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Awaiting The Great Admission by Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping

 A Tale of Three Presidents – The APEC Summit of 2014 might offer more than expected

Even considering the hat-eating I forced myself to endure following the feint of February 29th 2014, it’s with a lot of caution that I’m being so bold as to point to a probable date for the Great Admissions that human authorities have (first) interacted with extraterrestrials in order to (second) better acclimate humanity to the pending pole-shift in their very near future.

It’s a wonder I still listen to my intuition about this most singular event going forward despite the zetas continued yanking of our chains.  “Huh?” you say.  Yes, since it’s only the elite that can take ZetaTalk seriously (due to their access to the real state of affairs denied the average human), it’s no wonder has used its unique position as the only instrument of access to any human to mislead and taunt the knowledgeable authorities about the expected date of arrival of Nibiru. Since the old Majestic 12 caved in the face of the theft of the presidency by the rebellious puppet Bush family in 2000 – itself an act to secure control of the ultimate position of power over Americans and by extension the rest of humanity – the Zetas have abrogated their part in the fraudulent treaty system in order to bamboozle the elite all the better. They do this in order that the Bushes and their elitist cronies and psychopants are reduced to the same confusion about pending events as average humans.  And, as a consequence of the elite losing their once-privileged access to alien-assisted data concerning the pending arrival of the 12th planet in our skies, those same humans conducting the Cover-up have been reduced to using their power of control of the corporate media and communications system to block Mr. Obama’s attempts to secure an ‘open line’ to the public. 

This ‘open line’ would be used to inform the average person what the so-called “PTB” (the Powers That Be) have known for some time, and would leave it to them to go forward with the power over their own destiny as to how to handle the coming events. 

The elite humans have not only been informed by the zetas, they’ve had it reinforced via many rocket and space-craft “accidents” that no, they will NOT be allowed to go to Mars to escape the pole-shift. In addition they will NOT be allowed to go to the Moon, even, though it would be fitting that they would be and find themselves slaves in the mining operations they thought were only fitting for their lower-class dimwit human minions.  Finally, they learned the hard way after 2001’s “Continuity Of Government” kick-off known as 9/11/2001 that their precious billion-dollar bunker system will be unsafe in light of the major tectonic plate shifts along with mysterious fatal gases that have infiltrated those ‘safe havens’ and made it impossible to live in them.  Hallelujah, what karma!  The rich will be reduced to experiencing the horrors of the pole-shift right alongside the rest of humanity!

“So”, you say, “get on with it! What’s going to happen?”  Ah, but here it is again, and I’d have to be so bold as to predict how the information will be couched.  The only thing I know of and am assured of is that there WILL be an ‘announcement’ by the President, and in fact we have proof such is in the offing.  On Oct. 24th there was a first-ever Emergency Alert Message from the President, announcing an announcement on November 9th, 2014. Viewers tuned in to any station on the AT&T U-Verse network in several cities – including  Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Nashville, TN, and Raleigh, NC  –  saw an Emergency Alert Message announcing that the President would have a message to share on November 9th, 2014, beginning at 3:03pm and lasting through 3:18pm  EST. 

[That time is now only hours away, as of this writing.]

Here’s a local reporter in one of those cities attempting to explain it to viewers, trying to tie it in to the crises of the day known to the public:

With the threats of Ebola and ISIS, Americans are arguably a bit on edge. So it probably didn't help that many AT&T U-verse users saw a strange alert from the White House early Friday.Many U-verse customers across the country woke up to the curious message on their TVs.It read "this is an Emergency Action Notification." Viewers were forced to stay tuned to the channel.Customers were also saying that the alert stated it was requested by the White House regarding a national emergency.The message seems to have been sent in error.

No, it was not an error, and what is most telling is that the White House did not refute the claims; in fact, it hasn’t responded at all to requests that it denounce the messages as “errors”. 

Then, within the past week, we’ve heard from the zetas that Presidents Jingping and Obama had planned for the ‘announcement’ during their 2-day confab in California on June 7th and 8th, 2013.  Xi (that would be Pres. Jingping) felt strongly that it should come ‘after the harvest’; that time has now arrived.  Barack and Xi then agreed on a “500-day” period, which would place the expected announcement on Oct. 20th.  However, that date was too close to the expected election, and knowing what had happened during the last federal election of 2012 – which included his own re-election – not to mention the possible claims from domestic opposition that any such announcement would be suspect as potentially skewing the election, Barack did what any wise and good-hearted president in his shoes would do: he opted for a post-election announcement. 

Since all three major world-power presidents have planned to reinforce each other in the announcement, with the US president front-and-center making the “first move”, the 2014 APEC summit provides the best opportunity.  For the first time ever, all three presidents have an excuse to be in the same place at the same time, and we may see three presidential podiums set up side by side the better to reinforce the veracity of the announcement.  If not, Xi (as host) may “introduce” Barack, with Vlad speaking next and finally Xi himself weighing in.
While this is all speculation, it stands to reason that this is the perfect opportunity for all three to carry the message to the masses.  The entire city of Beijing has been given a week off with all factories closed, all schools and offices closed, and even auto traffic restricted to APEC-related events ferrying world leaders.  In fact, most of the leaders of other major countries such as the president of Mexico are also now arriving in Beijing, even as I finish this memo to you all.  And because so many countries are represented and need to have clear lines of communication, there are at least as many translators as politicians, not to mention media for each nation as well.  While most of Europe is focused on the Brandenburg Gate and the now-missing Berlin Wall, many non-APEC member countries such as Turkey and Pakistan are also in attendance (as "observers") at APEC 2014. 

It was also telling that the 16th annual Chiefs of Defense Conference, attended by the most senior military leadership of the 27 (some accounts say 37) countries represented at APEC was held but three or four days ago, concluding on November 6th, 2014.  Observers should note that this conference had originally been scheduled for sometime in 2013 but was canceled due to the budget debate in Congress and subsequent sequestration.  Yes, it’s a regularly-scheduled annual event, but the timing was….”helpful”, when considering what is likely to happen at APEC today and tomorrow.

Now it is always possible, and becoming increasingly probable with each new feint by Mr. Obama and his ‘announcement team’, that this opportunity too may be squandered, with complaints about how the corporate media continues trying to block this most terrible announcement (accurate), but so long as Mr. Obama is president of the United States, he DOES have the power to order SEAL Team Six, Delta Force, even the entire military of the US which is at his disposal, and can send them in to the offices of Comcast, Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc, to take the senior executives responsible for programming into custody until the President’s broadcast is allowed to cut through the usual blather – as the Emergency Alert Message president-only system is supposed to do – and the public duly informed of what we are all facing.  In the event the Great Admissions are not presented this week, the countless humans toiling in the fields to help alert humankind and help them prepare will be wasted by the lack of quality foresight and ability to do what this president should have done years ago.

As they always say:  Time – only hours, at this point – will tell.

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