Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Man Up" Yourself, Secretary Kerry!

To:  Secretary of State John Kerry
From:  Dondep

I'm prompted to write this rant to and about you, Mr. Secretary, after hearing your hypocritical and deceptive words today all over the mainstream news organs concerning Edward Snowden, one of America’s few courageous patriots.  And to think I would have voted for you given the chance in 2004!  Of course at that time I was a political refugee in Canada, having escaped the terrorizing surveillance of a government you now serve, so was unable to.  A good thing, too, as it would weigh even more heavily on my conscience that you knowingly accepted the theft of your winning vote tally for president that year. 

I didn’t need anyone to tell me that you received more than enough votes in the seven contested states in which Diebold voting machines were used that had been re-programmed with an algorithm (Al Gore rhythm?) to show your opponent George Bush winning, but it was your reaction that told the story.  And that reaction is one reason I feel you acted cowardly.  You did NOTHING on that election night to raise your voice against the crime of which you were aware and complicit in; NOTHING.  You did NOTHING to insist the light of day be shone on the shenanigans in Ohio  – despite your stance in your concession speech  –  that fateful night in 2004, of which you had to be aware. (Yes, “we”, because a vote is not just the candidate – it includes the voters and the Spirit of Destiny those voters represent that is at stake.)  Wiki may downplay the, uh, “irregularities” (ugh) but they still resonate with many despite your sponsorship of Barack Obama that same year in which you gave him the platform he needed for his own run.  While that one act may well be your greatest legacy, it isn’t enough to paper over the stains of the Patriot Act, your vote authorizing the Bush Iraq Misadventure, or today’s rant against Snowden.

That night was only one prelude to your most incredibly hypocritical statement of today, in which you publicly excoriated Edward Snowden to “man up” and “come back to stand trial” for actions that many feel are just as patriotic and courageous as even your swift boat adventures in Vietnam allegedly were.  The fact that “swift-boating” even entered the political lexicon is testimony to how you allowed a nefarious deception to take place, just as your vote to support the oxymoronic so-called “Patriot Act” was.  In fact, as deep as my own vocabulary goes, I don’t know if there is a word that adequately describes someone like you in our language.  Is there a word for someone that allows a deception to take place, and in fact is accomplice to the effort – even when it is publicly at odds with your own personal and political interest?  (I chose “mountebank” because it comes close on one level at least, but give us time and one of us will coin an adequate term.)

How could you do those things in good conscience, John?  Go along with the deception of that legislation that formalized the establishment of Big Brother in the name of “patriotism”? As a bright (well, B-grade) Yalie that was also a Bonesman, I’m certain you knew what you were doing when you went to Vietnam for that “abbreviated four-month tour of duty” and returned to speak out against the war, only to betray the anti-war constituency when you not only voted for the Patriot Act but to allow your fellow Bonesman Bush to take the US into a meaningless war in Iraq?  One that had nothing to do with “terrorism” but everything to do with enriching your fellow Bonesmen while eliminating as many civil liberties as possible in the run-up to a martial law you felt would be necessary in the face of the coming poleshift?

That IS what you were concerned with, isn’t it, sir?  And still are, if your rant today is any indication.  Why you were not out and front with forceful admonitions about an encroaching surveillance state is indicative of someone who cares not about the Constitution, but rather public reaction when the masses are finally told about what they will shortly be facing.  When politically-disaffected civic activists and voters talk about the Tweedledee and Tweedledum nature of the modern political system, your face is one they point to.  The Constitution was not meant to be ignored and junked in the face of modernity, it was meant to be updated without infringing the intent.  And it needs champions to succeed, not apologists and shoulder-shruggers. 

Let me share something with you, John.  If you thought the third rail of politics was one to worry about, then you should know that you just touched the fourth rail – the one with Edward Snowden’s face on it.  Your comments against him may play well in the Cosmos and Jockey Clubs in DC, but they will remind many in the heartland just how much of an Establishment figure and how out of touch with them you are.  On this issue, your main supporters will be right-wing Republicans who mouth platitudes of “liberty” while rushing to sacrifice true freedom in the name of authority and security.

Haven’t you paid attention to the mainstream media that covers your every move?  Or do you only watch when your face is on?  Snowden’s face, and more importantly the revelations he gave the world, have changed the discourse and brought to light the depth of the surveillance state, and even though you can spin it a thousand ways, when it gets down to it I’m sure even Dianne Feinstein isn’t comfortable knowing some twenty-five-year-olds at Booz Allen are watching her put on her panties.  Do you think anyone should be watching you and Teresa “doing the nasty”?  Do you think that your position precludes that from happening?  Do you think that having those moments – and the moments in which a spontaneous and ill-formed thought is uttered that may come back to haunt you – available to potential enemies in the future is not a distinct possibility?

If this screed ever comes to your attention, which I doubt it will but if it does, it will be as a consequence of the “haunting surveillance” I suffered from in 2002 while you and your colleagues passed legislation to give legal cover to it.  Fortunately that surveillance has been reduced from “haunting” to “light” in my case, and in point of fact, even “light” can easily be translated to “haunting” as a consequence of the exponentially-increasing technological advances made by the NSA that you so championed and enabled.  TIA [Total Information Awareness] about every citizen is now manifest from any location.  You and your fellow elitists feel a sense of entitlement to view every citizen's communications, even the most intimate.  All the while, you give only the flimsiest of nods to the civil liberties this Big Brother state erodes.

I mention that haunting surveillance because I am one of the very few Americans that have suffered unduly from the egregious application of that “Patriot Act”, even before it was passed, along with all the subsequent abuses of “signals intelligence” the intelligence community has engaged in.  How would you like having a government van parked outside your house, engine running constantly, day and night, every day (with rare exception), for over a year?  Being followed to work, to the grocery store, to the bank?  And having your phones tapped both conventionally and wirelessly?  That seems to be just fine with you, but now you insist on pushing the envelope by publicly calling out a hero as a “coward” who needs to “man up”.  Why don’t YOU “man up” Mr. Secretary?  “Man Up” and tell the public to get ready for a public admission by your boss as to exactly WHY the government you serve is so paranoid it has to Hoover-up all our communications, every last scrap of them, from every last one of us!  “Man Up” and explain why the NSA has been flouting the Constitution since its inception! “Man Up” and confess you made a mistake in supporting the anti-constitutional Patriot Act! “Man Up” that you were a coward in not challenging the theft of your duly-elected presidency! “Man Up” and admit that the legal system is controlled by the same forces that allow the NSA and MJ-12 to terrorize the citizenry with surveillance that can extend to “haunting”, and all for simply asking what the government has been Covering Up and why it continues to lie by omission – as well as commission.  "Man Up" and explain what the euphemism 'climate change' is really all about, or at least stop misleading the public about it while we await the Great Admission.

In short, Mr. Secretary - "Man Up" yourself.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Once, Twice, Three Times A Liar

"Zetas Lied Again"

There, I said it.  It's official, I'm simply saying what few are willing to admit or even acknowledge. No, it doesn't change much, it just makes it harder.  Luckily for me, I have never predicated my beliefs on what one crazy woman in Wisconsin or her alleged alien contacts have said, though I’m fairly certain that most of the people who do were devastated yet again.  Yes, I was too, because I believed them yet again also, but the price paid for lying – by those in authority, whether human or alien – is greater than any dragnet of generals and admirals could ever ensnare. And I should have known better, WE should have known better, have reminded ourselves, that "if you fool me once, shame on you but if you fool me twice, shame on me".  Tsk tsk on me.  I know the truth of the coming pole-shift so I went for not only that teaser (the one about the “7-of-10 Events” that would hit full stride at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011), I also concluded that the logic – if not the date – behind the last of the Three White Lies seemed infallible.  It still may well be – next year.  We were clearly misled by the zeta reticulans, but considering how deadly this war is between the human elite and the successor race to earth, it shouldn't really be surprising.  I recently watched the UFO documentary series "UFO Hypotheses" Volumes 2 and 3, featuring Wendelle Stevens attempting to help publish the stories about the S4 informers Connor O'Ryan and Col. Steve Wilson, and was searingly reminded of what lengths Majestic 12 will go to, to avoid having their member Dick Cheney being seen standing next to a genuine extraterrestrial unidentified flying object at the renowned Nevada facility known as Area 51 (more technically, S4).  Or for that matter, Zbigniew "Ziggy" Brzezinski as he stood on the catwalk of the "gallery" looking down into the clean sphere where Chi'el'ah would be brought out from his Ambassadorial Suite to endure the indignities of having his skin pock-marked by the suction device Dan Burisch would use on him in efforts to devise a cure.

However, many of the “true believers” in ZetaTalk seem to have become inured to the lies emanating from the scare tactics of these zeta aliens, whether STS or STO, P45Ks or P52Ks, [note these are also referenced in Dan's email included below; the numbers followed by K represent the number of millenia into our future that those aliens allegedly hail from], so much so that few of them seem to put their own beliefs to the test and do as those aliens urge, which is to head for the hills and take up subsistence farming at the earliest opportunity.  (Good thing they haven't yet, and won't until even the densest human will see what's coming.) Even those less-than-zealous but pragmatic souls have usually kept an uneasy and wary eye on the clock, the calendar, the earth changes with the new ‘polar vortexes’ and ‘ice-quakes’ and ‘thunder-sleet’ and EMP-stricken aircraft, and known that things are not what they should be.  Things are awry, and when going digging, it is not by coincidence, nor copycatting, that the cataclysmic events the zetas foretell seem to be unfolding.  Although even that unfolding seems to have been halted at about the same time that the mysterious huge 'metal' blocks were found along the West Coast of the US, most of them under the waters of the continental slope.

Naturally if events are to play out as foretold in ZetaTalk, or as even our own public gov't. mouthpiece seems to hint at more and more blatantly, we should be about the business of building arks, and as many as our resources could possibly muster.  Because that is what humanity would be called upon to do, if and when we were all to know the truth of a pole-shift openly and publicly at the same time, or would you do something different?  Maybe we shouldn't answer that, as it's becoming more and more apparent that we often share little commonality with our neighbors.  This is because most of us are on radically different mile-markers in our spiritual growth and in the face of such a definitive end of civilization we won't want to spend too much time with those who are either too infantile when it comes to wisdom, or who are oriented towards a drastically different spirituality than we are comfortable with.

Some of you may feel that maybe you don’t feel so united with the rest of us poor human sacks of bone and flesh, or am I wrong?  Maybe you would think immediately of who you would NOT want to be with, maybe you’re... ahem... 'affluent' and wouldn't want anyone 'too poor' to join up with.  Or you would only want to be with others of your own race, at least language.  (Oddly enough I just realized yesterday how pervasive the English language is; they finally aired the cockpit conversation between Flight MH370 and Air Traffic Control in Kuala Lumpur and both plane and tower were English, not Malaysian or Chinese.)

Or maybe you’re concerned less with overt differences than more subtle – but more powerful – ones, such as personality, general ease with helping others or more used to a vertical hierarchy of power.  Maybe you feel more comfortable carrying a gun with you or maybe carrying that kind of firepower is more scary than being confronted with it.

Or you might feel that a certain level of awareness is necessary or you’ll find yourself living among a passel of petty tyrants, and if necessary you’ll take your alms bowl and portable solar panel and head to San Francisco.

Because it is May Day 2014 as I write this, and well past the “early March” prognosis that Nancy Lieder – on behalf of the zetas, who she is emissary for – staked out in the definition of an ‘announcement’ to come “after the holidays” and “while the severe weather prevents most from moving, causing them to consider carefully their options”, it’s now a matter of public record that these zetas have lied once again and sadly have to suffer the consequences of a loss of their credibility and a serious dent in their reputation. Sadly those of us who consider ourselves colleagues of hers also get tarnished with that same brush, and for that I truly apologize.  Personally, as I had and have no desire to purposefully bamboozle anyone, including myself.

But think about the possible reasons for anyone having lied about something so fundamental as this [alleged] looming poleshift.  In fact, it may help us understand why our human authorities also lie to us about this same fundamental situation. What if they had based their calculations on being able to sufficiently lie and hide the truth of the situation long enough, until it would prove itself true or false.  What if those same calculations were shared by alien and human alike, and the humans agreed to work together with their alien successors to maintain a cover-up over the purpose of the entire endeavor?

Even without sharing a common purpose, they both have had a mutual interest in maintaining the secrecy over other-worldly entities and their purpose here.  The human power-elite ‘in-the-know’ seems to have established such a level of power over elected officialdom that they can blatantly contravene most of the provisions of the Constitution, while publicly wiping themselves with it or “wrapping themselves in the flag” as it’s often known.  Domestic, foreign, financial and commercial policies have all revolved around the consciousness created and fostered by the elite groups of power such as Majestic 12, the Freemasons, the Priory of Sion, Scion, the Bilderberg Group, not to mention the next level down of corporate power proper such as Halliburton, Booz Allen, Science Applications, and so forth.

We, the average humans, have an entirely different consciousness, which is rarely engaged in the same matter (WW1 & WWII and the Great Depression being the most notable exceptions, when we were all engaged together).  And, the most dreadful secret of all is that the authorities of authorities know they can’t be as forthcoming to the general public as they might like to be, about this spiritual ranch our souls are being cultivated in and what the implications are for that.  Imagine the consternation; "my tuber isn’t as productive as your bulb"! Or vice-versa!

I’ve come to the conclusion in light of the Third and Last White Lie that ZetaTalk is actually dangerous and can be detrimental to the mental health of any potential adherents, despite the mediocre modicum of accuracy that’s more notable by the paucity of degree.  Strangely enough I don’t blame Nancy as she is often misled and forced to take the brunt of the anger, but she knows enough to expect it as the zetas have no qualms about her getting doused figuratively in rotten eggs and tomatoes and made to suffer the indignations of having misled many.  I once said, on a 12-second video, “Courtney Brown, you claim-jumper you!  How could you do this to Nancy, how could you so this to the people of Earth?”  Maybe the Third White Lie was merely to lure Mr. Brown into the open, and discredit his ‘new’ book.  Maybe there remains a powerful obstacle in a bloc or cadre of opponents still hidden in place, ready to pounce on any potential ‘announcement’.

Now that the leading proponent of what more people now will erroneously call a ‘theory’ has proven to be wrong yet again, those in the middle should flee.  This is adult play, where the stakes are souls and both humans and aliens liars.  Supposedly we humans will be treated to the spectacle of the “Neil [deGrasse Tyson] and Nancy [Lieder] Show” of debates.  Both have shown excellent abilities to lie with aplomb, but that may be one of the reasons why the all-powerful zetas were so willing to risk tarnishing their own (broken) record.  By doing so, they’ll look even more pitiable to the just-about-to-panic humans and therefore more willing to give their faith and trust to the erstwhile human authorities.

Either way the people will have to win.  (That is, if the mantle of "The People" can be ascribed to the Great Unwashed Non-Elite Masses.) We can’t continue to be lied to – by both humans and aliens – and we have to start insisting on accountability on all of the related issues.  

If X is true, we have a a lot of work to do.  If Y is true, why, some folks have a lot of explaining to do.

Below, my mea culpa, because I vowed to “eat my hat” if the zetas had lied again because I gave them credit for the rumors of the announcement when all the other circus acts never acknowledged Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk.  It gave me no pleasure to do it, but I did and you could have heard my 12 minute summation of the alien situation on my YouTube channel, prior to me deleting it just now on Dec. 3rd, 2014.


And for those familiar with the Dan Burisch story, another moment from the past that seems relevant today, considering that all aliens lie and most of us don't have access to telepathy:

Dan Burisch
To Don Deppeller
Dec 16, 2005
The word I am hearing follows, in blue.  Remember, this is what I am "hearing."  What I know, or my opinion, is in black.

The Majestic liaisons to the highest levels in the Government of Canada have indicated to them that the admission of the affidavit would constitute a violation of the last OF-9 treaty, to which they are a signatory.

(What I know as True: There are two sets of treaties, Don: the T-9's which involve the 45/52 J-Rods, the 52 Orions and us; and the OF-9's which involve the 52 J-Rods, 52 Orions, and us.)

The violation is present as no single government signatory is capable of issuing a declaration of disclosure, as my affidavit (unfortunately) constitutes.  This is why they are focusing on you, rather than me.  You are an easier target, in this regard.

(My Opinion: If I were you, I would get the hell out of Canada, as you are at a much greater risk of even being incarcerated there, given their statement of "rehabilitation."  In my opinion, this places you at risk for being held under Canadian "post 9-11" legislation.)

The Maji, who run the show here in the U.S. won't touch you, but they also won't influence Canada to keep their hands off.

Keep yourself and Starry, safe.  Call Ron, if you like, for advice.  The affidavit can have its hearing here, as I would make myself available to you in that regard.  Next year is RAPIDLY approaching.  Some time during it, my tight 'garrison' will pick my Publicity attack points and I will do my thing.  Your being here in the U.S. may be a very important thing in the disclosure, as Ron could interview you and Starry for the documentary or follow-up.  Frankly, I would like you around as this rolls are intelligent, well spoken, and professional.  We won't win every battle, Don, but we will win the war, for the people.


"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV)

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.
H-6196-Maj-E ret.


© dondep 2014