Monday, December 17, 2012

 On Why Mass Killings In America Are On The Rise

Today the news is full of the story of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre of mostly children, which pre-empted the president’s plans to include a visit to that community where he could address the shock and grief that’s reverberating throughout America.  Most everyone with a pulse in America now knows that someone forced their way into a school and killed 28 people.  Only 7 were adults, not counting the gunman.  There were 12 girls and 8 boys killed; all of the children were ages 6 to 7.

Beyond that, I don’t need to go over any more details, other than the fact this is merely the latest in a rising spiral of mass-killings in America.  Everyone sees it, and they all have opinions about how to deal with it, but few are asking “why?” other than the usual tirades about parents and/or the schools not raising their children well, or “leaving guns out where the kids can get to them”.

This particular (20-year-old) kid had a mother that actually took her son to the firing range with her, and had raised him to handle a gun and use it well. 

So what turned him into her murderer, turned her into his first victim, caused him to put four bullets into her body first, and then go off to the school where she was a teacher and gun down an entire classroom, plus the school principal and psychologist?

For that matter, what turned the 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts in Oregon into a mass murderer as well, only days previously?  And perhaps by the time you’re reading this, yet another mass murder may have hit the headlines.

Both Jacob Tyler and Adam Lanza were not “violent types” by most accounts.  Adam was a “nerd” who was “socially awkward” but apparently quite meek.  Jacob was “lovable”, someone whose “main goal was to make you laugh, smile, make you feel comfortable”, as his “ex” girlfriend put it.

In fact, to focus on Jacob for a moment, it appears he was well-liked by girls who felt they could talk to him – but not as their boyfriend.  Or so it would appear.  It will be interesting to hear more about what made Hannah Sansburn an “ex” girlfriend.  Then there is another female “friend”, Samantha Bennett, who said "We knocked on each other's door every morning. Every day to hang out, to talk," ….who added she …wasn't close to him until he moved in with a girlfriend across the hall from her at an apartment complex in summer 2011.  "If me and my boyfriend were fighting, he was there to talk to me," Bennett said. "We would go to the bar together. I don't get it." [thanks to the Associated Press who interviewed these girls]

Well, Samantha and Hannah…..seriously?  You don’t get it?  I’ll bet he never told either of you his true longings, otherwise you might not be so puzzled.  So many guys never admit to their true emotional needs, to the point where it’s socially caricatured.  

In Adam’s case, it’s probably worse.  In Jacob’s case, it seems only female friends were interviewed in the follow-up to his mass-shooting ‘performance’, and in Adam’s case, we have yet to hear from anyone other than a neighbor (boy) who rode the bus with him, along with an adult who monitored the student members of a tech club.  And Adam had Ausberger’s Syndrome, which makes them even more socially alienated than most – to the point where they are so withdrawn they practically feel no pain.

Where is all this leading to?  To an understanding that shows that even kids with a decent education, from average, middle-class families, are capable of giving their spirit over to a murderous impulse to destroy the living bodies of other souls, to snuff out their life experience without qualm.  How could this be?  What are their own souls gunning for, pun intended?  What do they expect to gain from it?  They know that once the decision has crystallized and the mission undertaken, there is no going back and it will end in their own death, before the sun sets on their crime.  What could possibly convince them that this is the choice they need to make? 

Is it the incessant rejection, the indifference they face day to day, the lack of genuine love in their lives?  Did Adam’s mother ever do more than take her son to the firing range, encourage her son to date, talk to him about girls, and did his father ever tell him about the birds-and-the-bees?  How to be careful that a girl doesn’t break his heart, but that he has to get out there and ask for dates?  What about Jacob?  His aunt raised him as a mother would, his natural mother having died when he was 2 and she – ironically – 22.  He was fortunate to have someone to raise him with love, even though she admits having spent his $18,000 inheritance his grandmother had left for him while "mentally unstable".  The media murmur about “family betrayal”, “mental illness”, and of course his aunt’s enthusiasm for marijuana, as if that would provoke violence on such a scale. 

I submit that the souls of both of these young men were in a delicate balance, both having incarnated into circumstances where they weren’t forced into such a hard-scrabble life as most humans in third-world nations are, thus free to make choices about how to use their lives.  Jacob was more of an extrovert, and had a lot of friends apparently, or at least was very popular among those who knew him; he “always put others first”.  Adam was an introvert, who “pressed himself against the wall so others could pass”, who “always clutched his black briefcase, like a teddy bear”.

In an seemingly unrelated story, we also have the recent account of a man who suddenly pushed a man into the path of an oncoming subway train in New York, prompting the NY Post to publish a picture of the man just before he was killed by the train.

Why did the man push him?  After his arrest, he claimed he “heard voices in [his] head”.

It’s because the forces of selfishness, of what many call Satan, or demons, demonic forces that want as large a share of the coming soul harvest as possible, are answering the calls and cries from the souls of those dispirited in today’s society.  On a “soul-ular” level, these people are responding to the lures of spirits that encourage them to “go for it”, to satisfy their feelings of alienation and bitterness, of loneliness, of seeming meaninglessness.

Why is this on the increase?  Because of the approach of Nibiru, its nearness in the inner solar system that will shortly be recognized – if only to allow the public to begin to grapple with the spiritual issues like this that have been unfolding and increasing exponentially.  As Nibiru nears, the soul harvest nears, and the forces that have been at work for eons on earth trying to increase their share of the harvest increase their efforts. 

The best thing to combat these astounding and shocking explosions of violence is to continually try to reach out with love and understanding to every other living soul that we can.  Even those – and especially those – who seem to “have it all” can be most susceptible, and they too need to have the impulse to love reinforced.  How often did Jacob get a card from one of these “ex” girlfriends, or female friends?  A genuine hug, some real love, some in-depth spiritual discussion?  Or did they just bang on his door when they were going through a fight with their “boyfriend”?  Or need someone to go to a bar with?  What about Adam?  The only attention his mother seemed to lavish on him was when it came to her gun hobby.  How fitting that was how he showed his own attention to her.  I wonder how often these people were offered a real hug, not the perfunctory and superficial ones?  Would it have made any difference?  Can anyone force themselves to feel “love” towards someone, express genuine concern? 

There will be more of this in the coming weeks and months; in fact, within the space of time it took to type the last paragraph, there was another shooting in a San Antonio theater.  Several injuries but no confirmed deaths yet.  What’s going on?  The war between the spiritual polarities, between good and evil, between selflessness and selfishness, between the forces of love and light and the forces of self and hate, of bitterness and resentment and hopelessness.  None of the perps in these recent events seem to have cared about their future at all, even as they made decisions about their souls’ futures that will long outlive their physical selves.

So please – take a moment and show some love to someone.  For all those who showed a little love towards me, when times were tough, thank you – from the bottom of my heart. 

There but for your grace would have gone I.

© 2012 dondep


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