thousand", yet others "as many as it takes", and still others "infinitely and forever".