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Why All Intelligent Democrats Should Vote For Donald Trump

DISCLAIMER: During the first Clinton administration, I faxed G. Gordon Liddy (the radio talk-show host who had originally gained fame as one of the Watergate burglars) a spirited defense of Hillary Clinton for her work with the Children's Defense Fund, which he read on-air in response to his criticisms of her. Furthermore, I worked for hundreds of hours as a volunteer for her husband's campaign, helping to elect him for not one but two terms. On my living room wall I display a picture taken by the presidential photographer of me shaking his hand when he came to my workplace to begin discussions on health-care reform in 1994. I also display a letter Pres. Clinton sent me thanking me for my support during his impeachment.

REAL Democrats DON'T Steal Elections

(and a fair and balanced mainstream media would openly investigate such travesties)

The first thing that any Democrat has to say to him or herself, “is there enough evidence to show that Hillary Clinton stole this nomination from her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders?” The evidence does indeed show that she did, through her minions, as continued leaks via WikiLeaks are now proving. Can we prove that Hillary herself gave the orders, or approved them, to have the voting rolls purged, the ballot boxes flipped, removed, manipulated, etc? No, but what do our lying eyes tell us? As we look at the people involved that were either suspected of planning to testify against the Clintons or were found to have betrayed them in some way or had “discovered religion” about the corrupt practices they found themselves caught up in, we see a pattern. Going back to Vince Foster, who's death really needs to be exhumed from the files and investigated more thoroughly, while listening to former Clinton self-confessed hit-man Larry Nichols detail how they would steal elections, we see the too-coincidental-for-fiction deaths of UN Gen. Assembly president John Ashe (scheduled to testify the following day, and found with a barbell of weights crushing his wind-pipe – a sure symbol of “keep all your mouths shut”); Shawn Lucas (a process server who had just served the DNC with a lawsuit claiming election fraud and who's cause of death is still unknown, while Hillary's campaign lawyer tries to move the lawsuit “into the weeds” - in the words of Wall Street On Parade – The Citizen's Guide To Wall Street yesterday), Seth Rich (the DNC's data director, who apparently was the source for WikiLeaks' access to the DNC emails; Rich was shot in the back while on the phone with his Mom at 4:19am Monday morning July 11th, no robbery was involved), Victor Thorn (author of the series of exposes on the Clinton's shady dealings over the years, from the cocaine-running at Mena Airport to the rapes by Bill Clinton of children younger than the age of consent), and numerous others either too obscure to mention or too unknown to connect directly with motive to the Clintons' ambitions.

Simply put, stealing an election, a nomination, is one of the most heinous and evil acts anyone can engage in, from the minions flipping the machines and purging voting rolls to the candidate him-or-herself. Essentially it is attempting to take from the People, the public, the person they are voting to give their power to, to act in their interests. By definition, anyone trying to take that away from them is NOT acting in their interests – they are instead working for their OWN interests, to which they feel they can subordinate the public's interest. The hunger for control can be such that money and power can be used to bribe those that are involved in such theft, and is but one more example of the axiom “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It is NOT ENOUGH to simply brush aside such claims and evidence with the typical shouder-shrugging and hand-wringing that “all politicians do it, so why bother complaining”. FULL STOP. NO! There should be NO going forward until punishment is meted out for such theft, and in order to punish the offenders, evidence must be put forward and arrests made. Perpetrators should be rounded up, charged and punishments ordered from on high.

Has anything of the sort occurred? Apparently not; Hillary Clinton is like the evil step-sister who stole the glass slipper from Cinderella, such is her greediness for power. We don't know how she can sleep at night, knowing that she was not the choice of the majority of Democrats. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the six major media conglomerates that control practically all of the media consumed by the average naive citizen have refused to even acknowledge this electoral fraud.  Instead they avoid it altogether and act as if she gained the nomination legitimately. 

Even the corporate shill we call our current president was in on the fraud, as most of us who merely observed watched in horror as the theft occurred with nary an outcry from either the corporate media or the law-enforcement organizations, despite the many hours of video footage showing the fraud taking place as well as the exit polls (which were later 'adjusted' to match the recorded totals, so as not to alarm the ignorant public that there was such a wide discrepancy in many states that it would have triggered claims of FRAUD if those primaries had occurred overseas under UN monitoring). 

NOTHING WAS DONE, so is it any wonder the naive and clueless among us think little of it? We were brought up to believe that the people on TV and in the newspapers were good people and interested in bringing the news to us, but only those well on the way to their 'Awakening' realize how much of an illusion that is. 

Few people understand the role the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) has played in our Western belief system since its founding in 1913. From the very beginning, the CFR's mission has been to mold public opinion by placing “senior editors” [i.e. censors] in the newsrooms of the broadcast networks and newspapers, to insure that nothing gets into the public consciousness that could threaten either profits or the orderly operations of their corporations and business interests. Yes, there are other groups that are involved in this effort, but I single out the CFR because Hillary can easily be seen in a well-known video clip standing at the podium of the CFR early on in her career as Secretary of State describing how glad she is that she doesn't have to go all the way to the “mothership in New York” to “be told what she should be doing and how we should think about the future” now that there is a CFR 'outpost' on Capitol Hill. For those who have a hard time taking this claim seriously, you can watch her say those exact words, live at the CFR itself:

The point is clear: The organs of the US government take their marching orders from non-governmental bodies such as the CFR, as does the corporate media. The candidates and mainstream media are beholden to these shadowy powers (does anyone really believe that all the hedge-fund banks and financial institutions aren't expecting something in return for their huuuge donations?!?), and when it becomes clear – as it did today, if not before – that their preferred candidate is teetering on her last legs health-wise (literally!), what will they do? Do they think they can convince the anti-Establishment Trump that they can now work with him? Not likely, as Trump's main agenda is to take down the Bush-Clinton crime cabal and restore a sense of American pride in the large swaths of the population that have suffered the indignities bestowed on them by the elites, who show their condescension of their fellow Americans outside the major globalist centers by categorizing them as a “basket of deplorables”. (That was Hillary's recent comment, one which she apologized for 17 hours later since it went viral as this election's version of Romney's “47% of Americans are takers, not makers”).

My well-meaning but naive fellow progressives who vainly continue to maintain support for the corrupt and fraudulent Hillary are probably unaware of how dangerous as well as evil (YES, let's use the word: EVIL) this female candidate is. Perhaps the paleo-feminists such as Madeleine Albright continue to support her because they are permanently wedded to the concept of the “first female president”, without concern for whether she be qualified or not, but being purposefully blinded is the same as being willfully malevolent, and this “first female major-party candidate” should be gently taken into custody and upon trial and conviction by her peers, be arranged to be horse-whipped coast-to-coast. Actually that would be too cruel, and death would be too kind, so I would modify the punishment: no horse-whips, but the type of school paddle that was used in the classrooms of the 1930s through the 1970s. Every citizen could – upon payment of a small token fee to help defray the costs of hauling her carcass around from town to town, coast-to-coast – have a whack at her behind to help assuage their anger and misery.

Democrats, REAL Democrats, who believe in equality and fairness for all, do not steal elections – to do such a thing bespeaks an elitism far beyond even Republicanism. Only someone who thinks they are better equipped than anyone else claiming to fulfill the “will of the People” would even dare try to steal an election.

The Democratic Party is in a state of deep-freeze; one day, finally rid of the corruption, venality and fraudulence of the Clintons and their minions, it will hopefully rise again. First, the interlopers and their cohorts must be scrubbed from the ranks of the party, and it will probably take a concerted effort on the part of a Pres. Trump and his Democratic allies to do so. The fate of the Party should not hinge on the temporary criminality of one crime family.

Another reason why intelligent Democrats should make common cause with Donald Trump is because this is not an election between “conservative” and “liberal”, or “right” vs “left” - this is between the globalist Establishment (a/k/a 'New World Order') and the American people, much as the Brexit vote was a blow against the globalists by the British people.

The primary goal of globalism is to commodify all labor, to reduce every human to the status of a consumer and labor-unit. To do this, it scorns all forms of populism and nationalism as the last vestiges of a racist, sexist, misogynistic society that needs to be cowed into submission by secretive efforts to divide and conquer, using the very claims of racism and sexism to do so. By funding divisive movements such as Black Lives Matter, as Hillary Clinton's primary benefactor George Soros does, they hope to pit the races against each other and keep them at each others' throats – instead of uniting them in expressions of nationalistic unity that would impede the globalist goal of a single world-wide police state of consumers and labor-units. It's well-known that “all lives matter”, but by emphasizing the racial aspect of police brutality instead of the brutality aspect of excessive and punitive law-enforcement, it continues to subtly push the idea that the enemy is overly-armed, overly-aggressive white males....which is not borne out in the rest of popular culture.

Instead, the white male – who is no longer the privileged human that previously did all the bread-winning for the typical American family – has been left with few employment options outside of fast-food service or the medical field (aside from the few who achieve enough academic success to snag one of the few jobs in education, engineering, or Silicon Valley). Furthermore, the white male is continuously portrayed in popular culture as either lazy, stupid, nerdy or all three. Take a look at virtually any commercial which includes a white male; this is NOT your father's culture. Even rock n' roll is no longer a dream career for young white males – as with sports, most role models in music are now non-white, and there are as many if not more female pop music stars than male. In almost every category of human endeavor, females are now just as prevalent – as they should be. Non-whites are even more prevalent in music, and most white males who look to make a career in it seem to gravitate to what's still known as “country”, which has adopted the accouterments of rock n' roll, but with none of the revolutionary fervor that threatens globalism.

Trump harkens not to “white supremacy”, but he does offer the antidote to the “identity politics” that has degraded the hopes and dreams of many Americans. “Identity politics” pushes the idea that all those who had been subordinate to a majority that were white (by happenstance of birth rate and immigration laws) and predominantly male (by cultural heritage in which the male worked while the female stayed home and raised the children) should “stand up” for their particular demographic niche, usually in a resistant or even hostile manner. Hillary Clinton has now been revealed, in correspondence with the well-known Sixties radical Saul Alinsky, to have a deep-seated belief in the need for social reformers to “agitate”, for the divisions in society to be “rubbed raw”. As a one-time adherent of radical politics in the generation immediately following hers, I know of this trait, and I have abhorred it. It's but another example of “divide and conquer”, and considered in light of the immense corruption Hillary has been involved throughout her adult life as First Lady and US senator, as well as Secretary of State, it should ring loud alarm bells in any intelligent civic-minded American. Few people, whether Democratic, Republican, Socialist or Libertarian, can feel confident that anything she says can be believed, as her tendency to lie is well-known. This would account for how few people show up to hear or see her speak, as the conviction necessary to rally large crowds is missing. She can't deliver it because she doesn't have it. She can copy others, as she usually does, and when down or cornered pull out the paleo-feminist claim that it's all due to “men”, but the truth is she is known to be running for President not because she has passionate ideals she wants to implement to raise the standard of living and happiness of Americans, she's doing it all for herself. It's all about her, and it shows.

Trump, as the recent Hillary comment about “basket of deplorables” shows, is rallying Americans of all colors, all ages, all stripes, against the perceived failure of the elites to do anything to raise the “contentment” index. While Hillary may like to think her efforts to demonize him by equating his raw bellicosity with all the evils that used to bedevil white males, it simply doesn't stick outside the few urban islands filled with highly intelligent (but relatively unaware and naive) professionals that look down condescendingly on those who live in the vast hinterlands of the continent. Did Trump say some shocking things? Yes, and early on I saw the political acumen he employed in how and why he did it – they alienated those that insist on fighting political battles on traditional issues in a milquetoast manner, while attracting to his side the many alienated “low information voters” that had been ignored in recent years but certainly know their lives have lost opportunities, not gained. To compare his “politically incorrect” statements to the known crimes of Hillary is no comparison. 

Let's use one example, one that will show how Hillary's much-vaunted “experience” is actually a negative and should be known about but is rarely discussed.

This example comes to us courtesy of the Benghazi hearings along with the leaked emails that resulted from it. While most people know that the US ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack on the Benghazi “annex”, few know the circumstances. Some of us have even come to believe that it was one more milestone in the Clintons' trail of murders, this one to silence a potential critic (Ambassador Christopher Stevens) who was about to blow the whistle on the criminal arms-trading that his boss Hillary had been engaged in, shipping arms to Syria through Libya, but we'll put aside that explosive contention for the moment and focus solely on the decisions that left the Benghazi annex defenseless. It's come to light that embassy personnel had repeatedly requested additional security personnel, and had not only been denied it, but had been ordered to remove the one piece of defensive fire-power they had positioned – a machine gun near the entrance to the facility. 

According to Hillary and the minions she passed the orders down through, even the sight of this machine gun, with its belts of ammunition, would be enough to upset the Libyan hosts, and should be removed in order to show that the Americans meant no harm. And when Ambassador Stevens requested additional personnel, Marines that are used to protect embassies (the Benghazi complex was an “annex”, not the actual embassy) were also seen as “too provocative”, so the ambassador's request was denied. Even after the attack had begun, security personnel were not sent, not immediately any way, and any reasonable researcher who delves into what happened can only come away with either of two conclusions: the elements of the US Sate Dept and Defense Dept (the carrier group that eventually responded) were either grossly stupid and naive, the type of bumbling government servants whose stupidity 'allowed' such events as 9/11, or there was an intentional murder of an American ambassador who knew too much.

The above example is but one reason why intelligent Democrats shoujld recognize that Trump's charge Hillary has extremely poor judgement goes beyond the usual reference to her disasterous vote in support of the Iraq war. She would like to put that behind her with the typical “I made a mistake, I'm sorry, I won't do it again”, but she did. Her actions in Libya (her premature gloating revealed in the emails' references to 'tick tock' show that she was just as arrogant about Libya as Bush Jr was about Iraq) show this. Experience does NOT equal judgement, and her consistent warmongering and coziness with arms dealers, foreign donors and governments shows this.

One last reason for why intelligent Democrats should take this opportunity to vote for the Republican this one time is also important: Donald Trump has not made the usual inflammatory comments that demonize the core values most Democrats hold, or even Democrats themselves (he's appealing to the many Bernie supporters that are livid from the outright theft of the nomination,'s working). Actually this is one reason Establishment Republicans are just as scared of him as Establishment Democrats: they stand to lose if Trump is elected and begins to carry out his mandate. When the People win, the elites will – by definition this time – lose. That's not always the case, but the Establishment elites have been slowly degrading the People for a long time, both Democrats and Republicans, particularly the Bush-Clinton crime cabal (which is extensively documented, but this is not the place to go into those details).

In fact, many core values that make us all Americans transcend the current political philosophies of either party, and can be found in the one Founding Father both parties call their own – Thomas Jefferson. Our biggest enemy isn't necessarily a foreign country, it is the central bankers Jefferson warned us about. Trump knows this, and allegedly is supported by the most powerful Rothschild of all (one who is not known to the public; the Nate and Jacob Rothschilds that many in the truth-seeking community like to think are the main Rothschilds are simply regular billionaires, not the quadrillionaire that sits atop the main pile, though he sits alone among the bankers in his attempts to help prepare Earth for what's coming). He is appealing to those that want to feel part of the egalitarian American community that even Millenials are taught at school, though they may not have to take civics courses any more.

Smug sociologists will be stunned by the demographics of the Trump electorate, once it's allowed to be shown: large numbers of intelligent African-Americans will defect to Trump's side in response to a genuine appeal to them as equals in the great American Experiment, and the same will happen with members of the LBGT community. If anyone questions that, let them watch his acceptance speech at the GOP nominating convention – even I was shocked to hear how heart-felt his comment was about how glad it made him feel to hear the level of applause to his appeal to the LBGT community, particularly because of the GOP's previous record with that community's issues.

Finally, there is the insistent push on the part of the corrupt Republicrat party apparatus backing Hillary to demonize the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, particularly because he made a complimentary statement about Trump in public. To them, this is akin to some form of Unamericanism on the part of Trump. First, how can it be said that Trump is somehow guilty of being “unpatriotic” because a foreign leader said something nice about him? Did Trump say something nice about Putin? Did he say something incorrect is the proper question. Trump acknowledged what most of us know but are afraid to say: Vladimir Putin is more respected among his people (an 82% approval rating at last count, by Gallup if memory serves) than Obama is among Americans (less than 47% at last count, by Gallup once again). Sad – but TRUE. Putin is often accused of crimes that few Americans realize are conducted by all world leaders, particularly their own – Obama. Does he do anything that corporate America doesn't do? Well, we can look at the RT television and radio network, to which many well-known American celebrities have flocked to along with huge swaths of the US viewing audience (don't believe me? Witness Hillary's and John Kerry's public comments about them, how they're “winning the TV wars”, how “we need something like that here”.....hey guys, why not just tell CNN and FOX to start telling the truth for once and cover such things as the rampant election fraud?!?).

One such TV host who now has a show on RT, Larry King, interviewed Trump a few nights ago, and this interview was dissected line by line on US corporate media, with talking heads on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC all claiming it proved Trump was being “unamerican” and “pro-Putin”. What balderdash! How insulting! Trump reiterated how he didn't know whether Russia was involved in the hacking of Hillary's and the DNC's emails, but does it even matter when Julian Assange of Wikileaks has practically admitted that it was Seth Rich, a DNC employee who blew the whistle and leaked directly to Wikileaks when he saw the evil and criminal actions Hillary and her minions were engaged in? Seth Rich was gunned down at 4:19am on the morning of July 11th near his home in Washington DC by gunmen who had allegedly lured him there posing as FBI agents that would take his statements regarding the pay-to-play scheme the Clinton Foundation was engaged in. While some have tried to suggest it was merely a robbery, intelligent and critical thinkers who read further that nothing of value was taken from his body can conclude that the murder was both in retaliation for the leaking of the emails and to prevent his testimony from exposing Clinton collusion and corruption. The fact that many of my friends who are otherwise intelligent and well-meaning avoid all these ugly connections and connected dots is both stunning and alarming to me, because they have been hypnotized into thinking that Big Ole Meany Donald Trump said some Mean Things, and just as bad, Bad Guys like David Duke like him. What they fail to see is that Hillary has her fair share of KKK donors (one group of KKK police officers donated $20,000 to her last presidentail campaign, and as the officer chillingly described, they have every reason to believe she hasn't changed since), and not only white-supremacists support her but black racists support her. For that matter, a Black Panther group has now endorsed Trump, so where does a voter draw the line? 

Does it matter which candidate racists of any color support? I personally think black racism is now more prevalent than white racism, in 2016, and for that matter most racism is bent not only on doing damage to the other color, but in asserting identity. Trump represents a diverse, vibrant, colorful society of Americans, one that subordinates color and race to being an American first. The first and most important issue for all Americans is what it's always been: jobs, jobs, & jobs. Hillary stands with an incumbent who admittedly had to dig our way out of a deep, deep hole dug by his predecessor, and history may be kinder to his efforts to do that, but at present he is lauding a trade deal that would give corporate courts more power than sovereign states currently have, and flush even more jobs out of the country to Third World nations that are happy to perform the labor for pennies on the dollar.....a dollar which itself is precariously hanging on a thread and is destined shortly to be converted back to a gold-backed currency that has nothing to do with the criminal private enterprise known as the Federal Reserve.

Finally, the claims about the statements made by Trump early on in his campaign, the ones that were shown to attract the level of support he needed to beat 17 accomplished politicians to gain the nomination (and thus giving rise to the deplorable comment by Hillary recently about his supporters being a “basked of deplorables”, a “let them eat cake” comment if there ever was one), can be defended by any intelligent Democrat. He named “illegal aliens, illegals from Mexico”, and he was right. To call illegal immigrants “illegal” is accurate. Speaking as a political refugee that went to Canada to escape unwarranted surveillance outside my home every day, surveillance Snowden corroborated, I can speak to this issue with certainty. People entering the country illegally may have the best of intentions, but no matter how hard their claims pull heart-strings, they are here in America illegally and should face the consequences of breaking the law. Trump says what most Americans feel is at the root of their anger: there has been no accountability, and he promises to bring it. 

It doesn't matter that Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any of his predecessors – there are still many millions here illegally, and because a wall that can secure the border was never built, the problem continues day by day. Those that argue, like candidate Gary Johnson, there is no such thing as an “illegal alien”, who argue for an “open border”, are globalists that aspire to erase national and sovereign borders so that all labor world-wide will be dictated by the price at which desperate population flows in Third World countries such as Bangladesh wil do the work, and instead of factories once again springing up in the US, more will continue to flow out, and America's crumbling will accelerate, not be stemmed – as Trump and his supporters hope to do. Manhattan and Silicon Valley may continue to float in a sea of increasing ruin, but eventually even the smug inhabitants there will realize what folly globalism has been to the American way of life, and fewer and fewer will be able to afford their $5 lattes and $10 burritos any more. The “middle class” will be but a shadow of its former self, subordinate to the elite's dictums to manipulate the lower classes to accept their lot without complaint.

This is the state of affairs that Trump hopes to avoid, and if he's bellicose about it, it doesn't mean he's a sexist and misogynist – most women can easily see that he can be a boor at times but is respectful towards women that show him respect, just as he treats everyone that way. We may yearn for an FDR, but we can settle for a Napoleon. A subtle put-down directly to his face may result in an ugly outburst, but if accorded common decency, Trump is a decent man – not a racist, not a sexist, and not even a religious bigot. He never decried legal immigrants, he decried ILLEGAL immigrants who broke the law. How hard is that to accept? He never decried all muslims, he simply acknowledged what is now self-evident: the US, like Europe, is beginning to experience random acts of terror carried out by radical muslims, who believe in a version of Islam that justifies acts of violents against kafirs, or non-believers. Trump says that we should put a hold on allowing any new muslim immigrants into the country “until we figure out what's going on”. As a method of self-preservation, that's what intelligent leaders SHOULD call for. When a destructive trend shows itself, steps should be taken to get a grip on the situation and then to address it.

For example: anyone who studies the history of Islam should look at the history of that religion; it is NOT but a different sect that wants to merely practice its belief in peace, it is literally a belief system alien to everything in American history and cultural life. Yes, there are moderate versions of Islam that have concluded that the elements in the Islamic holy book the Quran that lay out Sharia law, that regulate how muslims should live with “non-believers” (or 'kafirs') are archaic and must be vocally condemned by those using the same book as their guide in other matters, but the religion itself is based on conquering not only non-believers but elements within the self – that jihad, or struggle, comes down to the individual's struggle. For an unorthodox understanding of Islam that will be helpful in the coming days, I recommend Dr. Bill Warner and his website, . Dr. Warner has studied Islam for many years and has a healthy respect for it, but this is what he says about it:

It is frequently said that moderate Muslims can solve the problem of jihad and terror. Everyone has met nice Muslims, some of whom are willing to admit that Islam has problems and may even say that Islamic State is bad. Moderate Muslims are nice people who come to interfaith events, interviews and talks at schools and churches. Moderate Muslims even tell us that they are the real victim, not the Kafir.
Here is the problem—Islam cannot be changed by anybody, moderate or not. Islam is the civilizational doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. Nobody can change the Sunna and the Koran. Their words are eternal, perfect and universal. Nobody can change Islam. It is fixed and frozen by its unalterable doctrine.
What we call moderation is simply ignoring the violence and hate. But the jihad cannot be removed, it can only be denied by ignoring it. A moderate has the same Allah and Mohammed that a jihadist has.
Moderate Islam is Islam light, Islam ignored. Islam changes Muslims; Muslims can only choose not to practice the dark side of Islam, but they cannot change it or get rid of it. Islamic doctrine is fixed, eternal, unchangeable and forever.

You may disagree with his view, but his facts are correct. He further goes on to state the fact that the most persecuted religious group in the world today are the Christians. The Golden Rule is under attack by practically every other religious group, and while it is true that the rulers of the state of Israel have persecuted the Palestinians among them for decades, it isn't the average Israeli citizen that has done so, the rulers that have stolen elections – such as the current fraud, Netanyahu – have committed many crimes against both Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Many would even say that the ultra-zionists behind the attempt to 'settle' Palestinian areas of the West Bank, and also behind the false-flag evil act of 9/11, are the most heinous and evil religious group of all – fomenting hatred of Christians by causing false-flag events that pin the evil on mad muslims. 

Well, now it's a reality, one that can be reasonably argued we created or at least awakened, and Trump wants to “get to the bottom of it”. Many of us can only pray that if he is elected that he carry out that effort faithfully, and will report on it faithfully; he was initially booed at the AIPAC convention because of his comments promising fairness as well as his love for Israel. Wait, what?!? Yes; it was his claim to be fair to the Palestinians that alienated him from that audience, because they aren't interested in being 'fair', they are interested in re-making Israel “whole”, as in one state; no “two-state solution” for them. Everyone liked his passionate love of Israel, but any mention of being “fair” to the Palestinians.....well, that brought a big round of boos. Ponder that.

A word now about the use of the term "alt", as Hillary has been using it of late to describe non-corporate media.  She claims the "alt-media", the "alt-right" (translation:  The Drudge Report, Alex Jones, and various YouTube news personalities who have taken it upon themselves to report their take on the daily news) is "rife with lies" and speaks condescendingly of such sources.  It may surprise many that her own best friend Sidney Blumenthal (yes, the same adviser whose online porn habits were so omniscient in the Bill Clinton White House that it caused the chief IT manager to have to de-infest the local network on a daily basis due to all the bugs and viruses he brought in) was the self-professed 'ghostwriter' of a hit piece that purported to be in the vein of the, ahem, "alt-media" but was filled with enough exaggerations to cast aspersions on anyone making any similar claims.  In this way, puppets of the corporate media attack the truth-seeking community, who have to constantly sift through piles of fecal material such as Blumenthal would write in his attempts to demean any media or message outside the CFR-controlled corporate media's message.

One last word about Hillary's minions' attempts to blame Russia for hacking her emails and for allegedly supporting her opponent. (We can suspect that Russia probably had hacked her private server ages ago, but has been clever enough to keep quiet about it.....critical thinkers will pick up on her hypocrisy.) Why is it that she doesn't want to work with Russia as an equal on the world stage, getting rid of ISIS (a terror group that she assisted in creating); was it she that arranged for them to purchase all that American military equipment? What about all those white Toyotas they drive around in, and those ski masks? While many in the West are very uncomfortable with the Russian law that criminalized “homosexual propaganda”, it is still a democracy, it is still trying to remove the ill effects of having a handful of oligarchs (who had been Communists in charge of government enterprises, emboldened and empowered by American black-ops arranging for allies post-breakup of the Soviet Union) corrupt public life. Yes, Putin has been aggressive in rebuilding his peoples' self-image, as he rightly should; he's no FDR, but did we expect him to be? He doesn't censor any of the American anchors on his RT network, not one iota, and now Jesse Ventura is joining his lineup, as Larry King and Ed Schultz (formerly of MSNBC, as progressive readers know) have already. Is he a 'bad guy'? What gives Hillary cause to blame him and Russia for hacking her email? Is it any worse than what she did to hide her emails from US govt and FOIA oversight? The hypocrisy is simply stunning....we now know, as I said earlier, that it was Seth Rich who hacked the DNC, and others have since claimed they were the hackers. Putin has been careful not to intervene in our election, but he's done nothing worse than our own corporate government has done. Prove me wrong if you doubt that! Meanwhile, our own US corporate media will hawk that line, but once again – critical thinking skills will help real truth-seekers. Our own govt is worse than most banana republics, having used the CIA to involve US corporate interests in upending and overturning many will-of-the-People elections and as said before, we can only pray that a President Trump will not only find this out, but make the facts public.

The stakes are very high this election, as they always are, and while I doubt anyone will succeed Obama/General Dunford in the Ofal Office on January 20th, 2017, we have to act as if life will go on, as the “last weeks” continue to be delayed.

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