Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank You, Mr. President. Now Let’s Talk Accountability.

 Dear Barack,

Two weeks ago a prayer was answered when you appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show Live and, under cover of a comedian, admitted that “aliens….exercise strict control over us”.  You went on to say, when confronted by a comparison with Pres. Clinton’s response to the same question about why he said he “didn’t find anything” (when asked about what happened when he was sworn in and went to ‘look for UFOs and aliens and what goes on in Area 51’), “that’s what we’re instructed to say”.

That was amazing, Mr. President.  You did that with such aplomb, relaxed, and the many studies of your body language will show how comfortable you were with answering the pre-scripted questions posed by Mr. Kimmel.  It shows that you’re just about ready for the Great Admission, which – until it happens – will still blow the minds of much of humanity.

I had asked Nancy Lieder (the Zetas’ emissary, as I’m sure you know) about this, or rather should I say I shared this with her – since she hadn’t seen it before I informed her.  Naturally I pointed out it was done under cover of comedy, though her second reply seemed to be that it was only that – comedy.  Little did she know, nor did I waste her time informing her, that I had just that week been focused on asking for some kind of ‘signal’ from you, some admission in a speech, even if in code, that would help explain the delay in the long-anticipated Announcement.  I considered many words, including the usual ones of “aliens and UFOs”, and also “shift”, and – to signal the true state of affairs, that you aren’t the one that’s really: “in control”. 

And you responded beyond my wildest prayers.

Your exact words were, in response to Mr. Kimmel’s statement about how he would (upon being sworn in as president) race to where the files on Area 51 were, “the aliens wouldn’t let it happen.  They exercise strict control over us.”  Whereupon Mr. Kimmel said “well Pres. Clinton did go in and he DID check, and said that there was nothing there”. You responded, in what must have been a well-rehearsed line, possibly by your double; this might explain a possible double entendre in your answer, which was:  “that’s what we’re instructed to say”.  Wow.  Really: WOW! First, who is “we”?  All modern presidents? Or their doubles? Or both?

“They exercise strict control over us.” We LOFAO, Mr. President.

The point is, you (or your double; some say it was your double while you had been taken to meet with Putin secretly to plan last-minute maneuvers to air the big Announcement, or Great Admission as I call it) publicly admitted that “aliens exercise strict control over us”, and that if you are asked about them, you have “been instructed” to say you don’t know anything about them or – if you DID go looking for evidence of their interaction with humans, that you didn’t find anything.  This is major news, Mr. President, and because it was done under cover of comedy, it will not make the front pages.  Yet the ‘interested few’ in the public that I write for must ask themselves, “why would the president spend over 2 million dollars flying Air Force One across country – and tie up thousands of frustrated motorists across Los Angeles over the presidential motorcade – just to speak for 10 minutes on a comedy show?” Sure, there was a fund-raiser on the schedule as well, but even if you push the bill over to the political party for payment, the fund-raiser would be necessary just to pay for the trip itself!  What is REALLY going on?

I submit it was a way to practice being casual when speaking about aliens in public, and to let them know that there is indeed a public government of the US and a “shadow govt”, which apparently includes some form of alien control.  This is what many critical thinkers have ascertained already, and it also shows just how dumbed-down our media is, or rather how they treat their viewership.  In fact, it goes to show how even the public govt – represented by yourself, Mr. President – plays to the LCD, or “Lowest Comic Denominator”.  We live in a nation of sheeple, Mr. President, thanks to the efforts of your predecessors, yourself, the Congress you spar with every day, the ultra-rich elites that fund the tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum twee-party system, and the MainStreamMedia that is bought and paid for by the afore-mentioned ultra-rich 1%.  Rather than showing the electorate the respect that an FDR or a JFK did (and they did it in such a way that even the less-intelligent among the masses could be inspired and awed) you’ve found it more expedient to treat them like grade-school graduates that have to be spoken to like mushrooms.

Perhaps this, too, is why we have not – and will not – see the kind of public-works programs that a ‘New Deal’ could produce, and should, seeing that this ongoing ‘Great Recession’ is really a ‘Great Depression version 2’.  From my perspective, it looks like we are being denied that, denied a ‘way out’ to protect as many of us as we can, because the goal really IS to eliminate the current human society, level it in fact.  In that, many of us are in agreement, as that will be the only way to eliminate the evil current  Establishment that has suppressed our potential blossoming as a species. If indeed we are to shortly undergo major cataclysms that will rend our civilization stunned, shocked, awed, demoralized and denuded, then by denying the truth as long as possible it will allow the next phase of humanity – homo reticulis, or homo superior as some call it – to  make its entrance without too much competition from the quarrelsome remains of our current civilization. 

Of course that’s not to suggest that our replacement model is a form for a hostile race to take over Earth, a meme that the current Establishment’s emotional generators are churning out to excess in movies such as War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Aliens, as well as a host of mockbusters such as Invasion of the Pod People.  This idea is naturally one that simpleton members of Majestic 12 have sought to encourage among the sheeple, as evidenced in the addled Pres. Reagan going before the United Nations in 1987 to publicly muse on how humanity would hopefully ‘come together as one’ to fight off ‘invaders from another world’.  In this sad paradigm, we earthlings have complete control over our world, our leaders are supposedly ‘duly elected’, and anyone from ‘outside/off-world’ coming here must have some kind of evil agenda in mind.  Any suggestion we have been genetically engineered from apes (specifically, five species of apes) must be made from the insane, the irreligious or the downright atheistic.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth. 

We are, indeed, here on Earth for a specified period of time, time long enough to achieve something and short enough to ensure a steady progress both in the material world as well as the spiritual one.  Our life-form has been built to last an average of 4 generations, or four-score years. During that time we’re either expected to ‘spark a new soul’ (making a decision based on some form of morality or immorality, such as sacrificing our self for another, or murdering another for our own advancement) or to temper an existing in-dwelling soul by a series of moral or spiritual encounters that help us orient ourselves – either to ‘community’ or to ‘self’. 

This planet, terra-formed for this soul-building activity, naturally has to have safeguards in place to insure the resulting soul-harvest (as with any garden or ranch or farm there are occasional ‘harvests’, naturally) isn’t warped or prematurely frozen, or killed off in some manner.  The safe-guards existing here on Earth are maintained by entities known variously as ‘angels’, or ‘aliens’, or ‘demons’ or most commonly ‘gods’.  By whatever name, if and when they reveal themselves to earthly rulers of human origin, they “instruct them….not to reveal their existence [aliens and UFOs]”. 

“That’s what we’re instructed to say.  You [Mr. Kimmel, and by inference anyone who thinks like him] would reveal all their secrets.  They exercise strict control over us.”  How marvelous, how disarming, how revealing, Mr. President!  Smash performance!  Like any good puppet, like any good performer really, you know the secret is to “always keep them laughing”, and you certainly did that, Mr. President! 

Now it remains to be seen how that will play in a serious setting, while explaining why the New Madrid Seismic Zone will pull the Mississippi wide open and dump the Great Lakes nearly directly onto the Texas Coastal Flood Plain.  Or maybe you were thinking of continuing with the façade up until the controlled media is forced to allow you to speak, to explain that after the fact?  Knowing how you operate now, that would appear to be your style, ‘leading from behind’, or ‘explaining after the fact’.  It has not escaped our notice that to make any ‘Announcement’, like anything done in public these days, it will have to be done to explain a situation that has already occurred.  Gone are the days of an FDR and his New Deal, or a JFK and his New Frontier, when their courage resulted in great changes for the good of the common man, but also in their own deaths.  In the case of FDR, it may have been natural (at least natural enough for the history books), but in JFK’s case, it had to be done publicly, in as Masonic a situation as Dealey Plaza presented, where the assassins’ orchestrator Poppy Bush could ‘hide in plain sight’ as the various teams tried fruitlessly until the ‘clean-up’ hit man James Files could finally get off a single shot that did the deed conclusively.

How many in the Establishment media-machine know these details?  Obviously they must, in order to cast aspersions on anyone who questions their flimsy Oswald-did-it line.  Yet most critical thinkers who dig into the story continue to play defense to those lies! To date, it does not appear anyone has the courage, the power, or the ability to take the perps to task, to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE, though many are still alive today and parading around as if their crime will go unpunished thanks to the cloak of ‘National Security’.  Mr. President, do you understand how that lack of accountability curdles the drive among the good to spread more good, more positive energy?  Do you really think “let bygones be bygones” is only about eliminating a drive for revenge?  Don’t you think that severely limits the positive outcomes of holding people accountable, even if they go unpunished?  I think it makes anyone who goes along with such an approach complicit in the crime, even if only after the fact, Mr. President. 

Look, Barack, I know you meant well with the “let bygones be bygones” approach, but the lasting effect is one of complicity in the conspiracy by continuing to hide the truth, which runs counter to your stated values.  After this came up time and again over the years, from bitter Dem activists and independents alike, I decided to quote you about accountability and went searching for an applicable quote from you. Much to my surprise, I found nothing in any of your campaign speeches about holding anyone accountable for their evil deeds other than yourself.  Reading between those lines, I saw then that you never had any intention of holding the perps of the inside job of 9/11 accountable; you never had any intention of holding your predecessors accountable for having instigated an illegitimate war (and in fact have widened that war in many respects by refusing to hold the REAL perps accountable); and most important of all, you never had any intention of holding the perps of your predecessors accountable for their theft of the presidency – which should have lead to not one but many charges of treason against the People of the United States and the Constitution which you swore to uphold it.

On the other hand, there is one potential event which will clear your own name in response to the accusations outlined above that you will be hold accountable for, and that is to make that Announcement, together with Presidents Putin and Xi Jingping.  If and when you are finally able to manage admitting to the peoples of Earth the truth of ZetaTalk – by informing them of a planetary body within the inner solar system that is scheduled to cause a ‘rough ride’ in the months and weeks ahead when it finally passes us by, and how aliens have been interacting with elements within the US gov’t. for decades concerning how they should prepare for this – you can single-handedly, in one speech, accomplish the unimaginable feat of exonerating yourself.  By explaining the truth of a source that WILL provide the details, HAS provided the details, of just what is going to happen, how it is going to happen, who has interfered in our world and how the Council of Worlds ‘fought back’ to make sure the common man learns what your colleagues in the Council of Foreign Relations have known about for a long time, it can be shown by your defenders that you had to quietly, cunningly, in the face of loud demands from your frustrated ‘base’ as well as the immature and childish bullies in the opposition, maneuver yourself into the position to make that simple announcement.  We know (or have been told; the jury is out until you exit without every murmuring a whisper of the truth to a serious audience) that you supposedly tried to ‘announce’ this back in Sept. and Oct. of 2012, and then after several botched attempts you put it on the back burner until you could win the 2012 election.  Then, you (supposedly) met with your Chinese equal in June of 2013, during which the two of you planned to ‘announce’ the weekend after the 500th day hence (to allow for the 2014 harvest, as Pres. Jingping insisted), but that, too, was blocked by the all-powerful privately controlled Western fascist media.  Then, and since, you have been methodically doing…. ‘something’….to pressure certain members of the Big Six media companies to make sure they will allow this ‘Great Admission’ to go forward. If it works, then you will acquit yourself admirably, Mr. President.  If it doesn’t, and nothing happens while the GOP sweeps back into total power, you will have the blood – and soul-growth – of billions on your hands. 

The stakes are that high.

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  1. Great letter Don... off the top shelf... laugh it gets published in the NYT or WP! Jeez, that'll put the bankster cats amongst the pigeons!


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