Monday, April 24, 2017

PizzaGate / Pedogate – How We Know Alefantis & Podesta Are Liars


By now, everyone reading this is familiar with the term “PizzaGate”; it's the scandal that erupted just before the 2016 election and continued all through the following months, and despite all the strenuous efforts of the Establishment to snuff it – like many of their members snuff the lives of babies and children in satanic rituals (yes, we have ample evidence satanic ritual abuse, or SRA, is much more widespread than any of us could have imagined) – PizzaGate lives on and will grow and slither its ugly way across the social landscape until its secrets come shrieking out.

It's hard for me to write objectively about this issue due to all the outright lies that small-skulled media mavens like to throw up when the subject is broached; these lies make me just livid with rage. I'll try to speak objectively about the particular issue of lying in this piece, but my druthers are to refer to James Alefantis and John Podesta in the manner of many citizen-journalists (see, a website I put up in the early days of the scandal), which is to call either of them a POS (“Piece Of Sh*t") because I am quite certain they are up to their hypothalamus in pedophilic pursuits, though not in the way they put up 'straw men' in their public pronouncements about it.

That in fact is where we start: both John Podesta, in his first public outing following the scandal's appearance, and James Alefantis, in his pronouncements following the faked “shooting” by one Edgar Welch (an actor who fulfilled the prediction made the evening before by at least one conspiracy-analyst calling into InfoWars live), have lied about the basic premise of the scandal. It is THIS key conceptual lie that betrays the scandal's reality, because even those who are not well-versed in rhetoric and debate can sense the falsity of these individuals. It matters not that they say these things within the comfortable confines of corporate newsrooms, interviewed by sympathetic corporate talking-heads, and broadcast throughout the land; no, the fact they do has helped hasten the end of the once-hegemonic control the Official Corporate Brainwashers has know their names: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and their print counterparts, the New York Times and the Washington Post (which, let me remind everyone for the umpteenth time, was saved from bankruptcy by its sale to internet entrepreneur Jeff Bezos for $250 million, followed shortly by a $600 million contract from the CIA to put 'Operation Mockingbird' on steroids).

The lie both Alefantis and Podesta have put forth is a simple one, and they did it because they needed a straw-man argument they could easily dismiss, and they were able to do it because the MSM- mainstream corporate media – was covering for their misdeeds (being part of the entire pedophilic culture permeating the Establishment) by NOT reporting on it, or barely, which was awkward as the entire alt-media culture on YouTube and Twitter offered up continuous analysis. The straw-man argument is that “online conspiracy theorists were claiming we are running a child-pedophile ring out of the basement of Comet Ping-Pong”. Still, it matters not that they said this under the bright lights of the newsroom while being broadcast throughout the land. Evil can be sensed even by the dullards of the boonies, watching intently. Lies can be sensed, no matter how much lipstick is put on the pig. No amount of lipstick can cover for the blood that's been spilled due to the actions of these two evil people.
What IS true, what is NOT a lie, is that NO OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION was being done. Thus, despite the fact absolutely no-one in the online conspiracy-analysis community was suggesting it, the ruse of a "self-investigation" was developed by the Establishment in order to create a false-flag event that would warrant a clamp-down on the discussion taking place across all the social-media platforms. It is this stark fact that is the reason the scandal is still brewing, still brooding, still stirring emotions and creating disgust and mistrust of governmental institutions. Had an alert minion fairly high up on the power ladder been allowed to be creative enough, a farce of an investigation could have been mounted, a la "Warren Commission", or "911 Commission", to officially 'investigate', conclude nothing was going on, and this might have taken some of the steam out of this ongoing scandal. It probably wasn't done because much of the evil is bubbling right under the surface and it would likely have opened up so many holes as to catapult the scandal to the top of even the most reluctant Brainwashing Organ (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc).

What PizzaGate IS has more to do with the questionable emails shared between the members of Hillary Clinton's inner circle, particularly the Podesta emails, and the frequent references to "pizza" and related terms that have been determined by the FBI to act as code for pedophilic activity. In fact, the same good-hearted patriots within the intelligence community and the New York police dept that saw to it that this information made it to Wikileaks ALSO included the same FBI documentation about the symbology and code-words used by pedophiles. Along with the Podesta emails, patriots pointed to the Instagram account of Alefantis and the artwork throughout his pizzeria. These patriots did NOT set up the alt-media community with a "pizzagate trap", as some overly-cynical citizen-journalists contend; they released the information to them in frustration as their own superiors suppressed the evidence on Anthony Weiner's laptop. These facts, which became known in the days following the election, has shown the public that the government bodies they once trusted to "get the bad guys and keep the good people safe" are in fact there to protect the powerful from prosecution for the heinous crimes they regularly engage in to secure the loyalty of their members and indulge their sadistic fantasies.

While many citizen-newscasters (see the roster at have consistently called for a genuine investigation, the only conclusions we have thus far is that Alefantis once had obscene artwork plastered throughout his pizza restaurant while calling it "family-friendly". A genuine investigation would call on Alefantis to explain how imagery of violence (beheadings, passing around the heads, blood gushing from orifices, lewd body-positioning, etc) is "family-friendly" and simply "art". Additionally, his Instagram account (which he quickly made private once the emails were published, but not before someone had captured all the images along with the often-incriminating comments attached) was filled with imagery that were of such questionable nature that they should be accounted for - when they are in the collection of a man who is steeped in pizza culture and associated pedophilic symbolism. Obscenity is regulated by "community standards", and because of the vagueness of such a guideline, the community should be allowed to weigh in on the liberal use of such imagery without labeling it "Mature" and intended for "Adult audiences". Perhaps the culture has gone that far that such labeling is useless and children should be allowed to be stimulated to orgasm without limit of age, which is an issue in the now-related 'Hampstead 2' case. In any event, that in itself should be a matter for discussion in the mainstream media, particularly because Alefantis is listed in the Top 50 Most Powerful People in Washington DC. is that so? Rather, UGH. What in fact makes him rate so highly in the power structure? What - exactly - does he do to maintain such a position?

Not only that, in one of the most astounding developments in the entire PizzaGate / PedoGate scandal, one citizen-researcher had located one of Alefantis' other businesses, a mysterious building that was briefly called "Pegasus Museum" after or during its renovation, pictures of which this researcher discovered while scouring images from Alefantis's Instagram account. While the researcher was very naive, and some of the research involved in establishing the location with certainty was compiled by others (whom he always gives credit to), he did what anyone in the public should ask: "hey Mr. Alefantis, we found the location where some of your pictures come from, particularly one mentioning a "kill room"; can you explain this to us? We'd like to ask you some questions, could you please make yourself available? We're flexible and will be courteous." What did Mr. James Alefantis then do? In a fit of pique and likely panic, he took the outstretched hand and replied, to the extent of using the contact to threaten the researcher and his family. He demanded the researcher take down his YouTube video showing the location and many of the particulars involved that proved Alefantis owned the location and was involved in "renovating" it. There was even a ping-pong table visible in the construction image. Shaken, the researcher complied, but then - because he had done nothing wrong - he filed a police report and contacted the FBI, who then took his statement and promised something would be done with it. Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps the front-line agents had no more power to do anything more than the agents that made sure Wikileaks got the Podesta emails and the "declassifed" FBI report on pedophile symbols and code-words.....because their own superiors would not notify their colleagues in major corporate media. Sadly even Alex Jones refused to mention this development, the fact the researcher's life and that of his family had been threatened, in his ill-advised "apology" to effect, throwing him under the bus in his embarassing mea culpa.

That is a thumbnail summary of why Mr. Alefantis should be fully, officially investigated, and an explanation provided to the public as to why he felt his 'artwork' was family-friendly and why he created a lie about a 'basement' in his pizzeria; it's a well-known fact he's referenced his 'basement', which is technically underneath his other restaurant, Buck's Fishing and Camping, two doors down from his Comet Ping-Pong pizza restaurant. By seizing on such a minor straw-man, and insisting that the online conspiracy-analysis community had claimed he ran his child pedophile ring out of Comet and/or its basement, he brought himself under more scrutiny, accentuated by the fact the DC police dept itself is covering for him by its complicity in the Edgar Welch "shooter" farce and insistence the entire affair is an "online conspiracy theory that's been debunked" and no investigation is warranted. Whoa! What a lie! There is, in fact, a $25,000.00 bounty that's been offered for anyone that can conclusively "debunk" the contentions of PizzaGate.

Additionally, John Podesta and his brother Tony - who are still good friends with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House - bear such a resemblance to the police sketches and "e-fits" of the last-seen suspects in the May 2007 disappearance of Madeleine MacCann, a young child with coloboma, that any earnest investigation would probably conclude that the Podesta brothers were intimately involved in the disappearance of young Maddie. It has been established that they were not only in Portugal during the period of the disappearance/abduction, they were staying as guests in the home of Sir Clement Freud, a mere third of a mile from where Maddie was staying. In the days after Maddie's disappearance, a sympathetic Sir Clement, having returned to his villa, invited Maddie's distraught parents to lunch and made strange remarks.....though the mother, Kate, spoke highly of him during that period, she also had a vivid nightmare in which she saw the body of Maddie buried in the hill next to Freud's villa.

John and Tony Podesta stayed in that house, were Freud's guests that first week of May, though this has only come out recently. All inquiries to the Met's Operation Grange investigation (the officials entrusted with investigating the McCann disappearance) have gone unanswered, though oddly enough on the same day of the Edgar Welch shooting farce at Comet Ping-Pong, "a new lead has appeared in the McCann case, now nine years old, in which it seems she was abducted by a child-trafficking ring operating out of northern Europe that had photographed her earlier that day". How clumsy of the Establishment; knowing that the e-fits/sketches of the Podesta brothers had gone viral and practically anyone viewing them alongside their current photographs see the chilling resemblance, they concoct a distraction. Sadly, that won't do, and now that enough time has passed without the Podesta brothers "coming forward" to the microphones to present unimpeachable evidence of their whereabouts that week other than Praia Da Luz, Portugal, we can conclude it is not only plausible but probable that they are implicated enough to warrant an official and impartial investigation.

This has been a short summary of how James Alefantis & John Podesta, of PizzaGate / PedoGate fame, are liars in how they have falsely portrayed what they claim they are being accused of and how they are still avoiding the biggest questions since the scandal erupted. They've been prevaricating about their possible/plausible/probable involvement in pedophilic activities, regardless of where they take place and how intimately involved they are personally. Furthermore, no-one has yet officially discussed the incriminating email threads betwween John Podesta, Herb and Susan Sandler, and their realtor Kate, concerning particularly the "pizza-related map" on the square, black-and-white handkerchief John left at a rental property, and a mysterious email concerned with John "changing strategies long in place" involving a changeover from pasta to cheese. Instead of coming forward and decrying the implications that were made, they essentially went into hiding and only after months of silence are they slinking back to claim they were maligned by crazy online 'conspiracy theorists' without even addressing any of the contentions, with the Washington Post even providing Podesta with a column of his own to ooze yet more lies into the ether via a public platform helped paid for by that CIA contract.  Ugh. Disgusting.  Especially when you hear the audio clips alleged to be John shouting at a scared, crying little boy, and which voice-prints align with those from other, more public utterances.

Someone needs to take them into custody, have them formally acknowledged as suspects and have their statements recorded.

We are not fooled.