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#PizzaGate/#PedoGate & The Rise Of Citizen Newscasting

#PizzaGate/#PedoGate – The Rise of Citizen Newscasting

A Brief History - Part 1

This was the year tens of millions of Americans turned off their cable or satellite boxes that had pumped waves of television brainwashing into their homes for decades, beginning with Howdy Doody! as the baby-boomers boomed out of the womb and coursed through the years of Cronkite and Rather, Brokaw and Jennings, Huntley and Brinkley. Instead, the most important development in the dissemination of information, of culture itself in 2016 has been the rise of “citizen news” and citizen-newscasters.

These are the small-scale and entrepreneurial truth-seekers, with followers whose hunger for real news is insatiable (as opposed to the 'fake news' previously known as propaganda put out by large corporations whose purpose is to bamboozle, to mold, shape and cultivate opinions...for those who have a hard time forming their own).  

In many cases, and speaking from personal experience, the very sound of the Establishment candidate's voice was enough to make one turn the channel or turn off what's now often called 'corporate' or 'legacy' media. To fill the void many turned to the internet and YouTube and were pleasantly surprised to find thousands of average people, like themselves, with something to say about almost everything, but particularly about the political campaign. Instead of CNN, Fox, NBC, etc, the real action was on InfoWars and newer ventures such as The Next News Network, the Anonymous group, Mark Dice, Stefan Molyneux, The Sane Progressive, H.A. Goodman, MLordandGod, AbelDanger (the next edition of this history will include profiles of these and other important citizen-newscasters with large followings – this first summary is limited to a small handful of those who have focused almost exclusively on #PizzaGate) and literally hundreds of others that each had something interesting and newsworthy to offer. Not only were they offering their own voices, the video platform of YouTube allows and encourages viewers to comment on those presentations, a feature that has led to vigorous debate and civic involvement with this new form of media.

As the technology began to allow for it, manufacturers built TV sets with internet connectivity, offering a large selection of web channels from which to choose. High cable bills made it easy to “cut the cord”. Some commentators bandied about statistics of an 80%-94% drop in viewership of the mainstream media, just in the course of the previous year, but no matter how the statistics are sliced and diced, the stark fact is that the majority of the public now gets its news from non-broadcast network media.

Not only was this occurring in broadcast media but print media as well.  Jeff Bezos of Amazon bought the Washington Post for a quarter-billion dollars and was then rewarded with a $600 million contract from the CIA, and Carlos Slim, the Mexican cell-phone billionaire, plumped $101 million into the New York Times.  Both these media outlets are needed not so much for their newsworthiness, but their legacy of credibility (now a farce to many, sadly).

If nothing else, that should tell most people with at least a modicum of intelligence that the CIA is deeply invested in the mission of molding the opinions of Americans, as it's been since the early days of Operation Mockingbird. (Unfamiliar? Google it and prepare to be shocked.)

Trying as they could to hold on to their viewership, the mainstream media barons were being exposed and held up to ridicule as WikiLeaks' genuine email leaks of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign officials showed that the corporate media had become mere PR firms for candidate Hillary.  Even many rank-and-file Democrats were disgusted. Wikileaks became one of the very few sources of trustworthy information and its leader Julian Assange became a hero to millions of people. The Clinton campaign and the Obama administration plotted his silencing, while behind the scenes battles between factions of insiders raged. Even at the time of this writing, it's unclear whether Assange is being held by friendly intelligence operatives, unfriendlies, or merely confined to his room at the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

The minions of the CFR – Council of Foreign Relations and the various organs of global control began a serious implementation of the terms “alt right”, “alt media”, and – following their stunning defeat – “fake news”.  While the term “alt right” had been coined in 2010 to differentiate the new nationalism from neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups, in 2016 it was used to besmirch the growing populism with the tarring brush of racism.  This was more a sign of MSM - mainstream media desperation than anything else as most of the new coaltion of disaffected progressives, fed-up blue collar workers whose jobs were outsourced, and libertarians included many minorities weary of “identity politics”. The “alt media” label was diminished when the strategy became one of isolating all citizen content as belonging to the “alt right”, despite the fact many citizens consider themselves beyond the left/right paradigm the Establishment insists on using.

What prompted this flurry of attention to language and stirrings of censorship?  Most significantly the loss of the election by Hillary Clinton, whose campaign had held such sway over the Established press (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, and a host of lessers such as The Atlantic monthly and even the BBC World Service, collectively known as TPTB – The Powers That Be) that her defeat was all the more stunning.  Power is now deflating from the former supporters of the losing candidate, mostly the forces of globalism and – as we intend to demonstrate – satanism, and the new crowd that's expected to wield power is comprised of  American nationalists who are avowedly anti-globalist, anti-jihadist, socially liberal yet united in their determination to 'drain the swamp' of corruption and – we hope – widespread pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and child-trafficking.

Many Americans voted for Trump in such droves that it likely overcame the careful algorithms of the official “gatekeepers” (i.e. the Big Six media companies, plus the NEP – National Election Pool, the two main parties – Tweedledee Dems and Tweedledum GOP, the Associated Press, Hart InterCivic, Dominion Voting, and ES&S – Election Systems & Software).

[For a detailed understanding of these, please visit http://electionnightgatekeepers.com ].

Small groups of 'good guy' humans that were well-placed within the infrastructure were able to reprogram voting machines that had been programmed to flip votes for Hillary in battleground states, thus ensuring that the true will of the People would be observed and Hillary's minions would not be able to thwart it.  This was how a small, determined group of patriots were able to effect a counter-coup against the globalist forces that thought they had sufficiently stacked the deck to ensure the victory of their prime puppet.

This brings us to the first of the citizen-journalists to be noted in this particular story, though many more played larger roles earlier on. Steve Pieczenik, one of the more seasoned and connected “old-timers” within the intelligence community, used YouTube to let the public know that there was a fierce counter-coup against the Clinton coup in place, and even now – mid-January – is fighting to prevent  the minions of Hillary and her main globalist funder George Soros from keeping Trump out of the Offal Office. Here he is, presenting the situation regarding the counter-coup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov5kvWSz5LM

Then, he went one step further:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zVlaZyX3Q  Worse for the power-elite isn't so much the loss of the election, but as Steve notes in the above video, the ballooning consciousness about the widespread pedophilia and related satanic ritual abuse that has started to creep across the social landscape in the wake of the Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. THIS, many hypothesize, is the major reason for the concerted effort across all corporate media platforms to squash any discussion of so-called #PizzaGate, because of the danger it presents to their control over our consciousness. People are “waking up”, a phrase that's gained traction to explain how it is that the global power-elite IS interconnected, DOES have an agenda that doesn't have the interests of the common man at heart, and has been bamboozling the world with a false right-left paradigm and other fake narratives ever since the robber barons of the late 19th century banded together to control the burgeoning mass media.

By now, most readers who've gotten this far are fully aware of how the story of so-called #PizzaGate began not just with the release of the Podesta emails but also the concurrent release of a declassified FBI document illustrating pedophile symbols  http://www.whale.to/c/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf .

They've probably also read the revelations that were made on a 4Chan forum [see http://www.4chan.org ] by username “FBI anon” and how those symbols are subtly placed and  are used to signify pedophile-friendly businesses.....specifically businesses such as Comet Ping-Pong Pizza on Connecticut Ave NW in Wash. DC, along with another pizza shop two doors down, called Besta Pizza [which means 'beast' in Portugal, more on that later].  Comet was used as the site for many fundraisers for both Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as a call center on at least two occasions for Pres. Obama. Financial records also show that George Soros has paid Comet Ping Pong over $11,000 on one occasion alone.

Shortly after the Podesta emails and declassified pedo symbol-chart were published to the world online by WikiLeaks, many citizen-newscasters and investigators put together detailed documentaries of what's become known as #PizzaGate.

To see these videos as part of the larger article this post was originally part of, please visit The Citizen-Newscaster at:


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