Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It Takes A Poleshift

News Flash:  President Obama attempts to issue the first-ever Emergency Action Notification on the Emergency Alert System - and is blocked by the Cover-Up

The sad state of affairs we – the collective “we” of the lower 99% of the population – find ourselves in these days will not be cured by extending unemployment benefits, or tax cuts, or miracle drugs, or by defeating the newest incarnation of mad muslims, or even by going back on the gold standard and eliminating the Federal Reserve.  The most recent mid-term elections of 2014 show how hopeless the Common Man feels the situation is, unlike the feeling he had back in 2008 when there was a very palpable sense that maybe THIS time it would be different.  In that vein, most of the 99% would find the one thing the GOP Veep candidate of that year said that they would finally agree with this year: “how’s that hopey-changey-thing working out?” Most would respond “not that great” if they were truthful.  Even the president’s most die-hard supporters. Yes, there are important things that can be done and should be done, in fact are in urgent need of being done.  But let’s take a look at why there is a pervasive air of despair and hopelessness, with pockets of defiant optimism.

First, the story of Ferguson Missouri is still an ugly, open wound and even days after the grand jury’s decision was announced leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, there are major protests against that verdict. A full week after, students in the area staged a massive walk-out of school in a boycott.  While the actual circumstances of that event show that the “unarmed black teen” was actually a bully and not only flouted the law and the police as well as the store owner from whom he blatantly stole, not to mention how he apparently physically acted to take the officer’s own weapon to shoot him, the sad fact is there is indeed a pattern to police brutality and intimidation when it comes to black people.  The death of Mike Brown could probably have been averted, if two things had occurred:  one, if Brown had responded in a less threatening manner, which is the basis for why a lot of white people still feel intimidated by big black guys on the street; and two, if Officer Wilson had responded in a less aggressive manner in where he chose to shoot and why he chose to give chase.  The second issue will likely be addressed by institutions, but the first issue may never be addressed outside of a few ‘town-hall style’ meetings on the major news networks, which have been losing their audience anyway because the public has come to expect them to lie and insult their intelligence while not addressing the people’s real issues, which leads us to another reason for why it will take a pole-shift.

As some of us have been made aware, the television networks and their distributors have prevented the president from making his announcement to the public that will finally admit to them that yes, the gov’t. has been in contact with extraterrestrials, and this is mostly for the purpose of helping humanity prepare for the most transformative event in recorded history – a poleshift, one that occurs approximately every 3,657 years.  Without going into how approximately 90% of humanity will die as a result of this, or why 43% of humanity will go insane following the major cataclysms and celestial events associated with the pole-shift itself (which is alleged to take approximately 90 minutes to transpire), the sad and startling fact is that the people who control what we know and how we know it are hell-bent on preventing the public from learning this truth, because to do so would mean the dissolution of that ‘thin veneer of civilization’ that keeps most people from going berserk, keeps them plodding through their jobs, keeps them – in essence – dumb and blind to the truth. 

Those that really want to know the truth have been digging for awhile and learned it, only to find out that sharing it with the average person usually only serves to irritate them unless they can positively know on what date the Big Event will occur.  Otherwise, they don’t want to be disturbed.   Who can blame them, if they can’t do anything?  Some would say “but they can at least look into it”, and there you get one of the lynchpins to the problem: most won’t.  Unless they can get it in a bite-size package, they won’t bother, in most cases.  In some cases, they may scratch the surface, but then take an easy-out….usually because they base their acceptance or denial on the messenger, not the message.   And if even one fact diverges from what they have been taught as truth (the sun and stars move in stable and verifiable  patterns, aliens can’t travel here without us knowing it, and if they could, they can’t possibly blink in and out of third-density reality, etc) then they shrug their shoulders and stop thinking about it, moving back to their normal concerns and brushing aside thoughts of horrific catastrophe.  In that respect, who can blame them?  And yet some of them become so disturbed by what they hear that they take umbrage with the ‘messengers of doom’, going into denial and sometimes even rage.

However, the point is that the major, corporate media that controls most of what we hear – such as the nightly news – then comes to control what information can be used to constitute opinion, and if they won’t let the president tell us the truth, then what will force them to?  It takes a poleshift.  In fact, it will take a poleshift to force them to tell us of the poleshift, and apparently some intervention by certain aliens/extraterrestrials/cosmic entities to do the only thing that these human authorities respect:  force or blackmail.  In the past, aliens have prevented nuclear-tipped missiles from being launched; this has taught the aggressive humans that any effort that could result in nuclear war will not be tolerated by the council of worlds (a/k/a ‘the COW’).  In the present instance, revelations of the evil the corporate heads have committed in their quest for power will likely be released, with the recent telephone conversation between Ronnie Reagan and his buddy Maggie Thatcher covering Ronnie’s lie to her over his invasion of Grenada being but a ‘shot across the bow’ to those corporate heads that fearfully are preventing the truth coming out.  They may yet ‘go to the mat’ no matter what is released, because they and their cohorts in charge of the financial system that squeezes the public consistently would be decimated by the loss of new 30-year mortgages, possibly even 4- to 6-year car notes, together with all construction projects within the danger zone that are within 250 feet of sea level and 300 miles from the nearest ocean coastline.

Knowing this, and with the awareness that even the Secret Service was in on the plot to kill JFK, it may be that the only way to issue the Great Admission announcement will be by the use of the Navy SEALs and/or the vaunted Delta Force to take control of the network control rooms. If not them, at least some such military organization that is loyal to the president and NOT the Federal Reserve board of directors or The Carlyle Group, which secretly controls the apparatus of the ‘shadow government’ that pulls most of the strings of the public puppet-president.  It will take a poleshift to break the stranglehold this ‘shadow government’ of parasites has wormed its way into wielding over the public government ever since they forced and foisted the privately-owned Federal Reserve upon the public.  Then, in typical fashion for these financial fascists, they ‘squeezed’ the lifeblood out of the public with an intended Great Depression which – while their neophyte stooge Churchill watched from the gallery on Wall Street – accomplished two things, if not more:  One, by introducing the evil of ‘margin loans’ that created the Roaring Twenties, it allowed them to take over thousands upon thousands of small businesses and small family-owned farms when they called in those margin loans, and put the People at their mercy by impoverishing most of them as a result; this then led to Two, which was forcing the corporation of the United States of America into bankruptcy which they then dictated the terms of rescue – the confiscation of the nation’s gold, at a ‘fair’ rate of compensation, which they then secretly re-sold at a higher rate outside of the US.  Thus, there is now no gold in Ft. Knox; in fact, gold can no longer even be ‘leased’ (so that certain owners, like the government of Germany that shipped its gold supply to New York during the Cold War to keep it ‘safe’ from a potential Communist take-over in Europe, can’t even SEE it for at least seven years of a request to do so).  The Chinese recently discovered this, several years ago and to their chagrin, when they demanded certain payments of US Treasury (i.e. Federal Reserve) bonds be made in gold and not paper.  When they were obliged, and received the gold through the City of London, they discovered to their incredible anger that the gold bars had holes drilled in them where they had been hollowed out and filled with tungsten.  However, to go public with this information could have triggered a global financial collapse, taking the entire Chinese economy down with it.  No, it will take a poleshift to rectify this situation, too.

In fact, when the full scope of the betrayal of the public trust becomes known, and the end goals spelled out in that much-castigated publication known as “The Protocols of Zion”, whether going by an ‘original’ title of “The Protocols of Sion”, or “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, the fact is, the passages named within that book as being a program of action have indeed come to pass, whether or not the people see themselves as goyim or jewish.  In fact, it has little to do with any religion, and some would suggest it’s even an attempt to smear the jewish race with plans for world domination; it is not.  However, the nine men that surrounded Meyer Rothschild when those goals were debated and spelled out all belong – and here I am speculating that ALL were – to the jewish faith.  That is NOT an indictment of all jews, many of whom are just as determined to defeat the power of this group of families.  Some say there were thirteen families; if so, I’m willing to stand corrected, as there have indeed been many who claim that.  Nonetheless, whether nine or thirteen, twelve or ten, the fact is they have accumulated so much power that they have become “too big to fail” now, as their subsidiary banking institutions and apologists claim.  No, it will take a poleshift to lay them low.

Many na├»ve citizens in the populace still cling to the idea that by informing their congressmen and senators, they can ‘awaken them to the present danger’, but such is not the case.  Having done this myself, I have found that my correspondence to senators has had to pass through the Senate Sgt.-At-Arms, the office of which inspects the mail for the benefit of Majestic 12 (or used to at that time), which overseas all public gov’t.-related communications, including the lower-level NSA and CIA.  Thus it came to pass that I did receive correspondence from one such senator, with information that could be interpreted as being from another senator with the same initials and service history, as a form of ‘misinformation’ designed to let me carry the ball with information that misinformed the public, or as a subtle taunt that questioned whether I had the determination to “tell the world”, as his colleagues on the Hill “have no idea” what is going on under their very noses.  Well, I have a surfeit of determination but can I do what hundreds and even thousands of others have tried to do but cannot?  Even if I could sit down with these senators one-and-one, could I overcome the power of the amount of money it takes to get them elected?  Could I overcome their fear of reprisal if they attempted to gather themselves together and stand before the cameras to ‘tell the truth, finally’?  They too know that even if they decided they could do that, those cameras may film them, but would never air their ‘admissions’ on-air.  No, they too know – it will take a poleshift.

No matter where one turns today, a careful analysis will show that the first stage is one of revelation, but simply telling people does nothing except irritate some of them.  It’s the old adage about “throwing pearls before swine”, with apologies to those who take umbrage at the word ‘swine’.  The next stage is to “storm the ramparts” to affect the necessary change, which is where most truth-seekers falter.  This is mainly due to ego, which is usually insurmountable because everyone needs some form of recognition, if not power and fame.  Often this is where a truth-seeker can become part of the problem, as their libido can dig a hole where they are quietly buried.  Greed, too, can be assuaged with such inexpensive things as bright and shiny medals and ribbons, or positions with prestigious organizations that pay nice….’salaries’.  If the truth-teller/whistle-blower continues with their blather, vehicle accidents (think of Michael Hastings) and airplane crashes (think of JFK Jr. and Senator Paul Wellstone) can do the trick, as well as fast-acting cancers (think of ABC anchor Peter Jennings, who appeared as too willing a tool).  No, it will take a poleshift.

In fact, despite the bankster-gangsters of such greedy institutions like Goldman Sachs having the outward appearance of doing everything ‘within the letter of the law’, and despite the profiteering owners of the central bank system typified by the US Federal Reserve appearing to act like calm, dispassionate managers who ‘restored order’ to the System, the fact is the System is on life-support as it attempts to maintain normalcy in these very last days.  That System could be accused, and rightly so, of causing the circumstances that erupted into the Mike Brown case.  Behind the scenes, those same managers may have displayed the same level of passion as Mike Brown’s step-father did when he screamed “burn the bitch down! Burn the bitch down! Burn the mother-***ker down!” upon hearing the grand jury’s verdict.  Why? They want proof that the hoi poloi, or the ‘goyim’ as their forefathers called us, is so dangerous that the militarization of law enforcement nation-wide is now justified.  Running scared, they feel that because they’ve controlled and essentially dictated policy decisions on how the military is deployed, they can continue to do so in the homeland.  The public may not yet be aware of the extent of their dilemma and how they’ve been put there, how they’ve financed escape hatches through not only taxes but the drug trade and the oil trade for the elites, but when they do, this kind of reaction of the elites may be justified if only due to their own guilt and not the anger of their victims.  The ongoing effects are ramping up to hunger and starvation and homelessness, and if they (the ‘Elect’) don’t come clean soon, and I mean very soon, it will come down to the poleshift to do it. 

Why is this the case?  Because the souls dispensed across the surface of the planet are taught from the beginning of their conscious lives that the most important goals in life are the acquisition of power and wealth, fame and fortune.  Sure, there are the few mature souls sprinkled among the classrooms that guiltily remind their rowdier classmates that “love and family”, and amorphous “happiness” are to be valued at a higher level, but after years of socialization, enforcing conformity to selected aspirations, and merely observing their reality and how their own hunger may overcome their righteous anger, most people acquiesce, even if holding onto the ideals of their youth and privately yearning for a ‘Woodstock world’, of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”, or a quiet life on a desert island with a partner of their choice.  The point is, if we use a broad brush to reduce the argument to its most basic tenet, most human activity is involved with material acquisition.  The rich, powerful, and/or famous man ‘gets the girl’, not to mention freedom from hunger.  Thus, to achieve success, man ‘goes for the gold’, and even the richest have the drive to become even richer, obscenely rich, even if they dispense large amounts of it uncaringly in the blink of an eye, while living day to day in stingy fashion, unable to even give their own employees a raise when almost every working person today probably has deserved several raises over the course of the past decade or three.   To think that they can lose it all is anathema to them, even though they know they ‘can’t take it with’ them.  

Simply put, we struggle all our lives to build up piles of gold, piles of stuff, at least enough stuff to enjoy non-material things like travel cruises and jet flights and musical concerts and other such ‘soft’ material riches.  Maybe we employ our intellectual capital to acquire even more intellectual capital (writers, artists, scientists), which is then traded for erotic capital (the ‘trophy wife’), or vice-versa, but it is all accumulation and dispensation of some form of ‘capital’, and we do this in a world in which the placement of wise vs. newly-minted souls occurs apparently at random….a cubicle worker in his twenties may have a wise, mature soul near the end of his spiritual education while his boss is a grasping, cunning, cynical fraud that needs another 500 lifetimes to determine what side he plays on.  The boss will have his way, and usually win, while the cubicle-worker will likely lose his McJob within months of getting it as corporations continue to shrink as jobs become more mechanized, the human factor (and with it the need for annual salaries) being eliminated in what the corporate media will crow about as ‘progress’.  Allowed to continue, what happens?  Practically ALL jobs become mechanized, with a bare 5% to 10% of the population left working to oversee the mechanical and electronic functioning of the ‘robot state’.  Allowing for the 1% of the population that owns everything, what is left to the 89% or so with nothing to do?  Are they fed and clothed and given ‘credits’ to purchase those things, or left to starve and be chased off the streets?  Or more likely locked up in privatized prisons? No, it will take a poleshift to rectify the situation, because the owners of the world, and their appointed captains of industry, only begrudgingly do anything for the common good, the common welfare; if they do, they do it with an eye for even more control and elimination of free and independent thinking.  It is in this environment that the president will likely, finally, announce the imminent arrival of the rogue planet, and the need for those willing to work to survive to move inland to FEMA farms, while with each passing day his support slips even further as the People witness the continued non-accountability of those that have allowed this situation to unfold.  Is it any wonder the People sense they have been the victims of a major bamboozling?  

It will take a poleshift to create a situation for every soul to finally become unbound and allowed to follow their natural inclinations to either band together to take care of each other, or band together to maraud and generally make life miserable for those that prefer to work together.  Many will be called to give, and do so, living with either no leader necessary or a charismatic, benevolent leader.  Some will be called to give, but will refuse – and sit in stunned stupor, dying in-place.  Some will be called to maraud, and will do so enthusiastically, while some will join the marauders, thinking that will be the only way they can survive.  Some will join communities living under a malevolent tyrant that uses fear to rule. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in at that time, our choices at that time will determine our choices in the after-life. 

May you find the wisdom to make the right choices.

- dondep

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