Monday, October 27, 2014

The Subconscious Conspiracies - Part 1


Most people are now so familiar with the concept of “conspiracy theory” that it’s become a mainstream meme.  Even rap and hip-hop culture is besotted with references to the Illuminati and – if an action-thriller is to have any chance of success – it’s almost required that some shadowy cabal is responsible for the plot line, with the protagonist usually a lone wolf type of character, fighting the conspiracy.  Now even TV commercials are permeated with ‘conspiracy theory’, with Laurence Fishburne reprising his Morpheus character (from The Matrix series) in last season’s TV commercial for Kia’s new luxury car.  The commercial even has several men-in-black ‘Mr. Anderson’ agents, melting spoons a la Uri Geller, and of course ‘Morpheus’ paraphrasing his famous line about taking the blue pill (except it’s a blue key), and everything returns to the same old reality, or taking the red pill, and “you’ll never look at luxury the same”.

I winced when I first saw it, and every time since then; it was a complete sell-out, but then it’s only one role for Laurence, a role he performed perfectly.  One that he’s mining and milking for all its worth, while he can.  And as usual, such a milking reduces the cutting-edge concepts involved in ‘The Matrix’ to mainstream commercial pablum so that anyone with money can be ‘cool’, as usual. This is how the underlying message usually goes, anyway.

While ‘conspiracy theory’ has gone mainstream over the past two decades or so (beginning roughly with the popular TV series “The X Files”) and most people are aware of the term, it still holds the connotation of being something to be ridiculed.  Mulder and Scully made it ‘cool’ to ‘believe’, and it didn’t hurt they were very attractive characters  that the audience could vicariously live through and relate to.  However, the spin-off from that series, ‘The Lone Gunmen’, is more reflective of actual ‘conspiracy theorists’, which might help explain its abrupt demise.  The characters are more true-to-form, being ex-radicals, Dungeons n’ Dragons gamers, and of course computer hackers.  They also look more like everyday people, not ‘A-List Beautiful People’ that are usually what pulls a crowd into a theater (or before the television set).  The series also holds the spine-tingling, chilling distinction of having aired, in their pilot episode, the following plot line, which was to occur exactly six months and seven days later in the so-called ‘real world’. Tell it like it is, Wikipedia:

“The Lone Gunmen….  soon find themselves unravelling a government conspiracy concerning an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft into the Twin Towers”.

Pause and, for those unaware of this before, reflect.

Having a “government conspiracy” that piggy-backs the most sensational false-flag event of all time atop a misshapen plot by a handful of mad muslims is bad enough, because “the bigger the lie, the easier it is to sell to the public”, but to have such an eerie precursor to actual events play out in a fictional television series could be but one example of a “subconscious conspiracy”.  It may have been simply a “coincidence”, but as any conspiracy-aware truth-seeker will tell you, “there’s no such thing as coincidence”.  Does it mean that the writers for ‘The Lone Gunmen’ were enlisted – as Hollywood writers and studios often are – in chronicling events in a fictional precursor as a way of announcing their plans to those ‘in the know’?  As if the powers behind the scenes are saying to their underlings, successors, and even their pursuers in the truth-seeking communities (i.e. ‘conspiracy theorists’, or the conspiracy-aware) “YES! TAKE HEED, FOR WE HAVE THE POWER, AND THIS TOO SHALL COME TO PASS!”?

Or, alternatively, how could we explain such a coincidence if indeed no such forethought went into the plot?  There are still many among the common citizenry who still naively believe in the ‘lone gunman’ theory about Oswald shooting JFK (hence the title of the TV series), who refuse to take the time to check the discrepancies for themselves that positively disprove that, and we now even have the confession of the man who claims that he was one of several gunmen who were tasked with killing JFK. He himself claims to have put the fatal head shot into his right temple, from behind the fence at the grassy knoll.  He even details the planning and Oswald’s role in it; the people that unearthed this fragment of the conspiracy have uploaded the confession for all the world to see, at the top of this web page:

So we now know there WAS a (traditional) conspiracy involved in the JFK murder, just like we know there was an eerie coincidence involved in the 9/11 false-flag operation (which I’ll return to momentarily).  Perhaps a better example of a subconscious conspiracy that will illustrate what I’m about to talk about is the coincidence of names.  Abraham Lincoln had a secretary surnamed Kennedy; John F. Kennedy had a secretary surnamed Lincoln.  These two presidents are not only among the most famous and admired, they were also the first and last (hopefully) of the four sitting presidents who have been assassinated while in office.  Now, given that these two surnames are not all that common, how is it that they are both tied together in the matter of their secretary’s surnames?  Or is that the kind of subject that you prefer to leave at parties to amuse other guests with?  Even if you were already aware of such an interesting fact, how do you explain it?  Is it really only ‘coincidence’?

Enter the ‘Cosmic Jokester’

Many years ago I began noticing subtle factoids such as the above, after I read an article in the Washington Post about “PFLNs”, or “Perfect Fitting Last Names”.  While it didn’t go into the why or how, it listed quite a few of such interesting last names as the spokesman for the Int’l Assoc. of Firefighters: Tim Burn.  Or Peter O’Toole, a Vice-Pres. of Viagra (actually Pfizer, who makes Viagra). Then there’s the gynecologist who was always listed in the Yellow Pages in Washington DC, named C. Harry Beaver.  I’m not making this up, and you probably have instances from your own personal experiences, like my up-and-coming co-worker whose last name was Dollar.  He was serious about making money, and from what I gathered his last name just seemed matched, not that he took it as an order from his parents.  These – along with the secretaries of the assassinated presidents – are examples of the ‘Cosmic Jokester’.  Another, non-PFLN example where the Cosmic Jokester was hard at work was making sure Sen. Gary Hart’s presidential campaign of 1987 went down in flames appropriately aboard a yacht named Monkey Business.

You and I couldn’t make this up, but I submit that entities from a higher dimension can, and often do.  Claims that worldly events are inspired and played out from above, between forces that we can never see openly in our third-density world, are legion.  However, this is very much an area in which empirical evidence is simply going to have to remain unavailable.  And that, dear reader, is exactly why ‘conspiracy theory’ often has such a bad name.  It’s because the conspiracy may be orchestrated among a collection of humans using a variety of names for their ‘umbrellas’, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Committee of the Majority, and especially Majestic 12.  Hushing up the truth about the Roswell crash of 1947 required the active cooperation of the Vatican, the US military, the Truman administration, and eventually even the Russians and Chinese elites.  It ALSO, and this is very very telling, required that the aliens themselves were complicit in the Coverup over the reality of said Roswell crash. 

If you’re following so far, chances are you took Laurence Fishburne’s red pill, because you’re now being introduced to concepts of alien interaction and influence that go far beyond some mere space-faring alien race that simply wandered a bit too far afield when their V-8 accidentally encountered the military’s “super-duper radar” and as a result, crashed.  Such is the story they would all have you believe, and most of you complied magnificently over the years.  Roswell rancher Mack Brazel even got himself a new pick-up out of keeping his mouth shut after that first day; gee, what a negotiator he must’ve been!

Now that Roswell has become legend and sightings so prevalent, we can move beyond the possibility that we could have been destroyed – in the conventional sense – and focus on a reality that must include an accommodation for these aliens, their interactions with man and their purpose here.  Few of us are conscious “contactees”, though the contactees and abductees that have taken the trouble to uncover their subconscious memories of their contacts are numerous enough that a body of data is easily available if one wants to do the vast amount of reading required to be “fully informed”.  (And yes, that reading will be worth it – but it also means those who haven’t bothered about the spiritual world will soon be at a disadvantage.) That means that alien interaction in a “conscious” sense must be limited to those individuals in power positions that would have an impact on our daily lives and belief systems (i.e. the government, churches, temples, etc), but it also likely includes an incredible amount of subconscious contact.

This type of contact is what I referred to in my previous article, on “The Ferguson Legacy”.  It can’t be proven empirically of course, using the current scientific method, which means that it can only be argued from a spiritually logical point of view. Which means, to most people, discussions of “angels”, not aliens.  That removes most of the material to the theological debates, which is where it usually gets buried, but I refuse to let the world’s religions continue to define the debate.  Even the zeta reticulans, scheduled to shepherd the returning souls of humanity through the Transformation, admit that “God” is as wondrous to them as He/She/It is to us. They do claim to move us through “missing time” and confirm that upon physical death, our soul is released and accompanied by entities (the churches might refer to as seraphim) to a ‘heavenly place’, and then many years later, re-accompanied by entities known as ‘spirit guides’ on their way back to 3rd-density earth to make sure the re-incarnating soul ‘enters’ the embryonic child of the parents they’ve helped him or her to choose.

In addition to assisting humans locate and choose parents that are best-suited for our continuing growth, ‘aliens’ and ‘angels’ and ‘seraphim’, etc, are quite busy responding to our spiritual pleas.  You know, what many call “prayer”.  Praying for another, from the heart, is a good sign one of these higher-density beings can help accomplish that.  Praying for oneself often backfires, however.

Beyond answering prayers, pleas, spells (yes, if given in the form of prayer), alien-angels can do such things as perform lighting maneuvers. Yes, lighting…not ‘lightning’.  Crop circles, made by the mathies of the local universe, are the best way to hear what such aliens are trying to say, if we could only but understand how to interpret them.  However, like UFO displays in the skies, such things are passing along subconscious information, such as what direction they might need to go in once the real cataclysms start.

One example of this was the display that took place over Stratford-Upon-Avon, in July of 2007, on Mick Jagger’s birthday – though this wasn’t a birthday ‘gift’ to Mick..  What might not have meant anything to the onlookers below, a close look at the display might indicate that the maneuvers described seem to mimic what could happen to that particular town, lying as it does at the end of an estuary.  This estuary will be funneling the massive tsunami that’s expected to cross the Atlantic from the continental US, caused by the New Madrid Seismic Zone breaking the continent in half.  Hapless Stratford-Upon-Avon sits there awaiting certain destruction, unless someone does something.  These ‘light displays’ are sending (allegedly, still, but plausible) subconscious messages and directions on where to go when the time comes.

I’ll share a few more of these examples of subconscious interaction from higher dimensions before I show how they are also examples of subconscious conspiracies, usually engaged in the most important work in the harvest of an entire world – making sure that each soul is prepared for the harvesting and willingly makes a decision on where to go and who to go with, though often-times they can’t go together.

To be cont’d……