Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I (Almost) Shot A Black Guy - And (Would Have) Liked It

Yes, sadly it's true. The title is a take on Katy Perry's famous song, but the reality is that something happened to me that might help explain to black people why they face so much racism, even after having lived under a two-term half-black president.

In my previous article, I described how I caught a black thief red-handed, taking an iPhone (not mine, but one in my care) from inside my car and then running away with it. I couldn't chase him as I'm disabled in my right leg, but luckily he didn't get away with anything else. In this latest instance, which will inexorably work its way to an arrest thanks to technology (and assuming law enforcement does their job), a black guy who was hired by the contractor I employed to handle some rehab work on a Florida property took advantage of the trust and responsibility he was given, and sadly used it to dig through my things and steal an iPhone that was brand-new, still in the box it was received in, as well as an expensive tactical flashlight - which I noted and was about to deduct from the contracted price unless it was returned. The flashlight was returned (though the pocket clip had been removed; was it spite? Customizing his ill-gotten gain? I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one, as he asked for a flashlight to investigate the air ducts).

Was I expected to watch over his every move, as he operated a rug-cleaning machine throughout the house? That would have been racist to be that distrustful, no? We even talked a bit, he was animated about the subject of Jay Z's "Rockefella records" and his take on the illuminati, and how the music industry blackmails artists like Michael Jackson before they make stars of them, and I actually felt like we had developed a rapport of sorts, though I had to restrain myself from talking too much and instead let him get on with doing the job his boss had assigned him to do. But instead of doing a good job at it, he abused that trust and committed a felony theft that he will choke on for the rest of his life, since an opportunity was given to him to return it unscathed and in the same condition as he took it. Instead of thinking carefully about the situation, and how he was hurting his black brothers by proving the stereotype to be alive and well, he has elected to play gangsta - and threatened the co-worker with death if he helped authorities track him down. The situation is still fluid and may change, but it's doubtful. Once a thief - who to all the world can be charming on the outside - feels they can get over on you, the only thing that will finally change their attitude is usually the heavy hand of either law enforcement or vigilante action, and though I'm tempted, I know full well the latter course of action would backfire.  

This, my friends, is where white racism is born. It's often said that a conservative is a white liberal that's been mugged personally, and while I was indeed mugged by a black guy many years ago (I fled before he could fire his gun at me), I didn't allow it to turn me racist. The guitarist I worked with in my band Mindshaft is black, and for some reason that fact never intruded on either our friendship or personal relationship. He was simply a person who happened to be black, and the vast majority of black people I'm sure are of a similar demeanor - treat them like anyone else, and they respond in kind. But now, if and when confronted by a black guy who isn't dressed professionally and able to speak in 'commercial English', I won't be able to trust him around my things, and it is this kind of reactive impulse that is at the root of why white cops are much more likely to be suspicious of black people - there's simply too much history of black thieves and hoods, reinforced by 'gangsta' culture today, which seems to give succor to black guys who think the world owes them more than what they can honestly earn like any other person of any other race. I spoke briefly with a friend on the phone about it today and he suggests that the origin of much of the problem lies with the proclivities of poor black girls to allow themselves to get pregnant so that the well-meaning monthly welfare checks that add up can provide for them while the kids that result are scattered around like 'toys', or a collection of pets and pests. This would be the cultural cradle for such behavior, with the resulting progeny left to raise themselves - without a father, either, in most cases. This may sound like that grossly over-rated right-wing caricature of the "welfare queen", but unfortunately the evidence even in this decade seems to bear this out to some degree. Enough to reinforce those kind of ugly 'jokes' at the above-mentioned website. Can someone please show me evidence to the contrary? That what I'm going through is an aberration? Because it came from somewhere, and in all this talk about "black lives matter" [doesn't ZetaTalk describe how George Soros - among other elitists - is fomenting this racially polarizing 'movement' in order to justify having the president use the military to protect their property after making the Announcement about Nibiru? If so, shouldn't Soros himself face the same kind of stern justice that he seems to be stirring the pot for, regarding prosecuting white police officers who shoot to kill in an altercation? It seems Soros - if this is true, and it's very plausible - wants to create such a racially polarized population that the rational 'mainstream' is suffocated into silence, bullied into siding either with black racists on the fringes of the Black Lives Matter Soros-funded movement, or white racists on the fringes of the Fox News spectrum.]

Now, I have to wait until I can return to Florida, file the official police report with the detective responsible for the jurisdiction where the crime occurred, after which they can act on the information provided by the thief's movements as determined by the iPhone's activation - which occurred the day after the thief stole it, with me being unaware at the time (am I supposed to assume something might be taken, and go through all my things in every box exposed to this black hired hand? Again, that would be 'racist' and now I'll have to do that, if I ever let another black guy in my house; it's the way we humans have of protecting ourselves against threats). So sad and yet so true. I had hoped it would never come to this, but apparently it has. 

Nonetheless, I know that this is a test of my humanity, to learn whether I can overcome this without giving into a racist tendency at every opportunity. In fact, since learning of the theft (it was a week after it occurred that it came to light, when I delivered the box to its rightful owner), I have seethed with a racist rage, fantasizing about taking a double-barreled shotgun to this would-be gangsta's head and blowing the evil ass away....and enjoying doing it. However, the evil won't be cured simply by amping up the violence of revenge; what needs to happen is the evil must be apprehended and examined in close-up scrutiny: why oh why do these stereotypes prove so true, and what can be done about it? Can the evil in this sad black 'gangsta' kid be drawn out enough so that he can take responsibility for the evil betrayal of his black brothers by his actions, and move on to make amends and be treated with dignity as a decent human being? People of any color know the difference between right and wrong, and no matter how many culturally-mitigating memes you throw at it, that's what the problem comes down to - and why we have ongoing white racism as well as black racism. Perhaps this was a form of black racism, directed at me. Like the 'disgruntled TV news anchor' who murdered a female colleague and cameraman in cold blood today....irony, or just coincidence?  I'm disturbed by the idea I could now be feeling less sympathy for Trayvon Martin and more empathy for George Zimmerman, and I don't like it.

That's my challenge, and in the weeks ahead (and it WILL take some time to go through the process of closing in on this thief.....the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow but exceedingly fine) I intend to recover the stolen property and make sure that the evil is reflected back to this 'gangsta' just what he's done to reinforce racism, and how he can express genuine remorse, make amends, and shun the gangsta justifications he's used for his thievery. I have little hope but it has to be done; living by the Golden Rule, he was given a chance to do this without pressing charges, but his reaction was to lash out and threaten murder, so now he's facing a felony theft charge, among other charges. Yet outside of his thievery, he's just a happy-go-lucky friendly fellow and would be portrayed as such if he winds up dead.....but evil is banal, and rarely stops to think of how such simple violations as he made incite hateful rage that goes on to judge all like him as similarly evil.

I paused for a moment and thought about how many travails Job had to endure, and in this effort to help another, coming down the East Coast, I have had to endure first one thief who saw "precious" and stole, then a blow-out on the highway costing hundreds in repairs, then the stark fact that prescription drugs [painkillers, specifically] are so tightly controlled by the gov't that it required expensive monthly commutes back north, then another roadside emergency resulting in the loss of my car (thankfully replaced by one far nicer, but which is still in the process of being earned), then having that car smashed into by an unwitting neighbor (thankfully his insurance is covering it), then having yet another "precious" stolen by yet another young black male thief (thus cementing the probability of a definite racist streak in me that I'll have to struggle to control), which necessitates a long legal process with law enforcement, and oh did I mention how the first moving company I contracted tried to abrogate the contract and thus lost the contract, but has kept my deposit which I now have to use the legal process to recover......these are the types of crises the "elite" need to learn from while still trying to maintain their humanity, which is ironic because I still consider myself a member of the 99%. Are these 1% lessons I need to learn in order to help the elitist bastards deal with the changed reality coming in the wake of the Announcement? Whatever they are, I'm darn certain I'm being tested in many ways this summer.

Ponder that. What would you do, how would you feel? I'm interested to hear what you have to say, just don't try to justify the thievery - plenty of black AND white people can be in the same position and not abuse the trust placed in them, taking advantage of this trust to violate the person who gave them a paying job. Culture does play a role, but when it comes down to it, everyone is responsible for their actions, and if they elect to not use the Golden Rule but instead selfishly exploit another, they're no better than rich white bankster gangsters and should be prosecuted in such a way as to eliminate the evil, not exacerbate it.

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