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Yes, Virginia, The Bankers Are Heading To The Bunkers

Just when the average clueless citizen feels it's safe to snicker again at the idea of a pending poleshift, this just in from the day after Christmas 2012 - courtesy of David Hodges of the "Activist Post".  His entire article can be found here:

The Marrs Observation  

In a December 9, 2012 interview on The Common Sense Show, Jim Marrs discussed how approximately 400-500 top level bankers have left their positions and have gone into seclusion. Marrs reminded my listening audience of how the elite have developed seed vaults for which they only have access to. Marrs was clearly alluding to the fact that some very bad events are coming and the global elite are aware of it and are moving to meet the threat. My insider sources inform me that the same thing is happening in various federal organizations who have recently retired from the CIA, DHS, NSA and FEMA. This fact is indisputable. I have firsthand knowledge of three ex-fed officials and their families who have relocated to safety enclaves when doing so was very disruptive to their respective family’s lives. Increasingly, it is looking like some major event(s) is/are coming and persons with insider information are attempting to remove themselves from harm’s way.  

Massive Retirements From The Alphabet Soup Agencies  

When government officials, from the various alphabet soup agencies, retire en masse, it is not necessarily a noteworthy event. However, when the same officials retire en masse and then relocate to form their own survivalist enclaves, then this is something that we should all sit up and take notice of especially when we are seeing the same behavior on the part of Wall Street executives. 
 In my dealings with purported alphabet soup agency informants, I have been receiving some very dire warnings in terms of what lies ahead for America. Given the above facts, it should be understandable why I found the recent Hagmann interview with Rosebud to be a little bit more than interesting. I have had conversations with two insiders and a relative of another insider who tell similar stories of a coming series of apocalyptic events. Much of the Hagmann information, to a large extent, corresponds to the information I’ve received except for the fact that many ex-feds are forming self-sustaining communities.
Therefore, this installment will strictly deal with the fact that officials from the NSA, CIA, DHS and FEMA are retiring/early retiring and going into seclusion with their former comrades in arms. 

DHS and CIA Relocations  

It is a matter of official agency policy that some current DHS and CIA officials and their families will be provided safe sanctuary in various strategic locations in Colorado in times of trouble. Most people in the know are aware of the underground facilities which lies below the Denver International Airport which has an underground connected railway to the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD/Fort Carson/Peterson Air Force Base underground facilities. The structures are part of the Continuity of Government program developed by the United States government in the early days of the Cold War.
However, these facilities are increasingly becoming the planned refuge for many of the global elite residing within the United States when all hell breaks loose. In September 2011, the evacuation of the elite to this safe hideaway was rehearsed in the DHS exercise known as Operation Mountain Guardian in which the Denver airport was shut down to commercial air travel except for specific, undesignated planes which were allowed to land in preparation for some staged catastrophe. This aforementioned event is not newsworthy because it has been reported in the mainstream. However, where this even becomes noteworthy to the public is because it is not coincidental that the CIA has relocated its major data collection facilities to underground structures in the Denver International Airport.
The implications for residents living in or near the Washington DC Metropolitan area should be clear. The planned obsolescence for the nation’s capital is becoming increasingly apparent. If I were you and I lived in this area, I would be looking for a new place to live in the very near future. The previous information is what is publicly available. The following information has not been disseminated but is highly relevant to what lies ahead. 

Ex-CIA and DHS Relocations  

Parallel to the Colorado being prepared to become the new capital, it is highly relevant to note that retired officials from the DHS and the CIA, who are not part of the privileged elite but who know what is coming, have developed their own enclaves in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver and Colorado Springs. As it has been described to me that these facilities are a poor man’s imitation of the Denver International Airport facilities. The structures are largely natural, but are very well equipped and the resources include a self-contained air supply. My source for this information is a former DHS insider. This is the same insider who revealed to me in mid-2008 of a rift between the old guard of the New World Order and the up and coming new wealth of the same group. His information at that time proved to highly credible then and I believe that this is credible as well.  

NSA Relocations   
Recently, retired officials from the NSA have relocated to an area in the Ozarks where they have access to underground safety zone which have/are being transformed into mini-villages of self-sustainable protection. Their properties consist typically of 5 to 10 acres for each family, contains a portable water supply, residents are armed to the teeth, have alternative communications that are not reliant on the grid and have years of stored food. My source is an individual who retired from the NSA almost two years ago.

Ex-FEMA Relocations  

Recently retired officials from FEMA are relocating to mountainous areas in North Carolina. Their enclave contains the same resources involving air, water, food and guns. These enclaves also include underground structures which are sensibly self-contained and can serve to isolate the inhabitants from the outside. I have two sources on this information which includes a family member and a retired FEMA official who has chosen not to participate in this relocation. The non-participant ex-official from FEMA did not seek sanctuary with these groups because he feels that several of these enclaves will be targeted for destruction by the powers that be because of the knowledge contained by the inhabitants in this case of “dead men tell no tales.” This makes sense because it would allow the elite, following the coming cataclysms, to rewrite history in their own version without any contradiction from knowledgeable individuals that know what really has gone on. This insider knowledge is a threat would serve as an obstacle to the new truth. Personally, I think this view has a great deal of merit.


Now what was that again about Denver, the Ozarks, and North Carolina?

North Carolina -- from ZetaTalk's "Safe Locations":
More than the residents of North Carolina are looking toward the relative elevation in the taller mountains in their state for refuge. The mountains in Appalachia are no longer a jumble of rocks, but have been worn down over time and covered with forests and glens. They are habitable, can support crops in places, and have clear rushing mountain streams. It is no secret that some in the elite have selected these spots as hideaways, have purchased land, often at existing resort sites already setup to house the wealthy, and are prepared to guard their fortresses. Such encampments will soon need a slave labor force, when the supplies run out. Whether still ruled by the wealthy elite who originally purchased them or by their guards, who have little reason to remain loyal to their original masters, the local farming community will be pressed into service, with great brutality. Consider your neighbors, when finding refuge from the Atlantic seaboard during the pole shift in North Carolina's mountainous interior.

North Carolina, the Ozarks, AND Denver -- from ZetaTalk's Q&A for Oct 2, 2010: 
We have mentioned in the past that the elite anticipate surviving the pole shift and emerging as kings in the Aftertime from the estates in North Carolina, and from carry-on government installations in Denver and Kokomo, Indiana. John Moore, who speaks from a Navy background, professes that many from within the Navy who know what is coming have chosen the Ozarks as their safe location enclave. Reports of where the elite ran to in 2003, when they thought our predictions for a pole shift shortly after May 15, 2003 were to come true, also revealed some favored spots - Alberta, Greenbrier, the mountains of Tennessee, and NASA employees in Arizona.

Denver, the elite's planned capital for the Aftertime -- from "Safe Locations":

Denver is a popular city, an airport hub, a spot for winter sports, and providing scenery and clean mountain air and water to those situating a vacation home there. Thus, it does not lack for interest, and is already a spot where the rich and powerful will flock when the cataclysms approach. They will consider Denver, and Colorado, their safe place to camp, but being in the main the type of individual to expect service and attendance, they will not be the best neighbors in the Aftertime. Colorado, and especially Denver, will be a study in sociological tides during the days preceding the pole shift and the months following. Vicious pecking order battles will ensue among those already assuming they are in control, followed by vicious battles among those wanting to effect a takeover when it is clear that government has collapsed and there will be no repercussions. This will ebb and flow, flaring up and then smoldering under the surface, until these groups have either killed each other off or died from lack of attention to the important aspects of life in the Aftertime. Serious settlements of good hearted folk would be advised to stay well away from this city and its surrounding enclaves, putting physical barriers between themselves and these battles.
 As we have mentioned, the Denver area will be inundated by troops and equipment well ahead of the pole shift, and it is already known that this 'Western White House" is intended to be the seat of power for the US government should DC need to be evacuated. Certainly, being lowland, Washington DC will become uninhabitable by the time the last weeks approach. The European tsunami will not just assault Europe with huge waves. There will be high tides along the East Coast too, and those areas that are virtually at sea level will get their first taste of what is to come. Between the politician and the generals, life in the Denver area will change drastically. The ability to commandeer private and public facilities in an emergency has always been a government right. The airport will be dedicated to bringing the seat of power to Denver. Hotels will be taken over, all reservations canceled. Martial law will be in place, at least in this arena, whether officially or unoffically. Any citizens in the greater Denver area resisting this reality will be interned or mistreated until they cooperate.

But don't take anybody's word for it.  In fact, pay it no mind, unless you're a member of that ever-so-small cadre of people known as the "conspiracy aware".

[no copyright on this....the quotes of David Hodges are courtesy of Activist Post - Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming, and - with grammatical and spelling errors corrected, ZetaTalk courtesy of Nancy Lieder]

ADDED June 26, 2013.  This is a view of the empty pallets outside a bunker facility 'somewhere in western Europe' ;)


  1. Don, is there no way to talk you down from the ledge here? You're a smart guy and it's clear you've got a lot invested in these ideas, but the evidentiary weight of internet chatter is pretty limited--even when seemingly independent sources appear to corroborate the same message. I'm not saying you're wrong, but at least apply the brakes a little bit in case you have to stop and change directions. If none of this pans out the way you expect, it'd be nice if you could go back to enjoying your life again, with some modest hope for the future.


  2. Thanks Magnus. I just might end up taking your advice, but after what I've seen and been through, it's likely I'll see it through until it happens, when vindication won't mean anything. But I'm determined to start enjoying my life again in the meantime.

  3. These elite bunker hunker stories might be old news now, but remain current because Planet X is not looming large in the skies - yet! But what is interesting, is that ZT warned how the elite will defend their various enclaves in the Aftertime ruthlessly establishing pecking orders. But then, ZT also cautions the safety of the elite's high brow bunkers. So it seems a paradox, as per the quote from ZT below:

    The fact that both methane gas and radon gas can accumulate in the bunkers of the elite is one of the reasons we have stated that they have dug their own graves. EOZT
    So will the baddies live to defend their bunkers in the Aftertime or not - just as bombastically STS as before?

  4. For awhile, some likely will. It will be just as random as the destruction among the surface-dwellers. They won't be as bombastic as much as venomous and treacherous to their own ranks and those misfortunate surface-dwellers as stumble upon their entrances. Only when they all pass 'to the other side' (to 4th density, in which their soul will be harvested) will they truly understand who they are and what their predicament is.

    I'll try to post a picture or 2 of one of their bunker entrances.....


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