Sunday, June 1, 2014

(Re)Setting The Stage for the Great Admission - Geopolitically

[psssst!  Hurry up with that announcement, Mr. President!]

Having calmed down from venting my anger at Sec’y. Kerry over his intemperate remarks impugning Edward Snowden’s patriotism, I took a long pause to contemplate why the Announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru has been delayed yet again (though I’ll admit I’m grateful for the extra time to savor a little bit more of life on Earth before the illusion is shattered).  Sometimes it takes an emotional outburst to clear the mind and allow it to see the ever-elusive Big Picture.

In a more calm state I can understand that Sec’y. Kerry’s outburst, along with a host of other odd behaviors on the part of senior administration officials, is but cover for the impending Great Admission announcement that will make it possible finally for the common people to know what the .01% have known.  Many other rumors will also be confirmed by this announcement, because it is no mere meteorological event that has just now come to the attention of the government; it is the singular event that will lead to the evisceration of our current civilization and the transformation of the planet via the soul harvest and repopulation of it with the hybrid species that’s been developed over the past half-century. 

I know that sounds a bit wordy, but I’ve been convinced of this for over a decade and remain firmly convinced.  The only question is the time-frame.  And now that the most recent claim by the “service-to-other” zetas has been confirmed as a lie – if only by misleading select audiences that avidly read – and thus ensconcing those same zetas as liars (I’m certain Nancy Lieder herself as been as mislead as her readers, whether they are elitists aware from other sources or simply truth-seekers who have discovered the truth through dedicated research), the way is now open for the introduction of more “earthly” liars, such as Neil Tyson and Bill Nye, to join the fray of debate that will accompany this Great Admission of a coming poleshift caused by that planet hanging out there between earth and sun.  The zetas have claimed that Neil (and Bill, I suspect) have been tapped by Pres. Obama to counter the claims of zetatalk by pointing out how they had lied about the poleshift occurring in May of 2003, thus placing their emissary Nancy on par with Neil (and Bill, and likely Michio Kaku as well) and making it possible for people to continue to deny Zetatalk while still accepting the claims of the administration officials that the climate change caused by Nibiru’s nearby presence is very real and a sign they must make personal preparations for (conveniently addressed by the government via the website).

In short, with the latest lie, uh, ‘misleading claim’ about an announcement occurring in the period following the big holidays and in the dead of winter – which Courtney Brown of the Farside Institute claimed would happen at the end of February or by the second week of March, a lie that was encouraged by Nancy and the zetas to be genuine – the public’s resistance to the message of zetatalk can be vindicated enough to allow them to be more receptive of a public announcement by the human government. 

I’ve talked to many people about zetatalk and encouraged them to read it for themselves, but many of them come back to tell me that the arrogance and condescension turn them off and they feel they’re being lectured to as if they are children. Well, that’s certainly the case, so their feelings are understandable, and the zetas have performed quite nicely in tarnishing their own brand in their effort to assist Obama in HIS effort to “tell the world, for the sake of humanity”.  In other words, this was all by design.

As was Secretary Kerry’s outburst against Edward Snowden.

In trying to figure out Obama’s campaign to set the stage for his Great Admission that will announce the pending passage of that large planet-sized object lurking between earth and sun, and that it is the cause of both climate change and the cover-up over alien interaction with human authorities since at least Roswell and likely before, I have to remind myself that most humans are completely oblivious to reality.  Outside of fictional movies, that is.  Hollywood has both acclimatized earthlings to coming scenarios that will rival their attempts to portray the apocalypse, and inured them to the same reality.  So long as it is portrayed as “fictional”, they are accepting and entertained, but once those fictions are represented as prophetic, they only accept it on a subconscious level if at all.  Consciously, they often reject it and buffer their fragile sensibilities with generous helpings of ridicule, where their frightened psyches find refuge.  I’ve had to accept that also, and have enough of a thick skin to allow them their comfort zone.  Banging them over the head with any ominous warnings simply won’t do, so I walk away and remind myself that the only person on earth who could probably get through to them would be the POTUS, even if he IS mostly a corporate puppet.  That goes for his peers in Russia and China as well.

And speaking of corporate puppetry, we’ve been treated to some of the finest examples of it over the past 14 years as the ‘human authorities’ vie for control of the masses and the earth’s resources.  While I may have agitated over the more glaring examples of this by Obama, I have to admit that in the final analysis, he has carefully set the stage for this most momentous of occasions.  It has taken him several years to ensure the cover-up artists and moles of the previous administration have been filtered out of government service and replaced by those idealists who also are of the opinion that “the Earth must be warned!” as French astronaut Claudie Haigneré said upon disembarking from the space shuttle.  It may well be that the only moles flushed out by the false February/March announcement date were the director and deputy director of the DIA, but that is one of the central hubs of the intelligence community, which has remained under the true control of Majestic even when a Democrat occupies the White House. 

In fact, the “dark side” has been in control of the intelligence community going back to their very beginnings under Harry Truman.  While Truman himself was a “service-to-other” public servant, the military men who surrounded him were largely Republican and interested in furthering the interests of the elite who they served.  Ever since they conspired to end the life of the first Sec’y. of Defense – one James Forrestal, who felt strongly that there should be immediate Disclosure to the public – they have continued to serve the interests of the Cover-up, most notably with their assassination of JFK and their complicity in arranging the events of 9/11/2001.  Obama has known this, and has had to play along with their fears as he has quietly prepared for their demise and removal. 

I am sure that, despite being in a bubble that has been largely controlled by and made up of these corporate deniers, he has quietly manipulated them behind the scenes in order to first placate them and then replace them one by one as he publicly plays the willing puppet whose only native impulse to “serve others” has been manifested in his pet project of health care, known as Obamacare.  While being told that he really is not in control in matters where it counts, I suspect that he has taken many small steps (“small steps, Ellie, small steps” from the movie ‘Contact’ is very applicable) to co-opt the power of Booz Allen Hamilton as the caretakers of the Secrets, namely in the person of Edward Snowden. He knew that only in this fashion would he be able to trump the power of the NSA, which is practically a wholly-owned subsidiary of Booz Allen.

In fact, I would wager that he was not only secretly pleased with the efforts of Snowden, he may have had a hand in discussing Ed’s mission with him before-hand – albeit in their sub-conscious.  Later, he had a hand in arranging with Pres. Putin for Ed’s safety in Russia, knowing that while there he’s safely beyond the reach of the American intelligence community, and if not in possession of all the Secrets, at least knows for a fact that all the bankers and schemers and elitist frauds have an electronic trail that can and will be used to prove the Cover-up.  In this manner they have essentially been gutted of their power to terrorize and intimidate the common man as the awakening progresses.

Meantime, to cover his tracks, he has to publicly excoriate Snowden, and sent lackey Kerry out to beat the jingo drums and bongos about “manning up” and “come home to face the music” even while knowing that will never happen.  But….it’s necessary to do that publicly so as to assure the unsettled and bamboozling spooks that he’s “one of them – really”.  My ass he is.  He’s going to take them down and in a spectacular way, though humbly and succinctly.  Not as bombastic as attack-dog Kerry, but the truth will lay low the bastards’ entire Cover-up.  

In order reset the stage, Mr. Obama is also re-arranging the deck chairs with his final team, the one that surrounded him in the heady days of that first Iowa caucus, when he sparked the imagination of the progressive half of the country.  Susan Rice, adviser on foreign affairs at that time, now his Nat’l. Security Adviser. Check.  Josh Earnest, his communications director at that time, now his new press secretary.  Check.  (How’s that for an aptronym?  “He’s truthful and earnest, and won’t josh you.” Just kidding, Josh.  I wish you well.)  John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s last chief of staff who I was told to approach about my legal case that proved the existence of Majestic 12 and their interaction with alleged extraterrestrials, is a “special adviser” to Obama as of last December.  Check. Of the rest of the team in place, including the current DNI and DCI, I can’t speak, because there is nothing in their record nor in what I have been told that indicates they are pro-Disclosure, but I have to assume they’ve assured their boss that they are ready to do their job once the Great Admission is made. 

Janet Napolitano, as the previous Sec’y. of Homeland Security, was apparently resistant to the probability that the destructions of the poleshift will actually occur in the manner in which the zetas have stated and thus resigned rather than face the burdens of such scenarios.  Her replacement Jeh Johnson is better equipped insofar as knowledge of the laws separating the at-times competing jurisdictions of the military and DHS is concerned, but he apparently looks on this responsibility as less a feather in his cap and more of the duty of a good servant, which is more admirable than simply collecting prestigious titles as many of the Bush appointees did ("you're doin' a heckuva job, Brownie!").

So, now the stage is being (re)set for the Great Admission, and while the logic implicit in the zetas claim of Dec. 2013 is still operative and the act likely to occur in the dead of NEXT winter, 2014/2015, it is always possible it could occur well before then, so as to be a total surprise except to those who have known all along it was coming. 

One sign that can clue in the naïve about it is the new campaign to replace the Cover-up paradigm of “global warming” (designed to guilt-trip both the common man and industry about ‘carbon footprints’) with “climate change”, which is a euphemism for the poleshift.  We have French foreign minister Fabius blurting out “we have only 500 days until climate chaos” barely two weeks ago.  We have Sec’y. Kerry spending his speech to the graduates of Yale University warning about the ominous nearness – and powerful after-effects – of “climate change” about to darken the skies of the graduates, as we have Obama himself talking about how it will “hit every one of the 50 states” in the week prior to Kerry’s speech, in which the campaign to ramp-up the euphemism began in earnest.

Mass media organs, while echoing the presidential line but attempting to re-align the term with the now-rejected "global warming" message were noted by the administration; don't expect any exclusives from them in future.  Nibiru may not have made its first public appearance in an utterance by an administration official, but that's because the old paradigm has to be ushered out first.  Small steps, Ellie, small steps.

The Great Admission is guaranteed to occur during Obama’s tenure at the helm, else the entire effort to steal the presidency in 2000 would be for naught as the Bush forces could have simply arranged to steal it in 2016, and thus prevent an accurate soul harvest.

This announcement is more likely to occur at least a year before the “last weeks”, because the entire effort is to ensure the public has enough time to consider what’s coming and to plan accordingly.  Thus, while the winter of 2015/2016 is still a possibility, it would be too late in the game and Obama’s presidential authority will wane as a lame duck that close to the election.  The “last weeks” could stretch into enough months to place the shift itself into a new, potentially Republican, administration, thus also negating the need to have lied about the May 2003 date.

There will also need to be enough time for the public to be organized into various survival communities, migrating to farms in the mountains, and re-opening old factories to make things like wind-mills and survival gear of all types.  Not to mention the need for time to build the toll-booths on the interstates that will be used as traffic-control points for fleeing and panicked families who dissed what the president told them.

Ultimately, the logic of it happening still trumps the claims that it’s likely never to occur, even as the euphemism of “climate change” ramps up and the public feels the heat of the warming water under their bottoms globally.

Together, Obama, Putin, and Xi of China will make this Great Admission, and to set the stage first, Russia and China are both securing their borders in preparation for what may turn out to be panicky mass migrations.  While I have no first-hand evidence for it, I imagine that the working meeting between Xi and Obama one year ago next month was a frank discussion about what Xi believes China will need to do for its people first.  That includes securing its borders to the sea and the oil deposits in its "sphere of influence", which includes the South China Sea.  Publicly the US has to saber-rattle, but I'm confident this situation was known about and argued about behind closed doors and there is nothing the US can really do to help its allies in that region, other than to support Japanese PM Abe's move to increase the military presence of Japan as it champions the interests of the Pacific islands - including their own.

Russia has to secure its western frontier, the one they expect to defend against fleeing Europeans attempting to migrate eastwards and away from the flooding lowlands.  Thus, when it became apparent that their closest ally in the past - Ukraine - was tilting towards Europe and threw out their duly-elected leader when he responded positively to Putin's sweet inducements to orient towards the Russian Federation, Putin set about arming and securing a border zone on his western flank, which we now know as the "Donetsk People's Republic".  Sochi was built not just for the Olympics, but as any map of the region will show if programmed to indicate dry land while 250 ft. of water floods the area, Sochi is a bastion at the western tip of the Transcaucus' region, where much of the industrial capacity of the Federation is located. Crimea itself will remain largely above the waves, at least the southern bulk of it.  Between Sochi and Sevastopol, Russian naval might can safeguard against migrant Europeans looking for safety.

The US will have its own hands full, and while Thailand is likely in the throes of a military coup, it's probably a result of it having been told the extent of what is coming, and is responding accordingly.  Australia has forcefully shut down all of the seafaring refugees from Indonesia, in fact all "boat people" will be unable to even land in Australia, as they are fully aware that only the eastern third of their island-continent will support life post-poleshift and they have no wish to be inundated with millions of fleeing Indonesians and Malaysians.

India is the big question mark; what will Modi do, now that he knows of what is coming?  Where will the billion-plus population of India go?  Will sections of Pakistan suffer similarly?  '

These questions preoccupy Mr. Obama, and even more so than his predecessors as it will be on his shoulders to [first] make the Great Admission to the world.  His peers in China and Russia will do the same, after he takes the plunge.  Oh what a world he must envision and prepare for, even as he makes the usual platitudinous remarks - as if he is a totally removed personality.  Imagine what it would be like to bear his burdens; could you even begin?


Small steps, Ellie, small steps.


  1. You really have to wonder what all data Snowden managed to capture in his unrestricted trawl through NSA's classified networks. I think a lot of people with an interest in the subject of UFOs were hoping for some sort of sudden, unexpected disclosure on the reality of our ongoing non-terrestrial visitations. However, I do not think this is especially likely--or rather, I do not think it will not come as a direct result of Snowden's recent liberation of electronic secrets. It seems likely that information on these subjects is currently handled in a fundamentally different way from all other classified data (i.e. there is probably a standing order against any form electronic transmission). Somewhat laughably, the very records people would want to see made public are probably being kept amongst them--only in hardcopy--at several civilian-owned SCIFs (vault-like document rooms) housed within fortified, well-guarded private residences (owned by trusts and shell companies). All well beyond the reach and experience of hackers, contractors, nosy congressmen and a never-ending stream of FOIA requests. And, I suppose it is rather well-suited to the paramilitary nature of the document keepers... :-)

  2. Very thought-provoking, Anonymous! Snowden may have been prudent in restricting his revelations to more terrestrial concerns, but I've also come to a similar conclusion, that everything Majestic has in reality been "privatized" - as even the very government has been. But that's an acronym I never knew before, but upon googling it just now, I see it's an acronym usually used by individuals connected to the office of the Director of National Intelligence, if Wikipedia is to be believed: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Hmmm. Would the Consistory rate as a SCIF? Thank you, Anonymous.


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