Saturday, May 18, 2013

If ZetaTalk Is So Accurate, Why Do the Zetas Have To Lie?

By now, most of you who know me know that my ‘story’ has been intertwined with both the saga of Dan Burisch and the history (I don’t feel that ‘saga’ is the right word here) of ZetaTalk, and if not, you can simply go to and read for yourself.  Read deeply, if you haven’t done so, because it tells you most of what you need to know to be aware and prepare for the coming poleshift, and why this event overshadows everything else in our collective future.  Even better, you may have already come to discover much of what ZetaTalk will tell you, through independent sources.

It also tells you, among many accurate predictions, a number of inaccurate ones, including one very infamous one known as the “White Lie of May 2003”, in which the zetas predicted the poleshift would occur at that time.  Many with short attention spans flocked to that site then, only to find that the date was a fake-out, which could have occurred due to the speed of the incoming ‘brown dwarf’ known to the ancients as Nibiru, also known to moderns as ‘Planet X’.  It was a lie that was a trap, a trap that had been set years ago in order to force the hand of bad powerful humans such as George H. W. Bush and his minions to steal the presidency of the U.S., in order to be at the helm of political power at the time of the expected poleshift.  Had that bunch of thugs known it would take place after 2012, they would likely never have seized power at the time and in the manner they did.  As it was, despite having to steal the White House a second time and in much the same manner, the thugs of Poppy and cronies left it ignominiously in the wake of the collapse of Wall St. as the Second Great Depression dawned.

Because the presidency was stolen in 2000, and with the Committee of the Majority (and its American nucleus Majestic 12) formed largely from positions that are known publicly in other guises, such as the chairmen of the Federal Reserve – financial power; the Joint Chiefs – military power; the directors of the intelligence community, including the CIA and the NSA, and other executives that guide the ships of state for the global power elite,  the zetas (the ones who describe themselves as Service To Other, and chose Nancy Lieder as their emissary) discontinued their relationship with them.  That’s according to them.  According to the misleading story put out by the elements of Majestic that communicated with me, there were two separate treaty systems with alleged zetas (and other extraterrestrials) that were renewed every nine years.  It’s unclear to me even today if one or both of them have effectively ended once the Committee of the Majority became defunct in 2003 if not at the end of 2000.  The zetas of ZetaTalk claim that they no longer offered the travel service to Majestic they once had, prior to 2000.  Was that a lie?  Is that the reason why Majestic’s alleged successor Sion had to issue special passports to their members, to more easily move across national borders to accomplish their hidden tasks?  Or was that just a hoaxed document given to me?  In any event, the fact is that W. Bush left the White House in January 2009, without presiding over the poleshift and unable to lord it over Babylon as a king.  Zetas score 1, ultra-right human power elite score 0.

While there were further taunting “hints” that the poleshift would occur soon after May 2003, frustrating the elite, the only things to occur were the gradual escalation of earthquakes, melting polar ice-caps, increasing albinism in the animal kingdom, shoring up the bulwarks of the bankrupt financial system by soaring real-estate values, hiding the M3 money supply, increasing exposure of the corruption of the religious control system headed by the Vatican, and other assorted phenomena…….that had all been predicted by the Zetas, to a greater or lesser degree.  And always, but always, the ever-present “Element of Doubt”.  Was the Earth really wobbling….was Planet X really approaching….were the elite really stocking up their bunkers and preparing to spring martial law on the unsuspecting public?  There were many signs that indeed they were, signs this writer witnessed with his own eyes.  Of course, when “hiding in plain sight”, such things can be dismissed with a wave of the hand.  Or can they?

Days and weeks and months went by after May, 2003.  Years, even.  Children were conceived, birthed, and learned to walk and talk in the meantime.  Some pre-pubescent kids who read the White Lie when it was still fresh from the colon went on to graduate, marry and conceive more kids in the interim.  Some couples who had prepared for the shift went on to split up, re-couple, rise to fame, fall to ignominy, and many even died while awaiting the truth of the zetas claim of a looming poleshift.

Then, in late 2010, the zetas made a startling claim:  a water-mark of “7 of 10” (10 being the poleshift itself) would occur “before the end of the year [2010]”, which soon became “10 to 15 weeks” early in 2011, but as of mid-2013, a full two years later, the promised  tectonic plate movements have yet to occur.  Oh, there is indeed marginal (relatively) flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia and Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, the Phillipines and Myanmar, not to mention many other South Pacific islands.  This time, there has been no claim of a “White Lie”; the only explanation offered is that the Council of Worlds has “slowed the pace”, so that the Coverup can be unraveled and the common man told the truth.  To bolster this claim, strange metal ‘boxes’ are found lining the shores of the west coast of the US, from Washington state to northern California.  And these are only those that have been allowed to be seen by human populants.  Allegedly many more are lining the trenches of the Pacific, to deaden the tectonic plate folding that’s occurring so rapidly (allegedly).  One large earthquake, with accompanying tsunami of sufficient magnitude as to rate as belonging to the series of “7 of 10”, did in fact occur in early 2011, but appeared as a “stand-alone” event, despite the major devastation that was caused.’

Now, or rather last summer of 2012, the zetas have claimed that Obama has lifted the Reagan-era security edicts that promised death to any signer of the National Security Oath, which includes all NASA employees and many in the military, particularly those with access to records of a classified nature.  They also claimed that Mr. Obama would make the long-awaited announcement to the public of the reality of “Planet X” and the likelihood of the resulting poleshift.  This zeta announcement, regarding an official announcement by the president of the US, using the Emergency Alert System, was to take place at first in early September 2012.  Allegedly heads of state worldwide wanted it to take place on the weekend, mainly so the financial markets would avoid being too  impacted, and also because they wanted the US to be able to explain it first, plead for forgiveness for having lied so long, and take it on the chin and the egg in face for having done so.  Then, according to the zetas and their emissary, foot-draggers from among the elites, the media and the military soon exposed themselves as moles for the Coverup, and had to be extricated.  Generals and admirals and captains and commanders fell like dominoes, led by the most famous and powerful – CIA director and former Gen. Petraeus – and General Allen, on track to move from commanding US forces in Afghanistan to heading NATO military operations.  Good-sized chunks of army and navy brass were to go down mired in adulterous sex scandals (a crime in the officer ranks of the military) and in some cases simple corruption, misuse of military assets for personal gains; the usual fodder for those that side with the Coverup.

The "pending" announcement is still, nearly a year later in mid-May 2013, pending.  Heck, it's been "pending" since the Roswell event of 1947, let alone Sept. 2012.  (It could even happen tomorrow; in fact, it's likely to.  Well, maybe next week.  Or the week after.  But...."soon".  See how that works?)

Meanwhile, out of sight of most of the public, thousands of bank presidents and CEOs resigned from the most powerful banks and financial institutions that had benefited from the bailouts.  The Coverup and bailouts worked hand in hand as their mad schemes to hoard are laid waste and their selfishness exposed to public ridicule, even as the resignation of one pope and the conclave for the next took place in front of billions worldwide – at the same time as their institution agreed to settle a lawsuit against one of their number, Archbishop Mahoney of Los Angeles, to the tune of over $10 million dollars.  Imagine; all those rich cardinals getting in and out of expensive limousines and dressed in odd adornment (some would say almost satanic, with mostly black capes and red socks and sashes) while the collection plates they pass on Sundays are going to pay such huge sums for abuses by priests against little boys.  Many conversations going on around the average dinner table probably talk about this multiple-personality disorder in the media, where on one hand their job is usually to reflect the excitement at rare events like the naming of a pope, and on the other hand, dig up the widespread dirt about pedophilia among the priesthood. 

Alas….and aside from such prurient interests as priestly pedophilia (not to forget the infamous “Bunga Bunga” parties thrown by the Italian ex-prime minister Berlusconi, during which young girls dressed as nuns performed lewdly while stripping to their dainties, as attested to this week in May by the mysterious Moroccan beauty Ruby, under-aged at the time of her, ahem, ‘performances’), we have countless other signs that the erudite and knowledgeable few can recognize as ‘ushering the elite to the exits’.  How many senators and congressmen have offered their resignations in recent years?  Considering how much money they strive to accumulate getting in, why the rush to get out?  Why are celebrities buying luxury submarines, when in years past they would go for run-of-the-mill yachts?  Why is one – director James Cameron – so interested in using his to explore the bottom of the Pacific, if not to verify if the ZetaTalk claim about the folding Pacific plates is true?  The list goes on and on, for every week this ZetaTalk comes out with answers (many of them over the years in response to my own questions) that seem indisputable.

Yet we are left with the unfortunate sense that these same Zetas have continuously misled their audience. (I decline to use their term “fans”; was I a “fan” of my teachers when in school?  The word seems so trite, considering we’re discussing the end of Homo Sapiens as we’ve known them.)  The average, not to mention not-so-average, reader is left with the sensation that the poleshift is so near in our future as to render most of our dreams moot.  What was that cringe-worthy Who song that W. Bush mangled?  “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you.  Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”  The original of course was “fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  The problem is that while many in the general public generally follow that advice, those behind the Cover-up know that this isn’t simply something they can walk away from.  “IT” is coming, whether the Zetas keep some of us on the edge of our seats or not.  It’s like learning to live with the Bomb, but with far greater consequences.

The simple fact is that Homo Sapiens is scheduled for extinction, though not all at once.  The replacement “flesh-suit” for souls, as represented by the generation of Zeta-human hybrids (what I call Homo Zeta-Reticulus) waiting in the wings for the mass fatalities will take time to populate the newly-cleansed post-poleshift Earth, sharing the planet in the interim with millions of present-day earthlings who will [allegedly] be unable to repopulate as they had in the previous poleshift.  In fact, it’s always been thus; Homo Neanderthalis stuck around for awhile before finally becoming extinct in the era of Cro-Magnon man, or Homo Sapiens Sapiens as the academics prefer to call them.

What does that have to do with why the Zetas appear to ‘lie’?  Everything.  Our shepherds for this poleshift care not about the survival of Homo Sapiens, because they’re responsible for managing the replacement species and making sure our current human overlords don’t destroy this world with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.  The ‘meek’ shall assuredly inherit the earth, and they aren’t made up of the likes of the chief executives of Goldman-Sachs, General Electric and Monsanto.  Yes, they can make sure that those most grievously affected by their misleading lies (intended for the well-connected elites, who have access to Ultra-Umbra and Cosmic levels of secrecy) are taken care of individually, but as a whole, the present-day human power elites are destined for the dustbin, pure and simple.  Which is quite all right with many who struggle at the bottom, or in the Third World, or on the margins, subject to the whims of the powerful.  Yes, even the barest existence will be a struggle post-shift, but at least they won’t have to labor under the incessant lies and the tyranny of stupidity and selfishness they’ve quietly co-existed with for thousands of years.  For that new dawn they’ll be grateful, and the lies the Zetas have had to spin for years now to bamboozle the powerful seem a small price to pay to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to survive, if they so wish.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Don. After reading your post (and from the POV of someone outside the community) it does appear as though you have the following situation on ZT:

    1. When we're wrong, we're actually right.
    2. When we're right, we're also right.

    That's a pattern that has been seen many times before, in many other places. Even if the situation is more complex than it appears, it stands out as one of the hallmarks of a person or organization that is attempting to manipulate the beliefs of others by creating a situation where objective analysis is no longer possible. The truth turns on their intentions, not their words--and there is no higher authority regarding their intentions than themselves, right? Right. So, the truth is whatever they say it is at that moment, subject to being forever redefined to match the needs of convenience or circumstance. It never ends.

    On the other hand, you do have to appreciate the curiosity that leads people to ZT in the first place. Our innate desire to understand things, esp. The Big Picture, is probably one of the more cherished aspects of being human (well, maybe not cherished by those with lots of things to hide, lol).


  2. Well-said, and thank you for your thoughtful comment, YT. I absolutely appreciate the curiosity that leads people to ZT. In fact, if you read the post carefully, you see that it is less a denial of ZT accuracy (the question is to degree and timing, not of accuracy per se) than it is an awareness that ZT has no vested interest in maintaining the current human power structures that speaking candidly and forthrightly would entail. Until the human power-that-is (in the form of a presidential announcement) speaks forthrightly, they (the Zetas) will continue to bamboozle the human elites the same way those elites bamboozle the rest of us.

    In other words, once Pres. Obama moves the ball and puts the Announcement out there on the air-waves, we should reasonably expect the Zetas to speak more "candidly and forthrightly" on the true time-frame in which to expect the poleshift.

  3. Very thought provoking article thanks. I just feel "a lie is lie" - as growing up with ruthlessly honest parents, I quickly learned not even a "white lie" passed muster. The zetas supposedly there to alert the common man re the PX and the PS cataclysms, should not have lied in 2003 - rather have kept quiet, after all they espouse non-interference. NASA's glitch announcement in 1983 about Planet X and Robert Harrington's search for Planet X and old newspaper articles about it, as well as the mysterious death of the Japanese scientist at Atacama, all served to convince me more about the reality of Planet X, than all the info and predictions of the zetas. Don, I have a few questions, which I am sure, many others following ZetaTalk want answered and which I hope you would kindly indulge us with your opinions. Before asking, I wish to say, that although I am not an American,I really thought Obama was the real deal when he became the POTUS. But today along with millions globally (not even mentioning US citizens),I am completely disillusioned with the way Obama seems bent on destroying the USA and the World. Yet, the zetas say he is a Star Child and even if they don't say it directly, they route for him and support him and don't seem to tolerate criticism of him and also refer obliquely to the elite or the Puppeteer (not saying who he is!), who thwarts Obama at every turn. My questions: Are the zetas as independent as they appear? Is it possible they could be undercover agents for the gov or the elitists? Have they been bluffing or stringing us all along? After all as YT said above, what proof do we have that they are authentic? They have predicted the many earth changes happening, but the boxes thing off the Oregon coast etc, somehow does not tally with the capabilities of advanced off Planet visitors! Also today people increasingly are no longer buying into the global warming rip off and anxious about the future, want answers to what is ailing our Planet. In other words, we as the common people, would like answers to these questions please (or at least informed opinions) from an ordinary, clear thinking mortal like you! God alone knows, so much hype and sensation everywhere, that visiting your website is like a balm to the spirit. Hope from my heart you reply...

  4. Good questions, and I agree with your thoughts when Obama first burst on the scene. I even worked for his campaign and donated to it. That said, I found him to be a huge disappointment in his manner of being open and upright with the public. Yes, I can understand what kind of a burden it is having to walk into office and learn that a poleshift is allegedly going to wipe out approx. 9 out of 10 humans. Still, one would think he would be even more transparent, and if he was truly interested in "telling the People" the truth about PX, he would have done so. At least shown a lot more truthfulness about Coverup paradigms such as Global Warming, etc.

    Unfortunately we don't have proof that the zetas are "independent", and for that matter, they no longer appear interested in supporting independent questioning - when it applies to their (timeline-related) lies. They mollycoddle Obama to the point where it's as sycophantic as some of the "followers"....I always saw us as "colleagues" and "supporters" of ZT, not "fans" or "followers", which hearkens back to the hierarchical nature of what's already wrong in our 3D reality. The zetas certainly have "strung us all along", though they will argue that the non-elitists who pay attention to ZT (we common folk) are merely suffering 'collateral damage' in their intent to bamboozle the power-elite. Yet, who benefits in all that? Not those who have sacrificed and taken the suggestion to move to the hinterlands, only to be forced in many cases back, or witness year-after-year of the "ignorant" getting married, having babies, graduating, etc. Which - if one takes their sense of urgency seriously - are things we adherents of the message find ourselves more unlikely to be able to do.

    I also think they have played the roles of BOTH Tweedledee and Tweedledum, knowing far more what goes on in the COW (Council Of Worlds) than they ever intend to share with us. Our best recourse is to use our own spiritual abacus, and stay as prepared and spiritually and emotionally grounded as we can get.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for writing.

  5. Having waited years for the much hyped "announcement", and nothing ever happening in that regard, I have reached the conclusion that Zetatalk is just another apocalyptic site.
    There have been so many over the years, and all have failed to deliver the goods.

  6. Something is happening on our planet- and this is not like mainstream media talk about. Situation looks for me more serious - it is not only climate change as official explanation. I personally also listen my own intuition what is wrong and what not. And so I also do not agree with zeta talk explanation about Obama. So, it is good to be care very about earth future. It seems that zeta talk is combination of true and not true facts. Greetings to all from Slovenia in Europe.


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