Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Legacy of the Ferguson Face-Off

 Or, “Are Angels Assisting Obama to prepare?”

Practically everyone alive in August 2014 will remember that there was some kind of “civil disturbance” in Ferguson, Missouri during the summer.  It was – and still is, as of this writing – a series of riots and protests, including wide-spread looting and the torching of a local convenience store.  The latest wrinkle in this on-going drama has been the release of an audio tape that was inadvertently made during the moments of the shooting of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson; it illustrates that there was a spate of 6 shots, followed by an important pregnant pause, and then another 4 shots.  This will be one ‘exhibit’ in my contention that we are dealing here with a case of not one but possibly two ‘Soul Walk-Ins’. Let me explain a bit, for those who are startled to be reading about such a thing in the context of a civil disturbance.

Soul Walk-Ins

“Walk-Ins” are considered to be a case of soul-swapping, where a soul that may not be up to a mission, or has indicated they are through with the incarnation they’re serving and want out of their flesh-suit prematurely, may be allowed to leave the incarnated body. That vacated body then becomes home to a mature soul that has volunteered to re-enter this primitive third-density world for the purpose of helping the so-called ‘Transformation’ along (the Transformation is the period – usually just preceding and following a soul-harvesting event like a pole-shift – during which the predominant third-density sentient species ‘graduates’ to fourth density; this is a spiritual event of increasing awareness for the sentients).

Yes, I’m aware of how this may sound to people who have always kept their world in neat categories of the predominant mainstream paradigm, and discussions of ‘souls’ are left to the sub-category of “church” or “spirituality”, or are “new-age” (and therefore not relevant.  This, too, will soon change.)

So what do “Walk-Ins” have to do with the events in Ferguson, MO?  First, I’ll ask the reader to consider exactly where Ferguson MO is.  It’s a south-western suburb of St. Louis, the “Gateway to the West”.  That much may be known, but few will know that it’s the closest majority-African-American urban community to the demographic center of the United States.  [Note: the geographical center of the US lies in Kansas, in the middle of a hog farm (a tiny church-like structure with brochures, etc, marks the spot for tourists).]  The demographic center, on the other hand, is constantly moving.  For a long time it resided in Indiana, having moved from Maryland to Virginia and later Illinois, but has been moving west and south for a long time and now lies in Leclede County, to the west of Ferguson.  [The Lebanon Micropolitan Area in Leclede County is too small for the present purpose.] 

Ferguson is also very close to the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is where the largest earthquake in American history occurred, and where it is anticipated to occur again shortly.  In fact, the St. Louis metropolitan area is where it’s anticipated much damage will occur from this coming quake.  This quake is anticipated to rip the Mississippi river wide open, in essence dumping much of the Great Lakes into the Gulf of Mexico directly.  The effects of this quake will be to ‘pancake’ interstate overpasses all the way to New England; when the previous quake hit, in 1812-1813, church bells in Boston were rung by the vibrations.  That should give you an idea of how powerful the quake at that time was.

Both Mike Brown and Kajieme Powell lived in St. Louis County and were shot and died there.  Gunned down by police officers empowered by the overwhelming firepower of their heavy-duty hand-guns, who felt justified because they had been taught that when a suspect approaches closer than 21 feet and there was a “perception of danger”, they could shoot to kill.  And it is this law – or regulation – that is at the heart of the controversy and the reason why two soul “Walk-Ins” may have entered our third-density reality in order to assist the coming Reluctant Socialist Dictator provide for the greater masses of the unarmed population.

Before we get to the reasons of just why so-called ‘walk-ins’ are even necessary in this situation, let’s look at both shooting events briefly.  Brown, who has a PFLN (Perfect Fitting Last Name) for this event, had walked out of a local convenience store with a couple packs of Swisher Sweets.  As most people under the age of 60 know, Swisher Sweets are used to make “blunts”, in which the cigarillo is opened up and emptied, the contents mixed with hi-powered marijuana, and re-rolled.  So Mike Brown, an aspiring rapper as well as future technical-college student (learning the heating and air-conditioning business), needed some Swisher Sweets to make blunts with and he had no money, so he simply walked into the store and took them.  This same Mike Brown, who others have described as a ‘gentle giant’, and who couldn’t even join his high-school football team because he was allegedly “too timid”, even asked his side-kick, pint-sized Doran Johnson to help carry some of the cigarillos.  Dorian, after holding them and looking at them for a minute or so, then carefully puts them on the counter, obviously not willing to take them.  They proceed to walk out of the store. Suddenly, as the next footage shows, a manager or owner rushes to lock the door to block the Brown boy from leaving. Mike grabs him by the shirt and pushes him back, hard.  The manager recovers and tries to rush Mike again, but the Brown boy just turns around and looks at him menacingly, cowering the manager.  Mike calmly walks out, as if he’d made a deal for them. 

The next we know, as the time-line shows, Mike Brown is shot at least 10 times and falls down dead, after having been accosted by a white police officer in a white SUV.  The encounter begins with a reference to jay-walking, with the officer asking the Brown boy and his friend to get out of the street.  While the facts may end up showing otherwise, it appears as if the officer has received information about the robbery at the liquor store just a few minutes before, and he has a suspect that would have matched the description.  After all, he left the now-dead Brown boy lie in the street for 3 to 4 hours, if eyewitnesses and cameras are to be believed.

Let’s recap: A Brown boy named Mike goes into a liquor store, brazenly takes a couple of boxes of cigars, walks out and, when he tries to intercede, throws the manager of the store up against a display like Popeye would.  He and his pal then brazenly jay-walk down the middle of the street near where Brown lived. A white cop then accosts them.

Now for the Powell shooting and killing.  Brown?  Pow! Pow-Powell!  That Cosmic Jokester just never quits.  Kajieme Powell.  Meme-Kajieme Powell. What would compel a 20-year-old brown man (do we males turn a man at 18 or 21?) to do what he did, which was to calmly, with arms at his side, walk slowly towards two St. Louis County police – newly arrived on the scene after being told a suspect had calmly walked out of a corner convenience store with 2 soda cans and a donut, without paying for them – and then, with his raised voice, call to them to ‘shoot me, kill me’…..the two officers then oblige him, rapidly, in a hail of 9 bullets.  What would compel him to do that?  His only words are to loudly proclaim to a passerby “You know who I am?  I’m on Facebook! I’m tired of this sh*t!” Then after the officers arrive and both jump out of their big white SUV, he moves towards them while demanding “shoot me! Kill me!” several times while being asked to halt by the officers with their guns drawn.

While only adding emphasis to the events of the Brown shooting, the words Powell used were markedly different from the chants used by the protesters who shouted “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” or “No Justice, No Peace”. Or were they?  No, not really; they were all the words of the most sensitive and oppressed minority who will be at the bullet-point of the most disadvantaged by the Great Admission the president will be making before his scheduled retirement from office.  Simply put; Mike Brown and Kajieme Powell were martyrs for freedom and liberty.  No, they weren’t choirboys (actually, they well could be! Mike Brown’s funeral featured some choirs with boys and men their own age). They were two-box/two-can/two-bit thugs-of-the-moment who happened to be at the right place at the right time. 

Bet you’re saying “huh? What’s that? These boys some kinda angels?!”  Well God does work in mysterious ways.  It is highly possible, and even more than plausible it’s now probable that the events of Ferguson were created by the momentary courage (face it, no-one normally risks walking into a hail of fire by police, especially after they’ve committed a small-time theft as) these two had. And no, I’m not just talking about what most people might be thinking; I’m talking about the aftermath, the legacy of what they caused.  While we still don’t know Officer Darren’s side of things, we know in the most intimate way what his colleagues have been planning and training for, and that naked power came out and SHOCKED the American public.  SHOCKED! I tell you.  Yes, yes, yessirree.  There’s rarely been a demonstration that can catch fire so spontaneously and cause such an incredible media presence – unplanned for – that can capture one of those rare occurrences in modern history, ever since the Bilderberg crowd tried to squelch all such evidence of naked power at play.

For the first time, the wider American public is now able to see what I’ve been warning about for over a year; local law enforcement, i.e. police departments nationwide have been provided an immense amount of military vehicles, weaponry, ammunition, body armor and equipment of all kinds.  Clearly “camouflage snow parkas” for New Orleans is an indicator for those still in denial.  Folding semi-automatic machine guns with enlarged trigger-guard to accommodate heavy gloves, foldable stocks, and night-vision scopes have been requisitioned by the Dept. of Agriculture (sigh….I know many are likely laughing right now, but pray for all the naïve souls susceptible to the subtle use of ridicule, as insanity may set in once this Great Admission is made) and yes, even the USPS will likely be packing heat too; that semi-autonomous, semi-private agency has requisitioned massive quantities of ammunition.  (Don’t be fooled by the “oh, that’s just for the postal police”.  While it’s true they have their own police force, they have never had to issue such large requisitions; that usually came out of local operating budgets, or office “petty cash”.)  Not something they’d have to requisition before despite loud protestations that there’s nothing to it.  This should tell you something.

Now knowing of this situation, imagine you are sitting around in 4th-density and keeping avid eyes and ears and thought-tuners tuned into humanity’s many individual voices that they have to hear (prayers) and be attuned to in order to answer in ever-more-clever ways.  You know that the elite of the western world are trying to keep it a secret, right up until the very last minute so they can scamper into their bunkers and lock the door behind them.  To that end they’ve paid for one of the biggest corporate military systems ever concocted by the mind of men.  But when the conquest of Iraq and occupation of Afghanistan took too long, and they lost their puppet’s control of the White House, they saw to it that the military machine they had constructed was carefully dismantled piece by careful piece and infiltrated into the social fabric on the local level, inside the United States, where it could be called into action when necessary to quell the hoi poloi whenever they rose up in riot. And perhaps these events were ginned up in intensity intentionally, to see how their new ‘social order’ would work.

Did it?

Just take a look at what’s happening in the “national conversation”.  Are we in fact having one of those, or perhaps even several?  Once the National Guard, with their armored humvees and MRAPs left the scene, and the acoustic cannons removed from the rooftops of SWAT-team trucks, and the major media packing up and leaving town, what are we seeing?  We’re witnessing the firing and retiring of several law-enforcement personnel who were shown to be excessively arrogant and overly hostile to members of the public and the media.  In fact, it almost looked like a whole-scale witch hunt, which may have tapered already, but the impact was made.  Now, instead of roaming roughshod over the hoi poloi, carte blanche, there’s a realization among them that their moves are being watched.   In fact, with the advent of dash-cams, many state police who monitor interstate traffic now pull in behind their ‘catch’ at an angle, so their dash-cam isn’t able to film what happens.  Has anyone else noticed this?  If you ask them, it’s ostensibly to be able to jump in and nab another victim all the more easily.  Whatever the rationale is, it only disguises the fact the troopers often don’t like having to allow full video visual of the interaction.

One interesting side-note to what happened when one law-enforcer pushed the media back near Ferguson’s ‘ground zero’ is what Don Lemon of CNN – who apparently didn’t take too kindly to that and proceeded to have his people dig up the officer’s history – proceeded to drag into public view.  The officer’s name is Dan Page, and while Lemon snipped a few moments to try to portray Page as a “rogue cop” who “took pride in killing” , the video he snipped it from is even MORE relevant to the conversation.  It’s a fascinating hour-long video of Mr. Page addressing an Oathkeepers’ meeting (in his capacity as a private citizen; he does make a disclaimer at the end of the presentation in which he establishes distance between himself and the military and the police dept. he served).  What it reveals should be an affirmation to the many who have heard the rumors of the coming pole-shift, though sadly many are more shocked by the few comments in which he takes pride in being a “killer”.  Another, more major disappointment is where former Sgt.-Major Page goes into a rant about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate (he claims he flew to Kenya to see a record of his birth there).  The only reason to mention these two disappointments is to distance them from the more relevant revelations he makes.

Now-retired officer Page makes the following startling claims that should give everyone pause who is likely still energized by what appears to be yet another racially-charged incident wherein an “unarmed black teen is shot and killed by a white police officer”.  While that issue is first and foremost, it is NOT the reason WHY I am writing this and WHY so many know there is more to this event than meets the eye.  Sure that issue is important, and the simmering economic discontent among the urban poor needs to be addressed more rapidly and energetically, but the real purpose of this event metastasizing is due to the clash between the arrogant power-mongers and the clueless masses they will have to soon secure in the heartland. 

Did everyone notice how comfortable the cops-turned-soldiers were while pointing their guns at the natives?  How one had the nerve (he’s since been dismissed, despite his 20 years on the force) to shout “I will f**king kill you!” and “Go F*** Yourself!” as he rushed the line of protesters with his assault rifle pointed at them.

Get used to it, America.  This was an example of what’s in store when the president makes the “Great Admission”.  They – the Establishment, which has known about this for over half a century – are vewy afwaid.  Vewy vewy afwaid.  The head honchos of the Coverup expect that many Americans, having been taught to laugh off all kinds of warnings that have disguised the pole-shift, will become righteously angry.  ISIS-like angry.  Angry enough to turn on the people they have lauded for upholding the rule of law all this time while discomforting things have occurred worldwide. 

While I continue to strenuously emphasize “don’t hurt their flesh-suits!”, many will see that as their only outlet for the pent-up rage….pent-up over the unanswered questions circling around the JFK assassination, the MLKJr and RFK assassinations, the theft of the presidency in 2000 and 2004, the unanswered questions about 9/11 in which tens of billions worth of bullion were secretly smuggled out of the basements of Building 47 as well as the main towers….and here is Sgt.-Major Page explaining that he was briefed on how 9/11 was to go down – on August 1, 1999.  More than two years before it happened!  Now THAT takes some planning and some foresight.  He even admits that it was planned, in part, to initiate the “CoG” process – Continuity Of Government (how to ensure the government will still operate in a shattered world).

In the wake of the Ferguson murders and riots, not only are we seeing police officers across the nation being taken to task about their personal beliefs and actions off-duty (as well as on-duty; those crimes are too numerous to mention), we’re seeing reporters and researchers digging up details on just how militarized virtually every law-enforcement department in the land has become.  What happened?  Even the president can now say – OFFICIALLY – “hey, what’s up with all this militarization?  I’m going to look into this!” This is because he’s already signed enough executive orders as of this moment to turn the entire machinery of the federal gov’t. around in order to facilitate the movement of millions from the cities on the coastlines to FEMA camps (where they will be safe) that have been provisioned by the “Rural Council”.  What’s that, you ask? Perhaps Executive Order 13575 will help explain:

Executive Order 13575

Per the Zetas, there are FEMA plans in place, instituted under Obama's direction, to accommodate massive numbers of homeless refugees when the New Madrid and other pending catastrophes hit the US. Per Zeta predictions, which the Zetas have stated the Obama administration take quite seriously, the Seaway will pull apart, the New Madrid adjustment will pull the center of the US on a diagonal, and the San Andreas will then adjust, setting off west coast volcanoes. The US will thus get a triple whammy - Seaway, New Madrid, and West Coast. A year ago, on July 17, 2010, the Zetas revealed the status of FEMA plans under discussion. 

ZetaTalk Revelation 7/17/2010: We have mentioned that FEMA and the US government have plans for a worst case scenario, where so many tens of thousands, if not millions of people are homeless due to simultaneous disasters that they are literally standing in the rain. Such a state is conceivable for the New Madrid disaster, for instance. What then? We have mentioned worst case scenario plans such as a type of martial law edict that every home with a spare bedroom be required to house a homeless person or homeless family. Another option on the books is to confiscate idle farmland and transplant homeless families along with seed and gardening implements and flocks and herds, so that they are forced to feed themselves or starve. These groups would be of a similar cultural background to their neighbors for the least amount of friction during such a transplant operation. Beyond these two extremes, the situation today where homeless families are seeking assistance from local governments and churches and the worst case scenario, lie the zone where individuals will increasingly be encouraged to reach out and help their neighbors.
Now it seems these plans have firmed up, and are public in the form of Executive Order 13575! The Zetas have much to say about this very significant Executive Order.

Executive Order 13575 - Establishment of the White House Rural Council June 9, 2011  Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. To enhance the Federal Government's efforts to address the needs of rural America, this order establishes a council. There is established a White House Rural Council (Council). The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as the Chair of the Council, which shall also include the heads of the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices: [25 federal agencies]. The heads of executive departments and agencies shall assist and provide information to the Council, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Council. Each executive department and agency shall bear its own expense for participating in the Council.

ZetaTalk Analysis 7/23/2011: We revealed a year ago the FEMA plan under Obama, to deal with potentially millions of homeless during forthcoming disasters in the US. Executive Order 13575 is proof that this is the plan, despite whatever interpretation conspiracy websites might conclude. This is not part of the New World Order, nor is it targeting small farms or actively productive agricultural land. Take a look at the list of agencies in order 13575, 25 in total. It encompasses the entire federal government under the control of the Executive Branch!
  • The rational for this Rural Council is to assist rural areas, so why is the Department of Defense, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security involved? Guarding the borders from invasion will be replaced by guarding survivor camps, clearly, with the Federal Communications Commission on board to assist such endeavors.
  • If economic development is the goal, then why bother with Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Education? Such sociological infrastructure develops as a result of population increases, and their involvement is not required until such an increase occurs.
  • If survivor camps were to be setup on idle land, confiscated from farms of whatever size, and to include national parks, this would explain the inclusion of the Department of Justice, Interior, Domestic Policy, and placing Agriculture as the head of the council. Contracts would be broken, and lawsuits in this regard limited to the point of exclusion.
  • Economic development as the ruse would explain the inclusion of the Department of Commerce, Labor, Economic Advisors, Small Business Administration, and Science and Technology Policy. But building survivor camps in the interior would also require extensive coordination of existing labor pools.
  • If law enforcement is expected to be overwhelmed keeping order in survivor camps, with a need to relax law enforcement in other areas, this would explain the inclusion of Environmental Protection, Environmental Quality, and National Drug Control Policy. The rules designed to protect the environment over human interests would be relaxed.
  • If the Rural Council is to be funded from existing agency budgets, then why the inclusion of the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget? In the event of catastrophic Earth changes in the US, all funding would be diverted to priority issues.

The Zetas continue, in a more recent newsletter, to explain to those not thinking of this in a serious vein, what they can extrapolate from the many feints and plans for the announcement, or what I now term the ‘Great Admission’ as it admits not only to the reality of Nibiru’s presence in the inner solar system but the reality of the interaction between the human authorities and the alien, or extraterrestrial, authorities that have been trying to ensure their human liaisons do their job and prepare their public accordingly:

For those too naïve to understand the web of restrictions preventing mass rescue, especially given that no massive disasters have occurred to justify this, follow these steps: 1.     Given that Obama survives the many assassination attempts trying to prevent him from making the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, Obama declares that the coastal areas in the US need to be evacuated, though only periodic flooding has occurred to date. He is either impeached or declared insane and removed without delay. The American people lose their best friend in the White House, because he allowed himself to be naïve.  2.     Given Obama would survive such a move, all legal entities in such cities would rise up and pursue legal avenues in the courts.  Homeowners would demand to be bought out, since they would be required to pay their mortgages. The US would have no funds for this, and the banks would sue as their assets were threatened. Any corporation doing business on the coasts would likewise sue the already bankrupt US government for loss of profits. Go on down the chain of lawsuits that would hamper an evacuation.3.     Given that Obama would manage to push past a billion lawsuits and injunctions and appeals so the coasts could be vacated, he would next have to house and feed those he is moving. Needing a place to place the majority of US citizens, who now live in cities which are primarily on the coastlines, he would have to confiscate land from farmers and/or open federal lands. A new set of lawsuits and injunctions would arise.4.     Given that Obama managed to secure some land for the evacuees to sit upon, he next would have to house them and feed them while these former city dwellers learned how to garden and farm, get past their learning curve, save seed for the forthcoming year and preserve their harvests, and no longer need to rely upon government handouts from larders already barren. Half the US population sits in the cold rain, starving, as there is nothing to feed them nor tents to shelter them.5.     Given that these evacuees somehow survive a year of starvation and exposure, next comes the struggle with rampant infections that would spread among those who are malnourished and have failing immune systems. Hospitals and doctors in the US are primarily private industry, for profit, and do not today take the indigent unless forced to do so. Slavery does not exist in the US, so an Executive Order demanding they leave their families to head to the cold rainy fields and serve without pay would be challenged in the courts. Meanwhile, the evacuees wonder whose bright idea it was for Obama to order an evacuation of the coastlines!

Now, knowing all this, how is it that we have an event such as Ferguson, when there have been many instances of racial injustice resulting in death?  What made Ferguson so different? 

The character of Mike Brown – certainly no choirboy, as his own family has repeatedly admitted – is a convoluted one.  He was big for his age of 18; as a big guy, he was often pressured to join the high-school football team, but he was known as a ‘gentle giant’ because he was ‘too timid’ to play such an aggressive game as tackle football.  (Why is it that all tall people are ‘supposed to’ play basketball, and all big guys are ‘supposed to’ play football?)  Like many teenage black guys he was an aspiring rapper, just like many teenage white guys are aspiring rock stars.  Yet, he attended church and was heard to have remarked to a friend, shortly before his ill-fated trip to the liquor store for some Swisher Sweets (to make blunts to get high with), that he “hoped the Lord Jesus Christ wouldn’t frown on him for what he was about to do”.  This Mike Brown was a member of a large family, with dozens of cousins and just as many friends that lived in the same neighborhood.  He may have been a petty thief to some, but he was apparently well-known and well-loved by his family and friends, despite acting like a bully that day. 

It is entirely possible that such a teenager as Mike Brown had made a ‘soul agreement’ that fateful afternoon of August 9th, 2014.  Perhaps he had volunteered for this mission and carried it out, faithfully, volunteering his life as he knew he would lose it for what he then did, which was to engage in a physical altercation with a police officer.  Did he charge the officer first, trying to grab his weapon through the window of the police vehicle?  Or did he charge him after getting shot with his hands up several feet from the SUV?  In either event, it may have fit in with the bullying tactics he took with the store manager a few moments earlier, but bullies are at heart cowards.  If Mike Brown was ‘normal’, he wouldn’t have had the courage to rush into bullets, or risk getting shot or at least arrested by wrestling through the cop’s window.  Something gave him the courage to risk getting shot and killed as he was.  Perhaps…..a “walk-in”.  Walk-ins, which are rare, are usually service-to-others, though the situation seems tailor-made for a service-to-self walk-in as well.  As a selfish entity, the action could have resulted in widespread looting and rioting, which is what happened the second night following Mike’s murder; on the face of it, this may have tallied with the needs of the Selfish (Satanic is a euphemism for Selfishness), but as one correspondent has noted, such a plan apparently has back-fired and now the larger issues are spilling over the pages of the national media (when it’s not caught up in stories of the Ukraine or ISIS or Gaza).  So, in either case, whether a selfish or self-less walk-in, the larger goal has been achieved.  Sgt.-Major and retired officer Page’s hour-long ramble about the coming state of martial law, about the pre-planning of 9/11/2001 by elements of the US military in order to instigate Continuity Of Gov’t. (CoG), about the coming lack of food and increased earth changes, has now received much more widespread coverage than he could ever have envisioned (a quick check of the youtube search for Dan Page now shows dozens and dozens of additional videos copying and echoing his claims; Dan Page gets the last ‘laugh’ though it’s no laughing matter, even to him).  All over America people are waking up to the fact their communities have had military equipment flooding into the local constabulary. 

CNN, to enter the ‘national conversation’ about the events of Ferguson, began initially by asking “Do we have a race problem?  Or a cop problem?”  Then they carefully changed that to “Do we have a race problem?  Or a class problem?”  No matter how they presented it, the fact is we DO have lingering racism, and it’s not just a one-way street – though for anyone steeped in American history, the ill effects of lingering racism through ‘Jim Crow’ laws and the enforced dissolution of slave families that led to the lack of enduring father figures in black households would take another century or two (if we had the time) to undo.  The fact is, we don’t, and we have to make the best of things for these Last Days. 

Beyond the “race problem” that has been with us since our founding fathers decided it was okay to own other human beings is the “class problem” that has been with us since time immemorial.  Yes, the “masses are asses” as one friend once put it, but it’s our unfortunate duty, as the more privileged humans on Earth’s surface, to help lift the dimbulbs off the floor so they stop holding down the greater community.  It’s an obligation of the affluent elite 1% to provide the economic opportunities for work.  How can you have a good work ethic when the only viable industry left in America seems to be health-care?  That’s not even an industry!  So who shipped the jobs, even the very factories, overseas, chasing cheap labor?  The goal is not the “bottom line” of owners, but the gainful employment of all those willing to endure the laboring it took to make ‘stuff’...for reasonable remuneration.  When did this basic fact escape the tycoons, moguls, shareholders and stockbrokers of Wall Street?  Yet the corporate media they own is too often silent on this, especially when it was initially happening.

Finally, since others can explore better the “race” problem and “class” problem, we have the “cop” problem.  Ever since it became apparent to many in the big cities and suburbs that their police forces were being used as income generators, as those police departments became incorporated for-profit enterprises, and that cops had ‘quotas’ to ensure a steady flow of income into the coffers, people have begun to distrust cops.  As any sociologist will tell you, cops rarely differ from their targets on the other side of the badge; it is only the badge that differentiates their behavior.  Cops are not often noted as thoughtful, diplomatic types that try to encourage trust between law enforcement and loitering, unemployed youth or the homeless they’re often ordered to roust from their public sleeping spaces.  Cops are often hired because they display qualities that emphasize “law and order”, adherence to hierarchy, qualities that in some circles are thought of as “courageous” and in other circles are thought of as “throwing their weight around”.  Domestic violence in cops’ marriages is much higher than the national average: in two studies, domestic violence is a reality in 40% of cop households, compared to 10% of the general population, while a third study of older officers’ households showed a rate of 24%; averaged out, households with a cop as a spouse is 2 to 4 times more likely to suffer from domestic violence.  That’s still too high to enforce this most common of complaints that bring police officers to respond to a 911 call to a residence.

So just to recap, as most readers’ eyes have likely glazed over by now; did two mature souls swap places with a dispirited soul (no pun intended) in order for those humans to have the courage to provoke an already-trigger-happy cop or 2 to gun them down, knowing the outrage from their ‘peeps’ would light a wild-fire of outrage that would draw out issues that have been quietly disguised from the general population?  Were they selfish types that wanted to instigate widespread rioting, thus helping ensure a larger soul harvest for their side?  If so, were they lured there by selfless souls that knew the resulting kerfuffle would start generating an awareness they knew was necessary for the common man to start preparing themselves?  Or were these two two-box, or two-can (not two-bit; sorry, couldn’t help myself) thuggish types inspired by, and given the courage to, charge into certain death, in order to foment the kind of conversation we’re now having?  Either way, we’re having this conversation, whether it’s wanted or not.

I only hope it doesn’t fizzle to nothing too soon, because the stakes are enormous.


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  1. Quite an informative and well-written opinion piece there, Don. Only one or two "Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer..." moments in there, so not bad at all. :-)

    I have no answers at this point, myself--I guess I'm still waiting for a solid reconstruction of the whole event based on the physical evidence available and witness testimony. Many participants in this tragedy (including the media) seemed overly ready to pass judgment. It seems like all sides want this killing to fit a particular narrative, whether it actually does or not. Unfortunately, the boy who was killed can tell us nothing (although the coroner's report is suggestive) and the officer that emptied an entire clip into him has so far remained silent, probably on the advice of counsel. Sigh. So our collective ignorance continues, unabated...

    Your theory is certainly an interesting one, although I suppose it lies well outside sphere of evidence that could be obtained by human beings. One wonders if, at the levels above ours, the truth is so plainly self-evident that it rarely warrants debate? That would put quite a damper on small talk, lol. Nevertheless, peace to all...


  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. And you are positively right about the ability to prove or disprove these kinds of things using conventional "forensics", forever consigning third-density knowledge to the physical world. Thankfully there are many spiritual people living in this third-density world that can make sense of things from a spiritual, or meta-physical perspective.


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