Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Lies Of 'White Guilt' and 'Reparations'

Despite the fact the recent attempts to reignite racial tensions have been instigated artificially by groups associated with George Soros and other prominent globalists (and even more ominously by the Chinese Communist Party, which is at war with America despite its smiling public face and position as the 'Factory For The West'), the issue remains that many white people are still very sensitive to accusations of systemic racism and therefore find themselves more easily manipulated than one would think. They feel guilty not because they ever owned slaves or practice overt racism in their daily lives but because as they grew up, the real racists amongst their parents and authority figures that continued to make cruel jokes at the expense of minorities would not be challenged by their offspring, who are the spineless liberals of today.

The common argument against even holding such discussions (referring to reparations and 'white guilt') usually comes down to the fact that no one alive today was a slave or a slave owner. The real racism that was nakedly exposed in the 1960s has gradually been extinguished, in large part thanks to the civil rights laws of the period.  (It should be noted that those laws were supported primarily by liberal and moderate Republicans, even more so than the Democrats of the time who, if they supported them at all, did so with the hoarse whisper of LBJ ringing in their ears -- "We'll have those  n______ voting for us for the next 40 years".)

While that is certainly true and is sufficient not to reopen the ugly wounds of that time, there is indeed another argument against having this debate the way it has been narrated by the propaganda organs of the globalists (and the C.C.P.), who keep pushing it. I am speaking now of the concept of reincarnation and how it applies to the situation.

If one is accepting of the basic notion of reincarnation (and we recognize this is not a universally-accepted belief), then it is plain that a slave of yesteryear may reincarnate as a privileged white liberal of today, as reincarnation is supposedly based on the premise that every soul must go through as many lifetimes and different challenges as possible before graduating to a higher density. (To some this may mean "heaven".) Obversely, a slave owner of yesteryear may reincarnate as a young and poor black man of today. Thus, many poor black males clamouring for reparations today could very well be the reincarnations of slave owners from a previous era. The same souls that exploited others in a previous lifetime may not have matured after their former death, and are attempting to exploit the Achille's heel of insulated and affluent white people today.

What we do know today is that we are seeing an attempt, more AstroTurf than grass-roots, to foster a new generation of racism that could become uglier than the original. The more the mainstream propaganda outlets are allowed to continue a conversation that is blatantly racist against white people, the more racism they will stir up and thus divide the people against each other so that they will not unite against the much smaller group that has been exploiting and manipulating them for millennia.

What we now have is a result is a group of people within the majority who are susceptible to being guilt-tripped. These people, who are easily manipulated by their heart-strings, are especially susceptible because it does not take a physicist to determine that there are large numbers of people that have little or nothing in the way of material affluence and resources while around them are (seemingly vast) suburban pockets of prosperity.

While the above facts are true, they can be connected poorly without understanding that middle-class affluence has been dying over the decades since World War II. Those 'suburban pockets' should be much more numerous and larger, and the poverty that surrounds them should be much smaller. The racial composition of the disparity is also misleading, if only due to the fact that America is still a majority-Caucasian nation, a fact that is nothing to be ashamed about. The proportion of African-Americans to the nation as a whole is still less than 15%. Ironically, the composition of the entertainment class, whether music or sports or fashion, is largely African-American, particularly in popular music (I'm speaking of the most popular forms today, commonly known as rap and hip-hop) and football, the most popular sport. In fact, African-Americans enjoy an overwhelming majority in the celebrity classes, even as they suffer an overwhelming majority in the penalized demographics (i.e. the prison population).

What is occurring with these nonsensical and divisive ideas of 'reparations' and 'white guilt' is an attempt to further weaken the unifying concept of what America represents. It is an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected as the American president, because the forces attempting to unseat him had not foreseen his arrival and subsequent overturning of their vaunted New World Odor (er, Order) in 2016 and who has now taken many of them into custody and has prevented them from carrying out their genocidal plans for the End Times.  Their use of guilt-tripping is not new; the entire agenda of blaming Earth changes on the carbon footprint of man was also a means of guilt-tripping the majority. Once it was discovered that the Al Gore family household had not changed a single incandescent bulb to the more energy-efficient and carbonless LED lights he was promoting in the limelight, his hypocrisy was exposed and the entire argument for carbon tax credits was undercut and shown to be a fraud.

The astute observer will recognize that this is not a mere blip in the patterns of history, but a maneuver by the elites to maintain control by further eroding our liberties under the guise of racial inequities, which they caused in the first place (and every place since). The point cannot be made more clearly: aggressively and firmly refute the false narrative that people are born racist because of the color of their skin. That is actually the most racist claim of all, and it is being made by those who claim they are against racism. Like much of the rest of the rhetoric of the now-deranged Left, it projects their own guilty past onto their opponents.

Take pride in your culture, whatever it is and wherever it is from, and stand up to the false narratives in the Establishment  media. We have much bigger tasks ahead.


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