Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mass Illegal Immigration - The Evil Globalist Plot Called Out

Why are the United States and western Europe being intentionally flooded with "asylum seekers"?

Most people haven't heard of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his book "Praktischer Idealismus" which was published in 1925.  This person is known as the "godfather of the European Union", and the Charlemagne Prize associated with the EU was originally named after him, though his name and his book became quite controversial in later years when it became apparent he was a "proto-Semite" (the opposite of an "anti-semite").  In fact, that book is so controversial it isn't even acknowledged; it's not even on a list of banned books because it's not even allowed to be printed or acknowledged as a book in Germany!  If a copy is found, it is confiscated immediately.  Why?  Because in that book, its author makes the case for a Europe devoid of national boundaries between the separate countries of Europe. It even goes so far as to suggest that Europeans should be re-engineered by the importation of "Asians and Africans, forcibly if necessary" in order to produce a "dulled but industrious non-racial European specimen", keeping the genetic heritage of hard work and industriousness but lacking in intellectual creativity that might challenge the nobility, which are largely Jewish by heritage and culture.  This is indeed shocking, as Richard himself was not Jewish and had in fact been overtly anti-Jewish in his earlier student years.

What we are now witnessing, before our very eyes in 2018 and beginning as early as 2014 when stories of migrants fleeing Africa were being taken to Italy by boat, and Syrians fleeing the war zone of their homeland also began fleeing across the Dardanelles to Europe through Turkey and Greece, with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey making covert deals with Prime Minister Angela Merkel of Germany to flood Europe with these mostly-male, entirely muslim, and largely unskilled 'migrants', or 'illegal aliens' as we rightfully refer to them here in the US. 

The current caravan crisis is part of this same plot by the disgusting globalist elite. They are attempting to 'immanentize the eschaton' by preempting anticipated migrations fleeing the earth changes running up to the pole-shift (they were warned not to intentionally prevent these migrations for the purpose of letting nature kill them).  Furthermore, and more importantly for the current reader, these nefarious and sociopathic elites are attempting to intentionally flood the social services and safety nets that have been the fruit of western civilization, which were established to care for the native citizens in their golden years and when they are precluded by disability from being fully productive.  They want those services overwhelmed so that they can then claim the safety net can no longer sustain the load and EVERYONE (particularly those who's backs have borne the burden of putting aside a percentage for the 'compact between generations' - Social Security) will have to suffer the loss.  

Make no mistake - evil globalist elites, personified by the likes of George Soros and his appointed minions - want to intentionally overwhelm the Social Security safety net so carefully maintained by successive US administrations in order to get rid of it altogether, and in so doing destroy the middle class, or what's left of it.  There is absolutely NO reason for this country or ANY European country to be forced to accept millions of predominantly males who feel no desire to assimilate and become Americans (or British, or French, or German), who only want to bully their way into the few jobs remaining (or the promise of more jobs, based on the nationalism expressed by the populist Pres. Trump).  Why aren't jobs available in their home countries?  Are the real culprits the central bankers who suck the lifeblood out of the Third World, through an exponentially-growing debt burden?  Then perhaps we need to force those bankers to stop their parasitic ways and start returning those monies to those countries, reinvesting them in factories in both Third AND First World countries.  Workers in Mississippi and Columbia have the same interests in heart, yet are being pitted against each other by these elitist bankers through so-called 'identity politics' while simultaneously trying to put them on the same footing, without national identity, and therefore both subject to the lowest daily wage possible without outright rioting.....THIS is the secretive goal of these parasitic central bankers.  They want NO national boundaries, but while that is an admirable and ultimate goal of even nationalists, it has to happen organically, NOT by the evil design of these elitists.  Typically the individual artisan, the liberal-minded deluded student, the civil servant and teacher in the educational system are the ones least likely to understand this new awareness, as it's not their goat that's being gored, but any real patriot can tell you why globalism will degrade and eventually destroy even THEIR standard of living. 

This is also one of the primary reasons why Pres. Trump has such a dedicated base of support among the 'silent majority'.  Against all efforts by the corporate media, the Establishment, and strenuous efforts to ensure the theft of the 2016 election for the anointed globalist puppet, this man - at the behest of the one power-base still loyal to the American people, military intelligence - has given the American people their birthright back, and is in fact doing the will of the people by continuously pointing out the evil designs of mass illegal immigration (we do in fact support traditional immigration, and patriotism knows no color or gender).  The original articulation of this plot, as put forward by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, needs to be pointed out to any and all who are seeking understanding of why we are facing this crisis, and how it relates to the other crises we are being overwhelmed by.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The NPC Meme Phenomenon - Why Is It So Popular?

Many people may not have heard of the origin of the NPC meme, but virtually everyone that has used it understands that it's a metaphor for a soulless being (up until attempts were made to start to co-opt it by the original targets; this is always how darkness attacks the light). A non playable character is essentially a character run directly by the computer that the human You is interfacing with. In reality, it's a slave entity that is created for the benefit of the human and maintained and controlled by the Controller, the mind of the Computer, the AI that today's computer manufacturers are building into their product. So?

Well the original concept behind the NPC meme was essentially developed by someone who believed that there are a finite number of souls on Earth, and that as the birth rate rises it is producing what are essentially soulless entities, NPCs, as by now there are more than enough bodies to house the existing souls. These are superfluous humans, as the perpetrators of this theological paradigm conceived them. This viewpoint takes into account the fact that the original NPCs were necessary to develop a sense of 'reality' in their video games. The various colored ghostly entities in the original Pacman are NPCs. They were a necessary element to an artificially-constructed 'reality' that was immersive enough for the human You to be intrigued enough to be drawn in....as in, becoming a customer, a fan, a word-of-mouth salesman, etc. I myself regularly play four NPCs, whose only characteristic is their differing colors, in Strategery.

As AI (Artificial Intelligence, for those still immersed in paper newspapers and magazines) continues to accelerate, the human may or may not pace him or herself to the machine, giving more or less input to the final product. Sophia, the world's first robot to receive an international travel document, may take issue with that, and perhaps she's got a point: she's an actual human-looking, human-moving, human-thinking, talking robot that can construct her own replies to spontaneous questions. Still, a soul-less being, according to the original NPC meme concept. The question rightly becomes, "why are replacement machines being made to replace we humans? We can't even use what we have!"

I understand the tendency to consider this concept as more valid than the idea that everyone has a soul....maybe not from the moment they are born or even conceived, but I would argue that every flesh-suit brought into this world in the human form has the capability to either spark a soul OR receive a soul (this is known as a 'Walk-in', and is rarely invoked after the human has physically matured to puberty and beyond), and this is why we have to give the same value to every living human. Furthermore, we are not allowed to know if we are simply dealing with a person who's personality is primarily the result of their socialization and education, or if we are dealing with an older incarnated soul with at least one previous life under his belt, one that has a lot more cunning and emotional complexity to their personality. The problem is, many [five-sevenths, or a bit over 70%) have yet to spark a soul or contain a previously-incarnated soul. These are the people in the public that the mainstream media targets in their programming, so that the NPC targeted demographic knows what's "cool", what's "politically correct",

They're also the same propagandists that brandish the weaponized phrase "conspiracy theorist", or "conspiracy theory". Heck, even the official story behind 9/11 is by their own definition a 'conspiracy theory'. I personally insist on the use of the term "conspiracy analyst" to describe myself, as I study "conspiracy analysis". In fact, I'm engaged in that this very moment! As are you, most likely, unless you're a troll or an NPC yourself, looking for weak points to attack.

So allegedly one out of seven human beings houses an incarnated Soul, having anywhere from 1 to 900 past lives. Even the 900 is not a hard-and-fast rule either, but an average. Just as the average life of the average human flesh-suit is 79 years, give or take if you are a female or male. At the current state of affairs with over 7 billion humans now existing on planet Earth, approximately 1 billion of them are souls that have been cultivated here on this planet. They represent that which will go on after the "Ashes to Ashes" part. [Edit to add this corroboration: In 1999 I had a tenant with a plumbing issue, and while attending to the task I overheard her boyfriend, a truck driver, regale her and her friends with what is readily classified as "conspiracy theory". He went on to say that some things he was involved with were classified "until after 2050". Finishing my plumbing task I asked him something and we both recognized we couldn't discuss it in front of the girls. Moving outside he informed me that he had taken part in a crash retrieval, in 1984 I believe, but the vignette that's important here is when he went to be debriefed afterwards, while riding the elevator down 3/4ths of a mile underneath the original Trinity Test Site or nearby, he heard words in his head that could only be coming telepathically from a very tall, odd-looking and pale Nordic-type of 'human' in the elevator with him. The Tall White mused how much life had changed for humanity when they had been re-engineered to a shorter life-span, as they weren't getting much done in the much-longer lives of Methusaleh's time. With lifetimes spanning only a tenth of what they once were, there was more of an urgency on the part of humans to get stuff done, and so it was.]

Furthermore, and always "allegedly" although I lean towards "probably", one out of seven human beings has a soul that has originated from another planet and is known as a "star child" or starseed. Not all of these "star children" are spiritually oriented to the light; many in fact are specifically oriented to the darkness, and if they are aware of it they often abuse their privilege to influence the clueless and naive humans that are going through their spiritual training. Humans are given opportunities to have encounters with the star children, and will generally tend to gravitate towards those who are oriented in the way they are aligned. Star children can be a family member, a local Merchant, a fireman or policeman, a doctor, etc..... They are just as capable of appearing human-like as any other human. And also as capable of cold-blooded murder, rape, theft, etc.

Now, to return to the issue at hand. Every human who does not have an incarnating soul will nonetheless have ample opportunities in the encounters with other humans and the institutions that they have created, not to mention Mother Nature, that create moral dilemmas. When a truly weighty decision must be made by a human, if they have no already incarnated-soul by which to weigh the decision, they must use not only their education, but 'rise' to the occasion. When it rises to that occasion, it generates a glandular response that is appealed to by ideology of one kind or another. Each ideology embodies either reliance on brute force (might) and domination over other humans that present obstacles, giving rise to a sense of satisfaction almost akin to an orgasmic state, as some stated, in seeing destruction and despair of the Other. That would be one extreme, but there are many varying degrees of this impulse of selfishness that requires the Other to suffer in order that the Self is raised up.

However, given a similar dilemna, a 'raw' human could make an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT decision, if his or her impulse is to welcome another human and share both the work tasks and food. Cooperation, contrasted to the impulse of competition and Conquest. Ultimately, a singular act of this impulse would lead to the urge to merge. Love.

NPCs are rightly made to represent the rigid party-line of what the Left has become, which is almost antithetical to the goals they once espoused. Because they are soul-less, they have no idea how empty the rhetoric sounds to the practiced ear. They're programmed with the once-vibrant values of the Left, that valued every life equally, that valued free speech. transparency, was anti-war, and anti-violence. Love and acceptance. They have been programmed from the moment the electronic nanny began broadcasting to them, through the education system devised by the robber-barons that sought to suppress competition even as they thrived by it and used it to their benefit, and right through the franchised Peace symbol of the Sixties, the Smiley symbol of the Seventies, Pacman in the Eighties, and the fracturing of popular culture after that as the internet and computer took off.

The programming apparatus is starting to break down and soon the Evil Ones won't know what to do. Seems their "Red October" isn't working out as they hoped.

But the reason the NPC meme is so popular is because it is to this generation of patriotic activists what the razor blade represented in the punk-rock era, what the peace sign originally did in the Sixties, and in fact memes in general do that today. The creative people who see the hollow programming in Establishment media, from their emphasis on cute pet videos (don't get me wrong; we DO love the occasional cute pet) and 'adult animation' that shreds cultural values in often-sophomoric episodes, to the emphasis on corporate sports such as football. NPC characters represent the 'drone' mentality that results from the co-option of every organic impulse in life by corporate interests. The exemplify the Orwellian quality of modern-day life, the emphasis on conformity and uniformity even as they mouth platitudes exalting the opposite. Everything is reduced to a thought that is usually devoid of logic.

Here is my representation of the classic "Orange Man Bad", now popping up all over the internet and t-shirts worldwide, but most of the good versions have copyright protection so in order to illustrate what I'm saying, this is as close as I can get:

And here is the author currently

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Implications of Reincarnation

So.....What are the implications of re-incarnation for what's coming?

Few people, even those that believe in reincarnation, pause to consider how it might have more of an influence than 'Nature' or 'Nurture'. Ever notice how some young children seem like such wise old people? And some older people can appear as petulant childish brats? Might that not be expected if one person serves to house a re-incarnating soul (a 'soul' has 'spirit', and also has 'a spirit'), and the other might not? Or another might house a soul that might have only been around the block a few times, and another many hundreds of times? If all are born without that memory, but only the reflexes and emotional thought-forms that would have carried over from previous lives, might that not explain much more about otherwise-inexplicable developments between certain people?

According to some sources, we - humanity - are somewhere north of seven billion total physical entities. Of that 7 billion, approximately 1 billion are alleged to be earth-originating, housing re-incarnated earthling souls of various numbers of physical lifetimes under their belt. Erm, in a manner of speaking that is. Another billion are alleged to be souls that are non-earth-originating, or 'star children' so to speak, incarnating in human form to assist in the spiritual lessons of the homo sapiens crop. In all cases, they have a destiny of their own that they are working out as well by how they assist native earthlings.

Because it is never known to the humans in their their third-density guises just who's who, i.e. who has an incarnated soul or who's waiting for the opportunity to spark one, each individual human has to have all the respect and dignity accorded to the wisest incarnated soul, right up to the average of 900+ lifetimes it takes on average to graduate to fourth density.* On the other hand, the odds are that cannon fodder would use up a larger percentage of otherwise-"soul-less" humans. These "soul-less" humans are essentially the 'crop', waiting to bear fruit, which is a sparked soul that is borne out of spiritual decisions that will grow to such sentience it can make its own decisions as to whether to embrace its creator or not, whether to obey it or to flout it.

When those particular humans are forced to go without sufficient nutrients, they can ultimately face an environment in which many of of them will become -- in all practical features -- zombies. Yes, the very same theme used in training films for law enforcement, first responders, homeland security and even the entertainment movie screen. Think it's funny? You won't, when you realilze that the situation they portray on-screen will become a reality in the not-too-distant future. That's not a clanging of doom n' gloom, it's a warning to continue preparing, get started preparing, or if not preparing, prepare to be caught unawares and "don't come a'knockin'!"

When (okay, IF....) the New Madrid seismic zone reaches the breaking point and breaks the country in half at the pivot point there along the Mississippi, with a magnitude 10+ earthquake followed by many aftershocks over magnitude 7, what will happen to the network of roads, rivers, canals, bridges, overpasses, etc? If you didn't know, the destruction will be so great for hundreds of miles in radius as to leave most highways broken too severely at too many places to allow trucks to deliver food and gasoline to over half the country. In such a situation, are you prepared to be self-sufficient for a good while? According to multiple sources, the period between the rupture of the New Madrid seismic zone and the final catastrophes that culminate in a pole shift may be a long one, but perhaps long enough to finally take advantage of the forced frugality to act on the urgent need to prepare. Otherwise, many "zombies", who might otherwise sit in mute dumbfoundedness when the first of the catastrophes suddenly arrives, will begin to go on the prowl, looking for nutrients, whereas an incarnated soul might have made arrangements to work in a cooperative or join a gang to terrorize and steal from the cooperatives, focusing on weapons instead of farming implements. Strategically placed star-children and wizened old earthling souls gather up the masses, each to their own winning marketing skills, and prepare for the worst. Meanwhile, those unable to be mustered to a group will find themselves glomming to each other in larger and larger groupings as the expectation of being fed grows with the company of misery. These, then, are "The Zombies". It's the time of the season.

This is how very important the implications of reincarnation are to what is soon to appear on the event horizon, and why it would be harmful to the divine plan if everyone had their memories of previous lives, and those without previous lives might have a hard time making healthy spiritual decisions if it was known they had no developed soul incarnated within. If you thought "keeping up with the Jones'es" was bad before, imagine what kind of a complex it could give the Smiths when it comes to the matter of previous lifetimes! Not a laughing matter at all, however. Young souls are already proving to be such shrinking violets in some cases, melting snowflakes in others, that the spiritual harvest for the divine (ok, GOD) would look even more anemic than it currently is.

Next, a look at how the self-appointed human elites are attempting, and have attempted, to "Immanentize The Eschaton". That is to say, how they learn of the future they should expect via prophecies & predictions, and claims by the angels & other soul-gardeners and ranchers, and then decided that it is their responsibility to manifest these predictions and prognostications.

That is the extremely dangerous and evil modus operandi of the criminal human cartels that like to try to run the planet, but who are soon to experience otherwise.  At least, we hope, if we can finally work together long enough for every single human to make a truly informed decision.

*Figure used in ZetaTalk.com; other sources claim "over a thousand", yet others "as many as it takes", and still others "infinitely and forever".