Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bracing for the Announcement

In the face of fall-out from December  21, 2012 it’s become ever-more difficult for some people who’ve known about the coming pole-shift to maintain a sense of readiness.  The problem is exacerbated when all the doubters, who displayed only a minor sense of unease as 12/21/2012 approached but more often scoffed, are now visibly scoffing and/or condescending to those they had scoffed at.  What happened?  They all breathed a sigh of relief and in fact felt reinvigorated as they returned to feeling smugly superior in the face of all that “gloom n’ doom”.  Naturally all of us would prefer to do that, to so dismiss the concept of impending catastrophe from our thought-space, but we don’t have that luxury.  Once you figure it out, there’s no going back.  You can easily see how everything fits, almost seamlessly, but trying to explain it is like explaining an entire university’s worth of curriculum, from registration to matriculation.

The real struggle is to maintain that awareness, without depending on any timeline but knowing it’s not an abstract possibility, as some would have it.  For those of us who “know”, it’s frustrating to encounter the bewilderment some betray when confronted with the reality of chemtrails.  You can point out the tell-tale parallel lines as they’re first laid down, watch as they linger and expand to a form of “cloud”, and even occasionally you’ll get the benefit of actual contrails to compare them to, but no matter – those who don’t ‘get it’ will simply shrug their shoulders and act like there’s nothing worth talking about.

Now, in the middle of August of 2013, with December 21st, 2012 fading from the rear-view mirror and the majority of folks still blissfully unaware there was a reason behind that Mayan calendar that has yet to resolve, the signs finally point to the long-awaited (and feared) ‘Announcement’ by Mr. Obama taking place, despite his seeming unwillingness to even engage the subject.

That’s right; I said his “seeming unwillingness”.  I’m sure the subject is pre-occupying his mind, yet he does an incredible job acting to all the world like the world-view they grew up with is still firmly in place and he’s simply carrying the heavy burden of fighting for the middle-class, helping out with student loans, increasing the rights and respect of sexual minorities, and jousting with the GOP in Congress to get these and other, similar issues paid for.  Like the men who’ve gone before him in the Oval Office, his fresh swagger has slowed to a gait with more gravitas, and his hair has an appropriate amount of ‘graying’ to betray the burden of the globe on his shoulders.  We can understand that; it’s to be expected.

Yet all this time, he’s been in preparation to become the socialist dictator the right-wing has always feared, but not for the reason they think.  His dictatorship will be dictated in turn by the dictates of the transformation of the world, and how he’s expected to guide it through the near-complete destruction of the civilizations that now inhabit its surface.  How will he handle it?  How IS he handling it?  Our fate is contingent on how he does, so we’ve a right to take stock for a moment as we await his big move.

The main thing any American would want to know – and unfortunately for the international audience, he is after all an American – is very simple:  “is it true that Nibiru is real and may cause a pole-shift”.  Oh they won’t admit that in so many words, and many, many people aren’t even aware there exists such an event, but if they heard that the conditions were right for such a thing to happen – as they most certainly will with an ‘Announcement’ that a large celestial body is sitting between us and the Sun and is heading towards us though at a snail’s pace – they would want to know if the claims of a pole-shift (as described in ZetaTalk by Nancy Lieder, the emissary of the zetas) could be true.

Even as they’re thinking that question when the ‘Announcement’ commences, it’ll become apparent that this is not a subject that any leader would want to admit to the people.  It’s not even a subject I, or any other rational human who ‘knows’, would want to admit to anyone, because it’s ‘bad news’.  No-one likes bad news.   We like messages like “oh, a huge planet-sized object just passed us by, no collision, WOO-HOO!!!”.  We don’t want to be told the truth, because the truth isn’t pretty.  I’d rather play music and sing in a rock n’ roll band, like I used to do, but the truth is so over-whelming I can see why even an ostensibly ‘good’ leader like Mr. Obama has kept it from us.  While I’m  normally of the opinion he’s become so condescending and opposite of what he campaigned as, and I can barely stand listening to him intone the hollow generalities that show disrespect to many levels of his audience while it comforts and excites the levels of the least literate, I have to remove that from the equation for the moment and give him the benefit of the doubt in that he’s simply being crafty while he lines his ducks up in a row, but I still think he has the ability – nay, the responsibility – to gives us the FDR, JFK or even Reagan respect of his audience that he used to give on the 2008 campaign trail, yet he continues his bland, effort-full cool.

One such incident that betrays what may be going on behind the scenes is his recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.  Here, he tries to (some would say adroitly, others would say he’s a ‘smooth con’) justify his pouting-at-Putin by comparing the Snowden affair to some common criminal affair, such as a skyjacker or even REAL spy, would get.  Snowden is a hero to truthseekers everywhere, and the only people buying into the morality of the Get Snowden campaign are the NatInSec (National InSecurity) establishment and the highly under-educated and unaware.  You think Putin is going to go cry in his vodka, Mr. Obama?  I’ll bet the two of you will still have a meeting when you go to that big soirĂ©e the press calls G-20.  In fact, you might have even staged this whole thing in order to put your secret antagonists in the power-elite on notice you have access to everything they've ever said or even thought! Yet you continue to act as if Snowden is a common thief and needs to be punished.  I get it though; you can rant against something with gusto when you’re on the outside, but when you become  president and  join such an elite group you can’t help but defend all the things you once railed against.

That’s sad, isn’t it, Barack?  Sorry, don’t mean to sound overly-familiar.  Because in truth we’re not, despite the fact I felt a kindred spirit when I, like many other Americans and even Europeans and Africans and Asians, worked for you and supported you and gave you the spiritual and political strength to sustain you through victory.  I still feel you can show that same spirit that inspired us before as you put us all on the same page, all the while knowing that we aren’t truly as “one” people but a series of layered tribes, some moving to band together to protect their privileges and power, but most of them below that rare stratosphere and virtually clueless, because you haven’t made a peep about anything other than a tepid embrace of ‘climate change’ as a culprit, one that can be overcome by application of honest effort and technology. 

I wish you success, Mr. President, in what you’re about to do.  I know that each week that goes by without the announcement means that you must be hard at work preparing, ordering the distribution of military vehicles, provisioning of coffin liners, rooting out more hard-liners, even during your vacation.  Which by the way would be the perfect cover for gearing up to Announce.  Especially with the national holiday included!  Could it be?  Could it be true that you will finally make it happen this time?  I hope so.  (Remember it’s about a year from when you supposedly tried the first time.)  Or maybe you want to wait until something ‘big’ happens, earth-change-wise, before you step up to the plate?

Whatever this president does, after he makes the announcement of Nibiru (which he may not refer to by name, only by location and description), our reality will be forever changed.  In fact, the change that will take place will be as forceful in our relationships with others, especially within the groups we are all part of, as the physical shift will be. Many won’t accept the implications, and will go into denial.  Many, sadly, are even more predisposed to totally ignoring such talk of ‘apocalypse’.  The passing of 12/21/2012 without incident made them even more so, as mentioned above.

Yet, at the same time, in our current reality thousands upon thousands of military vehicles are quietly being shipped all over the country, to take up place among local law enforcement.

As drummer Jef Valcarcel first opined, “what’sup with that?

Not to panic anyone, but it symbolizes exactly what the best among us lay citizens would likely do were we to be given the responsibility.  We’d realize that every town might become either totally impassable or barely.  Citizens would find they can’t get out of town even if they wanted to.  The only way to do that would be to use helicopters.  Helicopters and cell phone towers will be the only way to interact with the “outside world”.  (This is the base scenario at the heart of the summer TV hit series“Under The Dome”, in which a small town is isolated and is faced with shortages of everything and open conflict between property and people, goodness and selfishness.)  At first, though, nothing will happen.

Right.  Nothing will happen, yet.  That’s why the space for the Announcement, and a follow-up yawn.  A very anxious yawn though, even for the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.

This view was influenced by the information contained in ZetaTalk, and in no way is meant to detract from her position as emissary of said Zetas.  She and they are being coy as the weeks wear on and nothing seems to be going on, but we should have enough clues.  The temporary evacuation of 20 – 24 embassies (including Pakistan, the latest entry) shows this could simply have been a ‘test run’ to ensure they could complete such a move – such as Operation Stormtide was for the Europeans in 2008.

Isn’t that what you would do?  Get your people out and safe?

Because you know it might take a good while for things to really fall apart, you’re involving your entire team, the entire executive branch spearheaded by your AG, Mr. Holder, and guided by Valerie Jarret.  Supposedly good-hearted people, but I sometimes wonder what you’re doing with drones. It’s shocking, the breadth of privacy rights you’re willing to breach, but what if it wasn’t you that was in charge?  Would we accord an “evil-doer” the same power and privilege to look into our private mail as you, sir?

Even as we know that  there won’t be anything left for an “evil-doer” to claim after we all go through this. Remember the means ARE the ends, sir.  But, you can break the Big News to us, we can take it.  We need to take it.  Now please put us all on the same page, so we can get down to it together!  I’m worried, sir, that you may be making plans for ‘invitation-only labor camps’ before we’ve been introduced to the basic reality; we would like to engage in the debate too, without presumptions made.

I know as do many others that a panic may sweep the public and for this reason, you’re seeing to it that the planned militarization of local law enforcement proceeds, and the banks are still supplied enough to pony-up in case all the depositors called it in.  That’s helpful and we can only wait and see what your plans are.  I have reservations though about your intentions these days, and for good reason.

Despite that, I want to hear a sign that will let us know an Announcement is in the offing, and what direction you expect the public to take.  Is there a waiting list for the FEMA camps, or the farming camps your Rural Council was involved with establishing?  Will that be part of the Announcement, so that once the public gets over the shock, they can reach out to someone who can help?

I’m available to assist following the official Announcement, Mr. President, but you really must stop prosecuting whistleblowers and truthseekers.  Let Ed Snowden go and let’s have the debate he sacrificed for.  No-one buys the canard that you need to tap the Russian president AND our allied leaders’ phones in order to “track terrorists”.

Good luck as you prepare to give up the Big Secret.  Remember that for every advantage you think you may get from waiting yet another week to do it, an offset is made in the price the public is going to have to pay, and the longer it takes the uglier it will get.

© dondep 2013