Sunday, November 13, 2016

Election 2016 - Right VS Wrong, not Right VS Left

The Existential Threat Posed By Hillary Rodham Clinton

As the reality of President-Elect Donald Trump sinks in, with the violent temper tantrums by the Soros-funded gangs still sputtering off in the distance, it may seem to many of us that “happy days are here again”, and indeed they are, but America narrowly dodged an existential threat. Few of Hillary Clinton's supporters took the time to actually read the Wikileaks' “Podesta Emails”, but if they had, they would know by now that they were supporting a satanic demon-worshipping witch, yes an actual witch, and her inner-most circle of staff of a similar bent. No, this wasn't something to be casually scoffed at as so much “new-age curiosity”, but was rooted in the most depraved pedophilia that included child sacrifice as well as rape and all manner of perversity.

The Popular American Nationalist

Donald Trump is not, and never was, a traditional Republican. It's for that reason that he was resisted by the Establishment, both the GOP Establishment as well as the Democratic Establishment and practically the entire mainstream corporate media Establishment. The Bush family moved their allegiances to Hillary, and this was barely mentioned in footnotes here and there whereas had this happened before, it would have alienated a substantial chunk of the Democratic base. When that happened, it should have dawned on most voters with half a brain that the real lines of conflict were NOT between the values of a leftist party that normally champions diversity, justice for the disenfranchised, care for the least fortunate, concern for the ecology of the environment, etc, and the values of a right-wing party that normally champions individual ambition, security, business, fewer taxes and regulations, etc. Instead, the electorate was faced with a candidate who was probably the most untrustworthy in modern memory and slowly being exposed as a morally-hollow poster child for corruption, who based her policy positions on whatever her focus groups told her......entrenched in the Establishment and set against an opponent who had been an avowed enemy of globalization for decades, who had never held elected office or who had been an officer in the military yet who seemed to have his finger on the exact pulse of the electorate.  This businessman went on to clean the clocks of well-established rivals who had been governors and senators; his claim to fame was building skyscrapers, resorts, casinos, and who had starred in his own reality TV show.  Shades of Ronald Reagan, made to order for the Orwellian Double-Speak world of the second decade of the 21st century.  The 'Giant Cheet-O', or 'Yuge Yam' as some detractors called him, seemed perfectly scripted, as he already owned an aircraft -- "Hair Force One" -- that could be compared to Air Force One, a matching helicopter that could be compared to Marine One, who filled his rallies with rock n' roll from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that reflected the mood of the audience, and his speeches left little room for the stale politics of your grandfather's GOP. His demeanor was determined, a bit rough around the edges with surly tinges of bellicosity, but his genuine concern for the country and his innate honesty was communicated nonetheless.

Globalization, Globalism, & Evil Globalists

The new political conflict is between the populist form of 'Americanism' vs 'globalism' that is the invention of the 1% of the elite that has controlled both the movement of political forces and their definitions, through their ownership and control of the mass media they use to mold public opinion and passions. The public made their choice known, and the scale of the tsunami would have been much greater except for the fact so much of the smug 'intelligentsia' in the urbs and sub-urbs had been so inundated by an onslaught of anti-Trump propaganda. There were teams of reporters and researchers digging frantically for novel bombshells that would somehow expose the anti-globalist Trump as even more of an ogre than they thought they had painted him as. And, they actually were arrogant enough to think they had succeeded.

The Discrediting of Corporate Broadcast & Print Media

Imagine! This corporate media had become a public-relations conglomerate of Hillary lackeys, as Wikileaks amply demonstrated in daily leaks, and were so out of touch with the average American they had no clue whatsoever that all they did – through their constant lies and genuflection – was alienate their viewers even further (if Alex Jones and InfoWars is correct, they – CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox to some degree, lost over 90% of their audience this year, including this writer). I couldn't stand to listen to the voice of Hillary once it became clear her team was stealing state after state for her away from Sanders, who was the overwhelming choice of the majority of Democrats. The voice of a thief, an evil thief who was actually an impostor both as thinking of herself as the actual choice of most of the rank-and-file of Democrats, and for her corruption in having a “public position” for the voters to hear, and a “private position” for the bankers and elitists whose bidding she was sure to do. And even when she wasn't speaking, having to hear the pundits on CNN and MSNBC speak constantly of her and her qualifications, coupled with negative coverage of Trump, was simply too much for my brain to have to bear, even as part of the background noise. The only time I see what goes on the CNN and MSNBC sets is when I watch clips filtered through the new “”, who help break down what the hidden agenda might be in that particular instance. These days we get our CNN through people like Gary Franchi and MLordAndGod, AmTV, H.A. Goodman and of course Alex Jones.

The history of this election will be replete with daily bombshells from Wikileaks, and it could be said that Wikileaks and the InfoWars operation run by Alex Jones fueled the Trump movement and was there to welcome the average TV viewer tired of hearing the outright lies by the corporate media. This took place not only on laptop and desktop screens, but the new Roku, Chromecast, and “smart” TVs that allow viewers to 'cut the cord' to their cable boxes, many of which lie disused and gathering dust as the audience has migrated to YouTube and various other platforms they can access on their smartphones, which are in large part replacing computers (excepting those who consider themselves creative, who need the larger capabilities a laptop or desktop offers).

Almost all of the that appear on YouTube autoplay queues have begun to adhere to the concept of 'globalization' as Public Enemy #1, whether alt.right or alt.left. The product of the annual Bilderberg meetings, G20 and G8 summits and other institutional efforts, globalization has come to represent the loss of jobs and even civil liberties in the US, and the Republican candidate limited himself almost exclusively to attacking the Democratic candidate on many of the same issues her Democratic challenger had attacked her on – issues involved with the concentration of wealth, the power of that wealth on the political process, and how certain wealthy individuals, such as George Soros, were pushing an agenda of open borders, unrestricted refugee flows, and the now-dead trade deal TPP and its Atlantic forerunner TTIP.

The antidote to this globalization process first came to widespread attention with the victory of the Brexit movement (Britain Exit – exit from the European Union) which totally confounded the corporate media. The leader of that movement, Nigel Farage, went on to advise Trump and that effort laid the groundwork for the populist movement that Trump rode to sweep 16 competitors into the dustbin with little effort. Those competitors seemed to have completely missed the message of Brexit, missed the effect of the and its centerpiece, Alex Jones' InfoWars, missed the growing awareness of the corruption at the heart of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, missed the growing disgust of “identity politics” that sparked a backlash in the wake of the Ferguson riots when it became apparent that the central figure whose shooting caused the rioting turned out to be a petty thief.

It may yet turn out that George Soros paid Michael Brown or otherwise caused him to be enticed into flouting the rule of law to openly steal a box of cigars from a convenience store, to openly walk down the middle of the street instead of using the sidewalk, and to threaten the police officer that confronted him about it with violence. Darren Wilson, the cop who shot him, went on to be exonerated and became a poster-child for “Blue Lives Matter”, the backlash to the “Black Lives Matter” (Soros-funded, along with the violence staged at a Chicago Trump rally) and ITS poster-child Michael Brown.

How "Identity Politics" Helped Fuel "Demexit" (The Exit of Democrats from the Party)

People, it turns out, are largely sick of “identity politics”. The “Black Lives Matter” movement only serves to further polarize society along racial lines. Of COURSE black lives matter. Who are you gonna inform that doesn't know this? The racist cops? Soros wants black people to buy into this polarization, to riot against “whitey”, so that he can call upon the national guard to protect his resources, his real-estate, his vast holdings. And as far as black shootings go, the fact is that more whites get shot and killed by cops than blacks, and more blacks get killed by the hands of other blacks than by whites or especially white cops.

It seems people prefer being thought of as Americans first - LEGAL Americans at that, and not illegal hispanics or middle-eastern refugees that have little interest in learning English or becoming Americans but who want to maintain their national identity while availing themselves of illegal jobs that continue to put downward pressure on legal jobs and law-abiding American citizens.  As (black or brown or white or yellow) Americans, people can point to globalist corporations outsourcing their jobs or foreigners sweeping over hole-riddled borders as the 'enemy' and not someone who's skin is a different color or who's taste in music is different.  

George Soros - Public Enemy Number One

At this very moment Soros has classified ads up advertising $35.00 per hour now (up from $15 and then $18) to protest Trump at various Trump properties. Seems he was paying people $1,500 plus medical and a cellphone to protest Trump rallies, carrying Bernie Sanders signs.....the better to pit one opponent against another. Where is the FBI on this?! Is InfoWars and the the only source of facts pertaining to the true origin of the violence Democrats supposedly fear in a Trump presidency? Do we need to have James O'Keiffe and Project Veritas go into every scheming back room where corrupt Democrats are working overtime to divide and conquer, to pit the races against each other?

Sadly, many small-skulled dimbulbs nationwide bought into the public-relations firms' campaign to attribute the popularity of Trump's campaign to “white supremacy”, but this is largely borne out by the fact many of them openly admit they prefer to let these PR firms (a/k/a CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc) do their thinking for them. Unbelievable, but true! I actually read a Facebook post by someone supposedly smart enough to rub their own brain cells together, smart enough to know better, who openly admitted to this and defended the practice! No WONDER we're tyrannized by the stupidity of sheeple! Thanks to Wikileaks and the, there's no excuse any more. The facts are in plain sight, including the most damaging news that only emerged in the last days of the campaign: senior campaign staff, and allegedly the candidate herself, are involved in child pedophilia and have participated in satanic rituals designed to call upon the forces of demons from another dimension to assist in sating their lust for power.

Does the Left even have a future?

The Left, or what's left of it, can be encapsulated by the policy prescriptions of Bernie Sanders, who had the Democratic nomination stolen from him (but mysteriously did not fight back, supposedly because the minions of Hillary had some type of 'leverage' over him as attested to in Wikileaks). That message was very similar to the one espoused by Trump, (which is one reason many Bernie supporters got on the TrumpTrain enthusiastically) but unfortunately was silenced and placated by hollow promises (the hollowness spelled out again in Wikileaks) made by Hillary's staff as they held out olive branches to the platform committee. That 'platform committee' is where all good candidates' ideals are put out to pasture as a consolation prize; designed never to reach fruition but maybe convince dim bulbs – like Michael Moore turned out to be – that the winning candidate was actually interested in incorporating their ideas into their policy planning. Hah! Maybe one day, once the genuine progressives and humble Democrats are able to go into the Democratic National Committee and scrub out the stench of the Clintons and their smug, warmongering neo-con allies, there will be a true competitor for national leadership, but until then, the American party of Donald Trump will lead both the free world and the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, and the People shall rejoice as common sense – from both the right and left wings of the poltical arena – returns to Washington DC after an absence of decades, to “drain the swamp” and rebuild the nation.

For a time.  There's still a poleshift a' comin', and a lot of work to do to prepare for it. Meanwhile, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to help Make America Great Again.