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The High Cost for the Lack of Accountability

Part 2 of "Why Do The President, Congress and the Media Treat Us Like Children"

Often I hear from folks – from all walks of life, all levels of comprehension – that, in one way or another, bemoan the lack of accountability.  Mostly about accountability from the president, and the cries of frustration come from all sides of the political spectrum.

It was far worse under his predecessor, but it seems as if the current Resident is little better, though perhaps kinder, gentler, and a little darker.  Big Brother Barack, before he became the Biggest Brother in All of Humankind’s History, campaigned against the kind of surveillance that now makes him the most all-seeing Eye ever, with every crumb of life that every human creates available at his whim. (We only know this now thanks to Ed Snowden.)

Heck, while everyone was blowing off fireworks and eating scads of meat while imbibing as much alcohol as legally allowable during the holidays, Big Bro had signed into law his newest executive order, a 2,205-page document that gives him the right to seize any and all communications and the devices they occupy, if in his eyes it inflames the National Insecurity.  (Make that International Insecurity, because the flood of NSA revelations by Ed Snowden makes it abundantly clear this secretive nosiness extends into the private communication of allies and enemies alike.)  Worse, this happened over a year ago, in July 2012.  Where was the media on this?  Even the “conspiracy-aware” media?  I was even embarrassed to find out that this was from last year; apparently Alex Jones' team had uncovered it a year later, as of last week.  His finding, or perhaps it was Before Its News, or RT News, has now opened the subject up enough for us to gnaw on out here in the "blog-o-sphere".  [Note to all:  Keep an eye on and read about all the past orders that could impact you in the coming months.]

From Executive Order 13489, his first PEO signed on the day he took office (Jan. 20th, 2009) in which he gives himself and his predecessors the right of executive privilege when it comes to his and their personal records, through over 150 additional PEOs (Presidential Executive Orders), not a single one appears designed to deal with the war crimes and utterly criminal acts by the cabal operating brazenly under his predecessor’s wayward eye.   Yes, it would take an executive order that would not merely allow for but protect the office of Resident in the wake of the scale of charges that should cascade down through the court systems for those responsible for malevolently and willfully creating the housing bubble, the knowingly-false rationale for a war against Iraq, a willful malevolence in spending an unauthorized average of $10 billion a month to prosecute that war (admittedly with congressional allies that were bullied into going along with that, under threat of blackmail and worse), and complicity in allowing the events of 9/11 to take place and remain obscured, even if they were not directly responsible.

That's just the beginning, and it's not simply for political purposes that such prosecution should take place.  It would send the proper message to the public that the egregious sins of that administration should be examined (albeit quickly and efficiently, not as a witch-hunting exercise either) and a few someones prosecuted fully for their part.  Even though it will likely mean putting Bush and Cheney in the docket.

As one-time presidential candidate Michael Dukakis said, “the fish rots from the head down”, when he referred to his opponent George H.W. Bush.  The outcry over that was horrific, though nothing compared to having your ad agency tar Mr. Dukakis with the insinuation he was “soft on crime” because a rogue penitent went whacko while on leave.  The unspoken issue was “accountability”.  Not to refight that campaign, but was Mr. Bush ever held accountable for the sins of Iran-Contra?  Has anyone reviewed the evidence that the same Mr. Bush was on-the-ground and in-the-crowd at Dealey Plaza that fateful day in November ’63?  (Even LBJ was hovering in the vicinity that day, waiting to see if his cabalistic allies could pull it off….and Tricky Dick too was in the city that day, giving a speech to some Pepsi distributors.)  I won't go on; many of us will never know the full extent, though there is a body of chapter and verse that could serve as a template. Ask John Conyers, former chair of the Judiciary Committee, who wanted to do such a thing after the successful 2008 fall campaign.  But Big Bro Barack was selling the idea of "no witch-hunting" and extending so much magnanimity it seemed he was on the payroll of Kennebunkport.

Where is the accountability?

The American people, whether red-necked or blue-balled, are contemptuous of those that ‘know’ but do nothing to punish those that have committed treasonous sins.  Maybe it’s true that more Republicans than Democrats would lurch into the promised insanity due to the truth about 9/11 coming out and how Bush /Cheney wantonly plundered the national treasure in their selfish efforts to gain control of the Iraqi oilfields, but isn’t that the price to pay, for having kept the masses stupid and blind?  Average citizens can be excused for having bought the Big Lies from those perps, because they were dieting on spicy jingoism and arrogant paranoia, but who served it to ‘em?  The master manipulators of media, the owners and controllers of the television and radio networks that bring you hatemongers and comical squawk-boxes for your morning drive-time…..that’s who.

So over the first decade of this century, watching the Resident shrug his shoulders and strut stupidly on the world stage as he bid his time for the poleshift he and his supervisor, Big Dick and their entire cabal had planned for when they seized the presidency in 2000, the People – left-wing and right-wing alike – learned from their example about how not to be accountable.  “The Buck Stops Here” was tossed aside for “What Buck? I haven’t seen a Buck and if I did, I was Only Following Orders”. 

Corporations are the real birthplaces of this new philosophy of unaccountability.  In the corporate world, where no job is safe from termination, no-one has any incentive to take responsibility…..except at the end of the fiscal year, when the most aggressive and corrupt corporations have produced a fake “surplus”, which then goes right into the pockets of the CEOs and the directors, as “bonuses”.  In some cases, a single bonus for one executive for one year could have paid for the entire health-care costs for every single employee for that year.  We all know what a sham this system is, yet everyone – from the Resident on down – still gives it lip service, without doing much to change things.

While I could go on about this state of affairs, most readers know of what I speak, as they see in their own environment how this philosophy of “lack of accountability” has taken root.  “Not my fault!” is the mantra.  True; whose fault is it that the entire production base of America has slowly been shipped overseas, so that now China is the most productive and industrious nation on earth and the one growth field in the US is health-care, for the aging population?  Must we wait until Americans are willing to work for the wages Bangladeshis make, on average, to set the situation aright?

No, it’s no one individual’s fault; point at a particular person and they’ll truthfully answer “not my fault!”.  Now, someone like Bain Capital?  It could be argued they were very instrumental, knowing the fall-out from the advice they gave their clients to move production overseas, but what if we had laws in place that said “if you take these jobs away to give to other countries, you have to make arrangements for your workers;  either retrain them for other jobs, or fund new companies to hire them, or pay for them to go back to school".  Where is our FDR for our times?  Where is the urgent need for experimentation to take care of displaced workers?  Where is the investment in repairing the infrastructure of the nation, much of it built during the New Deal under Roosevelt?  With as many bridges going out, and the planned-for New Madrid in the offing, one would think something would be underway, other than the plethora of sprouting wind-turbine farms.

We don’t see that because the majority of those in the power elite know what’s coming, and despite knowing economic activity could act as the rising tide to “lift all boats”, they aren’t investing, they’re hoarding.  No, it’s not because they dislike Obama – which they do – but because it’s been proven that virtually no tax breaks for the wealthy that are merely based on hope the savings will be used to invest in economic activity that will give jobs to the citizenry has ever proved itself.  Not unless those monies are taken in by a higher authority and THEN invested in jobs will the desired effect manifest. 

Why is this?  Because the goal of acquiring wealth, for most of the wealthy, is acquiring MORE wealth and power, NOT to create jobs (with a reasonable profit for the investor of course; we’re not stupid here) in the home country.  Yet, as the game I co-created has shown, the winners are those that realize they can’t truly win unless they provide for the poor sheeple on the bottom.  Some players, upon first learning the game, exhibit this strange behavior in which they race to get their most powerful pieces to the goal….rarely stopping long enough to realize they can’t win unless they shepherd the most unfortunate low-level pieces to the goal first, before the higher levels can exit gracefully and then win. 

So it is in life, in this economy, in these “end-of-times”, as the poleshift looms; in fact, it’s always been this way.

Although the litany is long and torturous (I’m talking about the crimes of both commission and omission), the ‘interested few’ that are truly concerned about surviving and even thriving through the coming madness should do their utmost to hold both their elected leaders and their corporate bosses accountable for their missteps, and even before that, their own. 

With grace and humility. 

(And sometimes a twinkle in the eye, too… can be done, Mr. President.)

Otherwise, tens or even possibly hundreds of thousands of former military vehicles are going to be used on the streets of every American town and city of any size, because those ‘in the know’ are dragging their feet on coming clean, all out of fear…..because they have never been held accountable, and fear the worst.  As well they should.

This could have been prevented, to the degree it's going to be implemented, if only the government had come clean early on, when they knew.  Instead of hiding behind the lowest IQs in the population, out of fear, because of what their beloved Brookings Institution advised, back in 1958.  

Just say no to the tyranny of stupidity; even the ignorant will thank you for it, if you would only tell the truth.

Meanwhile, watch the musical chairs continue, as no-one wants to be in the “hot-seat” when it happens……oh, wait, there goes another one just now; wasn’t that the head of DHS, the Dept. of Homeland Security?  Oh yes it was, it was!  Janet Napolitano; now she’s off to head the California college system……whew, close one, Janet!  Glad you could get out in time! 

© 2013 dondep

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