Sunday, November 23, 2014

On Being Banned From ZetaTalk

(And The Value Of Accountability)

Some readers – those who also read zetatalk – may note that I am listed as a banned member on the poleshift ning.  There are many who have been banned from that forum, many who chose to remove all traces of their involvement.  Being that I have spent the majority of my posting time on the Golden Thread forum where the only rule is the Golden Rule, and have honed my viewpoint so that I’m accustomed to dealing with those who don’t accept the probability of the pending poleshift scenario, I have a different approach - one that I've had to use over the last decade debating the basic premise, whereas everyone on the ning is already a 'believer'.  I need as much information as the zetas will allow in order to help show those who will be scouring the internet shortly.

Let me stress that I have always accepted Nancy Lieder as the "emissary" of the group of zeta reticulans that has been building hybrid bodies for the select few souls that will re-incarnate here on Earth in 4th density following the pole-shift. She's rebuked me on numerous occasions, but if I have a valid question, she'll consider it.  By "valid", I mean questions that go to the heart of our situation both globally and personally.  Sometimes the zetas, or because it goes through her filter, won't appear to understand how important a burning question might be.
So, yes, Nancy Lieder is apparently the chosen emissary for the coming shepherd race that has the contract for the rebuilding of humanity through the new model of humanoid flesh-suit that our (some of our, anyway) souls will come to inhabit following the coming soul-harvest.  As such, she already has a hair-raising existence fending off remote viewers from the Cover-up artist-pens.  Not only that, she has to interface with the ning audience of several thousand members who regularly pelt her with questions that often have been answered (or inferred) through previous zetatalk.  Still, she has her email line open to any who have a sensible question but who either do not want to join her Swiss-guarded operation, have been banned, or are new and considering joining.  She doesn’t suffer fools too happily, because even as arrogant as her demeanor may strike many, she’s had to bear more than most of us – and I’ve had to bear quite a bit myself.  We’ve commiserated, Nancy and I.  I consider myself a colleague, not a "follower" per se, because that insinuates cult-like behavior.  

While I’ve been a frequent questioner of ZetaTalk, and asked an average of a question a week between 2003 and 2009, when ZT moved off of GLP and took up residence on a ning site (Google poleshift ning and you’ll land right there), I haven’t been shy about asking blunt questions about the Bush family, and it was due to my asking a particular question about how Prescott (Poppy’s daddy, the patricarch of the clan) came to be so convinced of the coming pole-shift that I was banned.  He (Prescott, later Senator Prescott Bush and the kingmaker that put together the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket in 1952) had allowed his son’s wife to have 14 zygotes made of their offspring so that one of them would ascend to the White House at the appointed time, to rule the nation as one of the powerful kings of the AfterTime.  

At least that's the clone story as the zetas tell, and the logic (and a smattering of evidence too) is there for it.

It’s one of the most important questions I still have, because in this quest for understanding, I’ve come to know that the Bush family has manipulated American political life for decades – and not in a good way.  Ironically enough, he has the ability to come across as affable, as a gentleman of the condescendingly blue-blood aristocracy that feels a “sense of noblesse oblige” as he so obligingly puts it, in order to put to rest any nervous unease you may feel about how truthful he’s being with you.

What I’m saying is that I asked this of the zetas, and was promptly banned without me even knowing it, until I went to comment somewhere on that ning.  It’s all right, as it turns out, because we will be entering a period where millions of Bush voters – who helped put a Bush in the White House on at least one occasion, though never as part of an outright majority in the case of Jr – will also be flocking to ZetaTalk to learn of the true state of affairs and the zetas know they’ll have a tendency to resist what they’ll read there.  Many might go insane, literally, upon finally learning the truth, and so the zetas being caring deep down in intellectual thought-processes, don’t want to add to the already-over-burdened souls that will find it easy to give into despair.  After all, this is the purpose of our lives on earth: decide on what spiritual orientation we will make “when the chips are down”

It can even be argued that had Sr not made that trip to Europe to meet with the Ayatollah’s people and pledge money and arms to them if they would only hold onto the hostages until he and his buddy Ronnie could get into the White House, he might likely not even have come to power himself, and taken the steps to prepare the way for his puppet son to come in and finish the job so that he would still have a controlling interest in the power structure at the time of the pole-shift (but in one of the biggest fake-outs in the history of mankind, the White Lie of May 2003 that has yet to materialize 12 years on felled those dynastic ambitions of power and control over gold and black gold).

One of the major factors in the loss by the Democrats of both houses and Congress, and on the verge of losing the White House – if we were to have another presidential election, but we won’t – is the apparent meaningless of party affiliation, and how few of the promises Mr. Obama ran on in 2008 were actually put to the test, even if only in the bully pulpit. While the details are many, the over-arching attitude was one of “let bygones be bygones”, though the president had another catch-phrase he liked to use….I can’t remember, not that it matters.  What matters is that 9/11 is still being discussed by politicians as if the official line of “19 plus one hijackers did it” is still a respected viewpoint.  It isn’t. It’s so insulting these days, to hear someone talk as if it really happened that way, and wasn’t a scheme to get us into wars sympathetic to Israel’s needs while causing enough fear and terror to justify eliminating many of our civil liberties.  It was a way to get rid of a building that had too much asbestos in it anyway, and all the jewish workers that dutifully worked in those towers were advised not to go into work that day. That mysterious group of Jewish men celebrating the event and recording it for posterity were only questioned, never arrested and thrown into jail, never held to account for “doing our job of documenting the event”.  That blatantly admits they were told of it happening, and were to record it, but at who’s behest?  And all the stand-downs of Dick Cheney, who had “coincidentally” ordered a series of gov’t.-wide “exercises” that were remarkably exactly like what happened, thus giving him an alibi to “stand down” the military.  Furthermore, they didn’t stand down, even so; all of the planes were totally under the control of the operatives carrying out the 9/11 agenda at all times, and for one thing there simply were no planes used outside of New York, and many think those are themselves visual concoctions, but they haven’t taken all the evidence into account and allowed for attempts to obfuscate the available evidence like the Zapruder film did for Dealey plaza in Dallas this day 51 years ago today.  In that event, too, Mr. Bush needs to be held accountable for his part in carrying out Operation 40; both events were acts of treasonous thievery against American citizens and there needs to be a reckoning.

I would never advocate harming the flesh-suits of the liars, thieves, scoundrels and murderers that have done such harm to our country, because that is what they lurk furtively waiting to hear, so they can pounce with the law in tow.  No, they should be taken into custody – and should have been taken into custody at some point after calling a national grand jury (if such a thing exists).  Sadly, were that to ever take place, it would expose the underpinnings of how the policies of the corporation known as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. are carried out by the POTUS for the benefit of the shareholders (of the Federal Reserve).  How seamlessly this flows in real life had always escaped me until recently, when I became acutely aware of just how much of an effect ‘banking practices’ had on popular culture, nation-state alliances, popularity of certain fashions, colors, foods, newer forms of technology that have appeared in what seems a controlled release…..even belief systems are at times bulk-delivered for consumption, with any resisting voices marginalized, and this makes it seem hopeless to the common man who educates himself to that level.  Most won’t even do that, preferring to die young while staying pretty.

Now I use the term “flesh-suit” not to be cutesy, but to emphasize the fact that ‘we’ are but pilots of an organic exo-skeleton that has certain needs and desires that it has to satisfy to some degree in order to fulfill its spirit having a human experience.  Extinguishing the life of the flesh-suit won’t be as effective at rectifying the wrongs as a public spectacle in which the lies told are trotted out and echoed until the public is ready for the truth being admitted to, by the very liars that have visited untruths and actions  - like murder – on us.  Some who don’t agree that accountability is a goal worth pursuing will argue against this, as if they would find it a time-waster, but I disagree vehemently.  These are lies that need to be exposed now, before the soul-harvest, so that the many who have despaired of ever seeing justice, won’t become easy prey for those selfish spirits who will come to usher them to their ‘shipping contairer’ (or UFO if you prefer) to be whisked to a world of hell, filled with other souls that despaired and need a few more lives to incarnate into before they truly decide.  Despairing souls are neither good nor bad, they are simply undecided. 

While the litany of 9/11-related and JFK-related facts mentioned here and there are only recounted as a basis to initiate a real court case (not a sham kangaroo court), the simple fact remains:  the public not only deserves, it NEEDS accountability from the men who stole its destiny.  True, a majority of the public has little clue as to how their reality has been so….’fixed’, but that’s no reason to say “let bygones be bygones”.  However, that must be the approach the poleshift ning takes, to avoid any potential increase of the number of souls that will go insane simply because there are some among us that feel the Bush family needs to come clean to the public – assuming they could receive immunity for the freedom of their flesh-suit to scramble into a pit in the ground to find safety from the detritus of the 12th planet.  That would be fitting, but not before the public is allowed to know what they did, or at the very least go through a public trial in which the judges and jury can’t be bought off.

In the meanwhile, I’ll continue debating the basis of the entire poleshift scenario by using both spiritual and non-spiritual logic (physical and meta-physical), because someone will need to help those who consider themselves intelligent to accept the premise of a pending poleshift in our near future that will result in a 90% death rate on average. Logic in many disciplines will show the ‘evidence’, but like all of us, we’d like to know ‘when’, or at least know how long the wait might take.  We might even have to wait until Mr. Obama’s last weeks in office as the CEO of the corporation, before he is allowed to announce the truth to the public.  There won’t be any sugar-coating it, and I assume everyone wants to be in place when it happens so they can defend themselves.  But, the longer they take to allow this, the worse the remonstrances by the public will be.  In effect, you in the power elite, you risk creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, no matter WHO is allowed to speak on your behalf. 

Take heed, just don’t take it too hard.

- dondep

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