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Sandy Hook – Rising Above the Din

For those readers even remotely aware of current events, the term “Sandy Hook” has become the new rallying cry for a whole generation of conspiracy-aware theorists who are finally bucking the complacency that characterized the Bush era of 9/11.  That’s a good sign, even if it turns out that there were real deaths that occurred.  From one account, aired on the Orion Radio Network, there are over 10,000 YouTube videos alone that have been put out by average citizens that call the official account into question. 

If only that had happened in 2001.  YouTube wasn’t even around then, but would it have made any difference?  Mainstream pundits barked down the nascent “truthers” if they even gave them any notice at all; these days, I don’t even know how many of those pundits that were around then still are on-air.  Personally I wearied of their lies, and my own opinion is much better informed than they and that’s just from what I receive from my smartphone alerts.

What’s sad is not only that the event in Newtown, CT may actually have occurred, with 20 children dying, but that people will get the wrong message from it.  One good thing that’s now becoming evident is that the mainstream media has been found to be a toothless propaganda machine.  At best, it’s been shown to be clumsily sensationalistic and lazy; at worst, unwilling to question political authority and “law enforcement” and willing to be bullied about by the same.  Furthermore, mainstream media (I’m thinking of you, Anderson Cooper and CNN) is now becoming reactive to the democratized internet as a primary source for news.

When was the last time would-be whistleblowers (er, “journalists”, but how odd is it that they were referred to as whistleblowers – as if to betray the fact there was something to cover up) were threatened with prosecution for simply reporting facets of the story that weren’t directly emanating from behind the podium of the state police that were in charge of the alleged crime scene?  Is the public to be so babied that they can’t be shown the broken glass from the entranceway, let alone the bullet holes themselves (notwithstanding the 2 bullet-holes in Lauren Rousseau's green sedan), or the blood-stains?  Why were the parents not even allowed to see pictures of their deceased children; was it truly because of the degree of carnage?  What if they elected to sign a waiver so they could take the risk of having their stomachs upended by what they saw; didn’t they have the right?  And in light of 9/11 and the gross lie that we’re still trying to regurgitate from that mother-of-all false-flag events, is it truly any wonder that we’re questioning what happened at the Sandy Hook school?

One thing that I hope will happen as a result of this populist explosion of questioning going on is that the same chorus of voices chattering excitedly about the “Second Amendment” will now lend those voices to the demand that the Sept. 11, 2001 “official investigation” be re-opened and the truth laid bare – with a vengeance, if necessary.  I would ask of all the Johnny-come-latelies where they stand on that issue; if they insist on remaining mute on that event, I’d question whether they're simply using this newest event as a bludgeon to beat Obama over the head with, because there could be a rationale for Sandy Hook that few have even broached.  In fact, I don’t know of a single other voice that is about to blaspheme as I’m about to do in the next paragraph.

The one event that could cause an [alleged] left-wing false-flag event such as Sandy Hook might be is the same event that has motivated the right-wing conspiracies to conduct the JFK assassination, the Murrah Building of Oklahoma City demolition, and of course 9/11.  It’s that mother-of-all-catastrophes, the supposed pending poleshift. The one that separates right-left into selfish-selfless.

(I say “supposed” because even though I’ve been convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that this event will occur before the end of Obama’s second term, it’s been delayed now for so long, and the time-frame lied about so many times by the pre-eminent website known for ‘educating’ the common man about it, that so many have stopped paying attention to the girls and boys that cried “poleshift!”  Thus it is that the subject is rarely mentioned in public, though the power elite is terrified behind the scenes.  While I expect the situation to change dramatically in the near future, possibly as early as during the inaugural address, it’s beyond the purview of this post.)

If one considers the premise of said pending poleshift, then it stands to reason the power elites will do everything within their power to gain advantage for their constituencies.  After all, that’s what they do, by definition.  They wield power, and the power of perception is the greatest power of all to control.  And in each of these events, once the agenda was decided upon, it was the perception of what occurred and why that was more important than actually what did occur and why.

I hope the president goes beyond what is expected, which is an embrace of some form of gun control “for assault weapons and high-capacity magazines”.  While the right-wingnuts chatter angrily about their Second Amendment rights being infringed, what many fail to see is the specific reason for this “gun grab”.  Traditional adherents of the mainstream ‘conspiracy theory’ hold that it’s simply Obama’s secret desire to be a despot that is driving his agenda.  I’d urge them to look instead at a situation whereby the elite and even the “service to other” caretaker government of Obama is terrified as they contemplate a population of over 300 million (and a further 6 billion globally, who will be responding to the US’s lead) suddenly hearing that a potential catastrophic event is bearing down on them, one that could leave over half the population dead. 

Consider that.  IF this event is about to occur, and you were in charge of things, wouldn’t you want to make sure you don’t have over 300 million bulls running around in the china shop with assault weapons, especially when the military is going to be busy as a mo-fo building pontoon bridges, distributing basic foodstuffs and water, and re-erecting any alternative-energy facilities?  Some might even have gone so far as to say “let’s have our own false-flag event, one that will have the mainstream running to turn in their guns and making it easier to control military-grade weaponry, and best yet – no-one gets hurt!” 

Some might even take pride in that, sick as it sounds.

It’s sick because it once again, this from the supposedly other side of the political spectrum, would try to make the point “the ends justify the means”.  I’ve heard it at least three times in recent days, this notion that NO ends justify the means.  It makes me glad, too, to hear it.  It means that no matter what the gravity of the situation, one should always live by the truth, though it should be the compassionate truth.  Truth is putting facts together in related fashion, and sometimes there are different ways of relating facts, but as a people we should reasonably expect to hear the facts, and if we have a potential poleshift bearing down on us, we not only need to know it, we should expect some basic things to change drastically.  One of those things would most likely be the presence of military in virtually every locale, but their purpose might be vastly different depending on who issues their orders.  Will they be arresting you for petty issues, our-guns-are-bigger-than-yours, your-stores-are-ours, or there to make sure you’re safe, can get around, and won’t go hungry? 

Think about it; in a United States rent in two, with the Mississippi emptying the Great Lakes practically into the Gulf of Mexico, and most of the overpasses on the interstate highway system collapsed, what would the boys in their pick-ups and wielding AR-15s do, the ones they thought would be needed to defend against jack-booted thugs?  Go down the road to the next town and rob the supermarkets and 7-11s for food?  How much good do you think debit and credit cards will do?  For that matter, how much value will cash or even currency hold?

Still, it doesn’t deserve Sandy Hook, if in fact that’s what happened.  Even if the only thing that got hurt was the Truth, and even if it’s for a supposedly “good cause”, the fact that it’s hurt such a nerve as it has shows just how distrustful the public is of their government.  Sure, it might not have been so stirred up by an even bigger false-flag lie (9/11), but the citizenry is painfully aware that the thugs responsible for that and its bigger sister frauds – the stolen presidential elections and the Iraq War – have never been brought to justice, no accounting has taken place.

To that end, the establishment should have expected this either way.  I despair there will ever be such an accounting, or even a truthful re-opening of official investigations into these mass frauds, but ultimately there is karma. 

There is the possibility that despite the lies put out by the mass-control organs, real deaths occurred.  I haven’t ruled that out and I don’t think anyone should, though some may have died simply because they were in the way of a mind-controlled, or soul-controlled, shooter such as we saw in DC in late 2002.  The fact there was a training exercise 30 miles away is an astronomically-coincidental feature that links this event with 9/11 also, and what does that say to the collective subconscious that’s been consistently bamboozled by the likes of those that seek to profit from their position?

Go on and burrow down, Heinz.  How long do you think your nigh-century-old flesh suit will protect that flatulent soul? Eh?

That’s what it will come down to, and Sandy Hook is likely to be the first event of post-tipping point.  It’s well past the time to disclose the full truth, Barack.  Let’s hear it.  Go on, tell the public the compassionate truth about what’s coming, because to do otherwise would not be compassionate.  Don’t let stupidity tyrannize us any longer. 

Or do we all need to keep quiet while you get your second house in order?

Please. “For the sake of humanity, tell the world.”

© 2013 dondep

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