Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Dondep Interviews on KFUG Radio 101.1FM

Over the course of December 2014 and January 2015 I was interviewed by Pleiades MoonStar of KFUG Radio, FM101.1, in Crescent City, California.  The interviews were taped on Friday nights and were aired the following Thursday nights, both over the FM air-waves and internet streaming.  Each one is an hour long, and I was able to give a highly-summarized, "short" version of my saga, including a few words about the L.A.S.T. political and corporate efforts, the subsequent infamous L.A.S.T. bank robberies we carried out, my political efforts years after that, my role in being part of the first American band to play Kazakhstan, and a fair amount of detail of what happened after I was put under surveillance by the Bush administration/Majestic 12 in early 2002 until - after being hounded - I left for Canada with my then-girlfriend, declared political asylum, and secured an official admission by an employee of Majestic 12 that yes, MJ-12 does exist and yes, they have a treaty system with specific aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system among other aliens, that they are involved with plans for the preservation of humanity, and yes, if the public knew the truth about this it could cause widespread panic, that if anyone (such as myself) came across information about them or their activities they could be harassed by elements from any conceivable gov't agency (they control them all), and that if anyone (such as the affiant - the person admitting this) provided information of these truths to someone such as myself, that person could be legally assassinated by an appointed officer of the US gov't, but that the circumstances allowed for this to take place because the Nat'l Security Oath the affiant had previously signed was lifted in order for him to make this admission.

I am grateful to Pleiades MoonStar of KFUG Radio for this opportunity to provide what some would strictly label entertainment, but I feel is a public service, to help "tell the world" of the danger that is inexorably drawing closer and will result in the end of civilization as we know it (though not the 'end of the world', very close to it) and that it's not a reason to despair, but to feel challenged to seize the opportunities that it will present.

Dondep on KFUG Part 1 - Background as a teenager, founding the L.A.S.T. party, the L.A.S.T. Corp., the story of the struggle against the officials of a small town and the business interests they courted, in order to acquire a train station to use as a cultural center for the entire town.  The story of being mistaken as a spy for East Germany in 1989, and the beginning of the hunt for one "Dr Dan Burisch", a gov't microbiologist who worked for Majestic 12 and tended to a zetan J-rod at S4 in the secretive Area 51 complex. Also, discussion of documentation validating claims, and the Nat'l Security Oath and why some people are assassinated by their own gov't.  Legally.

Dondep on KFUG Part 2 - The daily surveillance I suffered throughout 2002 and early 2003, flight to Canada, and more details about Majestic 12, Dan Burisch and the zetan J-rod and Project Preserve Destiny.  Woven in with the details of the surveillance story are discussions of the Eisenhower meeting with aliens in 1954, the lesser-known function of the 9/11 events as the 'kick-off' for the CoG (Continuity of Govt plans that would activate the DUMB bunkers in preparation for the pole-shift date of May, 2003, according to the 'White Lie' of ZetaTalk). the DC snipers, and other related items.

Dondep on KFUG Part 3 - First 20 minutes: The story of how Mindshaft came to headline a stadium festival as the first American band to play Kazakhstan.  Next 20 minutes: A brief detour into "Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny" by Sgt. Dan Sherman, and Dan Burisch's role in PPD (Project Preserve Destiny), the related issue of abductions and the hybrids they resulted in.  Next 10 minutes:  the Looking Glass and concepts of time travel, the infamous 'Rancher' Memo and how 'clock and bird' issues means 'time-travel and alien' issues, and how Majestic was addicted to "futures" modeling as the movie "Paycheck" illustrates [there IS no such thing as humans actually going backwards or forwards in time directly, however "modelling" and the use of holographic records are used with humans, whereas certain aliens of higher densities are allowed the ability to travel back in time to retrieve genetic material, according to ZetaTalk]. More about the STS-dominated rump of MJ-12, Dan Burisch being inducted [for a very brief period; he wouldn't sign the Masonic oath] into the MJ-12 rump at the Masonic temple (a/k/a the "Consistory") in Wash. DC, his flight to Brussels to address the Illuminati in the 'Mother of Darkness' castle, the Committee of the Majority, the Ganesh Particle, and how he [allegedly] was inducted into the Priory of Sion.

Dondep on KFUG Part 4 -  Project Preserve Destiny and Sgt Dan Sherman's "Above Black" experience, Dan Burisch's role in PPD, the STS claims that bamboozled Dan Burisch and the STS members of MJ-12, how Majestic's STS rump morphed into Scion/Sion following their final adjournment of Oct 2005; types of UFOs including ARVs and IACs; the missing clay tablets and cylinder seals MAJ took possession of to secretly plot the incoming trajectory of Nibiru; story of Operation Stormtide - a NATO-led military training exercise for the evacuation of the European power elite from Brussels; segue into ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder's late 2009 presentation-view of the "7-of-10" events leading up to the poleshift and how NATO responded by altering their Operation Stormtide plans; the coming pole-shift they came to warn us about, and the coming Announcement by the president of this coming pole-shift (or polar shift, as Establishment organs are beginning to murmur about - the better to distance themselves from the decades-long claims by ZetaTalk about the 'poleshift').

Dondep on KFUG Part 5 - Advice for the local residents of the KFUG listening area in northern California; introduction to "Blue-sky New World Order vs. Red-sky New World Order"; how Majestic bamboozles truth-seekers by specified disinfo 'leaks' to 'Pied Pipers' in the UFOological community; re-telling of ZetaTalk about the real cause behind the missing and crashing airliners and the real cause of the weird weather changes; the people who died or allegedly died in helping me try to "tell the world"; the story of the Golden Thread forum and how - because it was representative of people from around the globe and in different professions - it was used as a serious 'sounding board' for those in Majestic who were considering it for use in going forward with a "non-official" Disclosure; and how the GT (Golden Thread) was the nexus for both the STS 'Disclosure' of the Dan Burisch story and the STO Disclosure of ZetaTalk.  [Disclaimer: The STS and STO are anathema to each other.  They do NOT co-mingle or co-operate.]  Includes the accounts of the [alleged] assassinations of Gus Weiss, presidential adviser, Lord Hill-Norton, Admiral of the Fleet [UK], and several others who shall remain unnamed as their deaths have not been confirmed; misc. insights into black-ops and Majestic culture; confirmation of ZetaTalk claims.