Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Ides (And Ideas) Of March & The Hand Of Fate

One big reason the mass of the public (it's center of gravity) can't quite comprehend the situation so far is fairly simple: 

The masses are fairly simple.

Most people, (most of us would agree on this I think also), would want money and power so they could enjoy, and provide for themselves and their family, the best material comfort and luxury available to mankind. The power, wealth and beauty that are included in this list of wants, if they had such a list, are to secure all items necessary for living, principally for the pleasures of the flesh and the happiness that results from satisfying those hungers, as well as the power to protect oneself from other greedy humans, bandits and assorted 'bad guys'. Very few however would add a serious list of plans that would make the world a better place for everyone --- of course many would have a favorite cause or charity (or 2) they would make sure to utter before anything else, such as "eliminating world hunger" or "save the whales/save the males" --- but few would have contemplated all of the changes that would have to be made in the world so that either GOOD WINS (a. the basic freedoms and prosperity all humans should have can actually be truly available equally to all), or EVIL WINS (b. you and your crew would not only control all your fellow humans, but cull and create the crop of them at will and with complete impunity).  Which side looks like it's winning? Which side will ultimately win? Is it possible NEITHER will win in the end? Consider that possibility.

Because that is precisely what a small group of families have strived for and done since all of recorded history. To help prevent us from learning the truth about this, they have cultivated religions to help bamboozle us with the 'great mysteries' (which only they themselves are truly allowed to officially know) and even worse, have intentionally and artificially created a pattern of constant warfare between humans. In fact, this issue has recently been revisited with a look back at the volume known as "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars", a copy dated 1979 of which was found in a copier machine in 1986, and in which it states (I am paraphrasing here): 'basically we have to keep the peoples at war with each other because war destroys the fruits of human production, which is necessary to produce scarcity in order for our vertical hierarchy to exist'. This philosophy was also found in a summary of the findings made by the Ford Foundation (or was it the Rockefeller Foundation? It was one of the robber barons' foundations, in any event) circa 1910.

What does that tell us? It tells us that this group of families, usually referred to as 'bloodline families', through the various members of their clans, have together secretly controlled world institutions in the modern age, out of sight of the public, other than to appear as interesting and exotic but certainly harmless costume-wearing civic club members. Yet, as President Kennedy once outlined so brilliantly, there is a connection between these secret societies and the very fabric of the material world around us as we move about on the planet surface, going into and out of buildings, and encountering a vast array of other people --especially nowadays when the number of people we all can connect to (albeit electronically these days) has exponentially evolved to almost anyone on the planet, and within moments.

Those same bloodline families have been moving to control this ability of all of us to connect with each other, but it appears they are behind the curve, although it's still a tight race. In all of this time, as they controlled our currency by creating it out of thin air and distributing it in only a manner THEY had created, they were NOT about to approve a rival belief system (we'll call them the 'good guys' for now). 

That is where we are at now.

The center of gravity of the public consciousness will need to hear the truth, the shocking truth, and that will most likely occur sometime in our very near future, as in Spring 2021. Most everyone reading this probably knows this and has faith it will occur, or by the time you read this it may have already occurred. Of course it is only likely to occur because not to tell the public the truth would allow the agenda of evil to have won the spiritual war in many cases, considering the delicate balance and challenges of the times ahead. If only this were a political situation that, after resolution, would result in a future in which the American people and for that matter the people of the rest of the world could live happily ever after, it would be quite easy to wait it out. 

Sadly this is only a preliminary situation to the REAL tests, the ones that will come from worldwide tectonic activity and natural disasters on a scale unimaginable. In order for many of the patriots that are shepherding their patriot peeps to keep you informed of the political situation, they're intentionally not clued in to the pole-shift situation other than to know it's one of a number of possibilities when TSHTF. Many of us though have suffered from being cursed with foreknowledge that this event is indeed a reality and not merely just a possibility. It is much different when you know it in your gut, way down in your soul, to the point where you've had to lose some of your dreams. The weight of the knowledge is unbearable, which is why I believe it hasn't been made so readily available to the public, though it has been available for anyone to learn about if they had the inclination. At the least an intellectual curiosity about it should be considered normal.

Now imagine you are burdened with both the knowledge that not only is there a poleshift in the near future, with mega-disasters within months, but you know that there are two fundamentally opposing spiritual forces at war behind the scenes, battling to control the narrative about it, and which side will have dominion over the Earth's people as the planet prepares for the graduation. 

Actually it isn't a choice between two 'sides', but whether a small group of very evil elites will have control over the masses, or whether the masses AND their erstwhile 'leaders' will have an equal opportunity to handle the pole-shift in equal manner. And because we know that there must be some kind of 'divine blueprint' that is responsible for the plethora of interconnected mechanisms by which our world operates, we can deduce that such a blueprint would include protections for such systems and the missions of said systems. (I'm referring to the 'soul harvest' here, which is a concept that is alien -- pun intended -- to many, particularly those who have not yet graduated from Darwinism.) 

Those who believe there is nothing left of themselves after this material existence on Earth, in which we encounter other humans as we walk into and out of buildings, are in fact more prone than anyone to fall prey to the manipulations of blackmail and corruption. This is one reason satanists encourage atheism, but the two are definitely not the same. Just imagine what is likely to happen to an atheist killer who dies under any circumstance, only to find himself in a reality of some kind in which zillions of entities are watching him as scenes of his life as a killer and all-around bad guy in general play out on huge jumbotron-like holograms before the universe.....think of the shock to the soul that is confronted with that when it finds out there is INDEED a reality, one which the soul experiences directly, after death for many humans (though not all).

Without digressing too far on this aspect, what many truthseekers will find if they contest this claim, is that some souls have hundreds of lifetimes under their belts, some perhaps merely a few. Some humans may not have yet even sparked a soul, but because of the sanctity of potential in every human life to have one, the truth is never known in this reality nor should it be.

Unfortunately there are many within the cabalistic elite (that control the rest of the elites, moving downward through humanity) that do NOT believe in souls thusly, and we can know this when we consider the details of their agenda that assumes all humans are merely life-forms they can entertain themselves with, or pillage and plunder for adrenachrome and all manner of productivity and emotional stimuli. As they have nakedly revealed this agenda by way of their censorship of our very thoughts (so-called 'hate speech' etc), it betrays their belief that we do not have the god-given rights our constitution enumerates for us. These are rights, they are not privileges. The Constitution, the original and genuine document and the government it bequeathed us prior to any public usurpation, recognizes that WE are the sovereign beings, NOT the government or particular bloodline family members that believe THEY somehow are. 

This is the patriot ethos, and it teaches us several things -- amongst which is that the liberal ideology many of us grew up with, the dominant ideology of the public sphere in the latter half of the 20th century and the beginning of this one, has been recognized for the illusion it always was -- for some. The goal is the same as it was then, but there are some things that do not need to be emphasized because they are Incorporated in the rediscovery of the sacred beliefs and timeless ideologies contained in this document, the Constitution. This process of rediscovery is known as the 'Great Awakening', and it's a critical component of the war against the satanists and their minions. No, you don't have to look like Charlie or Marilyn Manson to qualify, which is another form of pranking the naive sheeple; talk of "satanists" ruling the world is practically guaranteed to generate a rolling of the eyes of these good-hearted and well-meaning, even highly intelligent though naive and lacking in discernment sheeple.

Which brings us back to the first idea; most people, if they envision winning the lottery, envision retiring from the rat race to some idyllic setting such as a tropical island, or a penthouse in Manhattan or Paris (well, maybe Paris has been ruined, heck even Manhattan might not be that attractive anymore either). They simply don't comprehend how anyone, or even a family, could conceivably commit their entire life and huge wealth to fighting for the fundamental rights given to individual Americans by their forefathers in the governing set of principles known as the Constitution. Fighting against generations of insidious manipulation by other families that have labored to remove those rights and self-aggrandize at the expense of the rest of humanity.... as they plot to ensure the hoi polloi are killed off as quickly and efficiently as possible.

War is the only way they insure an economy based on scarcity, which is necessary to maintain their vertical hierarchy.

Soon it will be time to discuss the 'alien agenda' as it's been known, or as many are now beginning to understand it, the spiritual agenda. The same agenda as people struggle with when they go to church, or synagogue, or mosque, or temple. 

Roswell was the 'good guys' answer to another, similar, event that took place off the Pacific coast at least 5 years prior, when the 'bad guys' broke the planetary quarantine to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of the Military Men. Neither faction (you can call them red vs blue, black versus white, good versus evil, service to self versus service to other, etc) was allowed to interfere overtly and publicly in society, both then and now, and it will remain that way even through the End Times we're now undergoing. The only 'alien invasion' we will suffer from (aside from the zillions of extra-terrestrial ultra-dimensional entities watching and inspiring our every move) are the continuing alien invasions from the southern border, as those indigents from other countries are lured into this one in order to destabilize our society and foster resentment between races and cultures, rather than allowing it to evolve organically and legally. By forcing a degree of taxation on us to pay for others when we cannot pay for ourselves is an intentional agenda designed to encourage division and degrade the average standard of living. The clueless ones will not understand this though, because they have been thoroughly manipulated to consider such talk mere code to disguise racism, sexism, and xenophobia, not to mention any other phobia under the sun the cabalistic elite want to drag in, to better divide and conquer us  with.

But that, the REAL alien agenda, will be for another time. Soon.