Sunday, February 6, 2022

From News-Nibblers to Not-see's to.....Zombies

Recently it occurred to me just exactly WHY there is an additional step forward from the Nazis that News Nibblers turn into, once their cognitively-lazy carelessness about being curious about the world around them takes root. Within a very rapid and short span of time, the dangers that News Nibblers represent to more rational thinkers became painfully obvious as the genocidal Jab was presented as so urgently needed by everyone, when the actual science tells us otherwise. Thus, this was a planned event and not merely as is so often presented, which is bureaucratic incompetence, and mistake-prone haste. Heretofore they've managed to get their past deadly plots over on the average clueless American because of our trusting nature. As much as we railed against authority ever since the boomers came on the scene, the fact is that it is the anti-authoritarians that have become the authoritarians. Orwellian to the max. Truth=Lies, War=Peace, Anti-racism=Racism.

The way this works is simple. Since most people don't set out with an evil agenda, they have a hard time actually believing that true conspiracies are real. The cunning perpetrators know this and take advantage of this naivety. FDR referred to them in his second convention nominating speech as being so clever in opposing his New Deal and Social Security that they posed as simply the same as he, but better. They not only promised the same, but at no cost to the average American. Better caretakers at less than half the cost of FDR. In fact, at no cost! Some are taken in by these vapid promises, which is why FDR warned about them, just as Ike Eisenhower warned about the Deep State (despite being their chosen tool to become president in '52).

Regardless of the rabbit hole involving the bankruptcy of the US of A Corp under FDR, the point is that so many of today's Democratic lambs have morphed from liberals to pseudo-liberals and then into Nazis. The shock is that they do it without questioning the mainstream narrative that two dilapidated broadcast corporate networks and a handful of electronic publishing consortiums force on them, driven by a joke of a puppet for the evil agenda and it's echoing agency underlings. 

These are the news nibblers that gravitated to the large urban cores following their schooling, and became the liberal base of the intelligentsia as they moved through internships and cubicles to corner offices and inner sanctums (and often Masonic lodge membership). Yet whether they remained Bohemian artisans or insurance salesmen, they were relatively carefree and consider themselves connected to the important issues of the time. That is, until they settled down into middle age and the "4 B's" (beer/ booze, burgers, ball games, bimbos/broads). While usually intelligent and smart, few were intellectually-oriented, and so an article in Newsweek or The Atlantic once a week might be enough to stay sharp for Trivial Pursuit with the gang. Life was beginning to be filled with all kinds of stimuli once the internet became commonplace.

So how DID these people allow themselves to be manipulated into being enthusiastic Nazis? Was it the money, which became a huge bribe? What could possibly turn a once-heroic rock star like Neil Young into a hardened hypocrite ("Keep on Rockin' In The Free World" my ass!), demanding censorship of truth, let alone opinion? Either the truth-sharing quits or he's gonna quit and take his ball home, or prevent anyone from listening to his music if they listen to someone he - Neil - fears.

So he took his ball and went home (don't let the door hit you in the ass, Neil), and some of his tribe of celebrities make a show of flouncing off in sympathetic disgust. Big deal -- on the face of it. But the trend seems pretty clear. The countercultural heroes that once sang to us and encouraged us to be free have suddenly become pro-tyranny and censorship.

Maybe they were incentivized with the promise of a safe '3 hots and a cot' in a celebrity bunker, and let in on the Big Secret, so long as they used their power to keep the public in fear as much as possible for the next month or 2, after which none of this will matter anyway (more on that earlier, and events warrant).


But to continue, not only has the intelligentsia jettisoned everything that made them liberal, they do it in the name of it actually being even more liberal! Like I said, Orwellian.

The latest Mengele-madness is being forced so rapidly on a population that still holds a naive and lingering obedience to their government, that the illusion of real scientific authority is dissolving before the public's eyes to the point a substantial segment is noticing the discrepancies and contradictions, not to mention the mountains of evidence of a genocidal agenda, and they're seeing the truth unfold as thousands of athletes fall dead on the field from myocarditis and other cardiac failures. All of these victims had one thing in common; they had just been vaccinated. A man suffers a minor car crash and is immediately sedated and whisked off to a nearby hospital where he is put on a ventilator for the dreaded bioweapon, just so that hospital and those doctors and nurses can collect those huge monetary rewards. Yet my bourgeois [former?] cohort is either too scared to let their feelings be known or are actively acquiescing to this agenda of sheer medical terror.... And mostly because the one thing that united them all previously was a collective aversion to the Cheeto overlord they had been brainwashed into perceiving as the classic Republican nightmare come to life.  In the past, we had to forgive them, for they were lambs. Yes, young sheeple are lambs, for the most part. But today we have crossed the Rubicon. In the past we could roll our eyes and simply ignore them, especially because we know that the nefarious forces doing the brainwashing want our quarrels between ourselves to overtake our energies.  Their thinking is that there will be nothing left, no united energy to organize against them. "They" are the cabal that hijacked the political party apparatus (BOTH parties, but particularly the Democratic party, which was molded into the present-day Trojan horse beginning at the turn of the last century in order to ensure the passage of the Federal Reserve Act), the media and then each of the institutions they needed to control our destiny. Or so they think. 

To do this effectively, they use their power of broadcast media to weaponize ridicule following a very complex and detailed script that they have learned will result in effective brainwashing of the majority of society. This is one of the biggest reasons why comedian talk-show hosts are the mainstay of their control system (you know who they are). Some of the creepiest things ever broadcast are filling a big screen with dozens of talking heads repeating the same news script, as a chorus. Though never intended to be played simultaneously, watching and listening to it (when enterprising researchers put the individual news clips up on the same screen) puts the lie to the hollow claim "there's no such thing as conspiracy". We all know the history of the phrase 'conspiracy theory', and why the CIA brought it out in 1964 in instructions to field agents, who were ordered to use the term to describe anyone who questioned the official narrative of the Warren Commission Report. We now have to insist that anyone using that term as an epithet against anyone be called out for the shill or troll they are. This is one of the few ways smug pseudo-liberals can be rescued and returned to the fold, so that a thorough house-cleaning of the Democratic party and the Left occurs, as the same process is already underway on the Tweedledum side. Calmly maintain and own the term 'conspiracy analyst' instead, for that is what we do. We analyze. We do it so that we can help our fellow citizens ward off danger. News Nibblers on the other hand do not waste their time doing such things, and so it's easier for them to trust the authority figure, who very well may be a classmate from their old school. Just the 4B's, as much as you please.

Into this mix a pandemic suddenly sprouts up, as if spontaneously and out of nowhere. We can make the case and we will, and we already have, that this was planned many years in advance, with the first version of the operation initiated in early 2003, with the first SARS deployment.

This operation was a two-part system, with the 'virus versus vaccine' the modus operandi. As with any deep state mechanism, it was deployed on several fronts simultaneously. Including the obvious medical scenario, there was a fear factor that was well-greased with financial incentives as well as for an irresistible call for lockdowns. Lambs were led to the slaughter, and they dutifully went. But eventually, there is balance, and the public that is being led to slaughter today is tomorrow stepping out of line and resisting. Declining to participate in that Big Tech slave system isn't very effective though, or is it? 

But I digress, the most important point is what happens with the insertion of that genocidal Jab. An operating system based on graphene hydroxide is implanted into your bloodstream, can cross the blood-brain barrier, and reassemble inside. It can take control of the neural circuits of the body and thereby control the muscles. And the evidence is widespread that those who have received this Jab can connect to the internet of things when their body comes in contact with a Bluetooth access point, such as is found on a public TV screen. A centralized authority can broadcast instructions to such an operating system via this Bluetooth connection and control a human to do things they would otherwise not want to do. At the same time, the operating system will quickly wear out the autoimmune system of the host human and that lifespan will be very short as a result. This is one of the more hideous depopulation methods they are deploying, with the schedule presented by the pending cataclysms related to the New Madrid 'adjustment'.

We are talking zombies. This is no laughing matter, it should prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that their use of the zombie meme throughout modern television and movie culture has all been intended as a lead-up to a hideous reality they have planned.

What is so shocking and tragic is that there appears to be no reversal of the lethal effects of the jab. Recipients are expected to live no longer than 5 years hence, according to a number of whistleblowers, doctors and scientists. Meanwhile, they [these future zombies our current pseudo-liberal associates will be turning into] can actually appear to be manipulable and remotely controlled; this was unbelievable as a reality but also the absurdity of such an agenda, even if possible, made it patently unbelievable by the average person.

The stark finale is that those of the jab will go quietly to the camps, where they will serve as the workers, the slave labor force the military will keep harnessed and productive. Those who resist it -- labelled 'anti-vaxxers' of course -- will be on their own, and since most will be preppers, this will be just fine for the majority of them. However, there will be many who only invested in ammunition if anything, as well as the many undecided but vaccinated types who did a small amount of preparing but never seriously considered it. The first group of ammo-bearers will be the 'Mad Max' types, and the second group are the many who will become zombies once those operating systems are activated, now that they are connected to the IoT (Internet of Things). This is how the cabal intend to control the human migrations that will be occurring due to the cataclysmic effects of the ongoing pole shift process.

They will be operating that population as zombies have been portrayed. That's their agenda, at least a part of it. It's not a foregone conclusion though. The Canadian truckers have shown the world what it looks like to stand up for freedom, and this should at least stem the tide of people willingly being led to the slaughter of the Jab, among many
other great things. Still, this is a genuine war that is ongoing, and while there are many factions fighting other factions, the essential dynamic is between the few who have known and have tried to exploit their fellow humans in a satanic agenda to mold the Creation to their selfish blueprint, against the 99% of people who are simply developing souls having a human experience so they can learn their lessons on the way to graduation.  Awakened, red-pilled people facing off against the numerically-tiny cabal and their hypnotized, brainwashed minions who are either knowingly complicit or simply too na├»ve to understand they have become dangerous to humanity as we continue to descend into the End Times.

Good luck and Godspeed to all truth-seekers and well-wishers; damnation and justice upon the rest.

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