Monday, February 14, 2022

Visualizing the Unthinkable First Cataclysms

As I sit here observing what's going on as we approach the First Major Cataclysms, (that would be the New Madrid Adjustment and it's consequent European Tsunami as I've discussed here so often), I glance over to see the headlines that 40 out of 49 satellites sent up by Citizen Musk just got shot out of the stratosphere by an armada of magnetic particles. Hmmm, imagine that. What a failure rate!  At the same time, after a day in an unexpected balmy 52°, there's snow flurries and the temperature dropped over 40°, tomorrow rising only to above freezing, but the next day a bounce back another 30°. As a planet, we're getting seasick of this wobble as the sloshing of the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida and back is dizzying.  

It was never my intention to preach doom and gloom, for that's how some of you may see it at least at first, it's merely to bring your attention to what is most likely to be occurring within a matter of a few weeks at this time. The elite have done a very good job since 1954 in keeping the information from you, the better to exploit you and mold you to their image of what humanity should be. Rather, what WE, the hoi polloi, should be. Their view is satanic and extremely selfish, and has determined ages ago to remove our god-given liberties.  "They" and "Them" actually do exist; we are NOT all one and the same in the most fundamental sense, although we share the common humanoid template. In that sense yes, we are the same. It's the soul being that inhabits the physical flesh-suit that is the goal of achievement of each soul harvest -- that is my firm belief, anyway. This important 'fruit', or destiny, of each instance of humanoid soul-container is what distinguishes us between Us and Them, though many have yet to determine which side they will end up on. Every flesh-suit of the homo sapiens model that's been in production for several millenia is built to a pre-planned obsolescence average age of 79 earth-years, from what one of my earliest sources told me; he himself had learned telepathically directly from one of the extraterrestrial 'guests' of the secret military that this model had to be re-engineered [by divine genetic engineers, NOT the human cabal] to live shorter lives because we were not using the available life-time -- in the hundreds of years we had been given on average -- to accomplish the learning of our lessons.

Just a reminder. I don't take everyone's account or even their own personal story at face value, but I use a lot of spiritual logic and intuition, and there are times I know when someone is telling me a truthful account. There are others who may tell me something truthfully that I may not be certain of, but there certainly are some people who are both authentic and ring loud and clear.

We are now on the cusp of that moment and descending through the clouds of chaos to this first (and second; they occur in quick succession) major cataclysm, just as the captain of the flight would take us in for a landing. It's a bumpy ride we are all experiencing, not knowing in many cases what to trust of what we're learning. We know that the evidence is in, at least some of us do, and it's no longer shocking when the things that we have relied upon continue to disappear. Including even the very supply chain we rely on for food and the basics of life. All of those horror stories that I read about, like the shortages in the former Soviet Union, are now a reality, and yet even worse is in store for us because -- as the siege of Leningrad during World War II showed, to continue with the Russian motif -- brutal is the life that awaits us shortly. Even for the cabal at the capstone of the elite, who will have the whole continent of Antarctica to start with, complete with newly built and ancient bunkers where they can hide with their AI driven robots and everything they could scarf out of our supply chain in order to wait out the death of Us. We and Us. Together we face Them and They, together with Their ill-gotten gains unjustly squeezed from us. 

This is the fundamental difference, I believe, between a truth seeker and a news nibbler. Even that difference may be more attributable to the number of lifetimes they've had under their belts, all the important ones anyway, but there are indeed many who simply could not fulfill the lessons they must learn while simultaneously contemplating the implications of all of the stimuli available to the modern human....thus only able to 'nibble', as at a cocktail party. They should however be able to trust those who take upon themselves the responsibility to broadcast and amplify news and ideas. This, the media, is where one of the main mechanisms was deployed and weaponized against Us and We. In fact, we have several records that provide concrete evidence of Their actual intentions -- and if there are any among you that still have not heard this news, I will be happy to elaborate, but for a taste, try on "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". Commonly available with DDG. Once you have matched that document up with the actual events that later occurred, then you've taken the red pill by now and you're ready for the biggest red pill of all. And since we know what that is, all pointedly avoid saying it because it's going to be bad enough riding out the Earth shaking beneath our feet for what could be a very long earth-shaking that will result in massive death and destruction. 

By now most of you if not all of you able to read this will have been told (subconsciously) about the Big Event, which according to the emissary for the Zetas will occur around the ~2024 time frame. Consciously you're now looking for corroboration of this information, or you're dreading it and, unwilling to accept it, are now looking for any reason not to believe it, so it's a very precarious position to be in. It would be sadistic to relish sharing this information, but at this point it's only speculation. What will it actually be like, this New Madrid Adjustment? 

Essentially, the movement of the earth and sea will be such that most of the Southeastern portion of the American continent, bounded on the west by the Mississippi River, the north by the boundary with Canada, and on the south by Florida will appear to remain in place while the Western half of the mainland will move west by some 50 miles on average, from the mouth of the Mississippi north to New Madrid -- about halfway to Chicago. (Again, this is according to the emissary of the Zetas, who in my understanding are acting as the shepherds for the coming soul harvest and repopulation of Earth with the new model of humanoid, the coming attraction Homo Reticulum).

At the same time the "sudden jolt" (think magnitude 10 though the human authorities likely wouldn't allow anything higher than 9.8) will also produce a rip along the eastern seaboard, stretching from South Carolina to Boston, along with a rip from the St. Lawrence Seaway over to the Great Lakes. From there, the rip will pull apart the state of Ohio in some fashion as the adjustment attempts to join the north south rip to the east west rip.

Yes, I know that most of you will be thinking of the usual suspects, which typically would mean the Cascadia subduction zone and the San Andreas fault line, but those will come later. If you really want to follow the science, study the details of the plate tectonics as the emissary describes it in ZetaTalk. You'll notice, at the time of this writing, that the earthquake activity going on in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as along the western coast of both South and Central America, has escalated faster than the USGS can downgrade it. This will culminate in the situation described earlier, with violent shaking and the crumbling of bridges, highways and hi-rises coast to coast, as the ripping asunder of America is accomplished. Is it divine justice masquerading as haphazard reaction to the gyroscopic twirling of the rogue brown dwarf star? (This is a hypothesis I tend to favor.) Is the brown dwarf assisted in an exaggerated twirl by benevolent non-terrestrial entities who are carrying out the  council of worlds' edicts? (This was stated by the emissary recently.) 

Or maybe it's all completely random, no rhyme or reason, no Intelligent Designer or Great Architect, unlike the Cosmic Jokester, who sees to it that PFLNs  (perfect fitting last names) occur where necessary and decided to put most of the oil in the lands of the Muslims, among many many other fascinating tricks and pranks he plays on humans. Could a Cosmic Jokester exist in a world without an Intelligent Designer? 

After the "sudden jolt", an additional cataclysm occurs with the resulting mega-tsunamithat will wash over coastal western Europe to the tune of 200-300 ft., which will then recede and slosh back across the Atlantic to wash over the eastern seaboard of the US to the tune of approximately ~50 ft. Hipster totalitarians will flee the urban cores of the sinking cities of the BosWash corridor, but will likely find a hostile reception in the boonies from the people they had only recently begun to tyrannize with mandates and a genocidal Jab that will literally be producing trackable, controllable zombies. Insanity among the 'normies' will be the norm, not the exception.

This will be the new reality we are descending into. If you didn't stock it, grow it, make it or otherwise prepare it, you'll be exchanging something that you HAVE for it. No, gold won't mean anything unless that's what your trading partner wants, and chances are that he won't want gold anyway; he'll want the same things you want and need, which is food & water (& medicine), fuel, and tools. Do you have what you think you'll need? Do you have basic garden implements and seeds? Chickens, cows, pigs, fish? Can you hunt for game, both small and large? Maybe just small game, at least? Have you thought of what you do every day, from morning coffee and shower and ahem 'constitutional'? You know that you can't live for more than 3 days without water; do you have access to clean water? Not only a place to sleep, with bedding, but warmth? Without heat many will die this winter, and even when it's spring and summer in the more well-populated northern hemisphere, it's winter in the southern. Can you keep cool if the weather swings to unbearable heat within days of freezing temperatures and snowfall? Do you have either books or a post-event electronic device (think Faraday cages) to keep your mind sharp, alive, entertained and informed? Do you have a first-aid kit? Do you know any people that have these things that you're willing in making a plan with, or do you think there's anyone who you could plan with that you could count on? This is still an unthinkable scenario for most people, so chances are most people will take the typical route out - "ain't nuthin' gonna happen", or "I'll let God take care of it if something bad comes.....if the good lord doesn't want me to physically live, he'll take me Home". You know the response, in other words; everyone is either prepared or doesn't think they need to, so those people are best off being left alone and given a wide berth. Most of us do, unfortunately, have to learn the hard way, and "pride does goeth before a fall". 

Visualize the unthinkable. Curtain rise begins momentarily.

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