Thursday, April 2, 2015

Part 5 of the Rebroadcast of The Dondep Interviews April 2, 2015

9PM Local (PST) or Midnight EST April 2, 2015

"BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! You asked for it. You’ve got it! The first rebroadcast of the now famous and controversial Don Deppeller Interviews!
This week, Thursday April 2, 2015 at 9PM on “The World According to Pleiades” Join us for the REBROADCAST OF THE CONTROVERSIAL DONDEP INTERVIEWS PART 5
DonDep, Successful bank robber, self-identified revolutionary, lead singer and bass player with the first American band to play in Kazakhstan, and much, much more.
Discussion includes Project Preserve Destiny, MJ-12, Dan Burisch, Area-51, Zeta Reticuli, J-Rod, and more…
“The World According To Pleiades” on KFUG Radio Thursday 9pm PST.
KFUG in Crescent City California Streaming World-Wide. "
-Reprinted and adapted from Pleiades Moonstar's blog, Part 5 - the last show.

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