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Sympathy For Certain Devils, But the Liars and Frauds, and Murderers Too, Must Be Named and Confess

Sympathy For Certain Devils, But the Liars and Frauds, and Murderers Too, Must Be Named and Confess

Lately I find myself filling in missing gaps of understanding how the devils took control of the United States and its destiny, because it certainly didn’t begin with the theft of the presidency in 2000.  It didn’t even begin with Majestic 12 coordinating the assassination of JFK in 1963, or the commissioning of Majestic by Pres. Truman after the Roswell crash in 1947.  Or when Poppy Bush flew to Madrid (or was it Paris?) to ask the Ayatollah’s people to hold onto the American hostages in order to make then-President Carter look weak enough to oust from office.  I watched most of the History Channel series on the ‘Robber Barons’ of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and see the almost-sympathetic portrayal of the first industrialists that became so powerful they ‘bought’ the only president they could agree on at the time they felt most threatened, one William McKinley, who – thanks to the deep pockets of Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller – would trounce the eloquent ‘Man of the People’ William Jennings Bryan.  But, as the Cosmic Jokester would have it, McKinley’s vice-president Teddy Roosevelt would go on to succeed him following his assassination shortly after defeating the ‘Great Commoner’ a second time, and Roosevelt proved to be a trust-buster of the first rank, despite being a Republican.  (Or maybe that was what defined a Republican, like the virtuous days of Lincoln.)  Possibly even more of a ‘Man of the People’ than Bryan.  His brand of virtuous Republicanism was the last flowering before the banksters took over the Grand Old Party.

Why is this important, in the greater scheme of things?  Because by giving McKinley’s campaign obscene amounts of money, despite being mortal enemies of each other, it showed the devils what they could accomplish in their desire to amass wealth and power.  Yes, they would go on to compete with each other in how much of it they ‘gave away’, but make no mistake – their philanthropy was also a cold calculation to mold and condition the world of People with a world-view designed for them by their self-professed ‘betters’.  A world-view they carried due to their inspiration by, and request for assistance from, devils in a higher realm, a higher density, where the entities are engaged in an even bigger struggle – the battle for souls, the battle for worlds, for star systems even.

Yes, we could rewind a few years, to the machinations of the Rothschilds as they attempted to foist a central bank on the US, which Thomas Jefferson warned of, and Pres. Andrew Jackson fended off, and then Abraham Lincoln.  Or we could fast-forward to the election of Woodrow Wilson, possible only because the Republican vote was split between their official standard-bearer Taft (ironically sponsored by Teddy in the Roosevelt administration) and Roosevelt himself, who had gently been eased out by true conservatives from the GOP and had decided to re-enter the fray with his own Bull Moose party, which the progressive Republicans gravitated to as the conservatives and banksters solidified their control of the GOP for over a century to come.

Wilson, in his turn, was black-mailed by the devils through his weakness for a woman, as is usually the case.  Actually it was more the fact that he was a naïve patsy, and it was his naiveté the devils took advantage of.  Even more illustrative is how the very agents of the devils, such as the powerful Colonel House that ran the Wilson administration (and was likely the most powerful man in America to make decisions that have reverberated down to this day) have their own odes to utopia.  In his case, he wrote a utopian novel, “Philip Dru:  Administrator” that in itself could be the subject of a long expose into how a technocrat idealized the world.  Wilson himself went on to pen “The New Freedom”, which exposed (but only in a vague, nameless way) how the real men of power operated and what their agenda was.

Simply put, (and there are many other references that could be included here), the den of vipers, the ‘devils’, the ones that are the true “PTB” (Powers That Be, for the uninitiated), must rely on lesser mortals to arrange matters in the earthly realms that allow them to exercise their power and accrue ever larger sums of wealth.  Wilson himself put it in the most succinct terms when he uttered his famous quote, found in his book “The New Freedom” on page 24:  “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Isn’t that still true today?  Maybe even more so?  Or do some people still think naively that they can over-ride that covert control?  Maybe they should read that book by Wilson, as we find on page 39 the following observation that was initially made by a “cynical but witty Englishman, not that long ago” (perhaps that would be Disraeli, so aptly named as he was good friends with Lord Rothschild) that

“…it was a mistake to say of a conspicuously successful man, eminent in his line of business, that you could not bribe a man like that, because…. the point about such men is that they have been bribed--not in the ordinary meaning of that word, not in any gross, corrupt sense, but they have achieved their great success by means of the existing order of things and therefore they have been put under bonds to see that that existing order of things is not changed; they are bribed to maintain the status quo.”

In other words:  the richest and most powerful men of Earth rely on a tier of idealistic men lower on the totem pole who may appear to be the ones in the seat of power, but are really just servants.  President Wilson was the public face of power, while Colonel House – himself but a powerful servant – made practically all of the important decisions, ones which led to the take-over of the US economic system by creating the Federal Reserve, on behalf of Colonel House’s masters.

Both Wilson and House are certain devils that could be pardoned for their offenses, but the ones whose bidding they were doing need to be held accountable, and if not, at least their agenda needs to be exposed for the greater good of the people, as everyone will have to learn to live with the new reality.  As countless bloggers and voices are doing, though most know only a smattering of how things truly work behind the public facade and could therefore be forgiven.

Meanwhile, there are other “lesser mortals” who are knowingly lying and committing fraud in the vast exercise known as The Cover-up, which includes the JFK and 9/11 events.  While not holding real power, they know how to ply the hand-shake and the personal note, pull strings, and  some will often practice willful malevolence in their desire to rise to the top of the pecking order.  While their human dignity can always be respected, their actions in deception need to face an accounting; chief among them are the two entities known as ‘Rancher’ and ‘Angler’, code-names for Bush Jr. and Big Dick Cheney, respectively.  (Note that is not “respectfully”.)  Yet, there could be a problem with that if the story of the Bush clones isn’t addressed.  This is where we need to name a few names and cover (no pun intended) a unique aspect rarely if ever seen in the annals of political history.

According to zeta history, George W Bush was one of 14 zygotes, or ‘twins’, (not a true clone).  Apparently the scientific technology used to create them was in evidence, if such is to be believed, but the problem is that it wasn’t.  Not at the time.  In fact, Prescott Bush and son George HW worked diligently at Planned Parenthood and its forerunners, as they believed the offspring of the well-born should be encouraged and planned for, but also that those women ill-suited to conceive, or husbands/fathers ill-suited for parenthood, were only burdening Earth with the wrong kind of birthrate.  Most readers will note that these are ideals shared by the “master race” of the Third Reich, and so it came to be that their shared interests (did we discuss gold yet? My, but could we!) likely put them together at times.

One such occasion may have occurred in Switzerland, the land-locked land of secret bank accounts that was purposefully left neutral and un-occupied by the Nazis.  Allen Welsh Dulles, the future head of the CIA and MJ-12, and past ‘debunker’ of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (whew, that was a close one!), spent time lugging wagons filled with gold bars between the Swiss banks during the later stages of WWII, and has been in the thick of things for a long time.  JFK was right to fire him, but in so doing probably sowed the seeds for his own assassination, being that Dulles was one of – if not the – most powerful members of Majestic.

But to get back to our tale of the 14 clones, 2 of which were allegedly birthed by wife Barbara; apparently something of an ‘extraterrestrial encounter’ had occurred either sometime in 1941 or early 1942, and future first MJ-1 Admiral Hillenkoetter who had been tapped by Adm. Nimitz and Gen. MacArthur to head his own intelligence-gathering operation in the Pacific theater, had young Bush 41 rushed to a top-secret briefing as soon as he arrived in Pearl Harbor around the time of his 18th birthday.  Apparently something very big, very very big, would warrant a fresh-faced recruit barely of age fresh off the campus of the fancy-pants finishing schools of New England and into such a meeting; what could it be?  Could it be that one or more beings broke the celestial quarantine of Earth, to warn the selfishly powerful to prepare?  How would they do that, to what end? Was technology to split a zygote that many times given in that instance to Prescott Bush, and his son George, in order to assist in preserving the Bush dynasty long enough to seize power for the forthcoming poleshift?

This would all be done to ensure that a healthy offspring (who listened to his elders) would be able to take the helm at the appointed time, so as to ensure the continued power-trip of the elite after the poleshift would upend the rest of the planet.  They would be the rightful kings of the Aftertime.  Sit pretty on top of the oil needed to make the wheels go 'round.  Sound implausible?  Check with Nancy Lieder, the zeta emissary, and the zetas who give answers weekly, with any questions you might have as to the essentials. (Not that you would be allowed easy access to empirical corroboration mind you.) 

How's that for a couple of names?  Of course, until Pres. Obama admits the truth to the public, even in a terse, spartan manner, all of this sounds like the ravings of a lunatic.  

The point is, there were people who knew, who really really knew, what was coming and purposefully put a Cover-up in place that would employ ridicule and assassination if it came to it, to protect their secret of the coming poleshift.  This knowledge would lead to the creation of the National Insecurity State, due to their paranoia that everyone would find out and, well, back to bulls bellowing in the china shop years before they ought to.

Now that we’ve spoken about both kinds of devils – the Colonel Houses and the elder Bushes, for a quick short-hand – we need to start naming the liars and frauds who are still peddling the lies that the government (both public face and private controlling interests) is known for.  Did the individual know and jump to the use of ridicule to assassinate the characters of truth-seekers and whistle-blowers?  Was he or she part of an assassination squad, or team, or operate the so-called ‘secret’ weapons such as ELF (microwave tech) that were associated with illegal and immoral intelligence-gathering such as Echelon, PRISM, CARNIVORE, NarusInsight, MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, (god how long does this list go on)?  If so, have they ‘confessed their sins’ so to speak and absolved their own consciences of their silence?  Or were they simply willing tools, completely unaware and lying with sincerity, not knowingly and willfully prevaricating, such as Colin Powell might be absolved for his ‘sale’ of the Iraq Weapons-of-Destruction claims to the UN?

People will want to know, “what did you know, and when did you know it?  How did you deal with it?”  Some will not be able to handle this; a team of full-time psychologists, psychiatrists, theologians, and counselors should be set up, along with citizen panels for them to report to, as the disinfectant of sunshine ripples through the entire federal government, including the Congress – who must pass the laws and face its own accountability. 

And remember; if they end up facing a firing squad or similar, they aren’t likely to even address the issue, so that’s not an option.  There should be no physical harm, including death, that comes to a person for their participation in the Cover-up, outside of murder of course.  If their actions knowingly led to the death of someone, then those who are guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The rest may find themselves placed in citizen stocks, to be jeered at while their lies are broadcast to one and all, so that they may know the beginning of penance.  At the very least, their own admissions should be notarized and published for the entire public to see.

Meanwhile the rest of us will have our work cut out for us, organizing our communities to prepare for what’s to come and to prepare for it in a world left bereft of electricity perhaps, of running water, and all manner of modern convenience.

Doing so while ensuring those that are welcomed into the survival cooperatives are indeed of a cooperative nature of their own accord will be an arduous task.  It might even be a more Herculean effort than the Greatest Generation pulled off in WWII, but that will be our destiny, as we separate into spiritually- and politically- different communities to prepare for the final phase of preparation for the shift itself.

May the Creator(s) of this Most Intelligently-Designed Renewable Earth look with favor on our endeavors.

The rest can go off muttering to themselves, words like “crazy” and “lunatic” and “nut” prominently grunted, but mark these words.* An accounting will come to pass, and it should be planned for accordingly in the calm before the storm.

*Disclaimer: Credit goes to zeta emissary Nancy Lieder and the handful of zeta authorities she converses with weekly for predictions of the coming presidential announcement; conversely, blame for the ill side-effects of the indeterminate timeline does as well.

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