Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden Happens – It’s What Happens When Leaders Lie and Spy

It should have come as no surprise, no surprise at all, to the pitifully paranoid planetary potentates quivering fearfully at the helm of the National (In)Security Agency and its private owner Booz Allen, that Snowden happened when it did. 

The firm spawning Snowden, BAH, is the real culprit; just look at what the acronym represents.  Booz Allen Hamilton was famously the lair from which sprang John ‘Mike’ McConnell, a/k/a “Dadmiral”, in the days when John (who was also known as MJ-1, or simply “J”) was head of the most secretive human collective ever known – Majestic 12, or as it’s more popularly known, MJ-12.  His current successor as DNI (that would be Director National Intelligence, or DNI) has also come from Booz Allen – James Robert Clapper.  And before there was the first DNI, there were the DCIs, (Directors Central Intelligence, or as we know them publicly, CIA Directors), among which was James Woolsey, yet another alumnus of Booz Allen.

Simply put, Booz Allen is the private portal behind which lurk the real controllers of the government.  For those familiar with the movie “The Truman Show”, starring Jim Carrey,
Booz Allen can be likened to the elevator in which Truman rides everyday on his way to work, the back wall of which serves as the door to the studio world behind the scenes.  Or the curtain behind “The Wizard of Oz”, behind which lurks the old man directing the great Oz.  Dog Toto was Snowden in his day; Snowden happens when a hero is called for, like the little boy in “The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes” who points out what everyone has either known or suspected for a long time – the emperor really isn’t wearing any clothes.  Even if he wasn't, the problem isn't clothing-optional, but pretending to be something you're not, and not being able to sell the public on the reason why.

Perhaps they’ve been doing it for so long and with such impunity they actually thought they had a right to an all-pervasive ‘signals intelligence’ that encompasses every waking thought and movement of every citizen that has the power to muster an argument against such a nosy and paranoid government.  Why are they so nosy, anyway?  What are they so afraid of?  It certainly isn’t the threat of a handful of mad male zealots, since 9/11 was proven to be a pack of lies, and if that’s all it takes to cause the world’s greatest democracy to roll up its Constitution and wipe its butt in the backrooms with it, then what kind of Freedom and Liberty are we fighting for anyway?  One in which billions of taxpayer dollars go to pay for profitable contracts to guarantee private oversight (read: nosiness, or ‘sticking your nose into everyone’s business and especially their private lives’) by the elite, who – if and when the truth becomes known – are afraid of what the more intelligent segments of the clueless intelligentsia will do when they learn the painful truth about our pending future.  Corporatized paranoia.  Institutional fear. Fear and loathing of the common man, who funds their schemes and will likely be rewarded with martial law when the Announcement comes.

But before I start calling for the accountability of these men for whom death would be too good a penalty, let me also point out that not only is Booz Allen guilty of worse than Snowden could ever dream of in his idealistic manner, their masters are even worse.  BAH! Booz Allen is a majority-owned subsidiary of The Carlyle Group, a group of greedy partners whose principals include George H.W. ‘Poppy’ Bush, Frank Carlucci (a thug from the Reagan era who was behind many of the executive orders legalizing the Coverup), James Baker III, another Reagan-Bush thug, though practiced at the art of deceiving common folk into thinking he’s a likable and non-partisan type, and John Major, former prime minister of the UK.  Clearly, The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen are organizations in which the elite band together and affect government policy, while taxing the public to pay for it all.  They think they are entitled to know every crumb of data outlining our lives, from our taste in food, sex, politics to our hobbies, habits and beliefs.

Another day we’ll talk about the secret societies these people flock to at ceremonial moments at night, to consume vast quantities of cognac and fine cigars and commingle with sexual playmates of every taste and perversion, but for now I’m talking about the organization they tend to cluster about during the day – the boardrooms of no-bidding contracts, the boardrooms of Booz Allen that hire expensive underlings like Ed Snowden who, thankfully, had more courage than greed to his name. 

Many people probably don’t even know that Ed Snowden wasn’t even a government employee; many I find think that he was employed by the NSA itself.  They don’t realize how intermingled the agencies are with their erstwhile contractors, such as Booz Allen.  They’re still awed by the $122,000 annual salary Snowden gave up, even if it isn’t the $200,000 figure Booz Allen spokesmen jumped on when they objected to how he had characterized his job there.  So what?  What’s important is that he gave it up so that we could hopefully all – as in, America – have a fulsome debate on whether this all-encompassing surveillance is even constitutional, let alone whether the majority might like having their rights to privacy so trampled upon.  Just because millions of dimbulbs are only using their phone to order pizza and plan a rendezvous with their lover, doesn’t mean that others aren’t talking about sensitive matters that, if known by their carefree neighbors, would cause them to shriek in horror.  In fact, that brings us to what the fear is, what’s really behind the paranoia to begin with.

To answer that, one has to know what the true purpose was behind the creation of the NSA, or National (In)Security Agency.  Aliens.  Yes, that’s right; aliens.  Many different species, especially the ones from the Zeta Reticuli star system that were given the contracts for rebuilding/restoring the human race post-poleshift; those in particular had to report all humans they were abducting (though only those whose soul volunteered for the mission to help parent the new hybrid race were actually used) for purposes of using their genetic material.  For those new to this fact, read “Above Black:  Project Preserve Destiny”, by Sgt. Dan Sherman.  Read it thoroughly.  Sherman was an actual participant in receiving alien communications regarding specific humans that were being abducted, even going so far as to use nicknames like Spock and Bones to name the unseen entities he communicated telepathically with while on various military bases during his stint in the project, under cover of the US Air Force.

So, you see, even though Snowden happened because of the wanton surveillance of millions upon millions of average Americans, the real purpose of the NSA is to keep tabs on alien contacts with humans, and also the many humans who have been adjudged to be potential risks to “domestic tranquility” as the Announcement goes forward, because with the admission that Nibiru or Planet X (or Wormwood as the Catholics would have it, or Hercolobus as Latinos know it) is in the inner solar system will come an increased interest in the extraterrestrial presence and how much it interacted with human authorities during the Coverup.  Many humans simply won’t be able to handle the information, and it’s due to this fear that the authorities are prepared to keep them from flying, hence the “no-fly lists”.  And it won’t simply be the fear of them in the air; the FBI and other domestic law-enforcement agencies are convinced that many militia-type groups will reanimate, their raison d’etre suddenly springing to life as the Announcement changes reality as we know it in preparation for the poleshift.

So, pity the likes of the elite who have kept the Coverup going on for decades, and who have lied so much they can barely see the logic of having to observe the privacy rights of the citizenry.  Pity them as they shiver in arrogant fear, waiting to jump in their hidey-holes; how many readers would have acted any differently over the course of their lives, given the same choices?  The reality is they've acted just like the spoiled, greedy children many of us might act like too, were we in their shoes.

For that matter, how many readers would have acted the same as Ed Snowden?  Who among us has the courage to willingly give up a six-figure salary and a cushy job environment in Hawaii?  For a life to be spent either in hiding, never to go back home, or one in which he would certainly be imprisoned and/or assassinated?

Information is Power.

Snowden Happens because whenever power has corrupted, (and the history of Booz Allen and The Carlyle Group show how much corruption has been involved with those firms in this century alone; just read their Wiki pages, kids: and, heroes are called for to balance the evil, and courage is a scarce commodity when compared to the temptations of money (and a home in Hawaii).  So just when you think there’s no hope for transparency in the world of tomorrow, remember the story still unfolding before the world this summer solstice of 2013:

Snowden Is Happening.

Don't let his sacrifice be in vain; let your displeasure and disappointment be known.   Seriously.  Write your congressman and your senators.  Tell them its about time they come clean; if there was ever a "come to Jesus" moment to begin the dismantling of the Coverup, this is as good a place as any to start.

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