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Sympathy For Certain Devils, But the Liars and Frauds, and Murderers Too, Must Be Named and Confess

Sympathy For Certain Devils, But the Liars and Frauds, and Murderers Too, Must Be Named and Confess

Lately I find myself filling in missing gaps of understanding how the devils took control of the United States and its destiny, because it certainly didn’t begin with the theft of the presidency in 2000.  It didn’t even begin with Majestic 12 coordinating the assassination of JFK in 1963, or the commissioning of Majestic by Pres. Truman after the Roswell crash in 1947.  Or when Poppy Bush flew to Madrid (or was it Paris?) to ask the Ayatollah’s people to hold onto the American hostages in order to make then-President Carter look weak enough to oust from office.  I watched most of the History Channel series on the ‘Robber Barons’ of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and see the almost-sympathetic portrayal of the first industrialists that became so powerful they ‘bought’ the only president they could agree on at the time they felt most threatened, one William McKinley, who – thanks to the deep pockets of Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller – would trounce the eloquent ‘Man of the People’ William Jennings Bryan.  But, as the Cosmic Jokester would have it, McKinley’s vice-president Teddy Roosevelt would go on to succeed him following his assassination shortly after defeating the ‘Great Commoner’ a second time, and Roosevelt proved to be a trust-buster of the first rank, despite being a Republican.  (Or maybe that was what defined a Republican, like the virtuous days of Lincoln.)  Possibly even more of a ‘Man of the People’ than Bryan.  His brand of virtuous Republicanism was the last flowering before the banksters took over the Grand Old Party.

Why is this important, in the greater scheme of things?  Because by giving McKinley’s campaign obscene amounts of money, despite being mortal enemies of each other, it showed the devils what they could accomplish in their desire to amass wealth and power.  Yes, they would go on to compete with each other in how much of it they ‘gave away’, but make no mistake – their philanthropy was also a cold calculation to mold and condition the world of People with a world-view designed for them by their self-professed ‘betters’.  A world-view they carried due to their inspiration by, and request for assistance from, devils in a higher realm, a higher density, where the entities are engaged in an even bigger struggle – the battle for souls, the battle for worlds, for star systems even.

Yes, we could rewind a few years, to the machinations of the Rothschilds as they attempted to foist a central bank on the US, which Thomas Jefferson warned of, and Pres. Andrew Jackson fended off, and then Abraham Lincoln.  Or we could fast-forward to the election of Woodrow Wilson, possible only because the Republican vote was split between their official standard-bearer Taft (ironically sponsored by Teddy in the Roosevelt administration) and Roosevelt himself, who had gently been eased out by true conservatives from the GOP and had decided to re-enter the fray with his own Bull Moose party, which the progressive Republicans gravitated to as the conservatives and banksters solidified their control of the GOP for over a century to come.

Wilson, in his turn, was black-mailed by the devils through his weakness for a woman, as is usually the case.  Actually it was more the fact that he was a naïve patsy, and it was his naiveté the devils took advantage of.  Even more illustrative is how the very agents of the devils, such as the powerful Colonel House that ran the Wilson administration (and was likely the most powerful man in America to make decisions that have reverberated down to this day) have their own odes to utopia.  In his case, he wrote a utopian novel, “Philip Dru:  Administrator” that in itself could be the subject of a long expose into how a technocrat idealized the world.  Wilson himself went on to pen “The New Freedom”, which exposed (but only in a vague, nameless way) how the real men of power operated and what their agenda was.

Simply put, (and there are many other references that could be included here), the den of vipers, the ‘devils’, the ones that are the true “PTB” (Powers That Be, for the uninitiated), must rely on lesser mortals to arrange matters in the earthly realms that allow them to exercise their power and accrue ever larger sums of wealth.  Wilson himself put it in the most succinct terms when he uttered his famous quote, found in his book “The New Freedom” on page 24:  “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Isn’t that still true today?  Maybe even more so?  Or do some people still think naively that they can over-ride that covert control?  Maybe they should read that book by Wilson, as we find on page 39 the following observation that was initially made by a “cynical but witty Englishman, not that long ago” (perhaps that would be Disraeli, so aptly named as he was good friends with Lord Rothschild) that

“…it was a mistake to say of a conspicuously successful man, eminent in his line of business, that you could not bribe a man like that, because…. the point about such men is that they have been bribed--not in the ordinary meaning of that word, not in any gross, corrupt sense, but they have achieved their great success by means of the existing order of things and therefore they have been put under bonds to see that that existing order of things is not changed; they are bribed to maintain the status quo.”

In other words:  the richest and most powerful men of Earth rely on a tier of idealistic men lower on the totem pole who may appear to be the ones in the seat of power, but are really just servants.  President Wilson was the public face of power, while Colonel House – himself but a powerful servant – made practically all of the important decisions, ones which led to the take-over of the US economic system by creating the Federal Reserve, on behalf of Colonel House’s masters.

Both Wilson and House are certain devils that could be pardoned for their offenses, but the ones whose bidding they were doing need to be held accountable, and if not, at least their agenda needs to be exposed for the greater good of the people, as everyone will have to learn to live with the new reality.  As countless bloggers and voices are doing, though most know only a smattering of how things truly work behind the public facade and could therefore be forgiven.

Meanwhile, there are other “lesser mortals” who are knowingly lying and committing fraud in the vast exercise known as The Cover-up, which includes the JFK and 9/11 events.  While not holding real power, they know how to ply the hand-shake and the personal note, pull strings, and  some will often practice willful malevolence in their desire to rise to the top of the pecking order.  While their human dignity can always be respected, their actions in deception need to face an accounting; chief among them are the two entities known as ‘Rancher’ and ‘Angler’, code-names for Bush Jr. and Big Dick Cheney, respectively.  (Note that is not “respectfully”.)  Yet, there could be a problem with that if the story of the Bush clones isn’t addressed.  This is where we need to name a few names and cover (no pun intended) a unique aspect rarely if ever seen in the annals of political history.

According to zeta history, George W Bush was one of 14 zygotes, or ‘twins’, (not a true clone).  Apparently the scientific technology used to create them was in evidence, if such is to be believed, but the problem is that it wasn’t.  Not at the time.  In fact, Prescott Bush and son George HW worked diligently at Planned Parenthood and its forerunners, as they believed the offspring of the well-born should be encouraged and planned for, but also that those women ill-suited to conceive, or husbands/fathers ill-suited for parenthood, were only burdening Earth with the wrong kind of birthrate.  Most readers will note that these are ideals shared by the “master race” of the Third Reich, and so it came to be that their shared interests (did we discuss gold yet? My, but could we!) likely put them together at times.

One such occasion may have occurred in Switzerland, the land-locked land of secret bank accounts that was purposefully left neutral and un-occupied by the Nazis.  Allen Welsh Dulles, the future head of the CIA and MJ-12, and past ‘debunker’ of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (whew, that was a close one!), spent time lugging wagons filled with gold bars between the Swiss banks during the later stages of WWII, and has been in the thick of things for a long time.  JFK was right to fire him, but in so doing probably sowed the seeds for his own assassination, being that Dulles was one of – if not the – most powerful members of Majestic.

But to get back to our tale of the 14 clones, 2 of which were allegedly birthed by wife Barbara; apparently something of an ‘extraterrestrial encounter’ had occurred either sometime in 1941 or early 1942, and future first MJ-1 Admiral Hillenkoetter who had been tapped by Adm. Nimitz and Gen. MacArthur to head his own intelligence-gathering operation in the Pacific theater, had young Bush 41 rushed to a top-secret briefing as soon as he arrived in Pearl Harbor around the time of his 18th birthday.  Apparently something very big, very very big, would warrant a fresh-faced recruit barely of age fresh off the campus of the fancy-pants finishing schools of New England and into such a meeting; what could it be?  Could it be that one or more beings broke the celestial quarantine of Earth, to warn the selfishly powerful to prepare?  How would they do that, to what end? Was technology to split a zygote that many times given in that instance to Prescott Bush, and his son George, in order to assist in preserving the Bush dynasty long enough to seize power for the forthcoming poleshift?

This would all be done to ensure that a healthy offspring (who listened to his elders) would be able to take the helm at the appointed time, so as to ensure the continued power-trip of the elite after the poleshift would upend the rest of the planet.  They would be the rightful kings of the Aftertime.  Sit pretty on top of the oil needed to make the wheels go 'round.  Sound implausible?  Check with Nancy Lieder, the zeta emissary, and the zetas who give answers weekly, with any questions you might have as to the essentials. (Not that you would be allowed easy access to empirical corroboration mind you.) 

How's that for a couple of names?  Of course, until Pres. Obama admits the truth to the public, even in a terse, spartan manner, all of this sounds like the ravings of a lunatic.  

The point is, there were people who knew, who really really knew, what was coming and purposefully put a Cover-up in place that would employ ridicule and assassination if it came to it, to protect their secret of the coming poleshift.  This knowledge would lead to the creation of the National Insecurity State, due to their paranoia that everyone would find out and, well, back to bulls bellowing in the china shop years before they ought to.

Now that we’ve spoken about both kinds of devils – the Colonel Houses and the elder Bushes, for a quick short-hand – we need to start naming the liars and frauds who are still peddling the lies that the government (both public face and private controlling interests) is known for.  Did the individual know and jump to the use of ridicule to assassinate the characters of truth-seekers and whistle-blowers?  Was he or she part of an assassination squad, or team, or operate the so-called ‘secret’ weapons such as ELF (microwave tech) that were associated with illegal and immoral intelligence-gathering such as Echelon, PRISM, CARNIVORE, NarusInsight, MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, (god how long does this list go on)?  If so, have they ‘confessed their sins’ so to speak and absolved their own consciences of their silence?  Or were they simply willing tools, completely unaware and lying with sincerity, not knowingly and willfully prevaricating, such as Colin Powell might be absolved for his ‘sale’ of the Iraq Weapons-of-Destruction claims to the UN?

People will want to know, “what did you know, and when did you know it?  How did you deal with it?”  Some will not be able to handle this; a team of full-time psychologists, psychiatrists, theologians, and counselors should be set up, along with citizen panels for them to report to, as the disinfectant of sunshine ripples through the entire federal government, including the Congress – who must pass the laws and face its own accountability. 

And remember; if they end up facing a firing squad or similar, they aren’t likely to even address the issue, so that’s not an option.  There should be no physical harm, including death, that comes to a person for their participation in the Cover-up, outside of murder of course.  If their actions knowingly led to the death of someone, then those who are guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The rest may find themselves placed in citizen stocks, to be jeered at while their lies are broadcast to one and all, so that they may know the beginning of penance.  At the very least, their own admissions should be notarized and published for the entire public to see.

Meanwhile the rest of us will have our work cut out for us, organizing our communities to prepare for what’s to come and to prepare for it in a world left bereft of electricity perhaps, of running water, and all manner of modern convenience.

Doing so while ensuring those that are welcomed into the survival cooperatives are indeed of a cooperative nature of their own accord will be an arduous task.  It might even be a more Herculean effort than the Greatest Generation pulled off in WWII, but that will be our destiny, as we separate into spiritually- and politically- different communities to prepare for the final phase of preparation for the shift itself.

May the Creator(s) of this Most Intelligently-Designed Renewable Earth look with favor on our endeavors.

The rest can go off muttering to themselves, words like “crazy” and “lunatic” and “nut” prominently grunted, but mark these words.* An accounting will come to pass, and it should be planned for accordingly in the calm before the storm.

*Disclaimer: Credit goes to zeta emissary Nancy Lieder and the handful of zeta authorities she converses with weekly for predictions of the coming presidential announcement; conversely, blame for the ill side-effects of the indeterminate timeline does as well.

© dondep 2013

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Bracing for the Announcement

In the face of fall-out from December  21, 2012 it’s become ever-more difficult for some people who’ve known about the coming pole-shift to maintain a sense of readiness.  The problem is exacerbated when all the doubters, who displayed only a minor sense of unease as 12/21/2012 approached but more often scoffed, are now visibly scoffing and/or condescending to those they had scoffed at.  What happened?  They all breathed a sigh of relief and in fact felt reinvigorated as they returned to feeling smugly superior in the face of all that “gloom n’ doom”.  Naturally all of us would prefer to do that, to so dismiss the concept of impending catastrophe from our thought-space, but we don’t have that luxury.  Once you figure it out, there’s no going back.  You can easily see how everything fits, almost seamlessly, but trying to explain it is like explaining an entire university’s worth of curriculum, from registration to matriculation.

The real struggle is to maintain that awareness, without depending on any timeline but knowing it’s not an abstract possibility, as some would have it.  For those of us who “know”, it’s frustrating to encounter the bewilderment some betray when confronted with the reality of chemtrails.  You can point out the tell-tale parallel lines as they’re first laid down, watch as they linger and expand to a form of “cloud”, and even occasionally you’ll get the benefit of actual contrails to compare them to, but no matter – those who don’t ‘get it’ will simply shrug their shoulders and act like there’s nothing worth talking about.

Now, in the middle of August of 2013, with December 21st, 2012 fading from the rear-view mirror and the majority of folks still blissfully unaware there was a reason behind that Mayan calendar that has yet to resolve, the signs finally point to the long-awaited (and feared) ‘Announcement’ by Mr. Obama taking place, despite his seeming unwillingness to even engage the subject.

That’s right; I said his “seeming unwillingness”.  I’m sure the subject is pre-occupying his mind, yet he does an incredible job acting to all the world like the world-view they grew up with is still firmly in place and he’s simply carrying the heavy burden of fighting for the middle-class, helping out with student loans, increasing the rights and respect of sexual minorities, and jousting with the GOP in Congress to get these and other, similar issues paid for.  Like the men who’ve gone before him in the Oval Office, his fresh swagger has slowed to a gait with more gravitas, and his hair has an appropriate amount of ‘graying’ to betray the burden of the globe on his shoulders.  We can understand that; it’s to be expected.

Yet all this time, he’s been in preparation to become the socialist dictator the right-wing has always feared, but not for the reason they think.  His dictatorship will be dictated in turn by the dictates of the transformation of the world, and how he’s expected to guide it through the near-complete destruction of the civilizations that now inhabit its surface.  How will he handle it?  How IS he handling it?  Our fate is contingent on how he does, so we’ve a right to take stock for a moment as we await his big move.

The main thing any American would want to know – and unfortunately for the international audience, he is after all an American – is very simple:  “is it true that Nibiru is real and may cause a pole-shift”.  Oh they won’t admit that in so many words, and many, many people aren’t even aware there exists such an event, but if they heard that the conditions were right for such a thing to happen – as they most certainly will with an ‘Announcement’ that a large celestial body is sitting between us and the Sun and is heading towards us though at a snail’s pace – they would want to know if the claims of a pole-shift (as described in ZetaTalk by Nancy Lieder, the emissary of the zetas) could be true.

Even as they’re thinking that question when the ‘Announcement’ commences, it’ll become apparent that this is not a subject that any leader would want to admit to the people.  It’s not even a subject I, or any other rational human who ‘knows’, would want to admit to anyone, because it’s ‘bad news’.  No-one likes bad news.   We like messages like “oh, a huge planet-sized object just passed us by, no collision, WOO-HOO!!!”.  We don’t want to be told the truth, because the truth isn’t pretty.  I’d rather play music and sing in a rock n’ roll band, like I used to do, but the truth is so over-whelming I can see why even an ostensibly ‘good’ leader like Mr. Obama has kept it from us.  While I’m  normally of the opinion he’s become so condescending and opposite of what he campaigned as, and I can barely stand listening to him intone the hollow generalities that show disrespect to many levels of his audience while it comforts and excites the levels of the least literate, I have to remove that from the equation for the moment and give him the benefit of the doubt in that he’s simply being crafty while he lines his ducks up in a row, but I still think he has the ability – nay, the responsibility – to gives us the FDR, JFK or even Reagan respect of his audience that he used to give on the 2008 campaign trail, yet he continues his bland, effort-full cool.

One such incident that betrays what may be going on behind the scenes is his recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.  Here, he tries to (some would say adroitly, others would say he’s a ‘smooth con’) justify his pouting-at-Putin by comparing the Snowden affair to some common criminal affair, such as a skyjacker or even REAL spy, would get.  Snowden is a hero to truthseekers everywhere, and the only people buying into the morality of the Get Snowden campaign are the NatInSec (National InSecurity) establishment and the highly under-educated and unaware.  You think Putin is going to go cry in his vodka, Mr. Obama?  I’ll bet the two of you will still have a meeting when you go to that big soirée the press calls G-20.  In fact, you might have even staged this whole thing in order to put your secret antagonists in the power-elite on notice you have access to everything they've ever said or even thought! Yet you continue to act as if Snowden is a common thief and needs to be punished.  I get it though; you can rant against something with gusto when you’re on the outside, but when you become  president and  join such an elite group you can’t help but defend all the things you once railed against.

That’s sad, isn’t it, Barack?  Sorry, don’t mean to sound overly-familiar.  Because in truth we’re not, despite the fact I felt a kindred spirit when I, like many other Americans and even Europeans and Africans and Asians, worked for you and supported you and gave you the spiritual and political strength to sustain you through victory.  I still feel you can show that same spirit that inspired us before as you put us all on the same page, all the while knowing that we aren’t truly as “one” people but a series of layered tribes, some moving to band together to protect their privileges and power, but most of them below that rare stratosphere and virtually clueless, because you haven’t made a peep about anything other than a tepid embrace of ‘climate change’ as a culprit, one that can be overcome by application of honest effort and technology. 

I wish you success, Mr. President, in what you’re about to do.  I know that each week that goes by without the announcement means that you must be hard at work preparing, ordering the distribution of military vehicles, provisioning of coffin liners, rooting out more hard-liners, even during your vacation.  Which by the way would be the perfect cover for gearing up to Announce.  Especially with the national holiday included!  Could it be?  Could it be true that you will finally make it happen this time?  I hope so.  (Remember it’s about a year from when you supposedly tried the first time.)  Or maybe you want to wait until something ‘big’ happens, earth-change-wise, before you step up to the plate?

Whatever this president does, after he makes the announcement of Nibiru (which he may not refer to by name, only by location and description), our reality will be forever changed.  In fact, the change that will take place will be as forceful in our relationships with others, especially within the groups we are all part of, as the physical shift will be. Many won’t accept the implications, and will go into denial.  Many, sadly, are even more predisposed to totally ignoring such talk of ‘apocalypse’.  The passing of 12/21/2012 without incident made them even more so, as mentioned above.

Yet, at the same time, in our current reality thousands upon thousands of military vehicles are quietly being shipped all over the country, to take up place among local law enforcement.

As drummer Jef Valcarcel first opined, “what’sup with that?

Not to panic anyone, but it symbolizes exactly what the best among us lay citizens would likely do were we to be given the responsibility.  We’d realize that every town might become either totally impassable or barely.  Citizens would find they can’t get out of town even if they wanted to.  The only way to do that would be to use helicopters.  Helicopters and cell phone towers will be the only way to interact with the “outside world”.  (This is the base scenario at the heart of the summer TV hit series“Under The Dome”, in which a small town is isolated and is faced with shortages of everything and open conflict between property and people, goodness and selfishness.)  At first, though, nothing will happen.

Right.  Nothing will happen, yet.  That’s why the space for the Announcement, and a follow-up yawn.  A very anxious yawn though, even for the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.

This view was influenced by the information contained in ZetaTalk, and in no way is meant to detract from her position as emissary of said Zetas.  She and they are being coy as the weeks wear on and nothing seems to be going on, but we should have enough clues.  The temporary evacuation of 20 – 24 embassies (including Pakistan, the latest entry) shows this could simply have been a ‘test run’ to ensure they could complete such a move – such as Operation Stormtide was for the Europeans in 2008.

Isn’t that what you would do?  Get your people out and safe?

Because you know it might take a good while for things to really fall apart, you’re involving your entire team, the entire executive branch spearheaded by your AG, Mr. Holder, and guided by Valerie Jarret.  Supposedly good-hearted people, but I sometimes wonder what you’re doing with drones. It’s shocking, the breadth of privacy rights you’re willing to breach, but what if it wasn’t you that was in charge?  Would we accord an “evil-doer” the same power and privilege to look into our private mail as you, sir?

Even as we know that  there won’t be anything left for an “evil-doer” to claim after we all go through this. Remember the means ARE the ends, sir.  But, you can break the Big News to us, we can take it.  We need to take it.  Now please put us all on the same page, so we can get down to it together!  I’m worried, sir, that you may be making plans for ‘invitation-only labor camps’ before we’ve been introduced to the basic reality; we would like to engage in the debate too, without presumptions made.

I know as do many others that a panic may sweep the public and for this reason, you’re seeing to it that the planned militarization of local law enforcement proceeds, and the banks are still supplied enough to pony-up in case all the depositors called it in.  That’s helpful and we can only wait and see what your plans are.  I have reservations though about your intentions these days, and for good reason.

Despite that, I want to hear a sign that will let us know an Announcement is in the offing, and what direction you expect the public to take.  Is there a waiting list for the FEMA camps, or the farming camps your Rural Council was involved with establishing?  Will that be part of the Announcement, so that once the public gets over the shock, they can reach out to someone who can help?

I’m available to assist following the official Announcement, Mr. President, but you really must stop prosecuting whistleblowers and truthseekers.  Let Ed Snowden go and let’s have the debate he sacrificed for.  No-one buys the canard that you need to tap the Russian president AND our allied leaders’ phones in order to “track terrorists”.

Good luck as you prepare to give up the Big Secret.  Remember that for every advantage you think you may get from waiting yet another week to do it, an offset is made in the price the public is going to have to pay, and the longer it takes the uglier it will get.

© dondep 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The High Cost for the Lack of Accountability

Part 2 of "Why Do The President, Congress and the Media Treat Us Like Children"

Often I hear from folks – from all walks of life, all levels of comprehension – that, in one way or another, bemoan the lack of accountability.  Mostly about accountability from the president, and the cries of frustration come from all sides of the political spectrum.

It was far worse under his predecessor, but it seems as if the current Resident is little better, though perhaps kinder, gentler, and a little darker.  Big Brother Barack, before he became the Biggest Brother in All of Humankind’s History, campaigned against the kind of surveillance that now makes him the most all-seeing Eye ever, with every crumb of life that every human creates available at his whim. (We only know this now thanks to Ed Snowden.)

Heck, while everyone was blowing off fireworks and eating scads of meat while imbibing as much alcohol as legally allowable during the holidays, Big Bro had signed into law his newest executive order, a 2,205-page document that gives him the right to seize any and all communications and the devices they occupy, if in his eyes it inflames the National Insecurity.  (Make that International Insecurity, because the flood of NSA revelations by Ed Snowden makes it abundantly clear this secretive nosiness extends into the private communication of allies and enemies alike.)  Worse, this happened over a year ago, in July 2012.  Where was the media on this?  Even the “conspiracy-aware” media?  I was even embarrassed to find out that this was from last year; apparently Alex Jones' team had uncovered it a year later, as of last week.  His finding, or perhaps it was Before Its News, or RT News, has now opened the subject up enough for us to gnaw on out here in the "blog-o-sphere".  [Note to all:  Keep an eye on and read about all the past orders that could impact you in the coming months.]

From Executive Order 13489, his first PEO signed on the day he took office (Jan. 20th, 2009) in which he gives himself and his predecessors the right of executive privilege when it comes to his and their personal records, through over 150 additional PEOs (Presidential Executive Orders), not a single one appears designed to deal with the war crimes and utterly criminal acts by the cabal operating brazenly under his predecessor’s wayward eye.   Yes, it would take an executive order that would not merely allow for but protect the office of Resident in the wake of the scale of charges that should cascade down through the court systems for those responsible for malevolently and willfully creating the housing bubble, the knowingly-false rationale for a war against Iraq, a willful malevolence in spending an unauthorized average of $10 billion a month to prosecute that war (admittedly with congressional allies that were bullied into going along with that, under threat of blackmail and worse), and complicity in allowing the events of 9/11 to take place and remain obscured, even if they were not directly responsible.

That's just the beginning, and it's not simply for political purposes that such prosecution should take place.  It would send the proper message to the public that the egregious sins of that administration should be examined (albeit quickly and efficiently, not as a witch-hunting exercise either) and a few someones prosecuted fully for their part.  Even though it will likely mean putting Bush and Cheney in the docket.

As one-time presidential candidate Michael Dukakis said, “the fish rots from the head down”, when he referred to his opponent George H.W. Bush.  The outcry over that was horrific, though nothing compared to having your ad agency tar Mr. Dukakis with the insinuation he was “soft on crime” because a rogue penitent went whacko while on leave.  The unspoken issue was “accountability”.  Not to refight that campaign, but was Mr. Bush ever held accountable for the sins of Iran-Contra?  Has anyone reviewed the evidence that the same Mr. Bush was on-the-ground and in-the-crowd at Dealey Plaza that fateful day in November ’63?  (Even LBJ was hovering in the vicinity that day, waiting to see if his cabalistic allies could pull it off….and Tricky Dick too was in the city that day, giving a speech to some Pepsi distributors.)  I won't go on; many of us will never know the full extent, though there is a body of chapter and verse that could serve as a template. Ask John Conyers, former chair of the Judiciary Committee, who wanted to do such a thing after the successful 2008 fall campaign.  But Big Bro Barack was selling the idea of "no witch-hunting" and extending so much magnanimity it seemed he was on the payroll of Kennebunkport.

Where is the accountability?

The American people, whether red-necked or blue-balled, are contemptuous of those that ‘know’ but do nothing to punish those that have committed treasonous sins.  Maybe it’s true that more Republicans than Democrats would lurch into the promised insanity due to the truth about 9/11 coming out and how Bush /Cheney wantonly plundered the national treasure in their selfish efforts to gain control of the Iraqi oilfields, but isn’t that the price to pay, for having kept the masses stupid and blind?  Average citizens can be excused for having bought the Big Lies from those perps, because they were dieting on spicy jingoism and arrogant paranoia, but who served it to ‘em?  The master manipulators of media, the owners and controllers of the television and radio networks that bring you hatemongers and comical squawk-boxes for your morning drive-time…..that’s who.

So over the first decade of this century, watching the Resident shrug his shoulders and strut stupidly on the world stage as he bid his time for the poleshift he and his supervisor, Big Dick and their entire cabal had planned for when they seized the presidency in 2000, the People – left-wing and right-wing alike – learned from their example about how not to be accountable.  “The Buck Stops Here” was tossed aside for “What Buck? I haven’t seen a Buck and if I did, I was Only Following Orders”. 

Corporations are the real birthplaces of this new philosophy of unaccountability.  In the corporate world, where no job is safe from termination, no-one has any incentive to take responsibility…..except at the end of the fiscal year, when the most aggressive and corrupt corporations have produced a fake “surplus”, which then goes right into the pockets of the CEOs and the directors, as “bonuses”.  In some cases, a single bonus for one executive for one year could have paid for the entire health-care costs for every single employee for that year.  We all know what a sham this system is, yet everyone – from the Resident on down – still gives it lip service, without doing much to change things.

While I could go on about this state of affairs, most readers know of what I speak, as they see in their own environment how this philosophy of “lack of accountability” has taken root.  “Not my fault!” is the mantra.  True; whose fault is it that the entire production base of America has slowly been shipped overseas, so that now China is the most productive and industrious nation on earth and the one growth field in the US is health-care, for the aging population?  Must we wait until Americans are willing to work for the wages Bangladeshis make, on average, to set the situation aright?

No, it’s no one individual’s fault; point at a particular person and they’ll truthfully answer “not my fault!”.  Now, someone like Bain Capital?  It could be argued they were very instrumental, knowing the fall-out from the advice they gave their clients to move production overseas, but what if we had laws in place that said “if you take these jobs away to give to other countries, you have to make arrangements for your workers;  either retrain them for other jobs, or fund new companies to hire them, or pay for them to go back to school".  Where is our FDR for our times?  Where is the urgent need for experimentation to take care of displaced workers?  Where is the investment in repairing the infrastructure of the nation, much of it built during the New Deal under Roosevelt?  With as many bridges going out, and the planned-for New Madrid in the offing, one would think something would be underway, other than the plethora of sprouting wind-turbine farms.

We don’t see that because the majority of those in the power elite know what’s coming, and despite knowing economic activity could act as the rising tide to “lift all boats”, they aren’t investing, they’re hoarding.  No, it’s not because they dislike Obama – which they do – but because it’s been proven that virtually no tax breaks for the wealthy that are merely based on hope the savings will be used to invest in economic activity that will give jobs to the citizenry has ever proved itself.  Not unless those monies are taken in by a higher authority and THEN invested in jobs will the desired effect manifest. 

Why is this?  Because the goal of acquiring wealth, for most of the wealthy, is acquiring MORE wealth and power, NOT to create jobs (with a reasonable profit for the investor of course; we’re not stupid here) in the home country.  Yet, as the game I co-created has shown, the winners are those that realize they can’t truly win unless they provide for the poor sheeple on the bottom.  Some players, upon first learning the game, exhibit this strange behavior in which they race to get their most powerful pieces to the goal….rarely stopping long enough to realize they can’t win unless they shepherd the most unfortunate low-level pieces to the goal first, before the higher levels can exit gracefully and then win. 

So it is in life, in this economy, in these “end-of-times”, as the poleshift looms; in fact, it’s always been this way.

Although the litany is long and torturous (I’m talking about the crimes of both commission and omission), the ‘interested few’ that are truly concerned about surviving and even thriving through the coming madness should do their utmost to hold both their elected leaders and their corporate bosses accountable for their missteps, and even before that, their own. 

With grace and humility. 

(And sometimes a twinkle in the eye, too… can be done, Mr. President.)

Otherwise, tens or even possibly hundreds of thousands of former military vehicles are going to be used on the streets of every American town and city of any size, because those ‘in the know’ are dragging their feet on coming clean, all out of fear…..because they have never been held accountable, and fear the worst.  As well they should.

This could have been prevented, to the degree it's going to be implemented, if only the government had come clean early on, when they knew.  Instead of hiding behind the lowest IQs in the population, out of fear, because of what their beloved Brookings Institution advised, back in 1958.  

Just say no to the tyranny of stupidity; even the ignorant will thank you for it, if you would only tell the truth.

Meanwhile, watch the musical chairs continue, as no-one wants to be in the “hot-seat” when it happens……oh, wait, there goes another one just now; wasn’t that the head of DHS, the Dept. of Homeland Security?  Oh yes it was, it was!  Janet Napolitano; now she’s off to head the California college system……whew, close one, Janet!  Glad you could get out in time! 

© 2013 dondep

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Tyranny of Stupidity vs. Fear of Panic

or "Why Do the President and the Congress and the Media Treat Us Like Children"

As the official announcement from Obama admitting to the presence of Nibiru nearby looms, the argument crystallizes: does the Establishment continue to play stupid, and play up to the ignorance of the population they’ve kept that way for eons, or do they embrace the facts and actually make an effort to undo their unwittingly malevolent handiwork in order to mitigate the potential for public panic?

Ever since the power-elite of Earth learned of the pending poleshift (sometime in 1941, perhaps as late as January 1942, and most definitely in February 1954 at Muroc Airfield), they have brooded and pondered how to keep this fact a secret from the common folk, the better to exploit them in the process.  One clue, for those new to “conspiracy-awareness”, is Dick Cheney’s famous line about how “deficits don’t matter”.  Was it any wonder that a cabal of right-wingers whose mantra was always “fiscal responsibility” chose to accept  such an explosive concept without questioning it?  Not if you knew that no-one would be around to repay said deficit, after the poleshift wipes out 90% of humanity.  Knowing that, they felt they could spend our progeny’s inheritance, and the current surplus, on their ‘Fortress America’ toys, their underground bunker systems (for their own safety and comfort, NOT the poor taxpayers who funded them), their Star Wars weapons systems, their plans for Total Information Surveillance (the better to keep an eye on potential malcontents like Ed Snowden who could undermine their entire paranoid system), and do so by continuing to hide behind the jingoism that’s always the last refuge of scoundrels.

The reason our current elites continue to oppress the common good with a level of ignorance equivalent to the average comprehension of 13-year-olds is because of their fear of the panic that could result from making their awareness of the true scope of our reality a common awareness, by using mass media to educate the populace of Earth truthfully in what they know.  Are the attendees at the annual Bilderberg conferences quietly rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of enslaving humans in outright servitude, in shackles and chains, simply because they’re secretly sadists that are intent on outright and public cruelty to the masses of humans below them on the economic scale?  No!  Of course not, though many ARE secretly “satanic” in that they wish to profit from the stupidity of the common folk they continue to exploit day after day as they have over the centuries.  Many of the rich folks who meet every year do so not out of idealistic desire to serve the Greater Good, but out of Fear of Panic as to how to manage the approach to the apocalypse, fearing what would happen if word truly got out as to what’s coming.  How would they sell 30-year mortgages?  Even 4-year automobile loans?  Beachfront property?  Sure, there are people who wouldn’t mind entering into such deals even once they knew, and some will never accept being told the truth anyway, preferring to live life as they always have and watch the final moments from a lawnchair in their front yard guzzling their favorite booze.  But common sense – furthered by the findings of the Brookings Institution beginning in 1958 – tells them that most would likely panic once the truth is admitted to from behind a public podium. 

Which is why they don’t want anything of the kind coming from behind a public podium.
Colorful characters, wild-eyed obsessives, prophetic profiteers, messianic minstrels and the like?  Sure!  Those types can shout, scream, and shriek like Chicken Littles from any given street corner, and the more the better (for them, or so the thinking goes).  Why not?  As each new “date” comes and goes, the more the population is inured to the possibility, the plausibility, the probability.  Flood the movie-houses and the living rooms with tales of evil extra-terrestrials, and the public will gobble it up – so long as it’s all fun n’ fiction.  UFOs n’ aliens, what a combo!  Hollywood has thrived on them, even as they’ve been given insight into the truth by the planetary potentates who are truly ‘in the Know’ about pending events.  Will it be Life Imitating Art, or Pulp Fiction immanentizing the eschaton, as some in Majestic would have it?

Majestic has already left the building for the bunkers, and turned over the keys to their young ‘uns, who can scarcely be blamed for the acts of their forefathers.  Those same individuals, now-gnarly old men whose fear of public panic kept them from raising the level of discourse to the admission of their interactions with “non-human beings”, and the acts they undertook to keep the vast populations of Earth clueless, or endlessly musing about lights in the sky, or furtive tales of abduction and other types of “close encounters”, need to be brought to the bar of accountability to their earthly charges – gently.  It won’t do any good to execute them, or flay them alive, or even imprison them beyond the prisons they already built for themselves, even though those punishments might be tempting.  No, they need to be able to tell it “like it was”, so that the Average Television Viewer can understand that had they been in those positions, they too might have made the same decisions. 

There, but for the grace of God, they would have gone too.

© dondep 2013

DISCLAIMER:  References to "Obama announcement" courtesy of ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder, continuously attempting to bamboozle the elite while discounting the effects on the 'common man'.

Have Phone, Will Shoot:


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snowden Happens – It’s What Happens When Leaders Lie and Spy

It should have come as no surprise, no surprise at all, to the pitifully paranoid planetary potentates quivering fearfully at the helm of the National (In)Security Agency and its private owner Booz Allen, that Snowden happened when it did. 

The firm spawning Snowden, BAH, is the real culprit; just look at what the acronym represents.  Booz Allen Hamilton was famously the lair from which sprang John ‘Mike’ McConnell, a/k/a “Dadmiral”, in the days when John (who was also known as MJ-1, or simply “J”) was head of the most secretive human collective ever known – Majestic 12, or as it’s more popularly known, MJ-12.  His current successor as DNI (that would be Director National Intelligence, or DNI) has also come from Booz Allen – James Robert Clapper.  And before there was the first DNI, there were the DCIs, (Directors Central Intelligence, or as we know them publicly, CIA Directors), among which was James Woolsey, yet another alumnus of Booz Allen.

Simply put, Booz Allen is the private portal behind which lurk the real controllers of the government.  For those familiar with the movie “The Truman Show”, starring Jim Carrey,
Booz Allen can be likened to the elevator in which Truman rides everyday on his way to work, the back wall of which serves as the door to the studio world behind the scenes.  Or the curtain behind “The Wizard of Oz”, behind which lurks the old man directing the great Oz.  Dog Toto was Snowden in his day; Snowden happens when a hero is called for, like the little boy in “The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes” who points out what everyone has either known or suspected for a long time – the emperor really isn’t wearing any clothes.  Even if he wasn't, the problem isn't clothing-optional, but pretending to be something you're not, and not being able to sell the public on the reason why.

Perhaps they’ve been doing it for so long and with such impunity they actually thought they had a right to an all-pervasive ‘signals intelligence’ that encompasses every waking thought and movement of every citizen that has the power to muster an argument against such a nosy and paranoid government.  Why are they so nosy, anyway?  What are they so afraid of?  It certainly isn’t the threat of a handful of mad male zealots, since 9/11 was proven to be a pack of lies, and if that’s all it takes to cause the world’s greatest democracy to roll up its Constitution and wipe its butt in the backrooms with it, then what kind of Freedom and Liberty are we fighting for anyway?  One in which billions of taxpayer dollars go to pay for profitable contracts to guarantee private oversight (read: nosiness, or ‘sticking your nose into everyone’s business and especially their private lives’) by the elite, who – if and when the truth becomes known – are afraid of what the more intelligent segments of the clueless intelligentsia will do when they learn the painful truth about our pending future.  Corporatized paranoia.  Institutional fear. Fear and loathing of the common man, who funds their schemes and will likely be rewarded with martial law when the Announcement comes.

But before I start calling for the accountability of these men for whom death would be too good a penalty, let me also point out that not only is Booz Allen guilty of worse than Snowden could ever dream of in his idealistic manner, their masters are even worse.  BAH! Booz Allen is a majority-owned subsidiary of The Carlyle Group, a group of greedy partners whose principals include George H.W. ‘Poppy’ Bush, Frank Carlucci (a thug from the Reagan era who was behind many of the executive orders legalizing the Coverup), James Baker III, another Reagan-Bush thug, though practiced at the art of deceiving common folk into thinking he’s a likable and non-partisan type, and John Major, former prime minister of the UK.  Clearly, The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen are organizations in which the elite band together and affect government policy, while taxing the public to pay for it all.  They think they are entitled to know every crumb of data outlining our lives, from our taste in food, sex, politics to our hobbies, habits and beliefs.

Another day we’ll talk about the secret societies these people flock to at ceremonial moments at night, to consume vast quantities of cognac and fine cigars and commingle with sexual playmates of every taste and perversion, but for now I’m talking about the organization they tend to cluster about during the day – the boardrooms of no-bidding contracts, the boardrooms of Booz Allen that hire expensive underlings like Ed Snowden who, thankfully, had more courage than greed to his name. 

Many people probably don’t even know that Ed Snowden wasn’t even a government employee; many I find think that he was employed by the NSA itself.  They don’t realize how intermingled the agencies are with their erstwhile contractors, such as Booz Allen.  They’re still awed by the $122,000 annual salary Snowden gave up, even if it isn’t the $200,000 figure Booz Allen spokesmen jumped on when they objected to how he had characterized his job there.  So what?  What’s important is that he gave it up so that we could hopefully all – as in, America – have a fulsome debate on whether this all-encompassing surveillance is even constitutional, let alone whether the majority might like having their rights to privacy so trampled upon.  Just because millions of dimbulbs are only using their phone to order pizza and plan a rendezvous with their lover, doesn’t mean that others aren’t talking about sensitive matters that, if known by their carefree neighbors, would cause them to shriek in horror.  In fact, that brings us to what the fear is, what’s really behind the paranoia to begin with.

To answer that, one has to know what the true purpose was behind the creation of the NSA, or National (In)Security Agency.  Aliens.  Yes, that’s right; aliens.  Many different species, especially the ones from the Zeta Reticuli star system that were given the contracts for rebuilding/restoring the human race post-poleshift; those in particular had to report all humans they were abducting (though only those whose soul volunteered for the mission to help parent the new hybrid race were actually used) for purposes of using their genetic material.  For those new to this fact, read “Above Black:  Project Preserve Destiny”, by Sgt. Dan Sherman.  Read it thoroughly.  Sherman was an actual participant in receiving alien communications regarding specific humans that were being abducted, even going so far as to use nicknames like Spock and Bones to name the unseen entities he communicated telepathically with while on various military bases during his stint in the project, under cover of the US Air Force.

So, you see, even though Snowden happened because of the wanton surveillance of millions upon millions of average Americans, the real purpose of the NSA is to keep tabs on alien contacts with humans, and also the many humans who have been adjudged to be potential risks to “domestic tranquility” as the Announcement goes forward, because with the admission that Nibiru or Planet X (or Wormwood as the Catholics would have it, or Hercolobus as Latinos know it) is in the inner solar system will come an increased interest in the extraterrestrial presence and how much it interacted with human authorities during the Coverup.  Many humans simply won’t be able to handle the information, and it’s due to this fear that the authorities are prepared to keep them from flying, hence the “no-fly lists”.  And it won’t simply be the fear of them in the air; the FBI and other domestic law-enforcement agencies are convinced that many militia-type groups will reanimate, their raison d’etre suddenly springing to life as the Announcement changes reality as we know it in preparation for the poleshift.

So, pity the likes of the elite who have kept the Coverup going on for decades, and who have lied so much they can barely see the logic of having to observe the privacy rights of the citizenry.  Pity them as they shiver in arrogant fear, waiting to jump in their hidey-holes; how many readers would have acted any differently over the course of their lives, given the same choices?  The reality is they've acted just like the spoiled, greedy children many of us might act like too, were we in their shoes.

For that matter, how many readers would have acted the same as Ed Snowden?  Who among us has the courage to willingly give up a six-figure salary and a cushy job environment in Hawaii?  For a life to be spent either in hiding, never to go back home, or one in which he would certainly be imprisoned and/or assassinated?

Information is Power.

Snowden Happens because whenever power has corrupted, (and the history of Booz Allen and The Carlyle Group show how much corruption has been involved with those firms in this century alone; just read their Wiki pages, kids: and, heroes are called for to balance the evil, and courage is a scarce commodity when compared to the temptations of money (and a home in Hawaii).  So just when you think there’s no hope for transparency in the world of tomorrow, remember the story still unfolding before the world this summer solstice of 2013:

Snowden Is Happening.

Don't let his sacrifice be in vain; let your displeasure and disappointment be known.   Seriously.  Write your congressman and your senators.  Tell them its about time they come clean; if there was ever a "come to Jesus" moment to begin the dismantling of the Coverup, this is as good a place as any to start.

© 2013 dondep

Saturday, May 18, 2013

If ZetaTalk Is So Accurate, Why Do the Zetas Have To Lie?

By now, most of you who know me know that my ‘story’ has been intertwined with both the saga of Dan Burisch and the history (I don’t feel that ‘saga’ is the right word here) of ZetaTalk, and if not, you can simply go to and read for yourself.  Read deeply, if you haven’t done so, because it tells you most of what you need to know to be aware and prepare for the coming poleshift, and why this event overshadows everything else in our collective future.  Even better, you may have already come to discover much of what ZetaTalk will tell you, through independent sources.

It also tells you, among many accurate predictions, a number of inaccurate ones, including one very infamous one known as the “White Lie of May 2003”, in which the zetas predicted the poleshift would occur at that time.  Many with short attention spans flocked to that site then, only to find that the date was a fake-out, which could have occurred due to the speed of the incoming ‘brown dwarf’ known to the ancients as Nibiru, also known to moderns as ‘Planet X’.  It was a lie that was a trap, a trap that had been set years ago in order to force the hand of bad powerful humans such as George H. W. Bush and his minions to steal the presidency of the U.S., in order to be at the helm of political power at the time of the expected poleshift.  Had that bunch of thugs known it would take place after 2012, they would likely never have seized power at the time and in the manner they did.  As it was, despite having to steal the White House a second time and in much the same manner, the thugs of Poppy and cronies left it ignominiously in the wake of the collapse of Wall St. as the Second Great Depression dawned.

Because the presidency was stolen in 2000, and with the Committee of the Majority (and its American nucleus Majestic 12) formed largely from positions that are known publicly in other guises, such as the chairmen of the Federal Reserve – financial power; the Joint Chiefs – military power; the directors of the intelligence community, including the CIA and the NSA, and other executives that guide the ships of state for the global power elite,  the zetas (the ones who describe themselves as Service To Other, and chose Nancy Lieder as their emissary) discontinued their relationship with them.  That’s according to them.  According to the misleading story put out by the elements of Majestic that communicated with me, there were two separate treaty systems with alleged zetas (and other extraterrestrials) that were renewed every nine years.  It’s unclear to me even today if one or both of them have effectively ended once the Committee of the Majority became defunct in 2003 if not at the end of 2000.  The zetas of ZetaTalk claim that they no longer offered the travel service to Majestic they once had, prior to 2000.  Was that a lie?  Is that the reason why Majestic’s alleged successor Sion had to issue special passports to their members, to more easily move across national borders to accomplish their hidden tasks?  Or was that just a hoaxed document given to me?  In any event, the fact is that W. Bush left the White House in January 2009, without presiding over the poleshift and unable to lord it over Babylon as a king.  Zetas score 1, ultra-right human power elite score 0.

While there were further taunting “hints” that the poleshift would occur soon after May 2003, frustrating the elite, the only things to occur were the gradual escalation of earthquakes, melting polar ice-caps, increasing albinism in the animal kingdom, shoring up the bulwarks of the bankrupt financial system by soaring real-estate values, hiding the M3 money supply, increasing exposure of the corruption of the religious control system headed by the Vatican, and other assorted phenomena…….that had all been predicted by the Zetas, to a greater or lesser degree.  And always, but always, the ever-present “Element of Doubt”.  Was the Earth really wobbling….was Planet X really approaching….were the elite really stocking up their bunkers and preparing to spring martial law on the unsuspecting public?  There were many signs that indeed they were, signs this writer witnessed with his own eyes.  Of course, when “hiding in plain sight”, such things can be dismissed with a wave of the hand.  Or can they?

Days and weeks and months went by after May, 2003.  Years, even.  Children were conceived, birthed, and learned to walk and talk in the meantime.  Some pre-pubescent kids who read the White Lie when it was still fresh from the colon went on to graduate, marry and conceive more kids in the interim.  Some couples who had prepared for the shift went on to split up, re-couple, rise to fame, fall to ignominy, and many even died while awaiting the truth of the zetas claim of a looming poleshift.

Then, in late 2010, the zetas made a startling claim:  a water-mark of “7 of 10” (10 being the poleshift itself) would occur “before the end of the year [2010]”, which soon became “10 to 15 weeks” early in 2011, but as of mid-2013, a full two years later, the promised  tectonic plate movements have yet to occur.  Oh, there is indeed marginal (relatively) flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia and Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, the Phillipines and Myanmar, not to mention many other South Pacific islands.  This time, there has been no claim of a “White Lie”; the only explanation offered is that the Council of Worlds has “slowed the pace”, so that the Coverup can be unraveled and the common man told the truth.  To bolster this claim, strange metal ‘boxes’ are found lining the shores of the west coast of the US, from Washington state to northern California.  And these are only those that have been allowed to be seen by human populants.  Allegedly many more are lining the trenches of the Pacific, to deaden the tectonic plate folding that’s occurring so rapidly (allegedly).  One large earthquake, with accompanying tsunami of sufficient magnitude as to rate as belonging to the series of “7 of 10”, did in fact occur in early 2011, but appeared as a “stand-alone” event, despite the major devastation that was caused.’

Now, or rather last summer of 2012, the zetas have claimed that Obama has lifted the Reagan-era security edicts that promised death to any signer of the National Security Oath, which includes all NASA employees and many in the military, particularly those with access to records of a classified nature.  They also claimed that Mr. Obama would make the long-awaited announcement to the public of the reality of “Planet X” and the likelihood of the resulting poleshift.  This zeta announcement, regarding an official announcement by the president of the US, using the Emergency Alert System, was to take place at first in early September 2012.  Allegedly heads of state worldwide wanted it to take place on the weekend, mainly so the financial markets would avoid being too  impacted, and also because they wanted the US to be able to explain it first, plead for forgiveness for having lied so long, and take it on the chin and the egg in face for having done so.  Then, according to the zetas and their emissary, foot-draggers from among the elites, the media and the military soon exposed themselves as moles for the Coverup, and had to be extricated.  Generals and admirals and captains and commanders fell like dominoes, led by the most famous and powerful – CIA director and former Gen. Petraeus – and General Allen, on track to move from commanding US forces in Afghanistan to heading NATO military operations.  Good-sized chunks of army and navy brass were to go down mired in adulterous sex scandals (a crime in the officer ranks of the military) and in some cases simple corruption, misuse of military assets for personal gains; the usual fodder for those that side with the Coverup.

The "pending" announcement is still, nearly a year later in mid-May 2013, pending.  Heck, it's been "pending" since the Roswell event of 1947, let alone Sept. 2012.  (It could even happen tomorrow; in fact, it's likely to.  Well, maybe next week.  Or the week after.  But...."soon".  See how that works?)

Meanwhile, out of sight of most of the public, thousands of bank presidents and CEOs resigned from the most powerful banks and financial institutions that had benefited from the bailouts.  The Coverup and bailouts worked hand in hand as their mad schemes to hoard are laid waste and their selfishness exposed to public ridicule, even as the resignation of one pope and the conclave for the next took place in front of billions worldwide – at the same time as their institution agreed to settle a lawsuit against one of their number, Archbishop Mahoney of Los Angeles, to the tune of over $10 million dollars.  Imagine; all those rich cardinals getting in and out of expensive limousines and dressed in odd adornment (some would say almost satanic, with mostly black capes and red socks and sashes) while the collection plates they pass on Sundays are going to pay such huge sums for abuses by priests against little boys.  Many conversations going on around the average dinner table probably talk about this multiple-personality disorder in the media, where on one hand their job is usually to reflect the excitement at rare events like the naming of a pope, and on the other hand, dig up the widespread dirt about pedophilia among the priesthood. 

Alas….and aside from such prurient interests as priestly pedophilia (not to forget the infamous “Bunga Bunga” parties thrown by the Italian ex-prime minister Berlusconi, during which young girls dressed as nuns performed lewdly while stripping to their dainties, as attested to this week in May by the mysterious Moroccan beauty Ruby, under-aged at the time of her, ahem, ‘performances’), we have countless other signs that the erudite and knowledgeable few can recognize as ‘ushering the elite to the exits’.  How many senators and congressmen have offered their resignations in recent years?  Considering how much money they strive to accumulate getting in, why the rush to get out?  Why are celebrities buying luxury submarines, when in years past they would go for run-of-the-mill yachts?  Why is one – director James Cameron – so interested in using his to explore the bottom of the Pacific, if not to verify if the ZetaTalk claim about the folding Pacific plates is true?  The list goes on and on, for every week this ZetaTalk comes out with answers (many of them over the years in response to my own questions) that seem indisputable.

Yet we are left with the unfortunate sense that these same Zetas have continuously misled their audience. (I decline to use their term “fans”; was I a “fan” of my teachers when in school?  The word seems so trite, considering we’re discussing the end of Homo Sapiens as we’ve known them.)  The average, not to mention not-so-average, reader is left with the sensation that the poleshift is so near in our future as to render most of our dreams moot.  What was that cringe-worthy Who song that W. Bush mangled?  “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you.  Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”  The original of course was “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  The problem is that while many in the general public generally follow that advice, those behind the Cover-up know that this isn’t simply something they can walk away from.  “IT” is coming, whether the Zetas keep some of us on the edge of our seats or not.  It’s like learning to live with the Bomb, but with far greater consequences.

The simple fact is that Homo Sapiens is scheduled for extinction, though not all at once.  The replacement “flesh-suit” for souls, as represented by the generation of Zeta-human hybrids (what I call Homo Zeta-Reticulus) waiting in the wings for the mass fatalities will take time to populate the newly-cleansed post-poleshift Earth, sharing the planet in the interim with millions of present-day earthlings who will [allegedly] be unable to repopulate as they had in the previous poleshift.  In fact, it’s always been thus; Homo Neanderthalis stuck around for awhile before finally becoming extinct in the era of Cro-Magnon man, or Homo Sapiens Sapiens as the academics prefer to call them.

What does that have to do with why the Zetas appear to ‘lie’?  Everything.  Our shepherds for this poleshift care not about the survival of Homo Sapiens, because they’re responsible for managing the replacement species and making sure our current human overlords don’t destroy this world with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  The ‘meek’ shall assuredly inherit the earth, and they aren’t made up of the likes of the chief executives of Goldman-Sachs, General Electric and Monsanto.  Yes, they can make sure that those most grievously affected by their misleading lies (intended for the well-connected elites, who have access to Ultra-Umbra and Cosmic levels of secrecy) are taken care of individually, but as a whole, the present-day human power elites are destined for the dustbin, pure and simple.  Which is quite all right with many who struggle at the bottom, or in the Third World, or on the margins, subject to the whims of the powerful.  Yes, even the barest existence will be a struggle post-shift, but at least they won’t have to labor under the incessant lies and the tyranny of stupidity and selfishness they’ve quietly co-existed with for thousands of years.  For that new dawn they’ll be grateful, and the lies the Zetas have had to spin for years now to bamboozle the powerful seem a small price to pay to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to survive, if they so wish.

© 2013 dondep

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Late, Great Race of Homo Sapiens – On a Delayed Schedule for Destruction

Some time ago, before the negotiations began with Majestic for that small step of Disclosure known as “Form 255 – Request To Admit” of April 2005, entered into the record of the Federal Court of Canada via case #IMM-7622-04, I was engaged in correspondence with a member of the Committee of the Majority – one “COMMAJ17”.  While I was trying to determine which “side” he was on (it seemed Majestic was always encouraging this view that they were locked in some kind of titanic struggle against the luciferian  Illuminati, which was mostly European while they were either American or British), we had this exchange.  The queries and comments I put to him are in purple:

You have been told in detail, from previous leakers, the truth regarding the conflict between the two world financial powers, the so called "Maji" and the "Illuminati".  
When I'm told that the "Illuminati" are bent on the destruction of the human race, and that they are allied with the 'rogue' J-Rods, this doesn't resonate at all.  In fact, it smells. 

The so called "rogue jrods" want the better part of mankind dead.  They will see themselves as justified through those means.  The illuminati want nothing more than power to continue the financial enslavement of mankind.  The Illuminati believe they can ensure this by their cooperation with the "rogue jrods." 
I know that Gus Weiss, Sir Kevin (could that be you?), Lord H-N, etc, did not arrive at their station in public life as avowed devotees of the destruction of humanity.  At the present time, it appears that the only distinction between the 'Illumes' and the 'Maj' are that the former are European and the latter American.  Can you dissuade us of this view? 

Aside from the few, with whom hearts are maintained, there is no great distinction.  Perhaps the alliance between extraterrestrial groups may be the greatest divide.

Some time later, in that same email…..

For the record, even if I am once again conversing with PD or should I say SKT, it would not surprise or offend me.  I simply need to confirm that we are not being supplied with yet another 'compartmentalized' cover-story. 

Am I allied with mankind?  Absolutely I am, and for the present day form of it.  I have never subscribed to any notion of our future being anything other than what we can make of it - starting at this moment, for every moment.  I can protest that I am not supplying a cover story, but only you and those being made aware of our conversations can make their own decisions about them.  New books come and go, but these powers over society haven't; they have been here ever since there was society.

And again, in the same email of March 8, 2005:

To that end; what you said about the division of the ETs resonates.  There is still a disconnect in my mind between the paradigm that these 'patriots' that have provided me with information hold fast to, which includes a belief in the honesty of Nancy Lieder, or at the least a  2012-version similar in nature.  If she is being truthful in what she is relaying, then the 2012 stargate activation scenario is disinfo. 

I personally know little of Ms. Lieder.  As for the stargates, the "rogue jrods" will use anything at their disposal to attempt a pushing of mankind over the edge, right about the 2012 time.  They will use the gates, if available, the atmosphere, the oceans, and whatever else over which they can attempt control.  It matters not to them how we fail, so long as we do.  They would quite simply infiltrate their own society with the correct historical revisionist information. 

If the jrods she refers to as STS are the signers of the recent treaty, then that means that her zetans are either not jrods but still zetans, or that they are the ones known as the 'rogue jrods'. 

Some at that particular treaty were "rogue jrods", which is exactly why I presume Dr. Burisch pulled his fast one on them, regarding the "Lotus Crystal Genesis Model". 

In which case, a whole new scenario needs to be clarified.  The recent treaty, {the Tau-9 Treaty Conference for the Preservation of Humanity –ed.} then; which factions signed it?  And who is the 'future human authority' that also takes part? 

The infitrate "rogues" with their jrod counterparts, and the Tall Whites sat with the open "rogues" as the future component representatives.  Members of the Maji, the Illuminati, and the highest officials of the United Nations were present. 

Does Dan really know that X is in the inner solar system? 

I believe that Dr. Burisch is aware that an energy vortex has entered the vicinity of our solar system, and that several have simultaneously erupted near the centre of our galaxy.  It is from that predicted vortex that the winged planet will come.  This is only adjunct with the 2012 issues.  Flashcoms concerning energy disruptions, including the ionospheric ones presently disrupting the AM band worldwide, always include his name in the list.  Dr. Burisch has a generous ability to play the shocked child always in wonder, but he is one of the more connected black operators in the entire history of such pursuits.
This, of course, because of his connection to the history of history.

At the time, the truth of what he said didn’t really register as it has more recently.  Even the allegedly “STO” (Service-To-Other) zetas of ZetaTalk have shown themselves to be dissemblers if not outright liars.  While it has been evident to many of us that the essential elements of the ZetaTalk message are true, it’s also evident (at this date of January, 2013 anyway) that they – and/or Nancy Lieder herself, which is highly doubtful – have intentionally lied about the time-frame in which the important stages of the pole-shift are to occur.

For those not keeping score, living their human lives as fully as they should in blissful ignorance (and the rest of us would like to, if only we could), we have the infamous “White Lie of May 2003”, at which time the pole-shift was to occur.  Due to this prediction, the rebellious puppet George H.W. ‘Poppy’ Bush made a successful effort to steal the presidency in 2000, so that his sub-puppet son “W” could be installed and assure the power elite aligned with him that they could seize the oilfields of the middle-east and reign as “kings of the After-Time”.  They would also be able to insure that the movements and needs of the hoi poloi would not be an issue, as they planned to lock them up in the cities and FEMA camps and left to fend for themselves while they ran off to their hidey-holes.

When matters did not occur as the zetas had originally stated, the Bush forces held on and tried to secure their grip on power, but as with many other human endeavors, the passage of time loosened their hold and erased their aspirations.  Their vain attempts to maintain – primarily via the machinations behind the ‘housing bubble’, the derivatives markets and monetization of virtually every transaction known to humanity, and manipulation of the money supply – ended in the crash of 2008 and the subsequent loss of the White House and the perks that came with it, such as control of the US military. 

However, the new president didn’t seem very interested, and still doesn’t, in a full accounting of the treasonous criminality of his predecessor.  While it may have been seen as overly ‘partisan’ to do so, and despite the seeming magnanimity of allowing those thugs to walk freely, the public’s collective consciousness demands an accounting and the lack of one has been funneling much of the hope engendered during the 2008 presidential campaign into a vortex of suspicion of all government.  Obama is now seen as just as much a puppet as Bush, beholden to the same corporate interests, and insulting the intelligence of the more activist wings of the electorate.  FDR he is not, and the prospects for any “fireside chat” bedside manner to matriculate are slim to none, despite the gravity of the situation.  (Pun only now intended.)

Why is any of this important, to the present discussion?  How is this connected to the idea that mankind (at least its present form of it) is about to become obsolete? Because the primary causation behind the pole-shift is the idea of a cyclical “house-cleaning”, similar to a tide washing over all the sand-castles the kids have built on the beach.  ‘God’, if you want to use that term, created a built-in safety valve in his most intelligent design of the universe.   It doesn't take long for a 3D world to grow a sentient race, once it’s planted (the genetic engineers that gave us the Adam & Eve scenario).  Within the few millennia between pole-shifts (allegedly 3,657 years, on average) it takes for them to advance in their awareness and intelligence to the point where we arrived at the dawn of our electronic age, they discover enough nuclear secrets to theoretically destroy their planet and nearby elements of their local solar system. 

That’s okay, because they – we – weren’t intended to stick around all that long.  Our fleshly earth-bodies only last 79.8 years on average before they expire.  Then they’re recycled and we get a new one, if we’re lucky and don’t get shipped off to an even more hellish prison-planet.  Hopefully, within a few hundred or thousand life-times, we get to the point where we’re ready to graduate to a higher density or move on to other worlds, with a set spiritual orientation we’ve earned the hard way. 

Homo Sapiens was an advancement over its predecessor, Neanderthal man, and before that Cro-Magnon man.  It will be succeeded by the Homo Reticulis model of mankind, so coined to denote the human-zeta hybrid model of humankind the zetas behind ZetaTalk claim to have built as a result of the many “alien abductions” of the ‘70s,‘80s and ‘90s.  The new caretakers of Earth have no interest in maintaining the continued existence of Homo Sapiens; not even the allegedly Service-To-Other zetas that have been busy building hybrids so that the “meek (hybrids) will inherit the earth”.  That doesn't mean they’re malevolently gunning to murderously mow them down, but the Earth’s ecosystem is being carefully guarded by the zetas not for the late, great Homo Sapiens but for the new sentient soul-containers that will roam the earth, beginning in the new high-tech dome cities spoken of in ZetaTalk. 

There are allegedly sufficient numbers of hybrids now that no more are under construction, or rather undergoing laboratory growth; according to what the ‘Council of Worlds’ has agreed to, there must be enough not only for the incoming zeta souls that are to get their second chance on the post-pole-shift Earth, but also for the numbers of selfless (again, “Service-To-Other”) terran-born souls that will be allowed to reincarnate back here in the new model, while the rest of us are either shipped off to the Orion star system to continue our spiritual lessons on a water world where the sentient life form is a type of octopus, or to hellish prison-planets for the selfish and evil, populated by like-minded selfish souls where the likes of the Hitler, Stalin, and Dick Cheney flourish.

Nancy and the zetas behind ZetaTalk have given several other time-frame predictions that have often altered the plans of many humans in the power elite, predictions that have never come to fruition – at least not yet.  Does that mean they are liars, or evil?  No.  Whereas the “White Lie of May 2003” {see } was admittedly a brilliant ploy to sucker-punch the selfish human establishment, the “7 of 10” that was to happen at the end of 2010 had no such explanation.  Worse, the claim that an announcement had been taped in September of 2012 again misled many humans.  Now, more than 4 months later, with no announcement on the horizon, is it any wonder why many humans are crying “Liar!” at Nancy and the zetas? 

Sadly, I know that eventually there will be an announcement; Mr. Obama has been assured his re-election, which has been certified, verified, validated, registered and recorded ad nauseum, yet he makes nary a mention of anything remotely connected with the pending poleshift.  How could this be?  Does he simply not care?  Is he afraid of Nancy Lieder appearing as the “tail that wagged the dog”?  Is he afraid to disrupt the tyranny of stupidity mankind has been laboring under for so long?  Are the “masses of asses” to continue setting the agenda because of the fear of disrupting their naivety? Even if the events of Sandy Hook took place as the establishment media has claimed, it’s a chill on public discourse to have the facts and evidence kept from any public view at all, let alone being broadcast on primetime television, which itself is quickly becoming an anachronism.

The truth is perhaps hidden in the comment made by the zetas (er, at least by Nancy Lieder, though she attributes this to them and not NancyTalk) following the failed “7 of 10” time-frame lie of late 2010, early 2011:  “We predict most of humanity will not be prepared for the poleshift.”  Of course we won’t!  Not if we’re going to be lied to constantly like that!  It’s barely a month since the infamous December 2012 end-of-the-Mayan-calendar date came and went, and though humanity was dedicating all kinds of programming and chatter to the idea, it’s so…..last year.  Stale.  What happened to the taped announcement?  Shelved?  What about the focus groups? 

Yet, at the same time, it’s as if a Big-Picture view is still waiting to exhale from the presidential election, while the re-elected president finishes cleaning house of foot-dragging elitists who continue to resist the common man being told about the poleshift.  Maybe he’s quietly ramping up the conditions favorable to his making the announcement publicly, which is what I’ve felt all along would have been his natural approach.  Commandeer a tragedy such as Sandy Hook, in order to disarm the naïve common man of his-and-her assault weapons in order to ensure food and water deliveries and bridge repairs can go on unimpeded by bellowing dimbulbs who’ve been lied to for so long nothing could convince them of the truth now?  Maybe that’s what really happened.  Then there are the many Executive Orders which, on the face of it, seem just as autocratic and dictatorial as those signed by his right-wing predecessors.  Is the only difference the direction in which the barbed wire will face in the FEMA/refugee/work-camps?  Will the People be given an option, or will they be ordered about at gun-point?  Will the ‘announcement’ give sufficient background to the public, so that no longer will stupidity tyrannize the common good?

In any event, the ugly truth is that while a remnant of homo sapiens will survive and go on to live free of corporate drudgery, the vast majority will perish and will do so in a horrific manner, unless that’s one more thing that ZetaTalk dissembles about.  The only fact we can count on is that we aren’t being told the truth by any aliens, or by any humans.  Either that situation will change before the days start growing short again or the sense of hopelessness that is pervasive will become all-encompassing.

“Tell the world, for the sake of humanity”, Mr. President.  Tell them about the pending poleshift, and tell them soon.  Because even if we are scheduled for destruction, as a sentient species, you don’t have to be so amenable to the idea.

© 2013 dondep