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Implications of The Announcement - A Twelve-Part Series

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Implications of The Announcement #12  -  A Twelve-Part Series

The coming Announcement at the end of February or early March of 2014 by President Obama of the United States, followed by President Jinping of China, and President Putin of Russia, will confirm the presence of the planet Nibiru in our inner solar system and its intended passage past Earth at approximately 14 million miles, causing a pole-shift here on Earth.  Not just a magnetic pole-shift, but a real, physical pole-shift, that occurs with regularity every 3,657 years or so to our beloved planet.  NASA – already known by many as the Never A Straight Answer agency – will be providing a crow-eating explanation at the same time as Pres. Obama as to why they have with-held this truth from the public.  (The short answer is that they have ‘feared panic’.)  Now they may couch it differently, as in 'it MAY cause a pole-shift', or 'it MAY come that close, but maybe not'.  The public would be wise to dig into the internet to learn as much as they can about this recurring phenomenon. The Announcement is also likely to admit that the US gov't. had been working with several alien species to prepare for this event, having initially been told of it by not one but several extraterrestrial groups.

We know this due to several reasons, and because a group of extra-terrestrials known as zetas, from the zeta reticuli star system, have been committed to letting the common man know what the elite know, the elite having learned it from multiple alien groups.  The extraterrestrials that are helping the common man do this through a website that was set up in 1995 by the terms of a treaty between the secretive human groups [known invariably as MJ-12 or Majestic 12, the Committee of the Majority, the ‘Illuminati’, Sion, and its earlier antecedents and precedents] and the alien races – primarily the zetas but also (allegedly) including representatives from the Orion star system.  And the emissary – that is, human representative of – these aliens is Nancy Lieder, who has lived the prepper life ever since leaving urban civilization on the West Coast for her present farm in Wisconsin since at least 1995.

However, because of human nature and the arrogance that comes from being a human connected with the power-elite who have been covering up these facts, there will be others who will come out of the woodwork to jump on the bandwagon and profess their fore-knowledge.  Most will have no explanation for why they have ignored or outright dissed Nancy Lieder and the claims of ZetaTalk all this time, but if they truly know then they have no excuse.  In my own case, Nancy herself had advised me not to necessarily mention her name or ZetaTalk in the early days of the Dan Burisch saga, even though I was aware that the folks in Majestic 12 and the now-defunct Committee Of The Majority who were championing Dan were acutely aware of what Ms. Lieder spoke of.  One of these august gentlemen, who I corresponded with in the run-up to the submission of a famous Form 255 Request To Admit, admitted that he was not acquainted with her “personally”, but did go on to confirm that the “winged planet” (which Nibiru is often referred to, because of its accompanying moon-swirls) was expected to appear in the inner solar system shortly if it hadn’t appeared already (this was in early 2005). 

My point in sharing this is that I, too, have been aware of the situation since December 2002, and despite my sharp comments on occasion in the interim, I have never deviated from that understanding despite the ostracization I’ve experienced from close friends as a result.  I’ve tried not to push this awareness on others, though I’ve insisted that what I know isn’t merely an opinion, it’s an immutable fact though many of the associated facts may be somewhat different than my original understanding.

Implication #1

One of the most important implications from the Announcement will be that much of what ZetaTalk has detailed will be finally understood to be true, and the logic will likely become mainstream – after a long period of tumultuous debate.  At minimum, the “everyday reality” most of the public has experienced will seem to evaporate, and the awareness of the pending pole-shift will change practically everyone’s worldview. 

When people begin to accept the fact that the pole-shift is a recurring event, and that it isn’t something new to Earth, a deeper exploration into the other factors causing it will take place, which will hopefully lead to the widespread awareness that the cyclical event is like a regular “house-cleaning”, a regular soul-harvest “graduation event” which will help the ‘soul gardeners’ that tend to the Creation separate our souls into the three general categories that all harvests are:  good, maybe or iffie, and bad.  The only hard-and-fast distinction is that those who are definitely ‘bad’ will be going to prison planets, there to experience life among entities like themselves (“true hell”, as ZT puts it), and those who have not made unequivocal decisions on the ‘soulular level’ will go on to continue their spiritual lessons….allegedly on a ‘water-world’ where the predominant life-form is that akin to our present-day octopus. But that's all later; the first implication is that the first people who were consistent about the reality of an "Announcement" will be the ones who have been steadfast in warning us about it for almost 19 years now.  The mainstream media may continue to act ignorant of the fact, but a cursory examination of the internet will show the facts.

Wild, isn’t it? And yet this isn’t science fiction any more, though the reality may never be fully accessible by present-day humans who are about to have their reality upended shortly. 

Implication #2

So, while the majority of humans will be stunned and most in denial upon first hearing The Announcement, those who are mentally sharp enough will begin to understand what the implications are for their own lives and that of their loved ones.  Some will be so invested in a world-view driven by subtle racisms and petty hatreds, and ideological brittleness, that they may be unable to handle what they are hearing and will instead grasp for the possibility that they’ve just now been told a Big Lie, as if the Big Lies they heretofore have swallowed whole were somehow real and this new ‘truth’ the lie instead.  Those could become the most dangerous, as they’ll seize upon the possibility that the entire Announcement is but a cover to explain away the seizure of their assets, a cover story to install an ‘anti-Christ’, a cover story for the price of corrupt elitists colluding with evil aliens.  The ‘secret weapon’ of HAARP will be hauled in to explain things, as will claims of “Operation Bluebeam”, and denunciations of a “socialist dictator” (actually, the term is accurate in some respects, though not because the Announcer is a willing and power-hungry human).  And when the earth changes tick up in earnest, and large earthquakes start pancaking the highway overpasses, thus inhibiting regular food deliveries, guns will be hauled out and the public won’t be arguing about the “Second Amendment” so much as “give me what you have”.   

Yes, that’s the implication; with no food showing up, and you’ve spent all your money on guns and ammo and you have no food, you’ll go looking to take what you can get.  It is for this reason the Dept. of Homeland Security has made attempts over the past several years to buy up as much ammunition as it can – not just to use for their own forces that will be assisting local community governments in maintaining order and protecting the food supply, but to keep it out of the hands of would-be “armies of the People” and hungry militants.  And yes, part of this Implication is that many if not most people will become exceedingly ‘militant’. 

Implication #3

Our money will suddenly feel very vulnerable in our hands, and there may be a run on the banks worldwide, though all of the leaders making the Announcement will strenuously work at persuading their people that doing so might only hasten a partial collapse of the financial system.  Thus, the intelligent ones who have seen this coming will know that it isn’t so much the ledgers of the banks that will be ‘wiped out’, but the fact that people will be vastly limited as to the amount of physical “cash” they can get from their resources.  Most people however also are used to near-cashless society anyway, so after the initial panic subsides, people will tend to return to their previous buying habits simply because it makes practical sense and hey, that planet isn’t going to be here tomorrow, is it?  No Virginia, it will take at least a few months, so relax and use your debit card or a check, just like you used to.  As for the wealthy, who have a lot of their wealth tied up in paper stocks and bonds, well you’ll probably find that you can still ‘see’ it on the books, but you won’t be able to ‘cash out’, and this might come from a manual closing of the stock market while the markets absorb the body-blow to their solar plexus.

Implication #4

Because of the nature of the event as described in the Announcement, which will focus more on the general nature of a large magnetic body roiling our own as it passes us by, like some monstrous dragon as the ancients would describe it during a passage, it will be clear that some areas of Earth will be safer than others.  Most of the population lives on the elevation of sea-level to 500 feet, in huge cities that were built next to bodies of water because that’s how commerce used to move and still does to a large extent.  However, when the poor Earth begins wobbling in earnest, great earthquakes and sloshing of the seas will tend to wash away many of these cities long before the actual poleshift that will cause our beloved planet to turn over 90 degrees.  The more intelligent will move far away from active fault zones and coastlines, as well as volcanoes.  This includes rivers and large inland lakes, which will likewise slosh and inundate even the sturdiest concrete and steel skyscrapers. 

Beachfront property will start selling like hotcakes, and some will actually buy it – IF the property laws of real-estate are maintained and upheld and the new executive orders regarding eminent domain not scheduled to go into effect unless the public reaction warrants it.  (That’s yet another reminder to keep your cool, reader.)  Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, real-estate in formerly-unwanted rural areas will sell at a premium, unless the gov't. steps in and prevents insanity from gripping the market.

To be continued……, there, and everywhere fellow circus acts and CIA-sponsored charlatans will attempt to sway public opinion at.  This source is to help the interested few maintain their equilibrium and prepare psychologically as well as spiritually for the coming events.

© dondep 2014

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