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ZetaTalk, ZetaTease - Part 2

The 'Pending Announcement' by President Obama

October 13th, 2012    approximately 4:20am

For those unfamiliar with this, here is the latest update from the ZetaTalk website at

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 13, 2012
What happened to the announcement on the first weekend in October?
On the first weekend in October, sabotage attempts had not ended, but now shifted to the networks themselves, which had likewise been guarded in anticipation of this. The frantic fragments of the cover-up crowd not wanting the broadcast to occur had time to contact board members of the corporations owning the networks, editors, major stockholders, and any judges sympathetic to their cause in order to cause enough confusion to create delay in some of the networks, and the rest were unwilling to go forth unless the group as a whole moved forth.

It is not, technically, that the networks refused to comply, but the balking was phrased as “questioning the legitimacy of the request”, i.e. was it perhaps the result of terrorism or a hoax. This was all a delaying tactic at best. Memos were lost, countering instructions given, and confusion and hesitation abounded.  Given paperwork from the Justice Department, the networks finally allowed the tapes to play only to discover that the override over regular programming no longer worked. Since 2010, Obama’s last Address, the connections had once again been scrambled.


So here it is, in the wee hours of the morning of Oct. 13th, as the second weekend of October dawns.  A month since the first alleged taping of the announcement by Pres. Obama of the presence of an “object” in our solar system, and with only 3 weekends to go before Election Day 2012.  Will we be teased yet again, with tales of how network executives, Coverup artists and the power elite were able – once again – to frustrate the attempts of the administration to finally disclose the truth to the public, at long last?  Or will the announcement actually go forward?

If it does, (and naturally all truth-seekers everywhere should welcome it, despite the fact the majority of humanity will be stopped in their tracks no matter where on the globe they live and how much they’ll rush to cling to various forms of denial), it will sweep away, in one fell swoop, thousands upon thousands of arguments and false paradigms and useless lines of inquiry.  In one blinding, stunning flash, millions of excited chatterers will know that all the myriad “conspiracy theories” they trot out like Chicken Littles will be banished forever to the dustbin of history, stale and moot.  For sure, many will feel a strengthened resolve as they hastily rush to announce that the “announcement” is only a “false-flag” operation, a “bluebeam” holographic event intended to frighten the masses so they will be more amenable to being taken over by malevolent power-mongers in the government and corporate elites as they seek to overtly enslave mankind even more than they have been able to do with our own acquiescence.  This logic escapes them, as most have been raised on a steady diet of conspiracy-theory that relegates “aliens n’ UFOs” for the most part to either fakery by powerful humans, or to a sci-fi version of the cinematic form known as the Western, whereby all aliens are evil and have come to earth to steal it from our own benevolent human leaders.

Few will rush to embrace the legitimacy of this “announcement”, because so many people have not only been in denial but ridiculed for so long over the concept of a poleshift caused by a rogue planetoid scudding past us in an elliptical orbit, despite the mountains (LITERALLY) of evidence.  It’s easy to see why, too; ZetaTalk – the one source that has held to the truth of the situation, despite lying through their teeth with the timeline in order to bamboozle the power elite – has left many would-be warners, including this writer, sidelined by the no-shows of their predictions.  Yes, the 2003 so-called “White Lie” may have been necessary, but the failure of the 7-of-10 predictions has never been explained, and upon reflection it would seem that this “October Surprise” would be counter-productive.  After all, why warn the enemy (the Coverup) that such an announcement is pending?  Was that to ‘smoke them out’, to force their hand so that the Atty.-General of the US and others in the administration could find the weak spots and ensure that when said announcement DOES air, all the weak links will have been replaced and solidified?  After all, we ARE talking about the end of modern civilization as we know it in the offing, despite the more vague outlines we expect this announcement to take as it breaks the news somewhat gently (compared to if Nibiru showed up in all its horrific, biblical glory in the daytime skies….making it unmistakable and unavoidable to all).

But the main reason there will be resistance in the citizenry is because such a fact would rob them of their futures, the ones they planned on when they hitched their retirements to 401K programs with dreams of condo complexes in the Sunbelt and contented grandchildren climbing on their laps.  Not only that, it will rob them of their past, the past that they nervously packed away when questioning how it was that the American destiny was stolen with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, stolen again with the vote in the millennial presidential election (in hopes the Coverup cabal would be at the helm at the time they first expected the pole-shift), and warped and demoralized with the false-flag destruction of a symbol of the nation’s might and prosperity with the events of “9/11”.  As the reality sinks in, it will become apparent to many in the cities who have been taught the rudiments of modern education that in fact, the entire economic fabric of the modern era, including specifically the Great Depression, the Great Recession, the bursting of the so-called ‘housing bubble’, and all the wars in between, has been woven by the elites who have been in possession of this secret.  The rumors of Roswell will finally make sense, as will the many prophecies of the past, not to mention the existence of the megalithic edifices like the Pyramids.  The stories of Atlantis will suddenly prove to be much more plausible, and the programming of the History Channel over the past several years will make all the sense in the world.  In particular the super-series known as “Ancient Aliens” will finally be understood as it methodically proves that there has been extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs.  Tales of the “Annunaki” and the “12th Planet” will be seen as acceptable science as modern-day events bear out the stories imprinted on countless clay tablets and cylinder seals, no longer thought of as mere myth.

Beyond having their futures and past stolen from them, people will finally realize the karma of modern-day life will allow them a ‘break’ from the monotonous and fear-inducing piece-work of cubical globalism.  Facing a world without their electronic gadgetry, people will either gravitate towards cooperative efforts to grow food, build shelters, defend each other and provide energy needs; OR they will find common cause with those who have spent their resources on arsenals, their emotional energies hating Others Not Like Them, and like-minded exploiters of Lesser Humans and Bottom-feeders.

So…..what will this second week-end of October bring?  More teasing and provocative snafus, or the long-awaited Obama announcement that Nibiru is finally here, but not to panic? 

If no announcement is made, what will that do to all those who have earnestly tried to echo the warnings found in ZetaTalk, but who – like this writer – discovered independently the basic truth of the situation?  Perhaps this series of stumbles has been to side-line all the would-be Pied-Pipers who will attempt to seize the stage and speak wildly of holographic blue beams and alternate time-lines, false flags and evil socialist plots by a secretly-muslim president?  Will the careful pragmatists wait until they see how the wind blows before attempting to seize their now-lost control of the agenda of the “truth-seeking community”?  Will the over-burdened common folk lose all patience with those who try to advise and warn them, and tire of even laughing at them?

And if the announcement DOES come…

What will you do?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ZetaTalk, ZetaTease

ZetaTalk, ZetaTease - Part 1

October 2nd, 2012

Originally posted in early 2012:

"Can the zetas shed any light on how it was that ‘Poppy’ Bush became so convinced that a poleshift was to take place more than 50 years later that he (or rather his father) employed the use of zygotes to ensure he had a successor that could be put in power for that time?  (That refers to the alleged and approximate 14 Bush Jr. ‘clones’.)  The events pre-Roswell are still murky, and despite the fact they involve the Service To Self crowd, they not only resulted in the afore-mentioned cloning operation – which was certainly a scientific achievement for its time if known by the general public – they are also the alleged reason for the Service To Other zetas approaching the Council of Worlds to ask for permission to intervene in our affairs to restore balance.  Lately the H2 History channel (supposedly being employed by the Puppetmaster to help acclimate the public to the reality of the extraterrestrial presence as well as the history and purpose of it) has been airing almost non-stop new episodes of “Ancient Aliens” that employ a wide range of so-called “conspiracy theorists” to bring issues like this to light, and one of the most recent ‘disclosures’ on this series has hinted that the “Battle of Los Angeles” in Feb. 1942 involved a UFO that may have borne STS emissaries connected with the entity described to us by ZT as the “Omnipotent Krill”.  Then, too, there is the account of Dr. Michael Wolf, a one-time member of MJ-12 whose wife and son were allegedly murdered by black-ops, and who became so embittered that he went as public as he could in his book “Catchers of Heaven”, which describe an extraterrestrial he had a personal relationship with.  Dr. Wolf claimed that there had been a UFO crash in the Pacific ocean in 1941; while a year off from the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’, this event may have been the one that led to Prescott Bush – father of George Herbert Walker Bush, who was barely old enough to be married and wear a uniform at the time – to take the extraordinary steps he must have taken to ensure his progeny could be placed in power at the appointed time.  We also have the accounts of the predecessor to MJ-12, allegedly known as the “IPU” (Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit) and which was organized with the knowledge if not active involvement of FDR, in which a supposed UFO crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri took place in 1941 as well.

While this question involves the machinations of the STS crowd, a subject the Zetas have traditionally avoided, can they help us flesh-out the actual pre-Roswell events as we weigh their significance to the beginnings of the Coverup and how the Bush family, despite its outward appearance of benign gentility, has been at its heart for decades?"

Question posed to the Zetas in May 2012

With that run-on question I was banned from the ZetaTalk adjunct website, the poleshift “ning”, the reason given that it was “disruptive”.  How disruptive is that, really?  For anyone being told that, in addition to and due to a pending physical pole-shift caused by a passing planetoid known as a ‘brown dwarf’ that causes the death of almost 90% of the human population, we’re to believe that the most selfish and secretive American political family and their allies were told before the rest of us, and were able to take steps that allowed them to not only prepare for this event but steal the destiny of America not once but twice?! 

And that to do so, they were able to use experimental biological technology that supposedly assured them that their progeny would control Earth at the time of the poleshift.

This was at the heart of my question.  I wasn’t attempting to “disrupt”, and this is known by entities far and wide.  I was sincerely trying to elicit the actual reasoning used to “sell” the poleshift concept to those in power, who it was being sold to, so the rest of us can see the reasoning used.   Isn’t this a “service-to-other” idea?  Yes.  Simply put, yes.  Let us understand the reasoning, or the lying.

Have the zetas lied?  Yes.  Admittedly, they lied about May 2003.  Is there a logic to their reasoning at that time, that the still-skeptical can point to?  Yes.  The Bush-controlled cabal, including MJ-12, were somewhat in disarray at the time of the supposed first pass (rather, entry into this solar system), in May of 2003, but ultimately the Cover-up they had arranged for and maintained continued unabated through the end of the millennium and even into the puppet administration of George “Dubya” Bush, both first and second....and is dissolving under the weight of the impending reality.

Now we are finally on the threshold of this 'Big Event', as all of the “mainstream” calendars show.  The dreaded Mayan date of December 21st, 2012.   Two and ½ -months from now.  

Six Weeks.

Seven Weeks.

We’re here.  Is it logical that efforts would be made to countermand the orders to release the taped announcement to the television networks?  Yes.  The Selfish Ones are always at work, feverishly bumbling along in their cunning but oh-so-predictable plots.  Shall we shudder in anticipation of HAARP’s long-dreaded ‘Operation Blue-Beam’?  Some would say, I’ll bet.

Some would know what recall15 and Charlie and Nancy et al know.  Maybe I only know it in my gut, in my bones, in my very essence.....yet it took over twelve years to solidify and might take another twelve to unwind.

Meanwhile, who will make a ‘safe’ bet and say “maybe sometime, but not that soon”, or “maybe so, it’s about time”?

What say you?

Are we, or are we not, on the edge of a poleshift, one that will transform the remains of humanity in a way that few are envisioning even now.

© dondep 2012