Monday, July 1, 2013

The Tyranny of Stupidity vs. Fear of Panic

or "Why Do the President and the Congress and the Media Treat Us Like Children"

As the official announcement from Obama admitting to the presence of Nibiru nearby looms, the argument crystallizes: does the Establishment continue to play stupid, and play up to the ignorance of the population they’ve kept that way for eons, or do they embrace the facts and actually make an effort to undo their unwittingly malevolent handiwork in order to mitigate the potential for public panic?

Ever since the power-elite of Earth learned of the pending poleshift (sometime in 1941, perhaps as late as January 1942, and most definitely in February 1954 at Muroc Airfield), they have brooded and pondered how to keep this fact a secret from the common folk, the better to exploit them in the process.  One clue, for those new to “conspiracy-awareness”, is Dick Cheney’s famous line about how “deficits don’t matter”.  Was it any wonder that a cabal of right-wingers whose mantra was always “fiscal responsibility” chose to accept  such an explosive concept without questioning it?  Not if you knew that no-one would be around to repay said deficit, after the poleshift wipes out 90% of humanity.  Knowing that, they felt they could spend our progeny’s inheritance, and the current surplus, on their ‘Fortress America’ toys, their underground bunker systems (for their own safety and comfort, NOT the poor taxpayers who funded them), their Star Wars weapons systems, their plans for Total Information Surveillance (the better to keep an eye on potential malcontents like Ed Snowden who could undermine their entire paranoid system), and do so by continuing to hide behind the jingoism that’s always the last refuge of scoundrels.

The reason our current elites continue to oppress the common good with a level of ignorance equivalent to the average comprehension of 13-year-olds is because of their fear of the panic that could result from making their awareness of the true scope of our reality a common awareness, by using mass media to educate the populace of Earth truthfully in what they know.  Are the attendees at the annual Bilderberg conferences quietly rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of enslaving humans in outright servitude, in shackles and chains, simply because they’re secretly sadists that are intent on outright and public cruelty to the masses of humans below them on the economic scale?  No!  Of course not, though many ARE secretly “satanic” in that they wish to profit from the stupidity of the common folk they continue to exploit day after day as they have over the centuries.  Many of the rich folks who meet every year do so not out of idealistic desire to serve the Greater Good, but out of Fear of Panic as to how to manage the approach to the apocalypse, fearing what would happen if word truly got out as to what’s coming.  How would they sell 30-year mortgages?  Even 4-year automobile loans?  Beachfront property?  Sure, there are people who wouldn’t mind entering into such deals even once they knew, and some will never accept being told the truth anyway, preferring to live life as they always have and watch the final moments from a lawnchair in their front yard guzzling their favorite booze.  But common sense – furthered by the findings of the Brookings Institution beginning in 1958 – tells them that most would likely panic once the truth is admitted to from behind a public podium. 

Which is why they don’t want anything of the kind coming from behind a public podium.
Colorful characters, wild-eyed obsessives, prophetic profiteers, messianic minstrels and the like?  Sure!  Those types can shout, scream, and shriek like Chicken Littles from any given street corner, and the more the better (for them, or so the thinking goes).  Why not?  As each new “date” comes and goes, the more the population is inured to the possibility, the plausibility, the probability.  Flood the movie-houses and the living rooms with tales of evil extra-terrestrials, and the public will gobble it up – so long as it’s all fun n’ fiction.  UFOs n’ aliens, what a combo!  Hollywood has thrived on them, even as they’ve been given insight into the truth by the planetary potentates who are truly ‘in the Know’ about pending events.  Will it be Life Imitating Art, or Pulp Fiction immanentizing the eschaton, as some in Majestic would have it?

Majestic has already left the building for the bunkers, and turned over the keys to their young ‘uns, who can scarcely be blamed for the acts of their forefathers.  Those same individuals, now-gnarly old men whose fear of public panic kept them from raising the level of discourse to the admission of their interactions with “non-human beings”, and the acts they undertook to keep the vast populations of Earth clueless, or endlessly musing about lights in the sky, or furtive tales of abduction and other types of “close encounters”, need to be brought to the bar of accountability to their earthly charges – gently.  It won’t do any good to execute them, or flay them alive, or even imprison them beyond the prisons they already built for themselves, even though those punishments might be tempting.  No, they need to be able to tell it “like it was”, so that the Average Television Viewer can understand that had they been in those positions, they too might have made the same decisions. 

There, but for the grace of God, they would have gone too.

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DISCLAIMER:  References to "Obama announcement" courtesy of ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder, continuously attempting to bamboozle the elite while discounting the effects on the 'common man'.

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