Saturday, July 9, 2022

Correcting the Patriot Narrative - Part I

June 20 - July 8, 2022

The so-called Patriot Narrative has been misleading many Americans, most of whom voted for the thinly-disguised as non-POTUS, DJT.  From what I've learned, the charade will only be broken by the arrival of the New Madrid Continental Rip that will forever change our reality. Patriots who thought this is only going to last long enough for the white-hats to broadcast The Truth via the EBS will be sadly and shockingly mistaken when the Big Rip commences and destroys so many bridges and overpasses that deliveries will be nigh impossible, at least for a good while.  Even the handful of actual Biden supporters will be relieved to hear the calming voice of 45 assure them he's still president and all will be explained after we stabilize the country and rebuild enough roads for deliveries. Yes, Virginia, this IS in store for you; what did you think people were prepping for? Of course, if the majority of the population was told this via the mass media, there would indeed be widespread panic, with a total and premature crumbling of the economy, and from there society in general.  That's why we have to endure the absurdity, and yet still-dangerous, illusion of a demented clown of a POTUS.  I can't keep up on the hamster wheel, knowing that much of this is new to a still-awakening population who have yet to go through the full cycle of awareness and emotion.

There are two events that have revealed what we can expect in the way of accountability, or lack thereof.  One is the doctored tape from last month of Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, being coached awkwardly by Klaus Schwab at the WEF to make a statement that was made available to Alex Jones that contained the explosive claim "we are well on our way to reducing the population of the world by 50%", with such a careful edit that it was specifically made to appear seamless, before another such tape was filmed - or a segment was filmed additionally - to splice into the supposedly doctored film (after Alex ran with it and many others picked it up, the damage was done).  What seems to have escaped even the most wizened researcher is the phrasing used to add the phrase that allegedly 'gives context': 

"....reduce the population of those around the world that can't afford our medicine [by 50%]".  Think on that.  Who talks like that? You might say "we hope we can cut our costs by 50%, in order to double the number of people who can afford our medicine". Who still doesn't know that vast sums of debt are authorized by our selected politicians, who then pass the bill on to us to pay in the future, and meantime collect huge kickbacks etc from the funds so produced as if by magic by the Federal Reserve?  Who doesn't yet know this? Who doesn't know that the cabal of central bankers planned the Great Depression way in advance, cultivating Winston Churchill as their willing puppet and dazzling him with their power that Black Friday when they pulled the plug on the stock market as he watched from the Grand Gallery there on Wall Street.  It's a fascinating story, but only one of many that show how hoodwinked civil society has been.

Now back to the present....

One of the bombshells that has been slowly spreading over society is the idea that the Biden administration - yes, that would be the fake Biden/ fake administration we are talking about - is responsible for trying to kill off the American family farmer. In fact, this is one of the reasons that a fake Biden was put into place early on to take the heat so that our duly-elected POTUS (who is still lurking in the shadows, as the real POTUS but not really not the one ordering these extremely outrageous policies.... the real authority comes from a military junta, the same one that first approached Trump in 2015 to be their point man in the public eye for the end times) wouldn't have to. 

This thing is so much bigger than the stolen election, bigger even than the culture wars (for which the battlefield was set many years ago by the so-called Deep State); it isn't hyperbolic to claim this is the final struggle between Good and Evil, between the materialism of what we can call Satan and the affirmation of a sacred soul that inhabits MOST of us (and has the potential to inhabit ALL of us, if either a moral dilemma sparks the creation of a soul's first incarnation or if an existing soul has been granted leave to enter and permeate the flesh suit).

The 'Patriot Narrative', as we came to know it even before the days of Q, is now crossing into the area of 'lying by omission', because they are knowingly with-holding the information they know about what is coming to large parts of the civilized world within a matter of weeks.....and supposedly well before the end of this calendar year of 2022. I've justified this before, as I've asked "what would YOU do?", but now the danger is of the continuing cover-up.  Was the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones by so-called 'white hats' a move to take the contentious 'Stones off the game table, as they are a discomforting reminder of how the Bilderbergers - and their stooges in Majestic 12 - once owned the idea of lowering the human population?  This is how evil actually operates.

I know the following words may seem alien to you, and in fact they very well may be as it's entirely possible I may be one of the ~half-billion so-called 'star children', or souls that originated on another world. I have no way of knowing, while I am in this incarnation, if that's the case, but I cannot rule it out. And neither should you, when it comes to understanding the value of the time we have left, but that's for another time.

We find ourselves in a situation where the entire globe and all seven-plus billion inhabitants on it are about to go through a literal earth-shattering event. No, it is not an ELE, because our Creator (or creators, depending on your lexicon) knew before fashioning his Creation that the hopelessness of an ELE would permanently warp the  ~1 - 2 billion souls that have been carefully cultivated over the past 3,657 years. 

Imagine what it would be like for people who have assiduously disciplined themselves and worked hard to follow an often unrewarding or hardship-filled pursuit of accomplishment.....only to be told that they are more than likely going to perish in an horrific manner, together with all they have worked for...consider how it would be catastrophic to the fragility of their spiritual self. To be told this too far in advance would actually endanger the entire society, which is one of the biggest reasons for why the public is not being told of the catastrophic cataclysms of the end times we are about to go through.  

Instead, the so-called white hats, the Patriots that are responsible for shepherding to safety the citizens they were empowered by originally, have opted for a Plan that they are able to hide within, a Plan that includes many compromises and policies dictated by their interactions with the so-called black hats that they are currently engaged in a life-and-death struggle with..... Alternately working with them to assure the elite of their safety from the enraged masses that are expected when the truth becomes known, as well as prosecuting and executing many of the worst offenders at the top of that heap. 

When I learned that blackmailable satanic pedophilia is truly the lingua franca of power, and learned how so many industries rely on it ever more openly, including the recording industry of which I had naïve expectations in years past, the final realization sank in: this is the 'abomination of desolation', to use the biblical term.  It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the elite are controlled by people that are innately different from the majority of humans; the people at the top of the human power pyramid are not necessarily aliens, they really are just as they appear to us -- human flesh-suits -- but they have given themselves over to evil in such a way that there is no coming back. They are vying for the hierarchical 'top' of the group of souls destined for a penal planet, where they can quarrel and fight amongst others of like kind for their eternity, unless they reach a point where they choose to make a morally courageous decision (in which case they can make their way back to the Creator following the path that most of us would hope to already be on, the path of a real and genuine Good, culminating in so-called heaven).

Again, I digress, but to literally bring it back to Earth, we're faced with a situation where this elite, the top-most tiers of the Establishment, is attempting to manifest their original agenda by culling and enslaving the rest of us to their worldview before the natural forces of divine nature wrestle that control away from them. In other words, in this titanic struggle between good and evil, the most that we can hope for is the right to prevent the Evil Ones from fulfilling their agenda at the expense of our own free will. 

How are they doing this? The answers are now evident. The genocidal Jab is exposed for any who wish to investigate what it is they may have been putting in their bodies under the euphemism of 'vaccine' ....simply because they trusted the alleged "medical authorities" not to give them something that would hurt them. For anyone that even scratches lightly, the evidence is in that these jabs are truly nefarious, and not only murderous. If the graphene hydroxide does not slice through the walls of your blood vessels, if you do not get myocarditis or suffer a heart attack shortly after taking it, you may end up paralyzed for the rest of your life in one or more parts of your body. Even more insidiously, the various metals that make up the components of certain manufacturers' vaxx are designed to self-assemble, following the natural heating that the body will give it, into circuitry that can transmit and receive information via the Internet of things (IoT). Despite major censorship and suppression of this information, it can still be easily seen and studied; not to be confused with a few shills that are sensationalizing the subject with personal anecdote and hyperbole. However, it does require tearing your opinion modulation from corporate propaganda such as MSNBC, CNN and even Fox.

Then we have the obvious mega-inflation and supply chain disruptions, both of which began in earnest once the secret white-hat mole playing the role of Biden was ushered into the hot-seat to play his role of a lifetime as a demented puppet-president. Coincidence? No. Result of the 'Biden' puppet? NO.  Many costs we have had to bear could only be sold to us as a policy from the Deep State-controlled Democratic Party portion of the Uniparty, even though we incurred those costs under illusionary administrations of the past, such as the illegitimate George W Bush administration and the treasonous administration of two of the Democratic party's icons -- Clinton and Obama. 

Not only do we have to bear those costs as the  power of the central bankers is simultaneously being deflated, we have to suffer in silence for the most part because another issue is also being processed: those in the minority who actually voted for the current demented Resident have to learn what the result of those official policies would amount to, which is a far cry from the ideals they thought they had voted for as they usually do. (We know many of these well-meaning but naive sheeple have been too trusting because few of them even questioned the rapid diminution of the field of candidates in 2020 prematurely to "Joe Biden"; to someone like myself, who was a Democratic party operative and precinct captain for decades, this was firm proof that the nomination was being orchestrated even at that time, and not necessarily because of the usual suspect, the Deep State.) The rest of us must suffer in silence because these cognitively lazy sheeple have to learn the hard way, just as most of us always have to do. Let's hope they have the humility to be sheepishly embarrassed by it by the time this concludes soon, as it will before the end of this calendar year of 2022.

That is after all one of the reasons why Trump did not return as POTUS officially and will not until after the New Madrid rip abruptly jolts the entire planet into the end times. Too many brainwashed and 'woke' but sleeping minions of this totalitarian New World Order, the very same one being established by the WEF and it's parent the Bilderberg group of powerful satanic elitists, are still in a position and probably of the persuasion that the delusion they were sold on is still valid.

That delusion will be dissolving once the bridges across the Mississippi River start separating up to 50 miles, beginning at New Orleans, before 2022 is out and more than likely soon after Labor Day.

How can we know this? Most people would think there would be a physical sign they could point to that would allow them to panic, drain their bank account and head for the hills. Even though there is now sufficient evidence to indicate Nibiru is close by, it is intentionally elusive in order to prevent panic. (The 'soul ranchers' who act as intermediaries for the Creator/creators do have the ability to move between dimensions and assist in the creation of optical illusions in order to prevent delicate psyches from getting fatally spiritually shocked.) Most people will follow the herd and not do anything until they see that the rest of the herd is now aware also.  Thus, the white hat Patriots, which are far smaller in number than the corrupted bureaucrats and factotums, insane assassins and demonic shills  they have been facing off against, have to work carefully through an often opaque veil that exists between they and their allies among the 'soul ranchers' I refer to. Their goal is to help the common Man toughen up as these cataclysms approach and become as self-sufficient as possible; this is why you may have black-hat controlled companies such as BlackRock and Vanguard, and their vassal Union Pacific, attempt to artificially squeeze the companies that have traditionally taken care of logistics and distribution for America's economy. Most Patriots will look at that relationship and believe that it is only about the money, about replacing traditional fossil fuel technology with so-called Green technology, coupled with their known and assumed insane desire to dominate and enslave us. Sadly that isn't the case, although those motivations are definitely involved. However, this is one of those instances in which the black hats and white hats have a common interest in that the economy for all of us must safely go through a controlled descent so that the aftermath of the first and second cataclysms (the one-two punch of the New Madrid ripping America in half, followed by the mega-tsunami that will wipe out tens of millions of Europeans living on the west coast of their continent and the British isles) will be as minimal as possible. As people begin to understand that the price of fuel will become so high that if they don't have something at home, they won't be able to go to a store and get it. However, there will be many people, primarily those in the cities, that will refuse to take heed. For that reason the military had to pull the necessary foodstuffs from the supply chain on several occasions, even ongoing at this moment. Those foodstuffs are going into bunkers that have been built for many years for this purpose, and have been used for many of those years as a strategic reserve, just as oil has been held. Not only are they bunkers to supply the elites and to house them from the damage that Earth, topside, will be going through, they are housing the food that will feed the millions of refugees that will flee from the cities to the work camps where they will find housing as refugees and at least enough food to get by on until they, the new camp population, can provide the necessary labor to grow and replenish their own food stocks.

All of this is taking place as the world slides into place for the first set of cataclysms that will finally usher in the martial law 'blue sky' Patriots have longed for (but previously have not understood is actually a red sky scenario). I don't believe enough Patriots realize yet that things will not get better, only worse, even though the evidence is painfully changing that number. Every civilization that has reached this zenith here on Earth has faced the same stark reality: there will be nothing to take with you other than the spiritual development you yourself have gone through. The supply chain will recover but only to a certain extent, as the damaged distribution and logistical system falters at least to its knees but not much higher. 

Following these initial cataclysms, there will be more horrors in store for all of us, many events of which will be quite random, as mankind inches closer to the actual pole shift itself, which is alleged by both ancient seers and the current soul ranchers -- through their emissary --  to occur ~2026.

It was never about the Mayan calendar date of December 21st, 2012, though for cognitive heuristics, you can use that date as a reference.

Even the Grand Pooh-bah of the Patriot narrative, One O'Savior himself, referred recently (May 20th, 2022) to a "near-death civilization event", and that Trump himself will still not be officially recognized as POTUS when it occurs, but even O'Savior himself could only allude darkly to the catastrophic nature of this event; in his own words it's a "near-ending civilization event", which isn't grammatically correct but the idea is self-evident. He may not even be aware exactly of what this event is, only how it will affect us. Many are in a similar situation, because to know it in their gut like some of us sadly do would sap every feeling of purpose from their being. This is also why so many people resist so fiercely calls of 'doom and gloom', and why I myself am so reluctant to even speak of this. No one wants to hear this message. No one wants to know that what we are facing means the end of civilization as we know it, even though there will be many survivors. There will be however many that will also welcome this message, because they know that their reward comes not in this lifetime or on this world but in the world our spiritual selves will inhabit once we graduate from here. Or, as some patriots like to say, "in the end God wins". 

NEXT:  Part II, The False Narrative of Don't Look Up

Telling the world...."til I'm blue in the face"

Monday, February 14, 2022

Visualizing the Unthinkable First Cataclysms

As I sit here observing what's going on as we approach the First Major Cataclysms, (that would be the New Madrid Adjustment and it's consequent European Tsunami as I've discussed here so often), I glance over to see the headlines that 40 out of 49 satellites sent up by Citizen Musk just got shot out of the stratosphere by an armada of magnetic particles. Hmmm, imagine that. What a failure rate!  At the same time, after a day in an unexpected balmy 52°, there's snow flurries and the temperature dropped over 40°, tomorrow rising only to above freezing, but the next day a bounce back another 30°. As a planet, we're getting seasick of this wobble as the sloshing of the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida and back is dizzying.  

It was never my intention to preach doom and gloom, for that's how some of you may see it at least at first, it's merely to bring your attention to what is most likely to be occurring within a matter of a few weeks at this time. The elite have done a very good job since 1954 in keeping the information from you, the better to exploit you and mold you to their image of what humanity should be. Rather, what WE, the hoi polloi, should be. Their view is satanic and extremely selfish, and has determined ages ago to remove our god-given liberties.  "They" and "Them" actually do exist; we are NOT all one and the same in the most fundamental sense, although we share the common humanoid template. In that sense yes, we are the same. It's the soul being that inhabits the physical flesh-suit that is the goal of achievement of each soul harvest -- that is my firm belief, anyway. This important 'fruit', or destiny, of each instance of humanoid soul-container is what distinguishes us between Us and Them, though many have yet to determine which side they will end up on. Every flesh-suit of the homo sapiens model that's been in production for several millenia is built to a pre-planned obsolescence average age of 79 earth-years, from what one of my earliest sources told me; he himself had learned telepathically directly from one of the extraterrestrial 'guests' of the secret military that this model had to be re-engineered [by divine genetic engineers, NOT the human cabal] to live shorter lives because we were not using the available life-time -- in the hundreds of years we had been given on average -- to accomplish the learning of our lessons.

Just a reminder. I don't take everyone's account or even their own personal story at face value, but I use a lot of spiritual logic and intuition, and there are times I know when someone is telling me a truthful account. There are others who may tell me something truthfully that I may not be certain of, but there certainly are some people who are both authentic and ring loud and clear.

We are now on the cusp of that moment and descending through the clouds of chaos to this first (and second; they occur in quick succession) major cataclysm, just as the captain of the flight would take us in for a landing. It's a bumpy ride we are all experiencing, not knowing in many cases what to trust of what we're learning. We know that the evidence is in, at least some of us do, and it's no longer shocking when the things that we have relied upon continue to disappear. Including even the very supply chain we rely on for food and the basics of life. All of those horror stories that I read about, like the shortages in the former Soviet Union, are now a reality, and yet even worse is in store for us because -- as the siege of Leningrad during World War II showed, to continue with the Russian motif -- brutal is the life that awaits us shortly. Even for the cabal at the capstone of the elite, who will have the whole continent of Antarctica to start with, complete with newly built and ancient bunkers where they can hide with their AI driven robots and everything they could scarf out of our supply chain in order to wait out the death of Us. We and Us. Together we face Them and They, together with Their ill-gotten gains unjustly squeezed from us. 

This is the fundamental difference, I believe, between a truth seeker and a news nibbler. Even that difference may be more attributable to the number of lifetimes they've had under their belts, all the important ones anyway, but there are indeed many who simply could not fulfill the lessons they must learn while simultaneously contemplating the implications of all of the stimuli available to the modern human....thus only able to 'nibble', as at a cocktail party. They should however be able to trust those who take upon themselves the responsibility to broadcast and amplify news and ideas. This, the media, is where one of the main mechanisms was deployed and weaponized against Us and We. In fact, we have several records that provide concrete evidence of Their actual intentions -- and if there are any among you that still have not heard this news, I will be happy to elaborate, but for a taste, try on "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". Commonly available with DDG. Once you have matched that document up with the actual events that later occurred, then you've taken the red pill by now and you're ready for the biggest red pill of all. And since we know what that is, all pointedly avoid saying it because it's going to be bad enough riding out the Earth shaking beneath our feet for what could be a very long earth-shaking that will result in massive death and destruction. 

By now most of you if not all of you able to read this will have been told (subconsciously) about the Big Event, which according to the emissary for the Zetas will occur around the ~2024 time frame. Consciously you're now looking for corroboration of this information, or you're dreading it and, unwilling to accept it, are now looking for any reason not to believe it, so it's a very precarious position to be in. It would be sadistic to relish sharing this information, but at this point it's only speculation. What will it actually be like, this New Madrid Adjustment? 

Essentially, the movement of the earth and sea will be such that most of the Southeastern portion of the American continent, bounded on the west by the Mississippi River, the north by the boundary with Canada, and on the south by Florida will appear to remain in place while the Western half of the mainland will move west by some 50 miles on average, from the mouth of the Mississippi north to New Madrid -- about halfway to Chicago. (Again, this is according to the emissary of the Zetas, who in my understanding are acting as the shepherds for the coming soul harvest and repopulation of Earth with the new model of humanoid, the coming attraction Homo Reticulum).

At the same time the "sudden jolt" (think magnitude 10 though the human authorities likely wouldn't allow anything higher than 9.8) will also produce a rip along the eastern seaboard, stretching from South Carolina to Boston, along with a rip from the St. Lawrence Seaway over to the Great Lakes. From there, the rip will pull apart the state of Ohio in some fashion as the adjustment attempts to join the north south rip to the east west rip.

Yes, I know that most of you will be thinking of the usual suspects, which typically would mean the Cascadia subduction zone and the San Andreas fault line, but those will come later. If you really want to follow the science, study the details of the plate tectonics as the emissary describes it in ZetaTalk. You'll notice, at the time of this writing, that the earthquake activity going on in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as along the western coast of both South and Central America, has escalated faster than the USGS can downgrade it. This will culminate in the situation described earlier, with violent shaking and the crumbling of bridges, highways and hi-rises coast to coast, as the ripping asunder of America is accomplished. Is it divine justice masquerading as haphazard reaction to the gyroscopic twirling of the rogue brown dwarf star? (This is a hypothesis I tend to favor.) Is the brown dwarf assisted in an exaggerated twirl by benevolent non-terrestrial entities who are carrying out the  council of worlds' edicts? (This was stated by the emissary recently.) 

Or maybe it's all completely random, no rhyme or reason, no Intelligent Designer or Great Architect, unlike the Cosmic Jokester, who sees to it that PFLNs  (perfect fitting last names) occur where necessary and decided to put most of the oil in the lands of the Muslims, among many many other fascinating tricks and pranks he plays on humans. Could a Cosmic Jokester exist in a world without an Intelligent Designer? 

After the "sudden jolt", an additional cataclysm occurs with the resulting mega-tsunamithat will wash over coastal western Europe to the tune of 200-300 ft., which will then recede and slosh back across the Atlantic to wash over the eastern seaboard of the US to the tune of approximately ~50 ft. Hipster totalitarians will flee the urban cores of the sinking cities of the BosWash corridor, but will likely find a hostile reception in the boonies from the people they had only recently begun to tyrannize with mandates and a genocidal Jab that will literally be producing trackable, controllable zombies. Insanity among the 'normies' will be the norm, not the exception.

This will be the new reality we are descending into. If you didn't stock it, grow it, make it or otherwise prepare it, you'll be exchanging something that you HAVE for it. No, gold won't mean anything unless that's what your trading partner wants, and chances are that he won't want gold anyway; he'll want the same things you want and need, which is food & water (& medicine), fuel, and tools. Do you have what you think you'll need? Do you have basic garden implements and seeds? Chickens, cows, pigs, fish? Can you hunt for game, both small and large? Maybe just small game, at least? Have you thought of what you do every day, from morning coffee and shower and ahem 'constitutional'? You know that you can't live for more than 3 days without water; do you have access to clean water? Not only a place to sleep, with bedding, but warmth? Without heat many will die this winter, and even when it's spring and summer in the more well-populated northern hemisphere, it's winter in the southern. Can you keep cool if the weather swings to unbearable heat within days of freezing temperatures and snowfall? Do you have either books or a post-event electronic device (think Faraday cages) to keep your mind sharp, alive, entertained and informed? Do you have a first-aid kit? Do you know any people that have these things that you're willing in making a plan with, or do you think there's anyone who you could plan with that you could count on? This is still an unthinkable scenario for most people, so chances are most people will take the typical route out - "ain't nuthin' gonna happen", or "I'll let God take care of it if something bad comes.....if the good lord doesn't want me to physically live, he'll take me Home". You know the response, in other words; everyone is either prepared or doesn't think they need to, so those people are best off being left alone and given a wide berth. Most of us do, unfortunately, have to learn the hard way, and "pride does goeth before a fall". 

Visualize the unthinkable. Curtain rise begins momentarily.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

From News-Nibblers to Not-see's to.....Zombies

Recently it occurred to me just exactly WHY there is an additional step forward from the Nazis that News Nibblers turn into, once their cognitively-lazy carelessness about being curious about the world around them takes root. Within a very rapid and short span of time, the dangers that News Nibblers represent to more rational thinkers became painfully obvious as the genocidal Jab was presented as so urgently needed by everyone, when the actual science tells us otherwise. Thus, this was a planned event and not merely as is so often presented, which is bureaucratic incompetence, and mistake-prone haste. Heretofore they've managed to get their past deadly plots over on the average clueless American because of our trusting nature. As much as we railed against authority ever since the boomers came on the scene, the fact is that it is the anti-authoritarians that have become the authoritarians. Orwellian to the max. Truth=Lies, War=Peace, Anti-racism=Racism.

The way this works is simple. Since most people don't set out with an evil agenda, they have a hard time actually believing that true conspiracies are real. The cunning perpetrators know this and take advantage of this naivety. FDR referred to them in his second convention nominating speech as being so clever in opposing his New Deal and Social Security that they posed as simply the same as he, but better. They not only promised the same, but at no cost to the average American. Better caretakers at less than half the cost of FDR. In fact, at no cost! Some are taken in by these vapid promises, which is why FDR warned about them, just as Ike Eisenhower warned about the Deep State (despite being their chosen tool to become president in '52).

Regardless of the rabbit hole involving the bankruptcy of the US of A Corp under FDR, the point is that so many of today's Democratic lambs have morphed from liberals to pseudo-liberals and then into Nazis. The shock is that they do it without questioning the mainstream narrative that two dilapidated broadcast corporate networks and a handful of electronic publishing consortiums force on them, driven by a joke of a puppet for the evil agenda and it's echoing agency underlings. 

These are the news nibblers that gravitated to the large urban cores following their schooling, and became the liberal base of the intelligentsia as they moved through internships and cubicles to corner offices and inner sanctums (and often Masonic lodge membership). Yet whether they remained Bohemian artisans or insurance salesmen, they were relatively carefree and consider themselves connected to the important issues of the time. That is, until they settled down into middle age and the "4 B's" (beer/ booze, burgers, ball games, bimbos/broads). While usually intelligent and smart, few were intellectually-oriented, and so an article in Newsweek or The Atlantic once a week might be enough to stay sharp for Trivial Pursuit with the gang. Life was beginning to be filled with all kinds of stimuli once the internet became commonplace.

So how DID these people allow themselves to be manipulated into being enthusiastic Nazis? Was it the money, which became a huge bribe? What could possibly turn a once-heroic rock star like Neil Young into a hardened hypocrite ("Keep on Rockin' In The Free World" my ass!), demanding censorship of truth, let alone opinion? Either the truth-sharing quits or he's gonna quit and take his ball home, or prevent anyone from listening to his music if they listen to someone he - Neil - fears.

So he took his ball and went home (don't let the door hit you in the ass, Neil), and some of his tribe of celebrities make a show of flouncing off in sympathetic disgust. Big deal -- on the face of it. But the trend seems pretty clear. The countercultural heroes that once sang to us and encouraged us to be free have suddenly become pro-tyranny and censorship.

Maybe they were incentivized with the promise of a safe '3 hots and a cot' in a celebrity bunker, and let in on the Big Secret, so long as they used their power to keep the public in fear as much as possible for the next month or 2, after which none of this will matter anyway (more on that earlier, and events warrant).


But to continue, not only has the intelligentsia jettisoned everything that made them liberal, they do it in the name of it actually being even more liberal! Like I said, Orwellian.

The latest Mengele-madness is being forced so rapidly on a population that still holds a naive and lingering obedience to their government, that the illusion of real scientific authority is dissolving before the public's eyes to the point a substantial segment is noticing the discrepancies and contradictions, not to mention the mountains of evidence of a genocidal agenda, and they're seeing the truth unfold as thousands of athletes fall dead on the field from myocarditis and other cardiac failures. All of these victims had one thing in common; they had just been vaccinated. A man suffers a minor car crash and is immediately sedated and whisked off to a nearby hospital where he is put on a ventilator for the dreaded bioweapon, just so that hospital and those doctors and nurses can collect those huge monetary rewards. Yet my bourgeois [former?] cohort is either too scared to let their feelings be known or are actively acquiescing to this agenda of sheer medical terror.... And mostly because the one thing that united them all previously was a collective aversion to the Cheeto overlord they had been brainwashed into perceiving as the classic Republican nightmare come to life.  In the past, we had to forgive them, for they were lambs. Yes, young sheeple are lambs, for the most part. But today we have crossed the Rubicon. In the past we could roll our eyes and simply ignore them, especially because we know that the nefarious forces doing the brainwashing want our quarrels between ourselves to overtake our energies.  Their thinking is that there will be nothing left, no united energy to organize against them. "They" are the cabal that hijacked the political party apparatus (BOTH parties, but particularly the Democratic party, which was molded into the present-day Trojan horse beginning at the turn of the last century in order to ensure the passage of the Federal Reserve Act), the media and then each of the institutions they needed to control our destiny. Or so they think. 

To do this effectively, they use their power of broadcast media to weaponize ridicule following a very complex and detailed script that they have learned will result in effective brainwashing of the majority of society. This is one of the biggest reasons why comedian talk-show hosts are the mainstay of their control system (you know who they are). Some of the creepiest things ever broadcast are filling a big screen with dozens of talking heads repeating the same news script, as a chorus. Though never intended to be played simultaneously, watching and listening to it (when enterprising researchers put the individual news clips up on the same screen) puts the lie to the hollow claim "there's no such thing as conspiracy". We all know the history of the phrase 'conspiracy theory', and why the CIA brought it out in 1964 in instructions to field agents, who were ordered to use the term to describe anyone who questioned the official narrative of the Warren Commission Report. We now have to insist that anyone using that term as an epithet against anyone be called out for the shill or troll they are. This is one of the few ways smug pseudo-liberals can be rescued and returned to the fold, so that a thorough house-cleaning of the Democratic party and the Left occurs, as the same process is already underway on the Tweedledum side. Calmly maintain and own the term 'conspiracy analyst' instead, for that is what we do. We analyze. We do it so that we can help our fellow citizens ward off danger. News Nibblers on the other hand do not waste their time doing such things, and so it's easier for them to trust the authority figure, who very well may be a classmate from their old school. Just the 4B's, as much as you please.

Into this mix a pandemic suddenly sprouts up, as if spontaneously and out of nowhere. We can make the case and we will, and we already have, that this was planned many years in advance, with the first version of the operation initiated in early 2003, with the first SARS deployment.

This operation was a two-part system, with the 'virus versus vaccine' the modus operandi. As with any deep state mechanism, it was deployed on several fronts simultaneously. Including the obvious medical scenario, there was a fear factor that was well-greased with financial incentives as well as for an irresistible call for lockdowns. Lambs were led to the slaughter, and they dutifully went. But eventually, there is balance, and the public that is being led to slaughter today is tomorrow stepping out of line and resisting. Declining to participate in that Big Tech slave system isn't very effective though, or is it? 

But I digress, the most important point is what happens with the insertion of that genocidal Jab. An operating system based on graphene hydroxide is implanted into your bloodstream, can cross the blood-brain barrier, and reassemble inside. It can take control of the neural circuits of the body and thereby control the muscles. And the evidence is widespread that those who have received this Jab can connect to the internet of things when their body comes in contact with a Bluetooth access point, such as is found on a public TV screen. A centralized authority can broadcast instructions to such an operating system via this Bluetooth connection and control a human to do things they would otherwise not want to do. At the same time, the operating system will quickly wear out the autoimmune system of the host human and that lifespan will be very short as a result. This is one of the more hideous depopulation methods they are deploying, with the schedule presented by the pending cataclysms related to the New Madrid 'adjustment'.

We are talking zombies. This is no laughing matter, it should prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that their use of the zombie meme throughout modern television and movie culture has all been intended as a lead-up to a hideous reality they have planned.

What is so shocking and tragic is that there appears to be no reversal of the lethal effects of the jab. Recipients are expected to live no longer than 5 years hence, according to a number of whistleblowers, doctors and scientists. Meanwhile, they [these future zombies our current pseudo-liberal associates will be turning into] can actually appear to be manipulable and remotely controlled; this was unbelievable as a reality but also the absurdity of such an agenda, even if possible, made it patently unbelievable by the average person.

The stark finale is that those of the jab will go quietly to the camps, where they will serve as the workers, the slave labor force the military will keep harnessed and productive. Those who resist it -- labelled 'anti-vaxxers' of course -- will be on their own, and since most will be preppers, this will be just fine for the majority of them. However, there will be many who only invested in ammunition if anything, as well as the many undecided but vaccinated types who did a small amount of preparing but never seriously considered it. The first group of ammo-bearers will be the 'Mad Max' types, and the second group are the many who will become zombies once those operating systems are activated, now that they are connected to the IoT (Internet of Things). This is how the cabal intend to control the human migrations that will be occurring due to the cataclysmic effects of the ongoing pole shift process.

They will be operating that population as zombies have been portrayed. That's their agenda, at least a part of it. It's not a foregone conclusion though. The Canadian truckers have shown the world what it looks like to stand up for freedom, and this should at least stem the tide of people willingly being led to the slaughter of the Jab, among many
other great things. Still, this is a genuine war that is ongoing, and while there are many factions fighting other factions, the essential dynamic is between the few who have known and have tried to exploit their fellow humans in a satanic agenda to mold the Creation to their selfish blueprint, against the 99% of people who are simply developing souls having a human experience so they can learn their lessons on the way to graduation.  Awakened, red-pilled people facing off against the numerically-tiny cabal and their hypnotized, brainwashed minions who are either knowingly complicit or simply too naïve to understand they have become dangerous to humanity as we continue to descend into the End Times.

Good luck and Godspeed to all truth-seekers and well-wishers; damnation and justice upon the rest.