Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Accountability and the Pending Poleshift Announcement

First things first.  That damned Announcement, that Putin, Xi Jingping and Obama are supposed to issue about the coming poleshift that the approach of Nibiru will cause (and the admission that its arrival is the chief issue behind the Cover-Up about aliens) is now over-due.  As I type this, the heads of state of most of the developed world are meeting in Paris to decide how to handle the public reaction to it - under the guise of "climate change".  Global warming my ass!  That damn lie has been bandied about for so long an entire generation has been cultivated using it as an excuse for a reduced lifestyle, and yes, there will be hell to pay once the lies have been admitted to in this one singular Announcement.  The reality of the evil in control of most of the power-structures on the globe's surface will become evident, if only by implication.....and sadly, few of the West's intelligentsia will be able to handle the fact they've bought into their bamboozlement hook, line and sinker - and have used the 'Ridicule Factor' as a self-governing mechanism to do so.  Behold the coming wrath!  Made worse, too, by the increasing amount of time that passes awaiting the truth to be told.

It could have been different, and a lot remains to be determined as well by the way the complicit mass media will reluctantly allow it to be made.  Even now, today, the mass media propaganda organ known as the CNN cable television network is pushing the idea that the Democratic presidential contest is all but over in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Senator Bernie Sanders, who clearly won the single televised debate as determined by CNN's co-sponsor Facebook, is being determinedly marginalized by the [Zionist-aligned, let's say it bluntly] management of this broadcast network, so that the masses will accept the "coronation" of Hillary.  Success begets success, but with every thuggish action like this, more evil karma is due.

Originally this rant was to focus on accountability, a virtue that has become practically absent in almost every area of life since the rise of the corporate entity in our daily lives, and particularly since the criminal Bush cabal plotted and carried out the events of 9/11/2001. The official fiction supposedly explaining those evil acts has been perpetuated by countless others, including their successors in the White House, who continue to solemnly invoke the fiction as truth.  What damn liars!  Now, the fiction has indeed become a reality, as how could it otherwise since so much of daily American life has been overshadowed by the events of that day? Those events set the stage for the activation of the CoG (Continuity of Government) plans drawn up shortly after the American power-elite learned of the coming pole-shift in the 1940s, as well as the justification for two never-ending wars (Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria, a/k/a Isis/Isil/Daesh), and the passage of the so-called 'Patriot Act' which decimated civil liberties in the name of 'security'.

How do they sleep at night?  Seriously!  How do they live with themselves, knowing as they must that they won't be judged on how much gold and power they've amassed, but on how they've treated their fellow man and furthered the virtues of mankind?  I'm not being rhetorical, either; Mr. Obama can make supposedly righteous claims about how we all need to "let bygones be bygones", that "the perfect is the enemy of the good", but surely  he must know - as intelligent as he is, being the reincarnation of Lincoln and all - that without accountability by the treasonous criminals that preceded him in the White House, the masses will see that the most powerful can indeed "get away with it", and those who are in the Undecided category will learn from this - and absolve themselves of their OWN accountability issues.

Even if we were to take the thugs of yester-year at their own words, the truth is that they did NOT "make us safe", they did NOT "keep us safe", as brother Jeb Bush tries to claim on his ever-shrinking campaign trail.  Even going by their own 'admissions', they arrogantly did nothing in the face of multiple warnings by hundreds if not thousands of operatives in various national "intelligence" communities.  We now know - those of us who have spent at least a few hours over the past decade-plus reviewing the claims with a critical eye - that the entire Saudi Arabian plot was artificially created as a false flag front by Saudi allies the Mossad and the Bush cabal as a cover story for their own heinous activities, which had been plotted starting many years before in order to profit to the tune of billions if not trillions of dollars, along with control of the oil and gas reserves of the globe. 

These days, hundreds of hours of YouTube videos show the details of the 9/11 plot, the money trail leading up to it, even the movements of the evil perps like Richard Bremer that moved from conspirator in those events (as an example, he was 'caught in traffic' and 'couldn't make it to the office that day', though by some miracle he was able, within hours, to rush to the television studios to point the finger at Tim Osman/Osama Bin Laden) to one of the worse of the evil perps that created IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh by his decision - as vicar of Occupied Iraq - to disband Saddam's army without providing them alternate PAID activities so that they could continue to support their families.  No, instead he turned them loose and thus most ended up in the cauldron of Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, where they were cultivated into ISIS operatives.  (Note:  US administration officials prefer "Isil", for "Islamic State In the Levant", because they dislike associated the name of their secret-society goddess "Isis" with the evil of wanton terrorism they can't control, even as they largely created it.)  

And today, the evil continues, processed smoothly with nary a blink by US/UK mass-media, with Turkish president Evil Erdogan claiming Russia had slandered him with accusations that he was "personally profiting from oil provided to him by ISIS".  He even challenged Pres. Putin and said he would step down as president (a position he was NOT elected to; that election too was stolen by he and his crony thugs) if Putin could prove that Turkey was a conspirator with ISIS in selling oil.  How would he have not known that Putin not only could, but DID provide ample proof in a briefing made by his top generals, complete with video and satellite photos, that made Evil Erdogan a liar through and through?  Perhaps he knew that not only would NATO and the EU provide him with protective cover, but that western media would ALSO 'turn a blind eye' from the proof as it was meticulously spelled out.  At least the BBC made a tepid attempt to address the claim, but said that he only saw "grainy and blurred" images.  What crap!  What evil!  How can that man, that BBC reporter in Moscow who saw what I saw, sleep at night?!  Perhaps his salary blinds him to the truth, or makes the lie easy enough to swallow that he minds not having sold his soul for the lies.  Yes, the video and images were black and white, but what better medium to show the stark contrast to the lies put out by criminal enterprises, full of color and superficial distraction?  Black and white they were, but lies they were not.  

These are only the most recent examples; every day, even at the most mundane, local level accountability is denied and averted.  "Wasn't me"; "I was only following orders"; "someone else would've had to do it anyway"......these are the same claims that were made by most Germans who labored under the Third Reich.  Who will liberate us from the thuggish cabal that keeps Mr. Obama in a puppet's stranglehold?  The one thing he can do, and will do I trust - is to make the long-awaited Announcement that Behold, Nibiru Cometh.  The longer the lie goes on, the longer accountability is averted, the worse the pain the evil power-elite will suffer.  

Come clean now, Mr. Obama.  Tell the public the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Yes, the "masses are asses", but they've been protected from the truth for too long and need to know the extent of their naivete and ignorance.  The longer we suffer under the tyranny of stupidity, the worse the cyber-flogging that awaits the evil ones whose greed has been slaked by appeasing ignorance.  

In the immortal words of the [former] Dan Burisch [now Crain], "For the sake of humanity, tell the world!"  

It's time, Mr. President.  No more excuses!  Issue the Announcement NOW!

[And afterwards, take out the trash Mr President, if you can manage to wield that presidential podium/bully pulpit a tad longer; put out a call to have all the illegitimate heads of state admit to their criminal acts in stealing their own elections, call out the fact your own predecessor was illegitimately installed in a stolen presidency, and then allow the rule of law to proceed accordingly in these matters of treason so that accountability and the rule of law can be maintained and greatly assuage the potential for mass panic as the reality of the Announcement sinks in.  It's not only the "right thing to do", Mr. President, it's the most prudent thing to do.]