Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dondep on "Beyond The Veil" - Saturday night, July 30th, 2016

08:30pm Sat. July 30

Original topics of discussion - The Saga of the Mysterious Dr. Dan Burisch and Majestic 12 with Dondep

"Was Dan Burisch really a friend of the Zeta Reticulan 'guest' of the US government in the bowels of S4 at the infamous Area 51? What secrets did he uncover, and what was he told about our future? Was the Ganesh Particle really the elusive 'God particle' so sought after, and did Burisch ever complete his Project Lotus for Majestic 12? What are we to make of the 'Looking Glass' – was it real or not, and was the DCTP really the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradoxes? Or was it all a profound hoax? Dondep recounts his role as Henry Morton Stanley to Dan Burisch's Dr. Robert Livingstone before Majestic 12 officially 'released' him to the public, and discusses how much of the Burisch saga was a pre-planned attempt to make Dan Burisch the poster child – along with Chi'el'ah, the secret name of the J-Rod from Zeta Reticuli that was housed in the 'clean sphere' at S4 – of an alien Disclosure that never quite happened. 

Dondep explains why."


As it turned out, the discussion focused on the poleshift, stargates & Looking Glass, reality dislocation/sociological changes & matrix distortions, TIA [Total Information Awareness] and the surveillance state

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Thanks to Chris & Sheree Geo of Beyond The Veil and the Truth Frequency Radio network.